Marion Raven

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Marion Raven

Norwegian singer-songwriter, and former child actress add

Category: Music

Born in 1984.

Countries: Norway (33%), United States (27%), Canada (13%)

Main connections: Nikki Sixx, Chantal Kreviazuk, Max Martin

Linked to: EMI, Statoil, RCA




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Marion Raven was born in 1984 add something


In 1993, she acted in the musical "Sound Of Music", produced by Norwegian Broadway add something


In 1995, Raven's father arranged for her to make a demo in a studio in Oslo , together with her childhood friend, Marit Larsen add something


In 1998, M2M started recording pop demos in English and struck a record deal with Atlantic Records after auditioning with Raven on the keyboard and Larsen, the guitar add something


The two collaborated with many songwriters from around the world and produced their multi-platinum debut album, "Shades of Purple", that was released in 2000, with the lead single, "Don't Say You Love Me" featuring on the soundtrack of the first Pokémon movie add something


She collaborated on the track "That Day", a song released by Norwegian pop singer, Maria Arredondo, from Arredondo's 2004 follow-up album Not Going Under add something


Chantal Kreviazuk - Kreviazuk and Maida contributed songs to Kelly Clarkson's 2004 album "Breakaway", The Veronicas' "The Secret Life of the Veronicas", Marion Raven's 2005 and 2007 albums "Here I Am" and "Set Me Free" and recently Cheyenne Kimball's debut "Hanging On" in 2006


Max Martin - In 2005 Max Martin collaborated with the Norwegian singer Marion Raven for the release of her debut album entitled "Here I Am" on what may be his first mainstream Rock work, writing the song "Break You" and co-writing with Raven many songs, including "End of Me," "Here I Am," "Little By Little," "In Spite of Me," and "Six Feet Under


Nikki Sixx - In 2005 Sixx collaborated with the Norwegian singer Marion Raven on two songs, "Heads Will Roll" and "Surfing the Sun", for Raven's debut album, "Here I Am"


In early 2006, it was announced that Raven quit her contract with Atlantic Records due to "artistic differences" add something


Raven later confirmed that her new album would contain new and old tracks from her Norwegian debut as well as re-recorded tracks such as "Heads Will Roll", which received the help of American musician Nikki Sixx and was released as an EP in October 2006 add something


Raven later joined Loaf on an extensive tour through Canada and the United States in February 2007 add something


Prior to the release of Raven's second studio album "Set Me Free" in March 2007, she toured around The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom to help promote it add something


The album was later released in June 2007 and sprawled two singles; "Falling Away" and a re-release of her previous single "Break You" from her Norwegian debut album add something


Meat Loaf - In 2007, a newer, bigger worldwide tour began, the Seize the Night tour, with Marion Raven, serving as a supporting act, throughout the European and US tour


Aleksander Denstad With - On 1 December 2007, Aleksander performed alongside Norwegian Pop-Rock artist, Marion Raven, at the Norwegian "Idol Gives Back" show


In 2008, Raven made a cameo appearance in the music video for the song "Saints of Los Angeles" by American heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, and later began writing material for her third studio album, later titled "Nevermore", before recording in 2009 add something


In August 2009 she recorded an album called "Nevermore" that, after spawning 2 singles, was scrapped due to record company and licensing issues add something


As of 2011, Raven has been active in the studio recording a replacement 3rd album add something


In late 2011, Raven announced that she didn't work together well with fellow songwriters and producers of the album, nor did she agree with its sound, and stated that she was again beginning to write new material for the upcoming release add something


In March 2012, Raven released the first single from the re-recorded album "Colors Turn to Grey" and stated that she is currently working on new material in the studio and "hoping" to publish the new album sometime in 2013 add something


In 2013, Raven married long time boyfriend, professional snowboarder Andreas Wiig add something


In March 2013, Raven released the single "The Minute" from her third album "Songs from a Blackbird", which was released on April 8, 2013 in Norway add something


The third single released was "Driving", in August 2013 add something


In October 2013, Raven uploaded a few photos of her in the studio to her Instagram account add something


In January 2014, Raven announced that she is set to release her fifth studio album in Norway in spring 2014, she share with the fans that she was signed by Sony Music Norway for this upcoming album and future albums at least in Norway add something


The album's title was later announced as "Scandal" while its release date was confirmed as September 22, 2014 add something


In August and 31 October 2014, an international version of "Songs from a Blackbird" released worldwide and Australia, respectively add something