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Mark Ryan (guitarist)

English guitarist who played in different punk bands during the late 1970s add

Category: Music

Born in 1959.

Countries: United Kingdom (75%), (25%)

Main connections: Derek Jarman, Lester Square, Wales

Linked to: Adam and the Ants




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Mark Ryan was born in 1959 add something


In 1977, after being in a number of experimental punk bands, he joined Adam and the Ants, replacing Lester Square , to complete the line-up who debuted live at the ICA restaurant in May, recording "Plastic Surgery" and a number of demos with the band add something


After appearing with the band in the Derek Jarman movie "Jubilee " Ryan was fired in October 1977 add something


From 1985-89, Ryan attended the experimental Dartington College of Arts, earning a Bachelors degree in music in 1989 add something


He is the author of "The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde As Told To Carl Jung By An Inmate Of Broadmoor Asylum", first produced in 1998 add something

Mark Ryan died in 2011 add something


Ryan lived in Heath, Cardiff , Wales for many years until his death there on 31 January 2011, aged 51 add something