Mark W. Clark

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Mark W. Clark

American general during World War II and the Korean War and was the youngest lieutenant general in the U.S. Army add

Category: Military

Born in 1896.

Countries: United States (17%), California (17%), (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Allies of World War II, Harry S. Truman, Tom Connally

Linked to: Command and General Staff School, Infantry School, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, United States Army War College




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Mark W. Clark was born in 1896 add something


During World War I, he commanded a company of soldiers in 1917 and was seriously wounded by shrapnel add something


Secretary of War - From 1921 to 1924 he served as an aide in the office of the Assistant Secretary of War add something


Clark married Maurine Doran, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Doran of Muncie, Ind., May 17, 1924 add something


In 1925 he completed the professional officer's course at the Infantry School, served as a staff officer with the 30th Infantry at The Presidio in San Francisco , California add something


His next assignment was as a training instructor to the Indiana National Guard, in which he was promoted to major on January 14, 1933, more than 15 years after his promotion to captain add something


Major Clark served as a deputy commander of the Civilian Conservation Corps district in Omaha, Nebraska, Nebraska, in 1935-36, between tours at the Command and General Staff School in 1935 and the Army War College in 1937 add something


Assigned to Fort Lewis, Clark was selected to instruct at the Army War College in March 1940, where he received a promotion to lieutenant colonel on July 1 add something


On August 4, 1941, Clark was promoted two grades to brigadier general as the United States Army geared up for entry in World War II, and made Assistant Chief of Staff at General Headquarters, United States Army, in Washington, D.C. add something


In January 1942, a month after the American entry into the war, General Clark was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff Army Ground Forces, and in May 1942, became its chief of staff as staff officers were rapidly moved to newly created commands by General Gage Michael Miller add something


In June 1942, he went to England as commanding general of II Corps, and the next month moved up to Commanding General, Army Forces European Theater of Operations, promoted to major general on August 17, 1942 add something


In October 1942, Clark became deputy commander in chief of the Allied Forces in the North African Theater add something


After the negotiations, Clark was promoted to lieutenant general on November 11, 1942 add something


Vichy France - US General Mark W. Clark of the combined Allied command made Admiral Darlan sign on 22 November 1942 a treaty putting "North Africa at the disposition of the Americans" and making France "a vassal country


Vichy regime - US General Mark W. Clark of the combined Allied command made Admiral Darlan sign on 22 November 1942 a treaty putting "North Africa at the disposition of the Americans" and making France "a vassal country


When the United States created its first field army overseas, the U.S. Fifth Army, Clark was made its commanding general and given the task of training units for the invasion of Italy in September 1943 add something


He is known for his triumphal entry into Rome in 1944, the first major Axis city to fall add something


Battle of Monte Cassino - Clark gave orders for the bombing destruction of the Abbey of Monte Cassino based on direct orders from his superior during the Battle of Monte Cassino, February 15, 1944 add something


Clark made a well-photographed entrance on June 4, 1944 add something


In December 1944 Clark took Alexander's position as overall command of Allied ground troops in Italy, renamed as 15th Army Group - Alexander, now a Field Marshal, had become Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces Headquarters in the Mediterranean - by that time an international coalition of numerous diverse cultures with often conflicting interests add something


He served as deputy to the U.S. Secretary of State in 1947, and attended the negotiations for an Austrian treaty with the Council of Foreign Ministers in London and Moscow add something


In June 1947, Clark returned home and assumed command of the Sixth Army, headquartered at the Presidio in San Francisco , and two years later was named chief of Army Field Forces add something


On October 20, 1951, he was nominated by President Harry Truman to be the United States emissary to the Holy See add something


Clark later withdrew his nomination on January 13, 1952, following protests from Texas Senator Tom Connally and Protestant groups add something


Korean War - During the Korean War, he took over as commander of the United Nations Command on May 12, 1952, succeeding General Matthew Ridgway add something


From 1954 until 1965, after retiring from the Army, General Clark served as president of The Citadel, the prestigious military college located in Charleston, South Carolina, add something


Mrs. Clark died October 5, 1966 add something

Mark W. Clark died in 1984 add something


Prior to August 17, 2010, the Mark Clark Bridge in Washington State, connected Camano Island with the mainland add something