Masta Ace

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Masta Ace

American rapperadd

Category: Music

Born in 1966.

Countries: United States (80%), Massachusetts (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Billboard Hot 100, Bob James (musician), David Axelrod (musician)

Linked to: Masta Ace Incorporated, University of Rhode Island, Billboard, EMC




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Masta Ace was born in 1966 add something


Bob James (musician) - The track "El Verano" from the 1977 album "BJ4" is used as a sample in the song "Blown Away" by the Cocoa Brovaz and in the Masta Ace Track "NY Confidential"


Big Daddy Kane - He had a memorable verse on the Marley Marl-produced track "The Symphony" released in late 1988, which included Juice Crew members Craig G, Masta Ace, and Kool G Rap).


In 1989, he released his first solo single, "Together" b/w "Letter to the Better". add something


His debut album, Take a Look Around, was released through Marl's Cold Chillin' label in 1990, featuring production from Marl and DJ Mister Cee. The album featured two minor hit singles in "Music Man" and "Me & The Biz", the latter being a track with Ace's impersonation of Biz Markie, rather than a duet as previously thought the song would be. add something


The latter featured an unlisted remix titled "Born to Roll", which became a crossover single in 1994, peaking at 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. add something


Ace furthered his mainstream appeal in 1995, with his radio-friendly Sittin' on Chrome album. add something


Disposable Arts became one of the most acclaimed underground hip hop releases of 2001, beloved for its pure hip hop style and clever album concept, which served as a fictional story, chronicling Ace's time spent at a satirical rap school named the "Institute of Disposable Arts". add something


David Axelrod (musician) - Masta Ace used a cut from "The Edge" in his song, "No Regrets" from the 2001 album, "Disposable Arts"


In 2003 he appeared on the Swedish rapper Chords' track "Get u awn" with Punchline. add something


Ace killed the rumors by returning in 2004 with his fifth album A Long Hot Summer, another highly acclaimed effort. add something


The track sampled parts of the Masta Ace's 2004 track "Good Ol' Love". add something


JCOR Records folded soon after the release, leaving it out-of-print, until being re-released in 2005 on Ace's self-established M3 label. add something


Masta Ace Interview. add something


In 2007, Masta Ace had a track included on the Official Joints mixtape, a compilation of previously unreleased tracks by various NYC rappers. add something


In 2007, he appeared on Admit It, a song by Swiss hip hop group Nefew from their album Off the Cuff. add something


MC's first group album, The Show, was scheduled for early 2007 but was released in February 2008 digitally and April 2008 physically. add something


In 2009, Masta Ace joined forces with Boston rapper Edo G to release Arts & Entertainment which was released on November 3, 2009. add something


In 2010, he appeared on "Set You Free" along with Wordsworth, a track by UK hip hop DJ/Producer "Skitz" from his album "The Sticksman". add something


In 2012, Masta Ace is set to release "MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne", produced entirely by MF DOOM, as well as a 10th anniversary release of Disposable Arts, featuring new recordings of songs from the album with a live band The same site interviewed Masta Ace and he explained that Son of Yvonne helps him put across the things he didn't get to say to his mother before she passed away. add something


In January 2014, Masta Ace reunited with Stricklin, Wordsworth and Punchline as eMC, signing a record deal with Penalty Entertainment and Sony Red. They're expected to release an EP in April 2014, followed by a sophomore LP due out in the summer of 2014 add something


Punchline left the group in October 2014 add something


On December 19, 2014, Ace was featured on a track called "My Style" with German Producer "The Mighty Moe" who produced for Termanology, Reks and many more add something


In 2015, he appeared on "Thinking of You", a song by Swedish hip hop duo "Professor P & DJ Akilles" from their album "All Year, Every Year" add something


In 2016, Masta Ace was interviewed by Ryan Maxwell for Hip-Hop Kings add something


Via Twitter, Marco Polo announced a new Masta Ace album in January 2018, produced entirely by himself, which is still in production as of June 2018 add something


Via Twitter, Marco Polo announced a new Masta Ace album in January 2018, produced entirely by himself, which is titled "A Brooklyn Story" and scheduled for release on November 9, 2018 add something