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Toy manufacturing company founded in 1945 with headquarters in El Segundo, California add

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Founded in 1945.

Countries: United States (52%), (21%), United Kingdom (7%)

Main connections: APh Technological Consulting, Barbie, Hasbro

Linked to: Nintendo, Atari, Fisher-Price, The Learning Company




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The company was founded in 1945 by Harold "Matt" Matson and Elliot Handler add something


The company's name is derived from Harold "Matt" Matson and Elliot Handler, who founded the company in 1945 add something


Brad Johnson (television actor) - Their two children are Sander K. Johnson, who played in Mattel toy gun commercials of the 1950s, and Julie Johnson Storozynski


Handler's wife, Ruth Handler, later became president, and she is credited with establishing the Barbie product line for the company in 1959 add something


Casper the Friendly Ghost - After Harvey bought the rights to Casper and many other Famous properties in 1959 , they began broadcasting the post-September 1950 theatrical Famous shorts on a television show sponsored by Mattel Toys titled Matty's Funday Funnies on ABC in 1959 which introduced the Barbie doll to the public


Barbie - "'Barbie"' is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959


Major successes in the 1960s with the talking Chatty Cathy doll in 1960 and See 'N Say toys in 1965 moved Mattel to its position as the number one toymaker in America add something


Bernard Loomis - In 1960, Loomis became a part of the Mattel Toys sales department


American Airlines - In the 1960s, Mattel released a series of "American Airlines stewardess" Barbie dolls


Elliot Handler - Mattel introduced the talking Chatty Cathy doll in 1960


Elliot Handler - In 1966 Mattel introduced smaller dolls called Liddle Kiddles


Paul Hoffert - He was a researcher at the National Research Council of Canada in the early 1970s and returned to research in 1988 as Vice President of DHJ Research, where he invented precursor algorithms to MP3 audio compression, as well as microchips for Newbridge Microsystems, and products for Mattel, &Akai, and Yamaha


Corgi Toys - In the early 1970s Corgi Toys issued a range of dragsters in response not only to the increased following of this form of motorsport in the UK, focussed on the Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire, but the attention brought to these vehicles by Mattel's Hot Wheels


Sun tanning - In 1971, Mattel introduced Malibu Barbie, which had tanned skin, sunglasses, and her very own bottle of sun tanning lotion


Geri Reischl - She was signed to an exclusive contract with Mattel Toys until she was retired in 1971 by the company at the age of 11


Toy - Among the earliest digital toys are Mattel Auto Race and the Little Professor, both released in 1976


Toy - Among the earliest digital toys are Mattel Auto Race and the Little Professor, both released in 1976


APh Technological Consulting - "'APh Technological Consulting"' is a software company, located in Pasadena, California, USA. In 1976 they helped Mattel to develop the Intellivision video game console and wrote most of the early games for it


APh Technological Consulting - Mattel's Design and Development group began investigating a home video game system in 1977


APh Technological Consulting - After initially choosing National in August 1977, Mattel waited for two months before ultimately going with the proposed GI chipset in the fall of 1977


Mattel had previously made the Intellivision in 1979, and had some experience in the Video Games industry at that time add something


APh Technological Consulting - The "'Intellivision"' is a home video game console released by Mattel Electronics in 1979


APh Technological Consulting - In December 1979 Mattel had production design working units but decided on a significant internal design change to consolidate circuit boards


In the late 1980s, Mattel was the PAL manufacturer chosen by & Nintendo to make and market the Nintendo Entertainment System add something


In the mid 1980s, Mattel Electronics decided to make its own video game console, the Intellivision add something


George Plimpton - He was notable for his appearance in television commercials during the early 1980s, including a memorable campaign for Mattel's Intellivision


Don Daglow - In 1980 Daglow was hired as one of the original five in-house Intellivision programmers at Mattel during the first Console wars


APh Technological Consulting - Mattel Electronics would become a subsidiary in 1981


APh Technological Consulting - Dave Chandler's group began designing Mattel's next generation console in 1981 codenamed "Decade", now referred to as the "Intellivision IV"


APh Technological Consulting - During 1981 Mattel hired programmers as fast it could


APh Technological Consulting - The keyboard component's repeated delays became so notorious around & & Mattel headquarters that comedian Jay Leno, when performing at Mattel's 1981 Christmas party, got his biggest titter of the evening with the line: "You know what the three big lies are, don't you- 'The check is in the mail,' 'I'll still respect you in the morning,' and 'The keyboard will be out in spring


He-Man - On July 31, 1981, CPI and & Mattel executed a License Agreement whereby Mattel was granted "the right to make and sell certain plastic action figures of CONAN and ancillary characters as depicted in the CONAN movie


APh Technological Consulting - Early in 1982 & & Mattel Electronics relocated from Mattel headquarters to an unused industrial building


APh Technological Consulting - In 1982 Mattel introduced a new peripheral for the Intellivision: the "Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module"


Eddie Dombrower - In 1982 Intellivision game design director Don Daglow recruited Dombrower to join Mattel to work on a new kind of baseball game that for the first time would feature large on-screen animated figures and multiple camera angles


APh Technological Consulting - In 1982, with new machines introduced by competitors, Mattel marketing wanted to bring an upgraded system to market sooner


APh Technological Consulting - Starting in 1982 programmers looking for credit and royalties on sales began leaving both APh and Mattel Electronics


He-Man - In January 1982, Mattel requested that the License Agreement be terminated


He-Man - In February 1982, Mattel introduced a fantasy character, "He-Man," as part of its new "Masters of the Universe" toy line of action figures


He-Man - On April 14, 1982, CPI and & Mattel entered into a termination agreement which provided that "all materials created and or developed by Mattel for use in connection with products under the CONAN License" would be delivered to CPI's agent, CPC, which would have "the exclusive right to use such material


APh Technological Consulting - Former Mattel Electronics Senior Vice President of Marketing, Terrence Valeski, understood that although losses were huge, the demand for video games increased in 1983


APh Technological Consulting - In spring 1983 hiring at Mattel Electronics came to a halt


APh Technological Consulting - In the spring of 1983, Mattel introduced the "Intellivision II"


APh Technological Consulting - On July 12 1983, Mattel Electronics President Josh Denham was replaced with outsider Mack Morris


APh Technological Consulting - The first Mattel Electronics Intellivision game to run at 60 Hz was "Masters of the Universe" in 1983


Bob Layton - Around this time, he designed the highly successful "Marvel Secret Wars" toy line for Mattel, which formed the impetus behind the 1984 "Secret Wars" event


Hasbro - Hasbro moved to outsell the Mattel's Barbie in the fashion doll market with 1986 introduced Jem, a record producer/rock musician dual identity fashion doll


Konami - Since the NES was released in Australia in 1987, Konami's games were distributed by Mattel Australia, just like the NES was


Corgi Toys - In 1989 the management sold the Corgi brand to Mattel and the factory was retained under the name of Microlink Industries Ltd.


Jerry Macaluso - In the late 1990s, Macaluso formed a toy development company called SOTA Sculpture and Design which designed and created action figure prototypes for Hasbro, Mattel, Toy Biz, ReSaurus and Palisades Toys, among others


Corgi International - That company was later acquired by Mattel around 1990, made independent


Fisher-Price - Fisher-Price has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel since 1993


Hasbro - In 1993, Hasbro lost its bid for J.W. Spear, a U.K.-based game maker, to Mattel


Fisher-Price - Two years later, in November 1993, Fisher Price became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel


McFarlane Toys - Founded in 1994, the company was originally dubbed "Todd Toys," but the name was changed in 1995 following pressure from Mattel


Bryan Brandenburg - In 1994, Brandenburg started another game company, Software Arts International that was acquired in 1996 by Engineering Animation, Inc., where he was the Executive Producer for the public company's Interactive Division, producing titles for Disney, Mattel, Hasbro Interactive and Sierra On-Line


Corgi Toys - A management buyout in 1995 saw the end of Mattel ownership and a new company was born, Corgi Classics Limited


Hasbro - Hasbro Interactive was started in 1995 and released the Monopoly game on CD-ROM. Mattel proposed a merger that year, but was turned down by the Hasbro board in 1996 due to antitrust issues and Justice Department investigation into exclusionary policies between toy manufacturers and toy retailers, particularly Toys "R" Us


Marvel Toys - With all the cost controls, special licensing agreement and good talent, ToyBiz in 1995 had 24 percent profit margins which was better than Mattel's margin


Fisher-Price - By 1997 Mattel decided to market all of its preschool products under the Fisher-Price name


The Learning Company - Following the closing of merger in May 1999 of the company with Mattel, the trio of Perik, O'Leary and Murray departed the company shortly thereafter to begin leading other enterprises


Spy-phishing - Later in 2000, a parent using ZoneAlarm was alerted to the fact that "Reader Rabbit," educational software marketed to children by the & Mattel toy company, was surreptitiously sending data back to Mattel


Spyware - Later in 2000, a parent using ZoneAlarm was alerted to the fact that "Reader Rabbit," educational software marketed to children by the & Mattel toy company, was surreptitiously sending data back to Mattel


Barbie (film series) - After the success of " $ Barbie in the Nutcracker" in 2001, and "Barbie of Swan Lake" in 2003, Mattel Entertainment was supposed to adapt Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty ballet into a Barbie film, titled "Barbie as the Sleeping Beauty"


The Learning Company - In 2001, Gores Group sold all of the Mattel Interactive subsidiaries to Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited, and the catalog was absorbed under the Brøderbund label


MGA Entertainment - Larson determined that all of MGA's Bratz produced from 2001 through 2008, except for the Kidz and Lil Angelz lines, infringed on Mattel's intellectual property


In 2002, Mattel closed its last factory in the United States, originally part of the Fisher-Price division, outsourcing production to China which began a chain of events that led to a scandal involving lead contamination add something


Nicola Benedetti - In October 2003, as the extra feature on this DVD, "Playing With Passion" was filmed and released by Mattel


Barbie - In 2004, Mattel introduced the Color Tier system for its collector's edition Barbie dolls including pink, silver, gold and platinum, depending on how many of the dolls are produced


Barbie - In 2004, sales figures showed that Bratz dolls were outselling Barbie dolls in the United Kingdom, although Mattel maintained that in terms of the number of dolls, clothes and accessories sold, Barbie remained the leading brand


Barbie - A news release from Mattel in February 2004 announced that Barbie and Ken had decided to split up, but in February 2006 they were hoping to rekindle their relationship after Ken had a makeover


Aishwarya Rai - Also in 2005, Mattel released a limited edition of Barbie dolls of Aishwarya Rai in the United Kingdom


Girls Aloud - Girls Aloud came together with Mattel in 2005 to produce Fashion Fever Barbies


Lindsay Lohan - In 2005, Lohan became the first person to have a My Scene celebrity doll released by Mattel.


HBO - In 2005, a version of the DVD interactive game "Scene It" was released by Mattel, tailored to the HBO network itself; it features trivia on various HBO series


Barbie (film series) - In 2006, Mattel re-branded My Scene franchise in which Barbie was replaced by Kennedy, saying that "Barbie moved to California"


The recall included 7,1 million Polly Pocket toys produced before November 2006; 600,000 Barbie and Tanner Playsets; 1 million Doggie Daycare; Shonen Jump's One Piece; and thousands of Batman Manga toys due to exposed magnets add something


Mattel re-wrote its policy on magnets, finally issuing a recall in August 2007 add something


On August 14, 2007, Mattel recalled over 18 million products because it was possible that they could pose a danger to children due to the use of strong magnets that may detach add something


Elliot Handler - In April 2008, Handler was honored by Mattel with a 90th birthday party at its headquarters in El Segundo, California


Barbie - On July 17, 2008, a federal jury agreed that the Bratz line was created by Carter Bryant while he was working for Mattel and that MGA and its Chief Executive Officer Isaac Larian were liable for converting Mattel property for their own use and intentionally interfering with the contractual duties owed by Bryant to Mattel


MGA Entertainment - On July 17, 2008, the U.S. District Court in Riverside ruled against MGA Entertainment and for Mattel Inc. in a battle over the creation rights of the Bratz doll line


MGA Entertainment - On December 3, 2008, U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson granted an injunction requested by Mattel, which effectively banned MGA from manufacturing and selling Bratz dolls, though he allowed MGA to continue selling Bratz through the end of the 2008 holiday season


Hasbro - The Walt Disney Company's purchase of Marvel in 2009 came as a blow to Hasbro, as it seemed likely that Disney may move the Marvel license to Hasbro's rival Mattel, it's theorized the same may happen with the Star Wars license


Fiat 500 (2007) - Created by Fiat Centro Stile and Mattel, the car was unveiled on March 9, 2009, in Milan's fashion district, and parked at the entrance to La Rinascente department store, in Piazza Duomo, where German singer Nena performed live in the background


NASDAQ-100 - On December 21, 2009, seven stocks joined the NASDAQ-100 index before the market open: Vodafone, Mattel, BMC Software, Mylan, Qiagen, SanDisk and Virgin Media


Mad Men - In spring 2010, Mattel released a series of limited-edition collectible Barbie and Ken dolls based on the characters Don and Betty Draper, Joan Holloway, and Roger Sterling


PBS Kids Sprout - When Apax Partners sold HIT Entertainment to Mattel in October, 2011, HIT Entertainment's share in PBS Kids Sprout was not included in the deal and was retained by Apax Partners


Angry Birds - In May 2011, Mattel released an "Angry Birds" board game, entitled "Angry Birds: Knock on Wood"


Sinar Mas Group - In 7 June 2011, Greenpeace launched "Barbie, It's Over", a global campaign to bring awareness and encourage Mattel to switch pulp and paper producers


Angry Birds - One of the 2012 New Models for Hot Wheels cars from Mattel is based on the Red Bird from Angry Birds


Fisher-Price - Through & Mattel's 2012 acquisition of HIT Entertainment, which subsequently became a division of Fisher-Price, Mattel now owns the property outright


Webcam Social Shopper - In February 2012, the Mattel brand, $ Barbie, used a kiosk-enabled version of the Webcam Social Shopper for a Fashion Week event in New York where attendees could try on virtual Barbie outfits


Mattel was named by "Fortune" magazine as one of the top 100 companies to work for in 2013, noting that only 1,292 positions were newly filled out of 164,045 job applications during the previous year, as well as the fact that more than 1,000 employees have been with the company longer than 15 years add something


On February 28, 2014, Mattel acquired Mega Brands add something


In November 2014, China Labor Watch published a report on Mattel supplier factories in China which uncovered labor contract violations, excessive and illegal overtime, poor living conditions, environmental pollution, and other problems add something


Barbie - Barbie - In November 2014 Mattel received criticism over the book "I Can Be a Computer Engineer", which depicted Barbie as being inept at computers and requiring that her two male friends complete all of the necessary tasks to restore two laptops after she downloads a virus onto both of them


These issues were further investigated by a congressional hearing in December 2014 add something


View-Master - In 2015, Mattel announced a deal with Google to make the first big remodel since the introduction of the View Master


Four Horsemen Studios - They will continue to work for Mattel in the new 2015 Club 200X line


Virat Kohli - As of January 2015, Kohli has endorsements with 11 brands: PepsiCo, Boost, Munch , Clear hair care , Royal Challenge , Adidas, MRF, Mattel, Oakley, &TVS_Motors (TVS_Motor_Company) and Vicks


View-Master - In February 2015, Mattel announced a collaboration with Google to produce a new iteration of View-Master based on virtual reality using smartphones


Google Cardboard - In February 2015, toy manufacturer Mattel, in cooperation with Google, announced a VR version of the stereoscopic viewer View-Master


On April 16, 2015, Mattel announced a partnership with invention platform Quirky to crowd-source a number of products add something


Barbie (film series) - With the announcement of Hello $ Barbie in September 2015, Mattel announced Erica Lindbeck as the new voice for Barbie


Barbie - In January 2016, Mattel announced that it will add tall, curvy and petite body shapes to its line-up of dolls


In March 2016, Playground was placed within Mattel Creations along with the other two Mattel content production units add something


On July 2016, NBCUniversal announced that Mattel has acquired the license to produce toys based off the Jurassic Park franchise after Hasbro's rights expire in 2017 add something


Natalia Vodianova - On July 2016, During her annual Love Ball, Vodianova was tapped by Mattel as their prototype for the launching of the first Russian Barbie


Justin Lin - In September 2016, "Deadline" reported that Lin would be the director and producer for the film "Hot Wheels", a feature film based on Mattel's line of toy racing cars that Legendary Pictures is attached to co-produce


This deal started in October 2016 for the next seven years and includes the next two releases, Barbie: Star Light Adventure and Barbie: Video Game Hero add something


Hasbro - On November 10, 2017, the "Wall Street Journal" reported that Hasbro Inc. had made a takeover offer for Mattel Inc.


On November 15, 2017, Reuters reported that Mattel rejected the offer add something


Hasbro - On November 15, 2017, Reuters reported that Mattel rejected the offer


Between the flop of the Max Steel movie and the formation of Mattel Films in 2018, Playground Productions was absorbed into Mattel Creations add something


Ynon Kreiz was name company Chairman and CEO in April 2018 add something


In June 2018, the company laid off 2,200 partial due to Toys'R'Us closing add something


Between the flop of the Max Steel movie and the announcement of Mattel Films in September 2018, Playground Productions was absorbed into Mattel Creations add something


On September 6, 2018, Mattel announced the launch of a film division, Mattel Films, that will make movies based on the company's toy brands add something


In early January 2019, Mattel closed the deal with Robbie to star in the Barbie film and Warner and Robbie's production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, to co-produce the film add something


Mattel Films and Sony revive Master of the Universe film development in January 2019 with many of the prior attempt's director and producers while bringing on board different writers, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway add something


Mattel hired former Disney Channel Worldwide programming executive Adam Bonnett as executive producer and head of a reorganized Mattel Television in early February 2019 add something


Mattel reorganized Mattel Television in early February 2019 add something


On February 15, 2019, Mattel TV announced a slate of 22 animated and live-action TV programs add something