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May Britt

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May Britt

Swedish actress who had a brief career in the 1950s in Italy and later in the United States add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1934.

Countries: United States (73%), Italy (13%), Germany (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Falk, Marlon Brando

Linked to: Cinecitta




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May Britt was born in 1934 add something


In the late 1950s, Britt relocated to Hollywood after signing with 20th Century Fox add something


"'Maybritt Wilkens"', as she was known originally, was discovered by Italian film-makers Carlo Ponti and Mario Soldati in 1951 add something


She featured in the epic "War and Peace" film of 1956 add something


She met Sammy Davis, Jr. in 1959 add something


A rumor or myth, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy told Frank Sinatra to tell Davis not to marry May until after the 1960 Presidential Election add something


She retired from the screen after she married Sammy Davis, Jr. in 1960 add something


She starred in a few movies, including "The Young Lions" with Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift and "Murder, Inc." with Peter Falk, as well as a much-criticized remake of "The Blue Angel" in the legendary role first created by Marlene Dietrich in 1930 add something


They began dating, and, after a brief engagement, were married on November 13, 1960 add something


Sammy Davis, Jr. - In 1960, Davis caused controversy again when he married white Swedish-born actress May Britt


Henry Morgan (comedian) - Morgan appeared as Brooklyn assistant district attorney Burton Turkus in the 1960 gangster film "Murder, Inc.", playing in a cast that included Stuart Whitman, May Britt, and Peter Falk


Sammy Davis, Jr. - He had been removed from the list of performers for Kennedy's inaugural party because of Davis' recent interracial marriage to May Britt on November 13, 1960, in order to quell any controversy


At that time interracial marriage was forbidden by law in 31 U.S. states, and only in 1967 were those laws ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court add something


They divorced in 1968 after Davis reportedly had an affair with dancer Lola Falana add something


After the divorce, Britt resumed working with sporadic TV guest appearances, the last in 1988 add something


May Britt was portrayed by Megan Dodds in the 1998 TV film "The Rat Pack", which depicted her marriage to Sammy Davis, Jr., played by Don Cheadle add something