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Meet the Parents

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Meet the Parents

2000 American comedy film written by Jim Herzfeld and John Hamburg and directed by Jay Roach add

Category: Movies & TV (402)

Launched in 2000.

Countries: United States (77%), (8%), United Kingdom (4%)

Main connections: Little Fockers, Meet the Fockers, Robert De Niro

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"'Meet the Parents"' is a 2000 American comedy film written by Jim Herzfeld and John Hamburg and directed by Jay Roach add something


The original motion picture soundtrack for "Meet the Parents" was released on September 26, 2000 on the DreamWorks Records record label add something


The film's opening weekend earnings were the highest ever for any film released in the month of October 2000 as well as marking the highest opening weekend earnings for a film starring Robert De Niro add something


"Meet the Parents" had its theatrical release in United States and Canada on October 6, 2000 add something


In the United Kingdom the film had its theatrical premiere on December 15, 2000 and was distributed by United International Pictures add something


Ben Stiller won two comedy awards for his performance and the film was chosen as the Favorite Comedy Motion Picture at the 2001 People's Choice Awards add something


"Meet the Parents" was released on VHS & DVD on March 6, 2001 add something


The region 2 edition of the DVD was released on October 22, 2001 add something


The success of "Meet the Parents" was initially responsible for a 2002 NBC reality television show entitled "Meet My Folks" in which a young woman's love interest, vying for her family's approval, is interrogated by the woman's overprotective father with the help of a lie detector machine add something


"Meet the Parents" inspired a reality television show titled "Meet My Folks" and a situation comedy titled "In-Laws", both of them debuting on NBC in 2002 add something


Nicole DeHuff - After "Meet the Parents", DeHuff had a regular role in the 2002 TV series "The Court" and appeared in "


In September 2002, NBC aired a situation comedy entitled "In-Laws" add something


In 2004, "Meet the Fockers" was released as a sequel to "Meet the Parents" add something


The success of "Meet the Parents" inspired two film sequels, namely "Meet the Fockers" and "Little Fockers" released in 2004 and 2010 respectively add something


Dustin Hoffman - Seven years after his nomination for Wag the Dog, Hoffman got a second opportunity to perform again with Robert De Niro, co-starring with Barbra Streisand and Ben Stiller in the 2004 comedy Meet the Fockers, a sequel to Meet the Parents.


Meet the Fockers - "'Meet the Fockers"' is a 2004 American comedy film directed by Jay Roach and the sequel to "Meet the Parents"


A region 1 "Bonus Edition" was released on December 14, 2004 and contains three additional featurettes: "Silly Cat Tricks", "The Truth About Lying" and a 12-minute long "Jay Roach: A Director's Profile" add something


On July 18, 2005, a regularly scheduled American Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to San Juan, Puerto Rico had to be diverted back to Fort Lauderdale shortly after take-off due to a bomb threat add something


Little Fockers - Outside the United States, this is the first film in the series to be released by Paramount Pictures, which acquired the DreamWorks back catalog in 2006 , including co-ownership in the "Meet the Parents" franchise


In February 2007, Universal Studios announced that they would be making a second sequel in the franchise, titled "Little Fockers" add something


Accessed August 19, 2009 and worldwide add something


Stephen Trask - Recently, he scored the 2010 film "Little Fockers", a sequel to both "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers"


Barbara Streisand - In December 2010, Streisand appeared in "Little Fockers", the third film from the "Meet the Parents" trilogy


Barbra Streisand - In December 2010, Streisand appeared in "Little Fockers", the third film from the "Meet the Parents" trilogy