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Meg Ryan

American actress and producer add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1961.

Countries: United States (76%), United Kingdom (4%), Canada (3%)

Main connections: Tom Hanks, Dennis Quaid, Sleepless in Seattle

Linked to: Democratic Party, New York University, Princeton University, University of Connecticut




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Meg Ryan was born in 1961 add something


Her parents divorced in 1976, when she was 15 years old add something


Ryan graduated from Bethel High School in 1979 add something


Timothy Hutton - During the late 1980s and into the 1990s, Hutton began to take featured parts in films, most notably in "Everybody's All-American" with Jessica Lange and Dennis Quaid and "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline


After her film debut in George Cukor's "Rich and Famous", Ryan played Betsy Stewart in the daytime drama "As the World Turns", from 1982 to 1984, and her character was featured in a popular romantic story arc add something


Rich and Famous (1981 film) - It marked the screen debuts of an 8-year-old Nicole Eggert and Meg Ryan, who played Merry's daughter in the 1981 segment


Dana Carvey - He had a minor role in "Halloween II", and co-starred on "One of the Boys" in 1982, a short-lived television sitcom that starred Mickey Rooney, Nathan Lane, and Meg Ryan


Helen Slater - Slater made her acting debut in the ABC Afterschool Special "Amy & the Angel", aired in 1982, alongside James Earl Jones, Meg Ryan, and Matthew Modine


Lindsay Frost - Frost is known for playing the role of Betsy Stewart Andropoulos on the daytime soap opera "As The World Turns" from 1984 to 1988, a role which was previously played by actress Meg Ryan


In 1986, she played Carole Bradshaw, the wife of Naval Flight Officer Nick "Goose" Bradshaw in "Top Gun" add something


Mark L. Lester - He directed and produced his sole comedy, "Armed and Dangerous" starring Meg Ryan and John Candy in 1986


Mark Harmon - In 1988, he co-starred with Sean Connery and Meg Ryan in the 1988 feature film "The Presidio", and opposite Jodie Foster in the film "Stealing Home"


Some of her films of the 1990s were hits not only in North America, but internationally add something


Ryan married actor Dennis Quaid on Valentine's Day 1991, after starring in two films with him add something


Pamela Courson - Courson was portrayed by Meg Ryan in Oliver Stone's 1991 film, "The Doors"


Dennis Quaid - On February 14, 1991, Quaid married his second wife, actress Meg Ryan


Quaid and Ryan have one child together, Jack Quaid, born April 24, 1992 add something


Patty Duke - Duke would later portray the mother of Meg Ryan's character in the 1992 film adaptation of the play "Prelude to a Kiss


Sydney Walker - His most prominent film role came in the 1992 movie "Prelude to a Kiss", in which he was featured as a dying elderly man who switches bodies with a newlywed portrayed by Meg Ryan


The year 1993 saw the release of the hugely successful romantic comedy "Sleepless in Seattle", which paired Ryan for the second time with Tom Hanks add something


Linda Wallem - Wallem appeared in the 1993 film "Sleepless in Seattle" as the waitress from whom star Meg Ryan's character buys coffee from on the road


In 1994, Ryan wanted to break away from being typecast and chose to take on several roles that were different from the romantic-comedy ingenue character for which she had become famous add something


In 1994, Ryan won Harvard's Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year, and "People Magazine" dubbed her one of "the 50 most beautiful people in the world add something


Mae Whitman - In 1994, at the age of six, Whitman made her film debut, acting alongside Meg Ryan in "When a Man Loves a Woman" , playing Ryan's character's youngest daughter, Casey


In 1995, "Time" critic Richard Corliss called her "the current soul of romantic comedy add something


In 1995, critic Richard Corliss called her "the current soul of romantic comedy add something


Tom Hanks - Later in 1998, Hanks re-teamed with his Sleepless in Seattle co-star Meg Ryan for You've Got Mail, a remake of 1940's The Shop Around the Corner.


She appeared in 1998's "Hurlyburly" with Sean Penn add something


Carole King - In 1998, King wrote "Anyone at All", and performed it in "You've Got Mail", starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan


Jean Stapleton - Stapleton appeared in the 1998 feature "You've Got Mail" as a close co-worker in whom Meg Ryan's character confides


James Mangold - Mangold subsequently wrote and directed "Cop Land" starring Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel and Ray Liotta; "Girl, Interrupted", which won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1999 for Angelina_Jolie; "Kate & Leopold", starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman for which Jackman was nominated for a Golden Globe as best actor in a musical or comedy in 2001, and the 2003 thriller "Identity" which starred John Cusack


In 2000, she became involved with Russell Crowe on the set of "Proof of Life" add something


Ryan's first film of the 2000s was "Hanging Up", a Diane Keaton-directed family comedy-drama about a trio of sisters who bond over their ambivalence toward the approaching death of their distant, curmudgeonly father add something


FARC - After his release, Hargrove wrote a book about his ordeal which inspired the 2000 film Proof of Life starring Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe


Diane Keaton - Keaton's first film of 2000 was "Hanging Up" with Meg Ryan and Lisa Kudrow


She and Quaid separated and their divorce became final on July 16, 2001 add something


In 2003, Ryan broke away from her usual roles, starring alongside Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Jason Leigh in Jane Campion's erotic thriller film "In the Cut" add something


In 2003, she supported Wesley Clark's campaign for U.S. president add something


In October 2003, while in the UK to promote "In the Cut", Ryan made a controversial appearance on "Parkinson" add something


Skye McCole Bartusiak - In 2003, McCole Bartusiak returned to period drama with "Love Comes Softly", and a year later she played the young Jackie in "Against the Ropes" alongside Meg Ryan


Susannah Constantine - In 2003, when Constantine and Woodall were interviewed for the first time on "Parkinson", actress Meg Ryan had a controversial interview with Michael Parkinson, which resulted in negative publicity for Ryan


Trinny Woodall - Their first appearance in 2003 coincided with the host's now infamous interview with Meg Ryan


In the Cut - "'In the Cut"' is a 2003 Australian-American mystery and erotic thriller film written and directed by Jane Campion and starring Meg Ryan, Mark_Ruffalo and Jennifer Jason Leigh


She supported John Kerry during the 2004 presidential elections add something


Already shot in fall of 2006, George Gallo's film "My Mom's New Boyfriend", in which Ryan starred went direct-to-DVD in 2008 add something


In January 2006, Ryan adopted a 14-month-old girl from China named Daisy True add something


Following a three-year hiatus, Ryan returned to film with Jon Kasdan's 2007 independent film "In the Land of Women", a film she described as "kind of like "The Graduate", but with cancer" add something


Kristen Stewart - In 2007, Stewart appeared as teenager Lucy Hardwicke in "In the Land of Women", a romantic drama starring Meg Ryan and Adam Brody


Ryan's first film release of 2008 was "The Deal", a satirical comedy film based on Peter Lefcourt's 1991 novel of the same title about Hollywood add something


In September 2008, Ryan stated that Quaid had been unfaithful to her for a long time while they were married add something


Also in 2009, Ryan guest-starred on the seventh season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" add something


In 2009, Ryan starred alongside Kristen Bell and Justin Long in the independent comedy film "Serious Moonlight" add something


Garnering generally mixed to negative reviews, it failed to draw interest among film studios, resulting in a straight-to-DVD release in January 2009 add something


Kristen Bell - She starred in the 2009 comedies "Serious Moonlight", alongside Meg Ryan, and "Couples Retreat", which chronicled four couples who partake in therapy sessions at a tropical island resort


In October 2010, she was cast in the ensemble drama "Lives of The Saints" alongside Kat Dennings, Kevin Zegers and John Lithgow add something


As of November 2010, she is in a relationship with American rock singer-songwriter John Mellencamp, who announced on December 30, 2010 that he and his wife, Elaine Irwin Mellencamp, were divorcing after 18 years of marriage add something


In April 2011, it was announced that Ryan would make her feature film directing debut with a film titled "Into the Beautiful" add something


Sam Doumit - Doumit will star with Meg Ryan, 50 Cent, and John Lithgow in the 2011 feature film Lives of the Saints


In 2012, Ryan was featured in the documentary "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide" premiering on PBS October 1 add something


Ryan announced in October 2013, that she would be returning to television to produce and star in a new comedy for NBC revolving around a former hotshot New York editor add something


In August 2014, it was reported that they ended their relationship after three years of dating add something


In October 2014 it was revealed that the couple was back together add something


In 2015, she made her directorial debut with "Ithaca", a film in which she acted add something


John Mellencamp - Mellencamp has written the score for Meg Ryan's new movie "Ithaca", which premiered on October 23, 2015 at the Middleburg Film Festival in Virginia


Epix (TV channel) - In 2017, Epix will produce a Picture Paris TV series starring Meg Ryan


Locarno Festival - In August 2018 Ryan was honoured with the Leopard Club award at the 71st Locarno Festival as an icon of romantic comedy, stating that "No one could portrait irony, kindness, wit and fragility like Meg Ryan did add something