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Full-service, San Francisco-based creative agency that specializes in the development and production of innovative marketing campaigns, commercials and branded entertainment for high-profile multinational companies add

Category: Business (28)

Founded in 2000.

Countries: United States (55%), (45%)

Main connections: Jason Harris (marketer), Super Bowl, White House

Linked to: Nordstrom, CytoSport, American Broadcasting Company, Fast Company




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Mekanism was founded in 2000 by Tommy Means as a division of a San Francisco-based company named Complete Pandemonium add something


In the years immediately following the agency's founding as a stand-alone entity, Mekanism added three key partners: Pete Caban as head of Digital as well as Strategic Development in 2003, Ian Kovalik as a director and Creative Director in 2003, and Jason Harris as an executive producer President in 2005 add something


They began receiving recognition for that work beginning in 2004 and 2005 with consecutive Cannes Golden Lion awards for campaigns on behalf of Napster and Sega, respectively add something


Jason Harris (marketer) - Harris joined Mekanism in 2005 as an executive producer


In 2008, they opened an office in New York City to accommodate the growth add something


The agency added a New York City office in 2008 add something


The campaign aimed to name 2010's Most Influential Person by getting people to sign up, have their social networks click on their profile links and sign up themselves add something


Participants would have their pictures appear in a photospread in the November 2010 issue and the greater their influence, the larger their picture would be add something


' in 2011, Harris took over the CEO title from Caban to become President/CEO. In 2011, the agency created its first Super Bowl spot for Brisk Iced Tea starring Eminem add something


In early 2013 Mekanism created the ad campaign Youphoria for the fashion retailer Nordstrom add something


Jason Harris (marketer) - The following year, Mekanism acquired Epic Signal, a company founded in 2013 that works with brands like Bud Light and NBC to run video campaigns with YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, Periscope and Instagram


Jason Harris (marketer) - In 2014, Mekanism created an ad for Pepsi which ran during the Super Bowl and was ranked by "USA Today" as the tenth best Super Bowl ad that year


Jason Harris (marketer) - In 2014, Mekanism spearheaded the White House's "It's on Us" campaign to raise awareness of campus sexual assault