Melbourne International Film Festival

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Melbourne International Film Festival

Annual film festival held over three weeks in Melbourne, Australia add

Category: Movies & TV

Activity starting in 1906.

Countries: Australia (40%), United States (20%), France (10%)

Main connections: Richard Wolstencroft, The Eternity Man, Encounters at the End of the World

Linked to: Miramax, NBCUniversal, National Geographic Channel, Parliament of Australia




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Whilst MIFF remains mostly a non-competitive festival, since 1962 it has staged a highly regarded short film competition add something


The first award ever presented was for "Best Short Film", which was changed to the "Grand Prix for Best Short Film" in 1965 add something


From 1985, the Grand Prix has been officially presented by the City of Melbourne add something


Rachel Griffiths - She had her first success as the creator and performer of "Barbie Gets Hip", which played at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 1991


Tengai Amano - In 1994, his directorial debut short film called "TWILIGHT" won the grand prize of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and the Melbourne International Film Festival and with this movie he drew worldwide attention in the filmmaking field


Melbourne Underground Film Festival - In 2000, MIFF's rejection of a feature film written and directed by Richard Wolstencroft led him to form the Melbourne Underground Film Festival add something


Richard Wolstencroft - Melbourne International Film Festival - In 2000, the film was submitted to the Melbourne International Film Festival, but was not selected


Tim Rogers - !Melbourne International Film Festival - Rogers acted in a Michael Weisler short film called "Hunter Finkelstein", which was shown at the 2005 Melbourne International Film Festival


Oscar Redding - It was screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival in early August 2007


Encounters at the End of the World - It showed in 2008 at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam; the !Edinburgh_International_Film_Festival; the Cambridge Film Festival and the Melbourne International Film Festival


The Eternity Man - It was first shown in June 2008 at the Sydney Film Festival, subsequently at film festivals in Melbourne, Locarno, Athens, Cologne, Vancouver, Warsaw, Mar del Plata


In 2009, the 37ºSouth Market attracted 35 companies; which included: Bavaria Films, Icon Productions, Media 8 Entertainment, Miramax Films, NBC Universal, National Geographic Channel, Paramount Pictures, Pathé, Village Roadshow, etc add something


Bruce LaBruce - "L.A. Zombie" was banned from the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2010 because, in the opinion of Australian censors, it would have been refused classification


The 61st festival occurred in August 2012 add something


Prior to the 2013 festival, MIFF was launched on iTunes and selections from 2011 and 2012 are available in the "super room", together with sections such as 'Australian Showcase', 'International Panorama', 'Documentaries' and 'Night Shift' add something


The 'First Glance' programme of MIFF 2013 revealed selections such as Brian de Palma's "Passion", the Stone Roses documentary "The Stone Roses: Made of Stone" and short film "Though I Know the River is Dry" add something


The opening film for the 62nd festival was announced on 11 June 2013 and MIFF members were offered after party invitations, live music, refreshments and canapés add something


Sharni Vinson - In July 2013, the film premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival and received a limited theatrical release in March 2014, in both Australia only


The 14th MUFF will occur in September 2013 add something


As of 2017, the festival's Artistic Director is Michelle Carey add something