Melissa Tkautz

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Melissa Tkautz

Australian actress, singer, songwriter and model of Austrian and Maltese heritage add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1974.

Countries: Australia (50%), United States (13%), Egypt (13%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Simon Baker, Marcus Graham, Richard Wilkins (TV presenter)

Linked to: Rajon Music Group, Cadbury, FHM, Meat and Livestock Australia




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Melissa Tkautz was born in 1974 add something


She began acting in soap operas "Richmond Hill" and "Home & Away" in the late 1980s add something


At the end of the year, Tkautz performed "Sexy " at the 1991 Rugby League Grand Final, and sang parts of Tina Turner's "The Best" with other performers, it being the Rugby League's anthem that year add something


During this time, she attended the Academy of Dramatic and Social Arts in Sydney, graduating in 1991 add something


In 1991, she was voted as the hottest female on the earth by readers of "TV Hits Magazine" add something


Released in 1991 also, the song reached number 3 on the Australian charts add something


Since 1991, Tkautz has re-recorded "Read My Lips" twice, the first version as the "Electro Pushers Remix" which was to be included as a bonus track on her unreleased third album, "Glamorous Life" add something


The single was launched via the show and soon shot to the number one position on the ARIA Charts, the highest selling single by an Australian artist in 1991 add something


Simon Baker - He first appeared in music video clips for Melissa Tkautz and Australian dance outfit Euphoria in 1991 before appearing in the successful series "E Street", "Home and Away" and "Heartbreak High"


In 1992, having left "E Street", Tkautz's debut album "Fresh" was released add something


Melissa's 3rd single, "Skin to Skin," was released in 1992 after the debut of her first album "Fresh" add something


Melissa's 4th and final single, "My House," was released in 1992 add something


In 1993 and 1994, Tkautz appeared as a special guest on "Paradise Beach", playing Vanessa Campbell, the manipulative ex-girlfriend of Sean Hayden add something


In 1993, Melissa decided to return to "E Street" add something


In 1993, after "E Street" ended, Melissa decided to re-spark her music career add something


However, despite the good ratings the show was delivering, the show had declined in storylines and due to budget issues the network decided to axe "E Street" in May 1993 add something


In 1995, she had a role in Echo Point add something


In 1996, Tkautz joined the series "Pacific Drive", where she played a model named Bethany Daniels add something


In 2005, Tkautz re-recorded "Sexy " and it featured as a bonus track on her 2005 album "Lost & Found" as both a radio edit and a club mix add something


In 2005, Tkautz relaunched her music career with a new single, a cover version of "The Glamorous Life", a song originally performed by Sheila E and written by Prince add something


This was her last commercially released single until 2005 add something


It had been a 15 year gap between album releases for Tkautz, yet her second album "Lost & Found" was released on 4 December 2005 add something


Tkautz travelled to Sweden in early 2006 to work with the pop writing sensations 2N. Whilst there she recorded "Easily Affected," and "Not Enough", with vocals for both songs being recorded in Melbourne by Low Frequency Occupation, mixed in Sweden add something


In 2007, a "New Idea" magazine article revealed Tkautz had relationships with "E Street" co-stars Marcus Graham and Simon Baker add something


Meanwhile, the single "The Glamorous Life" had success internationally, and in July 2007, the single was released in parts of Europe, such as the Netherlands add something


Filming took place in early 2008, with some episodes being shot in Thailand and Egypt add something


In 2008, Nick Skitz and Melissa Tkautz teamed up to create a cover version of the Transvision Vamp song "I Want Your Love add something


In late 2008, Tkautz starred in Swift and Shift Couriers add something


Read My Lips was first performed live at Big Gay Day in Brisbane in March 2008 add something


After only one week of sales the single debuted at No.60 on the combined ARIA singles charts, and No.26 on the physical singles sales charts on 14 April 2008 add something


They were married on Friday 6 February 2009 at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel Manly add something


Tkautz was married on Friday 6 February 2009 to her partner of 5 years, Kwesi Nicholas, she has a daughter named Ayla Nicholas add something


Melissa released dance track 'Something About You' direct to clubs in 2011 add something


She returned for a second season of the show in 2011 add something


In January 2012, Melissa starred in the hugely popular Australia Day Lamb Campaign campaign alongside Sam Kekovich, Justice Crew & Richard Wilkins add something


The album was digitally released on 10 August 2012 add something


On July 22 2016, it was announced Tkautz would be one of seven women appearing on the first season of "The Real Housewives of Sydney" add something


Melissa is releasing a new single "The Key" on 26th May 2017 add something


Melissa is released a new single "The Key" on 26 May 2017 add something


In December 2017 during an interview, Melissa revealed she would be heading into the recording studio in January to record her next single add something


No release dates or information on this project has been officially released as of 30th January 2018 add something


No release dates or information on this project has been officially released as of 30 January 2018 add something