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Member of parliament

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Launched in 2006.

Countries: United Kingdom (77%), Canada (8%), India (3%)

Main connections: House of Commons of the United Kingdom, Labour Party (UK), Conservative Party (UK)

Linked to: Bundestag, Riksdag Pay Committee, Knesset, Senate




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A candidate to become an MP must be a British or Irish or Commonwealth citizen, over 18 , and not be a public official or officeholder, as set out in the schedule to the Electoral Administration Act 2006 add something


Allan Furlong - Furlong worked as the Executive Assistant to federal Liberal Member of Parliament Judi Longfield until she was defeated in January 2006 by Jim Flaherty


Willie Rennie - He became the Member of Parliament for Dunfermline and West Fife after a by-election win in February 2006


Rob Wilson - Following his election as Member of Parliament for Reading East, he stood down from Reading Borough Council in May 2006


Henry Allingham - Allingham received a letter from Member of Parliament Tom Watson on 14 July 2006 explaining the reasoning for a national memorial service rather than a state funeral, as the intention is to commemorate the entire generation that fought in the war rather than single out an individual


Following the military coup d'état on 19 September 2006, all members of the Assembly were suspended from duty until the next election add something


Under the 2007 Constitution there are 650 members of parliament, consisting of 500 Members in the House of Representatives, of which 375 elected from constituencies and the other 125 by party-list, and 150 Senators add something


Clarissa Eden, Countess of Avon - Although she had indicated to former Labour Member of Parliament Woodrow,_Lord_Wyatt (Woodrow_Wyatt) that no memoir of her own would appear until after her death, a volume, edited by Cate Haste , was published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson in 2007


Morris Iemma - Iemma led the Australian Labor Party to victory in the 2007 election before resigning as Premier on 5 September 2008, and as a Member of Parliament on 19 September 2008


Vahide Aydin - Since 2007 she has been the speaker of the Green migrants and by 2009 a Member of Parliament


Navjot Singh Sidhu - Following the sentencing, Sidhu resigned as a Member of Parliament and in January 2007 appealed to the Supreme Court


John Nott - Nott's daughter, Sasha, is married to the Member of Parliament for East Devon, Hugo Swire MP; who was until July 2007, the Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport


Lage Rahm - He was a Member of Parliament between November 2007 and October 2010, during which he worked with defence issues in the Defence Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs


Raj Babbar - He joined Indian National Congress in 2008 and was elected for fourth term as Member of Parliament in 2009, by defeating Dimple Yadav wife of Akhilesh Yadav and daughter-in-law of Mulayam Singh Yadav


John Lewis (department store) - In 2008, a controversy over the declaration of expenses by UK Members of Parliament revealed that Parliamentary authorities were using information from John Lewis - the 'John Lewis list' - as a guide to the maximum costs refundable to MPs when equipping London "pieds à terre" at public expense


D. B. Chandre Gowda - In 2008, he resigned Congress and joined BJP; subsequently, he came Member of Parliament in 15th Lok Sabha representing Bangalore North from BJP in 2009


Fuziah Salleh - "'Fuziah Salleh"' has spearheaded the "Stop Lynas Rare Earth Refinery" campaign in Kuantan after being elected as the Member of Parliament for Kuantan in 2008


Chua Soi Lek - He was the Member of Parliament for Labis, a MCA vice-president, Johor MCA state liaison committee chairman as well as Batu Pahat MCA division chairman until he resigned from all public and political offices on January 2, 2008 due to the eruption of a sensational sex scandal


Chua Soi Lek - On January 2, 2008, he formally announced his resignation from all posts including Member of Parliament for Labis, vice presidency of MCA, and Minister of Health at a press conference


Pro-ana - In the United Kingdom, 40 MPs signed an early day motion tabled in February 2008 by the Liberal Democrats member for Cheadle, Mark Hunter, urging government action against pro-ana sites


John Leech (politician) - Leech continued to represent Chorlton Park as a councillor in addition to duties as Member of Parliament until he stood down at local elections in May 2008


Scottish Labour Party - On 13 August 2008, Labour Member of Parliament for Glenrothes in Fife, John MacDougall died, triggering a by-election in a constituency that neighboured both the constituency of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, and the constituency of Dunfermline and West Fife that had been won by the Liberal Democrats in a by-election in 2006


Blair Wilson - It was announced on August 30, 2008 that he had joined the Green Party of Canada as that party's first Member of Parliament, although Parliament was dissolved before he could sit as a Green Party MP. He unsuccessfully ran for re-election as a Green Party representative


Green Party of Canada - On August 30, 2008, Vancouver area MP Blair Wilson became the first-ever Green Member of Parliament, after sitting for nearly a year of the 39th Canadian Parliament as an Independent


Green Party of Canada - On August 30, 2008, independent MP Blair Wilson joined the Green Party and became its first Member of Parliament


David Cairns (politician) - On 16 September 2008, Cairns resigned from the government during arguments in the Labour party over Gordon Brown's leadership, In the 2010 General Election, Cairns was returned as Member of Parliament for his constituency of Inverclyde with a majority of 14,416, which was an increase on his previous election


James Allason - Following the deaths of Patrick Maitland, 17th Earl of Lauderdale in December 2008 and Bert Hazell in January 2009, Allason became the oldest living former British Member of Parliament


Since 2009, Norway has had a unicameral parliament, which previously consisted of "Odelstinget" and "Lagtinget", Odelstinget with three-quarters, or 127, of the total 169 members, Lagtinget with the remainder add something


Santosh Gangwar - He represented that constituency continuously until 2009 as a BJP Member of Parliament, which involved six successive terms


Pradeep Jain Aditya - He was elected as a Member of Parliament in Indian general election, 2009 and had represented the Jhansi constituency in 15th Lok Sabha


Salman Khurshid - In the General Election of 2009 he was once again elected as Member of Parliament from Farrukhabad, winning as a candidate of the Indian National Congress, with 1,69, 351 votes


Hussain Muhammad Ershad - The former Chief of Army Staff & President, Hussain Muhammad Ershad is currently a Member of Parliament & Chairman of Jatiya Party - the second largest party in Bangladesh's Coalition Government known as Grand Alliance as of January 2009


Duck pond - Duck islands came to public prominence in the United Kingdom in May 2009, when a Member of Parliament claimed expenses to have one installed on his property


Jacqui Smith - On 5 June 2009, she ceased to be Home Secretary in the Cabinet reshuffle, and lost her seat as Member of Parliament for Redditch in the 2010 General Election


Party of Regions - In September 2009 Member of Parliament Vasyl Kiselev was expelled from the party and the political council of the Party of Regions


Sajid Javid - At the 2010 general election he was elected to the House of Commons as Member of Parliament for the Bromsgrove constituency


Sandbach - Before the 2010 General Election the town's MP was Ann Winterton, who served the constituency since 1983


Sandbach - Before the 2010 General Election the town's MP was Ann Winterton, who served the constituency since 1983


Dean Del Mastro - Del Mastro spoke against a Private Member's Bill introduced by Liberal Member of Parliament Massimo Pacetti in 2010 that called on the government to issue an official apology for the internment of Italian Canadians in World War II


Karl McCartney - He is Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Lincoln, England , and was first elected in 2010


Stephen Twigg - He returned to parliament in 2010, after he was elected Member of Parliament for Liverpool West Derby


Eric Ollerenshaw - He was elected Member of Parliament for Lancaster and Fleetwood at the 2010 general election with a majority of 333 votes


Jim Pawsey - His son, Mark Pawsey, was elected Member of Parliament for Rugby at the 2010 general election


Robin Walker - In 2010 he defeated incumbent MP Mike Foster to win the Worcester seat, eighteen years after his father retired as a Member of Parliament and joined the House of Lords


Khalid Abdul Samad - In 2010, Khalid became engaged in a debate with fellow opposition Member of Parliament Zulkifli Nordin over the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims


Rawtenstall - Jake Berry MP has been the Member of Parliament for Rossendale and Darwen since 2010


David Mitchell (politician) - Mitchell's son Andrew Mitchell is the Member of Parliament for Sutton Coldfield, and served as Secretary of State for International Development and briefly as Chief Whip in David Cameron's government between 2010 and 2012


Mark Reckless - Reckless was elected as the Member of Parliament for Rochester and Strood in 2010 with a 9,953 majority for the Conservative Party, having previously contested the Medway constituency in 2001 and 2005, reducing the majority of the previously serving Labour MP to 3,780 in 2001 and 213 in 2005


Julie Kirkbride - She stood down as a Member of Parliament prior to the 2010 general election, as a result of public anger over her expenses claims


Nicola Blackwood - She was elected as Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon in the 2010 election


Louise Mensch - She was the Conservative Member of Parliament for Corby from 2010 to 2012


Mark Reckless - While a Conservative MP, Reckless was noted for his rebelliousness; he cast 56 votes against the whip between 2010 and 2014, making him the 13th most rebellious Conservative in the period


Ian Paisley - On 2 March 2010, it was announced that Ian Paisley would step down as a Member of Parliament in the next general election; held on 6 May. His son Ian Paisley, Jr. was elected to succeed him in the seat at the general election on 6 May 2010


Eric Pickles - He was the Chairman of the Conservative Party until being replaced by Baroness Warsi in May 2010 and has been Member of Parliament for Brentwood and Ongar in Essex since 1992


Gareth Thomas (English politician) - In May 2010 he was re-elected as Member of Parliament for Harrow West with an increased majority


Jacqui Smith - In the General Election on 6 May 2010, Jacqui Smith lost her seat as Member of Parliament for Redditch to Karen Lumley of the Conservative Party, who won the seat with a majority of 5,821 votes


Naomi Long - On 6 May 2010, she defeated Peter Robinson, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, to become Member of Parliament for Belfast East in the House of Commons


Laura Sandys - She has been the Member of Parliament for South Thanet since the general election on 6 May 2010


Margaret Ritchie (politician) - She was elected Member of Parliament for the constituency of South Down on 6 May 2010


Winston Dookeran - In the recently concluded May 24, 2010 election, he successfully ran for Member of Parliament for the Tunapuna constituency


I Count - Cancún climate summit - In November 2010 the coalition organised the "Big Climate Connection", a lobby of MPs regarding the Cancún climate summit and the forthcoming Energy Bill


Jim Prentice - On November 4, 2010 Prentice announced he was resigning as Environment Minister effective immediately and that he would be resigning as Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre-North by the end of the year to take a job as vice-chairman of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce


Bilal Macit - Bilal Macit joined the ruling Justice and Development Party and became a Member of Parliament after the 2011 general election


Lee Boon Yang - He remained a Member of Parliament for the Jalan Besar Group Representation Constituency until his retirement from politics in 2011


Bob Rae - He was the Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre and was the former interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada from 2011 to 2013


Santosh Mohan Dev - Member of parliament - In the March 2011 Assembly elections, Sushmita Dev became the MLA from Silchar constituency and 2014 she became member of parliament from her home town silchar constituency


Elizabeth May - On May 2, 2011, she became the first elected Green Party Member of Parliament in Canada, defeating the incumbent, Gary Lunn


Ang Hin Kee - A member of the Singapore-based political party People's Action Party, abbreviated as PAP, Ang was officially sworn in to parliament as a Member of Parliament for the Ang Mo Kio GRC on May 7, 2011, following the general election of that year


John Tia - He was the Member of Parliament for Talensi until he lost to Robert Mosore Doameng in 2012 parliamentary election


Tony Lloyd - On 15 February 2012, Lloyd announced his intention to resign as a Member of Parliament to stand as a candidate for the directly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester


Chris Huhne - He was appointed as Steward and Bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds on 5 February 2013, which vacated his seat and thus ended his tenure as Member of Parliament for Eastleigh


Justin Trudeau - On August 22, 2013, Trudeau stated that he had smoked marijuana - an illegal drug throughout Canada - including once since he was elected as a Member of Parliament


Bashkim Fino - As of 2014, Fino is a Member of Parliament representing a constituency in Korçë District


Whitecourt, Alberta - Conservative Rob Merrifield was a four-term MP for the district until 2014


Zac Goldsmith - In 2014, Goldsmith was given an *award by The Patchwork Foundation for The Best Conservative Newcomer MP of the year


Anne McIntosh - McIntosh was de-selected by her Thirsk and Malton constituency association on 31 January 2014, but remains the Member of Parliament until the next general election in May 2015


Jim Karygiannis - On April 1, 2014 he announced in the House of Commons that he is resigning his seat as a Member of Parliament in order to stand in the Toronto municipal election for Toronto City Councillor in Ward 39


Mark Reckless - On 30 September Reckless applied for the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds and is therefore no longer an MP. A by-election has been called on 20 November 2014 at which Reckless has been nominated to stand as the UKIP candidate


Denis Healey - Following the death of John Freeman on 20 December 2014, Healey became the surviving former MP with the earliest date of first election, and the second-oldest surviving former MP, after Ronald Atkins


There are 105 seats in the Senate and 308 in the House of Commons; this latter will increase to 338 in the next election scheduled for 2015 add something


Colchester - Member of parliament - It has a Conservative Member of Parliament - Will Quince who was elected in the 2015 General Election


Horwich - Member of parliament - Its Member of Parliament is Chris Green who won the parliamentary seat at the 2015 General Election


Keighley - Member of parliament - Keighley is represented in the House of Commons by Conservative Member of Parliament Kris Hopkins, who won the seat at the 2015 UK general election - securing a second term


Skye - Member of parliament - The present Member of Parliament is Ian Blackford of the Scottish National Party, who took office after the SNP's sweep in the General Election of 2015


Gerald Howarth - At the 2015 general election Howarth was joined in the Commons by his son-in-law, James Cartlidge, the Conservative MP for South Suffolk


Iain Stewart (politician) - Following the 2015 election, he moved to become PPS to Rt Hon David Mundell MP, Secretary of State for Scotland, to assist with the Scotland Bill


Angus Robertson - Following the 2015 general election and the election of Salmond as MP for Gordon, it was confirmed that he would continue is his role as leader in the Commons


Zac Goldsmith - He received the biggest increase of any MP to his majority in the 2015 general election, to 23,015


Greg Davies - His partner is Liz Kendall, a Labour politician who in 2015 was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Leicester West


Jathika Hela Urumaya - In 2015, Athuraliye Ratana Thero, currently an MP representing the party revealed that the JHU had never spoken of a Sinhala Buddhist base and it was the people who thought that JHU was a Sinhala Buddhist party


Nick Hurd - Nick Hurd is standing for election for the 2015 election as the MP for Ruislip,_Northwood_and_Pinner (Ruislip,_Northwood_and_Pinner_(UK_Parliament_constituency)) while resident in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


Wan Azizah Wan Ismail - She is currently serving as the Leader of Opposition in Dewan Rakyat after elected as the Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh from 2015


Labour Party (UK) - The resultant row has so far caused the suspension of two local party members, the resignation of Deputy Leader Tom Watson MP as Labour's 2015 election strategist, and the forwarding by Ed Miliband of the NEC internal report into the situation to Police Scotland


Matthew Banks - Since January 2015 Gordon Banks has been Foreign Policy Advisor to Tim Farron MP, Liberal Democrat FCO Spokesperson


Katy Clark - On 13 January 2015, Clark was the only Labour MP to vote against the Charter for Budget Responsibility


David Burrowes - In February 2015 Burrowes was embarrassed to find himself canvassing for the United Kingdom general election, 2015 on doorsteps in the home street of neighbouring MP Andrew Law after he and his campaign team accidentally strayed into the wrong constituency


John Baird (Canadian politician) - Member of parliament - Baird resigned from cabinet on February 3, 2015 and announced that he will be resigning as a Member of Parliament in the coming days


Grant Shapps - In March 2015 Shapps admitted to having had a second job whilst being an MP and practising business under the pen name


Nigel Farage - In March 2015, Farage stated in his book "The Purple Revolution", that he would step down as UKIP leader if he wasn't elected as an MP due to his belief that it would not be "credible" for him to lead the party without a Westminster seat


Theresa May - On 18 April 2015, The Home Secretary Theresa May has told the BBC she is "very concerned" about the decision not to prosecute the former Labour MP Lord Greville Janner over allegations of historical child sex abuse


Tony Baldry - Baldry announced his decision to stand down as an MP at the May 2015 general election on 1 September 2014


Aldridge - In May 2015 Wendy Morton was selected as the new MP.


Ayr - Member of parliament - The Westminster constituency of Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock is currently held by the Scottish National Party's Corri Wilson who was elected as the Member of Parliament on the 7 May 2015 general election


Andrea Leadsom - Leadsom was re-elected as MP for South Northamptnshire on 7 May 2015 with 36,607 votes, compared to her nearest rival Lucy Mills , with 10,191 votes


Labour Party (UK) - Since 12 September 2015, the Leader of the Labour Party has been Jeremy Corbyn MP


As of 2018, Lok Sabha has 545 seats, of which 543 members are elected popularly by single-member constituencies via first past the post method in each of the 29 Indian states and 7 union territories, while the President of India may appoint 2 representatives of the Anglo-Indian community add something


As of 2018, state of Uttar Pradesh has the greatest number of representatives in both houses add something