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Mercury Records

American-based record label owned by Universal Music Group add

Category: Music

Founded in 1945.

Countries: United States (54%), United Kingdom (13%), (9%)

Main connections: Tubular Bells, Philips, EMI

Linked to: Mercury Records, The Island Def Jam Music Group, Decca Records, London Symphony Orchestra




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"'Mercury Record Corporation"' was formed in the American city of Chicago in 1945 by Irving Green, Berle Adams and Arthur Talmadge add something


In 1946, Mercury hired midget Eddie Gaedel to portray the "Mercury man", complete with a winged hat similar to its logo, to promote Mercury recordings add something


Dick Jurgens - In 1946 he re-formed his band, recording for Columbia and Mercury into the 1950s


Bernie Leighton - While Leighton was best known as a sideman, he recorded extensively as a leader; he released on Keynote Records in 1946, Mercury Records in 1950, an LP on Columbia Records in 1950, Brunswick in 1951, LPs for Disneyland and Capitol in 1957, and a tribute to Duke Ellington released in 1974


In 1947 Jack Rael, a musician and publicist/manager, persuaded Mercury to let Patti Page record a song that had been planned to be done by Vic Damone, "Confess" add something


The House of the Rising Sun - A recording made in 1947 by Josh White, who is credited with having written new words and music that have subsequently been popularized in the versions made by many other later artists, was released by Mercury Records in 1950


Hal Singer - In early 1948 he left Page, formed his own small group, and was signed to Mercury Records where he cut his first single "Fine As Wine" with a B side "Rock Around the Clock" , co-written with Sam Theard


Eddy Howard - In 1949, Howard signed to Mercury Records


In the early 1950s, Norman Granz started his own record company, Norgran, which later became Verve add something


Pete Rugolo - During this period he worked for a while on film musicals at MGM, and served as an A&R director for Mercury Records in the late 1950s


In 1951, under the direction of recording engineer C. Robert Fine and recording director David Hall, Mercury Records initiated a recording technique using a single microphone to record symphony orchestras add something


Walter Buchanan (musician) - In February 1951, he's credited as backing Washington on four tracks for Mercury Records


Paul Paray - In 1952, he was appointed music director of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, conducting them in numerous recordings for Mercury Records' "Living Presence" series


Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra - The CD box set included two bonus discs: a new reissue of the 1953 monophonic recording of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" by Dorati with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, and a first-time-on-CD reissue of the premiere recording of John Corigliano's Piano Concerto, played by Hilde Somer with the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Victor Alessandro add something


Cozart took over recording director duties in 1953 and produced the CD reissues of more than half of the Mercury Living Presence catalog in the 1990s add something


Red Prysock - In 1954, he signed with Mercury Records as a bandleader, and had his biggest hit, the R&B instrumental "Hand Clappin'" in 1955


Antal Dorati - The albums were recorded in mono between 1954 and 1955, for Mercury Records, with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra , as part of their famous "Living Presence" series


In late 1955, Mercury began using 3 omni-directional microphones to make stereo recordings on 3-track tape add something


Eddie Barclay - In 1955 Barclay agreed to manufacture and distribute Mercury Records in Europe


Le roi d'Ys - In addition, the overture was recorded in 1956 in stereo by Mercury Records with Paul Paray conducting the &Detroit_Symphony_Orchestra; initially released on LP, the recording has been reissued by Philips Records on CD. John Steane, writing in the "Gramophone", described the performance as having "an ideal balance between hazy impressionism and stormy strife


Mercury's Nashville unit dates back to 1957, when Mercury formed a joint venture with Starday Records specifically for releasing artists performing country music add something


Mercury bought out Starday's half in 1958 add something


Giovanni Bolzoni (composer) - Detroit Symphony Orchestra - In 1958, Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra recorded Bolzoni's "Minuet" for RCA Victor as part of the "Boston Tea Party" album, which was later issued on CD. The work has been recorded by Frederick Fennell and the London Pops Orchestra for Mercury Records and Neeme Järvi and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for Chandos Records


Jerry Fielding - Fieding's first chance at backing a vocalist came in 1958 for Ruth Olay's "Easy Living" LP on Mercury Records


Cannon - However, the overture was not recorded with real cannon fire until Mercury Records and conductor Antal Doráti's 1958 recording of the Minnesota Orchestra


Troy Shondell - Mercury Records released his first single, "My Hero", from "The Chocolate Soldier", which he recorded in 1958 under his real name of Gary Shelton


Clyde Otis - On joining Mercury Records as director of A&R in 1958, Otis began writing and producing material for Brook Benton


Robert Blackwell - He was the West Coast A&R director for Mercury Records from 1959 to 1963, and produced Little Richard's gospel recordings for that label


Miyoshi Umeki - Miyoshi recorded a version of Pick Yourself Up for Mercury Records in 1959, but the song was never released


London Symphony Orchestra - Dorati made some recordings in the United Kingdom with the London Symphony Orchestra for Mercury during the 1960s add something


By the early 1960s, Mercury was releasing jazz under the flagship label and was an early leader in the new stereo sound releases add something


The center mike still fed the mono LP releases, which accompanied stereo LPs into the 1960s add something


Al Cohn - The high point of their recorded output can be found on "You 'n' Me", a collection of standards and original compositions released on Mercury Records in 1960


In 1961, & Philips, a Dutch electronics company and owner of Philips Records, which had lost its distribution deal with Columbia Records outside North America, played a key role in Mercury's future by signing an exchange agreement with the American Record Company add something


In 1961, Mercury enhanced the three-microphone stereo technique by using 35 mm magnetic film instead of half-inch tape for recording add something


Bill Justis - In 1961, Justis moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he became a successful record producer and music arranger for both pop and country music performers at Monument and Mercury Records and other labels


In 1962, Mercury began marketing a line of phonographs made by Philips bearing the Mercury brand name add something


Irving Green - In 1962, Green sold Mercury to "'Consolidated Electronics Industries Corporation"' a U.S. Affiliate of Dutch electronics giant Philips of the Netherlands but he remained Mercury Records' President


Onzy Matthews - Matthews showed his adeptness at a wide range of writing; the tracks are somewhat like Quincy Jones' 1962 album "Big Band Bossa Nova" released by Mercury Records


Roy Drusky - In 1963, Drusky switched to Mercury Records and released his first hit from his new record company the same year he signed on to it


When Cozart retired in 1964, Lawrence took over the Mercury classical division and continued producing Mercury Living Presence records into 1967 add something


Irving Green - In 1964, Mercury Records became the first major record label to have a black high-level executive, when Green hired the trumpeter Quincy Jones as vice president


The Four Seasons (band) - In January 1964, after several successful albums and lack of money from Vee-Jay, the Seasons left Vee-Jay and moved to Philips Records, a division of Mercury Records


Lola Falana - Lola's first single, "My Baby", was recorded for Mercury Records in 1965


Kenny Rogers - The group disbanded in 1965, and a 1966 jazzy rock single Rogers recorded for Mercury Records, called "Here's That Rainy Day" failed


In July 1967, Mercury Records became the first U.S. record company to release cassette music tapes add something


The original LP releases of the classical recordings continued through 1968 add something


Peter Hammill - The band was offered a contract by Mercury Records in 1968, that only Hammill signed


In 1969, Mercury changed its corporate name to Mercury Record Productions Inc. while its former parent Conelco became North American & Philips Corp after Philips brought control of the company add something


Space Oddity (song) - After Bowie's split from record label Deram, his manager, Kenneth Pitt, negotiated a one-album deal with Mercury Records and its UK subsidiary, Philips, in 1969


Space Oddity - After Bowie's split from record label Deram, his manager, Kenneth Pitt, negotiated a one-album deal with Mercury Records and its UK subsidiary, Philips, in 1969


Big Mama Thornton - By 1969, she signed with Mercury Records


David Bowie (1969 album) - "' David Bowie"' is the second studio album by English musician David Bowie, released under that title by Philips in the UK, and as "'Man of Words/Man of Music"' by Mercury in the US, in November 1969


Charlie Rich - Both RCA and Mercury re-released his previously recorded material from the mid-1960s, as well


Malachy McCourt - In 1970, McCourt released an album, "And the Children Toll the Passing of the Day", on Mercury Records


Carolyne Mas - Mas's energetic live shows, especially during the late 1970s and early 1980s whilst signed to Mercury Records, were well received


David Bowie - To promote it in the United States, Mercury Records financed a coast-to-coast publicity tour in which Bowie, between January and February 1971, was interviewed by radio stations and the media


Philips and German Electronics giant Siemens merged their record operations with Deutsche Grammophon to become PolyGram in 1972 add something


From late 1974 to early 1983, the company's label design featured a painting of three famous Chicago buildings: Marina City, John Hancock Center and One IBM Plaza which was Mercury headquarters during that period, having moved from its long-time address at 35 East Wacker Drive in Chicago add something


Skeeter Davis - Davis returned to the recording studio in 1976 with a brief stint on Mercury Records which produced two single releases, including her last song to make the national charts, 1976's "I Love Us"


Carl Carlton - He signed with Mercury Records in 1977, but only released one single on that label


Charles Earland - In 1978, Earland hit the disco/club scene with a track recorded on Mercury Records called "Let the Music Play", written by Randy Muller from the funk group, Brass Construction.


Den Hegarty - He signed to Mercury Records and released a solo single "Voodoo Voodoo" in March 1979 which was his only solo hit, reaching number 73 in the UK Singles Chart


Polydor Records - Into the 1980s, Polydor continued to do respectable business, in spite of becoming increasingly overshadowed by its PolyGram sister label Mercury Records


Dennis Frederiksen - This would turn out to be one of the last albums released by Casablanca Records, as the fall of disco in the early 1980s forced the label to fold, eventually becoming part of Mercury Records


In 1981, Mercury, along with other U.S. PolyGram-owned labels, which included Polydor, RSO Records, and Casablanca, consolidated under the new name PolyGram Records Inc. Around this time, Mercury moved its headquarters to New York City add something


Carol Sharkey - Along the way, Mercury Records gave Jon Bon Jovi a recording contract in 1983, and to promote "Runaway", Jon Bon Jovi called up David Bryan who in turn called bassist Alec John Such and drummer Tico Torres


Julian Cope - Former Teardrops drummer Gary Dwyer, guitarist Steve Lovell and Dream Academy oboist Kate St. John all contributed to the album, which was released on Mercury Records in March 1984


Crystal Waters - Waters first approached the music world in 1987 as a behind-the-scenes worker, writing demos for a production team known as the Basement Boys, securing a writing contract with Mercury Records in 1989 and began penning songs for recording artists


Charly McClain - McClain has not recorded a studio album since 1989's self-titled album on Mercury Records and has dropped out of the public eye


She-Devil - A soundtrack album was released on November 15, 1989 by Mercury Records


As in the first CD box set, the 53 titles from the 1990s series were remastered by Wilma Cozart Fine add something


Since the early 1990s, Verve has reissued many Mercury jazz titles on CD, often taking care to use original master tapes and including session material not included on the original LPs add something


Billy Falcon - He signed a deal with Mercury Records after Jon Bon Jovi contacted him about working together in the early 1990s


Mel Tillis - He briefly signed with RCA Records as well as Mercury Records and later Curb Records in 1991


The Orb - To promote the release of an edited single-disc version for an American release on Mercury Records, the Orb embarked on their first tour of the United States beginning in Phoenix, Arizona, in October 1991


Courtney Love - She often played a guitar made by Mercury, an obscure company that manufactured custom guitars, which she purchased in 1992


Launched in 1993 as a division of Nippon PolyGram , it was later relaunched in 2000 as a joint venture with Kitty Films under the name "'Kitty MME"' add something


Ryan Dahle - In 1995, the group got signed simultaneously to Mercury Records US and Universal Music in Canada, and re-released "The Age of Electric"


Chuck D - In 1996, Ridenhour released Autobiography of Mistachuck on Mercury Records.


In 1997, PolyGram, looking to cut costs in anticipation of a merger with a competitor, consolidated all of its Nashville operations under the Mercury name add something


Tupelo Honey - Another CD reissue was released in 1997 by Polydor and Mercury Records


Brent Mason - Mason signed to Mercury Records in 1997, releasing an instrumental album entitled "Hot Wired" that year


In late 1998, PolyGram was bought by Seagram, which absorbed the company into its Universal Music Group unit add something


Rodney Carrington - Carrington's first album, "Hangin' with Rodney", was released in 1998 via Mercury Records Nashville


Courtney Love - Fender's Vista Venus, designed by Love in 1998, was partially inspired by Rickenbacker guitars as well as her Mercury


Steve Poltz - In 1998, Poltz released his first solo album, "One Left Shoe" for Mercury Records


Jan Leyers - It was released in June 1998 by Mercury Records of the Netherlands


Mercury Records had been used for some Australian artists in the 80s and 90s, but was put into hibernation in 1999 in favour of the Universal label until 2007 add something


The CD set brings back into print dozens of titles that had not been available as manufactured CD's since the early 2000s add something


Meredith Edwards (singer) - She recorded an album, "Reach", for Mercury Records Nashville in 2001


It was merged into the Universal J label in 2002 add something


Johnny Borrell - Razorlight signed to Mercury Records on 23 May 2003 after the Universal label fought off bids from Sony


Jules De Martino - Jules moved to Manchester and formed a band with Katie White and DJ Simon Templeman Their first performance was as a support between two rock bands but it went well and they were signed up by Mercury Records at the end of 2004


In 2005 Jason ILey was appointed the new Managing Director of Mercury add something


M.I.A. (rapper) - On 19 July 2005, M.I.A. was shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize for "Arular"


Late Orchestration - Live album - "'Late Orchestration"' is a live album by American hip hop artist Kanye West, released on April 24, 2006 on Mercury Records


In October 2006 U2 decided to leave Island Records and moved to Mercury Records, reportedly to rejoin ILey who they had worked with previously at Island Records add something


IDJMG revived the Mercury imprint in the US in 2007 add something


Launched in 2007 by Universal Music Australia exclusively as a full-service local A&R operation add something


"'Mercury Records"' was relaunched in 2007 as a label under the Island Def Jam Music Group, appointing record executive David Massey as the President and CEO of the new venture add something


Tubular Bells - In 2008 when Oldfield's original 35-year deal with Virgin Records ended, the rights to the piece were returned to him and were transferred to Mercury Records


Tubular Bells - In 2008, when Oldfield's original 35-year deal with Virgin Records ended, the rights to the piece were returned to him, and were transferred to Mercury Records


Gonzales (musician) - In early 2008, he announced he was going back to the studio as a singer in his own right, and had re-signed with a major label, Mercury Records


Tubular Bells - A newly mixed and mastered re-issue of the original album appeared in 2009 on Mercury Records, with bonus material


Tubular Bells - It can be heard on the SACD This rendition of "Sailor's Hornpipe" was included in the 2009 Mercury reissue of "Tubular Bells"


Tubular Bells - There is a new mix of the original album on the 2009 Mercury reissue


Tubular Bells - This was included in the 2009 Mercury reissue of "Tubular Bells"


Tubular Bells - On 15 April 2009, Mercury announced the transfer of Oldfield's Virgin albums to the label, and the first album "Tubular Bells" was re-released in June 2009


Matthew Morrison - In addition on January 14, 2010, it was announced that Morrison signed a solo record deal with Mercury Records


Patrick Wolf - In April 2010 it was announced that Wolf had signed a record deal with Hideout, a subsidiary of Mercury Records, who will release his fifth album, "Lupercalia"


Jill Emery - "Nobody's Daughter" was released on April 26, 2010 worldwide on Mercury Records, and was received by music critics with moderately positive acclaim


Hello (Martin Solveig song) - The song was released as the album's second single on September 6, 2010 by Mercury Records


Bela Mavrak - The CD was first released in Mexico in November 2010, and since it keeps appearing in more and more countries and attracted the attention of the Universal Music Group


The label oversees the recording career of Montenegrin classical guitarist Milos Karadaglic and has an ongoing partnership with Tori Amos, which dates back to her work with Buhr on her classically inspired "Night of Hunters" album for Deutsche Grammophon in 2011 add something


In March 2011, the label announced it was stopping the production of CD and vinyl singles and would only release them physically as "rare exceptions" add something


In 2012, Decca Classics, the current owner of the Mercury Living Presence label, issued a value-priced 51-CD box that included 50 of the 1990s CD titles as well as a bonus CD containing an interview with Wilma Cozart Fine, and a deluxe booklet detailing the history of Mercury Living Presence add something


In 2012, signings on Mercury included Pixie Lott, Arcade Fire, Amy Macdonald, Noah and the Whale, Chase & Status, Jake Bugg and Bo Bruce add something


Mercury Classics was launched in 2012 as an international classical label by UMGI, appointing musicologist and record executive Dr. Alexander Buhr as Managing Director add something


Iggy Azalea - In 2012, she announced her signing to Mercury Records and the following year to Island Def Jam


In 2013, Decca Classics issued a second, 55-CD box set, along with a second 6-LP box set add something


Moonlight Shadow - An unplugged mix of the song appears on the 2013 Mercury Records reissue of the "Crises" album


Tubular Bells - Coincidentally, in 2013, the UK divisions of Mercury Records and Virgin Records were merged to create Virgin & EMI, after Universal's purchase of EMI, effectively devolving Oldfield to his old record label


Iggy Azalea - Initially set to be released with Grand Hustle and Interscope Records, after label conflicts, in 2013 Azalea finally secured a deal with Mercury Records and later Island Def Jam, to release her debut album


Iggy Azalea - On 13 February 2013, it was announced Azalea had signed a record deal with Mercury Records


The New Classic - On 13 February 2013, it was announced Azalea had signed a record deal with Mercury Records


In March 2013, Mercury UK was absorbed into Virgin EMI by Universal Music add something


Mercury operated as an imprint in the UK under Universal Music UK until March 2013, when its artist roster was moved to Virgin EMI in a restructuring of Universal's UK labels add something


In 2014 Mercury Classics released "Aranjuez", Milos Karadaglic's recording of iconic guitar concertos by Joaquin Rodrigo, featuring Yannick Nezet-Seguin and the London Philharmonic Orchestra add something


Rainie Yang - In 2014, Yang parted ways with Sony Music Taiwan, and signed to EMI Music, a revived label that is now a subsidiary of Universal Music Group


Island Records - The label operates as one of Universal Music's standalone labels since 2014, handling Mercury Records


Motown - On April 1, 2014, Universal Music Group announced the dissolution of the IDJMG; subsequently Motown would relocate back to Los Angelas to this time operate under the mantle of the Capitol Music Group


In May 2014 the label released Tori Amos' 14th studio album Unrepentant Geraldines add something


EMI - On June 30, 2014, Universal Music Group has re-established EMI China in Taiwan, with A-Mei, Rainie Yang and Show Luo signing first to the label


Kendji (album) - The 13-track album released on 9 August 2014 on Mercury Records France appeared at number one of SNEP, the official French Albums Chart, becoming a hit in Belgium and Switzerland


Hikaru Utada - On December 8, 2014, Universal Music Japan released a tribute album entitled "Utada Hikaru no Uta"


Hikaru Utada - On December 26, 2014, Universal Music Japan revealed through media outlet "Weekly Bunshun" that Utada only has one album left before her contract with the label ends and that her comeback in the music industry is currently in discussion


On January 4, 2015, Irwin Steinberg the co-founder of Mercury Records has passed away at age 94 add something


Mariah Carey - On January 30, 2015, it was announced that Carey has left Universal Music Group's Def Jam Recordings to re-unite with L.A. Reid and Sony Music via Epic Records


Grooveshark - On April 30, 2015, Grooveshark shut down as part of a settlement between the service and Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group


Grooveshark - On April 30, 2015, it was announced that, as part of a settlement of the copyright infringement lawsuits between the service and Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group, Grooveshark would be shut down immediately


Kit Armstrong - In November 2015, Sony Music Entertainment released "Liszt: Symphonic Scenes", a solo piano CD by Kit Armstrong


David Bustamante - "Amor de los dos" is the ninth studio album by Bustamante and it was released on June 2016 by Universal Music


David Campbell (Australian musician) - A cast recording was released in September 2016 by Sony Music Australia, featuring Campbell


Jackie Evancho - Evancho signed a new record deal in 2017 with Sony, and her next release, "Two Hearts", is set to debut on March 31, 2017


Spotify - Spotify - In April 2017, as part of its efforts to renegotiate new license deals with record labels for a reported interest in going public, Spotify announced that artists who are part of Universal Music Group will have the ability to make their new album releases exclusively available on the service's Premium service tier for a maximum of two weeks


Delta Goodrem - On 27 October 2017, she was featured on the Sony Music All Stars cover of The Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends", to raise money for the Sony Foundation's project Friends4Youth