Michael Argyle (lawyer)

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Michael Argyle (lawyer)

Judge at the Central Criminal Court of the United Kingdom from 1970 to 1988 add

Category: Politics

Born in 1915.

Country: United Kingdom (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Trinity College, Cambridge, Nottinghamshire, Conservative Party (UK)

Linked to: Conservative Party, Trinity College, Cambridge, Shardlow Hall, The Independent




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Michael Argyle was born in 1915 add something


Educated in law at Trinity College, Cambridge, he was well known for his right wing views; he was an active member of the Conservative Party in his younger life and fought Belper in the 1950 general election add something


Argyle retired from the Bench in 1988, but continued to campaign for the restoration of the death penalty add something


In 1995, the now millionaire publisher Felix Dennis won a libel action against "The Spectator" add something


In an article published on 20 May 1995, Argyle had claimed Dennis and his "Oz" co-defendants had imported and peddled drugs to school children, and implied that they were behind threats against his life which had obliged him to stay in a hotel during the trial, guarded by armed Special Branch police add something

Michael Argyle died in 1999 add something


Argyle died in his 84th year on the 4 January 1999 at Fiskerton, in Nottinghamshire add something