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Michael Caine

English actoradd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1933.

Countries: United Kingdom (36%), United States (35%), (10%)

Main connections: Sylvester Stallone, The Dark Knight (film), Pele

Linked to: British Army, Conservative Party, Labour Party, School Certificate




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Michael Caine was born in 1933 add something


In 1944 he passed his eleven plus exam, winning a scholarship to Hackney Downs Grocers' School. add something


Caine was called up for national service in the British Army in 1951 when he was aged 18 and was deployed to South Korea to help in the aftermath of the North Korean invasion. add something


From 1952, when he was called up to do his national service, until 1954, he served in the British Army's Royal Fusiliers, first at the BAOR HQ in Iserlohn and on active service during the Korean War. Caine has said he would like to see the return of national service to help combat youth violence, stating: "I'm just saying, put them in the Army for six months. add something


Caine started his professional acting career at the age of 20 right out of two years of National Service in the army. add something


In 1953 he was a member of The Westminster Repertory Company based at the Theatre Royal in Horsham, South Surrey. add something


In July 1953, as Michael Scott, he was cast as the drunkard Hindley in the Company's production of Jane Eyre. add something


He was married to actress Patricia Haines from 1955 to 1958. add something


The Quiet American - The novel was popular in England and over the years has achieved notable status, being adapted into films in 1958 and most recently in 2002 by Miramax, starring Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser and earning the former a Best Actor nomination


In 1959, he was Peter O'Toole's understudy in Lindsay Anderson's West End staging of Willis Hall's The Long and the Short and the Tall. add something


Pele - He appeared, alongside other footballers of the 1960s and 1970s, with Michael Caine, and Sylvester Stallone, in the 1981 film "Escape to Victory", about an attempted escape from a World War II German POW camp


Terence Stamp - In the 1960s, Stamp shared a house with actor Michael Caine before and during their rise to fame


Santos FC - Pelé appeared, alongside other footballers of the 1960s and 1970s, with Michael Caine, and Sylvester Stallone, in the 1981 film "Escape to Victory", about an attempted escape from a World War II German POW Camp


James Saunders (playwright) - His play "Next Time I'll Sing To You", written in 1962, was staged in the West End starring Michael Caine, Barry Foster and Liz Fraser, at the New Arts and the Criterion Theatre in 1963


Jane Asher - Asher appeared in Roger Corman's "The Masque of the Red Death" , "Alfie", opposite Michael Caine in 1966, and in Jerzy Skolimowski's "Deep End"


Gonville Bromhead - In the 1964 film "Zulu", Bromhead was played by Michael Caine


Harry Palmer - After the release of "The IPCRESS File" in 1965, Saltzman's production company made "Funeral in Berlin" and "Billion Dollar Brain" , both starring Michael Caine


Guy Doleman - He is perhaps best known for his role as "Count Lippe" in the 1965 James Bond film "Thunderball", and as "Colonel Ross" in the three film adaptations of Len Deighton's "Harry Palmer" novels, starring Michael Caine, in the 1960s


Ted Lewis (writer) - His first novel, "All the Way Home and All the Night Through" was published in 1965, followed by "Jack's Return Home", subsequently retitled "Get Carter" after the success of the film of the same name starring Michael Caine, which created the noir school of British crime writing and pushed Lewis into the best-seller list


The Ipcress File (film) - "'The Ipcress File"' is a 1965 British espionage film directed by Sidney J. Furie, starring Michael Caine and featuring Guy Doleman and Nigel Green


Caine made his first film in the United States in 1966, after an invitation from Shirley MacLaine to play opposite her in Gambit. add something


Eva Renzi - Born "'Evelyn Renziehausen"' in Berlin , Germany, she was introduced in the 1966 Harry Saltzman film "Funeral in Berlin", sequel to "The Ipcress File", second in the Len Deighton Harry Palmer trilogy, playing Mossad agent "Samantha Steel" opposite Michael Caine


Doug Hayward - Hayward's client list included: actors Clint Eastwood, Sir John Gielgud, Michael Caine, Terence_Stamp, Rex Harrison, Steve McQueen and John_Osborne; actor Tommy Steele; singer Tony Bennett; newsreader Tom Brokaw; footballer and 1966 World Cup England captain Bobby_Moore; Formula 1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart; and businessmen Lord Hanson and Mark Birley


Lewis Gilbert - In 1966 Gilbert directed "Alfie" starring Michael Caine


Doug Hayward - The inspiration for customer Michael Caine's characterisation of his role in the 1966 film "Alfie," he was the model for client John Le Carre's Harry Pendel, aka "The Tailor of Panama


Candice Bergen - After starring in the French film "Live for Life" and "The Magus" with Michael Caine and Anthony Quinn, she was featured in a 1970 political satire, "The Adventurers", playing a frustrated socialite who has a lesbian affair


He dated Bianca Jagger in 1968. add something


Bryan Forbes - A 1968 caper film, "Deadfall", starred Michael Caine


Play Dirty - "'Play Dirty"' is a 1969 British war film starring Michael Caine, Nigel_Green and Harry Andrews


Walter Riml - His last filmwork was in 1970, a documentary for US television about the film "The Last Valley" with Michael Caine and Omar Sharif


Dick LeBeau - LeBeau acted in the 1970 movie "Too Late the Hero", where he played Michael Caine's double in a scene


Shakira Caine - After seeing Baksh in a British television advertisement for Maxwell House coffee in 1971, Michael Caine became obsessed with finding the woman he considered to be "the most beautiful


The line had been used earlier in Spike Milligan's script for The Last Goon Show of All, performed on 5 October 1972. add something


Robert Cooke (politician) - He was the owner of Athelhampton House in Dorset, location of the 1972 film "Sleuth", starring Michael Caine and Lawrence Olivier and is mentioned in the end credits


Joseph L. Mankiewicz - Mankiewicz made more films, however, garnering an Oscar nomination for Best Direction in 1972 for "Sleuth", his final directing effort, starring Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine


Caine has been married to actress and model Shakira Baksh since 8 January 1973. add something


Sidney Carroll - He wrote the screenplays for the 1974 Richard Chamberlain television version of "The Count of Monte Cristo" as well as the original story for the Michael Caine heist movie "Gambit"


Prunella Gee - Her first film role was in 1974, alongside Sidney Poitier and Michael Caine in "The Wilby Conspiracy"


Paul Erdman - His second novel, the "The Silver Bears" was turned into a 1978 movie of the same name, starring Michael Caine


Joe de Graft - The 1975 film depicted the escape from a top-security South African prison of Wilby, the leader of anti-apartheid struggle, with the help of freedom fighter Sidney Poitier and reluctant Englishman Michael Caine, while pursued by relentless South African official Nicol Williamson


In 1976 he appeared in the screen adaptation by Tom Mankiewicz of the Jack Higgins novel The Eagle Has Landed as Oberst Kurt Steiner, the commander of a Luftwaffe paratroop brigade disguised as Polish paratroopers, whose mission was to kidnap or kill the-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, alongside co-stars Donald Sutherland, Robert Duvall, Jenny Agutter, and Donald Pleasence. add something


Ben Cross - Cross's first big screen film appearance came in 1976 when he went on location to Deventer, to play Trooper Binns in Joseph E. Levine's World War II epic "A Bridge Too Far" which starred an international cast, including Dirk Bogarde, Sean Connery, Michael Caine and James Caan


Subsequently in 1978, he starred in The Silver Bears, an adaptation of Paul Erdman's novel of the same name. add something


Larry Gelbart - Gelbart co-wrote the golden-era film spoof "Movie Movie" starring George C. Scott in dual roles, the racy comedy "Blame It on Rio" starring Michael Caine and Demi Moore, and the 2000 remake of "Bedazzled" with Elizabeth Hurley and Brendan Fraser


Jimmy Page - From 1980 to 2004 Page owned The Mill House, Mill Lane, Windsor, which was formerly the home of actor Michael Caine


Dressed to Kill (1980 film) - "'Dressed to Kill"' is a 1980 erotic crime thriller film written and directed by Brian De Palma and starring Michael Caine, Angie_Dickinson, Nancy Allen and Keith Gordon


John Wark - In 1981, Wark was one of several Ipswich players who appeared alongside stars including Bobby Moore and Pelé in the Second World War football film "Escape to Victory", which starred Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine and Max von Sydow


Werner Roth (soccer) - Roth played German soccer team captain Baumann in the 1981 movie "Victory" , which featured former Cosmos teammate Pelé, as well as Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine


Russell Osman - The 1981 film included soccer legend Pelé, American actor Sylvester Stallone, British actor Michael Caine and ex-soccer player Ossie Ardiles


Ira Levin - In 1982, it was made into a film starring Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine


Deathtrap (film) - "'Deathtrap"' is a 1982 thriller based on Ira Levin's play of the same name, directed by Sidney Lumet from a screenplay by Levin and Jay Presson Allen, starring Michael Caine, Dyan Cannon and Christopher Reeve


In 1983, Caine was given the line to say as an in-joke in the film Educating Rita. add something


Joaquim de Almeida - His first significant role came in a 1983 film, "The Honorary Consul", where he starred alongside Michael Caine, Richard_Gere and Bob Hoskins, being his first appearance in an American film


Graham Greene - In 1983, "The Honorary Consul", published ten years earlier, was released as a film under its original title, starring Michael Caine and Richard Gere


Willy Russell - The semi-autobiographical "Educating Rita" was turned into a 1983 film with Michael Caine and Julie Walters


Michael Gothard - His later appearances included supporting roles in Tobe Hooper's 1985 science-fiction horror extravaganza, "Lifeforce", and as George Lusk in the 1988 TV movie, "Jack the Ripper", with Michael Caine


John Frankenheimer - In 1985, he directed an adaptation of the Robert Ludlum bestseller The Holcroft Covenant, starring Michael Caine.


Water (1985 film) - "'Water"' is a 1985 British comedy film scripted by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, directed by Clement, and starring Michael Caine


Caine has been Oscar-nominated six times, winning his first Academy Award for the 1986 film Hannah and Her Sisters, and his second in 1999 for The Cider House Rules, in both cases as a supporting actor. add something


Pierce Brosnan - Cold War - After "Remington Steele" ended in 1987, Brosnan went on to appear in several films, including "The Fourth Protocol" , a Cold War thriller in which he starred alongside Michael Caine, "The Deceivers" and James Clavell's "Noble House" both in , and "The Lawnmower Man"


Trivia books written by Caine include Not Many People Know That/, And Not Many People Know This Either/, Michael Caine's Moving Picture Show and Not A Lot of People Know This is 1988. add something


Steve Martin - In 1988, he performed in the Frank Oz film "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", a remake of "Bedtime Story", alongside Michael Caine


Sir William Gull, 1st Baronet - Sir William Gull is portrayed by Ray McAnally in 1988 in a TV dramatisation of the murders, starring Michael Caine and Jane Seymour


Frank Oz - Usually directing comedies, Oz went on to direct "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" in 1988, starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine, "What About Bob-" in 1991, starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss, and "Housesitter" in 1992


Caine published a volume of memoirs, What's It All About? in 1992 and published a second one, "The Elephant to Hollywood" in 2010. add something


Alaska - Steven Seagal's 1994 "On Deadly Ground", starring Michael Caine, was filmed in part at the Worthington Glacier near Valdez


On Deadly Ground - "'On Deadly Ground"' is a 1994 environmental action-adventure film, co-produced, directed by and starring Steven Seagal, and co-starring an all-star cast that includes Michael Caine, Joan_Chen, John C. McGinley, R. Lee Ermey, Kenji Nakano, and Billy Bob Thornton in one of his early appearances


Brenda Blethyn - Blethyn's last film of 1998 was "Little Voice" opposite Jane Horrocks and Michael Caine


Paz de la Huerta - She made her film debut with a small role in the 1998 romantic comedy "The Object of My Affection", and starred opposite Michael Caine and Charlize Theron in "The Cider House Rules"


John Irvin - In the 2000s, Irvin directed "Shiner" , which starred Michael Caine


Do Thi Hai Yen - In 2001, Hai Yen became a leading actress in Vietnam when she was selected in a competition attended by more than 2,000 candidates in Vietnam and overseas to play the main female character next to two world famous actors, Sir Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser , in The Quiet American directed by Phillip Noyce


Surrey Police - Surrey resident Sir Michael Caine, CBE, opened the museum on 22 October 2001


Caine starred in Austin Powers in Goldmember as Austin's father and in 2003 he co-starred with Robert Duvall in Secondhand Lions. add something


Phillip Noyce - Noyce achieved great acclaim in the United States for "The Quiet American", a 2002 film which gave Michael Caine an Academy *award Best Actor nomination


In 2005, he was cast as Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth in the first production of the new Batman film series. add something


In 2006, he appeared in the films Children of Men and The Prestige. add something


In 2007 he appeared in Flawless, while in 2008 he reprised his role as Alfred in Christopher Nolan's critically acclaimed Batman sequel, The Dark Knight as well as starring in the British drama Is Anybody There?, which explores the final days of life. add something


In the 2007 remake of Sleuth, Caine took over the role Laurence Olivier played in the 1972 version and Jude Law played Caine's original role. add something


Tell No One - Academy Award-winning British actor Michael Caine said of the film it was the best he had seen in 2007 on the BBC's "Film 2007" programme


Michael Radford - In 2007, he reunited Demi Moore and Michael Caine in his most recent film "Flawless", a diamond heist story set in 1960


In 2008, he was awarded the prize for Outstanding Contribution to Showbusiness at the Variety Club Awards. add something


Heath Ledger - Film critics, co-stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Caine and many of Ledger's colleagues in the film community joined Bale in calling for and predicting a nomination for the 2008 Academy *award for Best Supporting Actor in recognition of Ledger's achievement in "The Dark Knight


Scott Penrose - He tutored Sir Michael Caine and the young Bill Milner for the 2009 movie "Is Anybody There-"


Lee Oakes - In 2009 Lee appeared in the British crime thriller "Harry Brown" playing Dean, a chav who attacks Michael Caine


John Crowley (director) - In 2009 he directed the film "Is Anybody There-", set in 1980s seaside Britain, written by Peter Harness and starring Michael Caine as a grumpy ex-magician


Plan B (musician) - In 2009, Drew had another supporting role as Noel Winters in the Daniel Barber film "Harry Brown" starring Michael Caine


During the run up to the 2010 General Election, Caine publicly endorsed the Conservative Party, despite claiming to have supported New Labour in 1997. add something


Inception - In September 2010, Michael Caine, explained his interpretation of the ending, "If I'm there it's real, because I'm never in the dream


On 5 January 2011, he was made a Commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by France's culture minister, Frederic Mitterrand. add something


Aston Martin DB5 - In 2011, an Aston Martin DB5 appeared in heavily stylized form as "Finn McMissile", a British secret agent voiced by Michael Caine in the 2011 Pixar film "Cars 2"


Caine will reprise his role as Alfred Pennyworth in the Batman sequel, The Dark Knight Rises, due for release in mid 2012. add something


Caine reprised his role as Alfred Pennyworth in the Batman sequel, "The Dark Knight Rises", which was released in July 2012 add something


Caine had decided to retire when he turned 80 in 2013, but changed his mind, saying he wanted to win a third Academy Award, but will definitely retire when he's 90 add something


Jennifer Garner - In May 2013, Garner joined the cast of the movie Imagine alongside Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Bobby Cannavale and Michael Caine


Kate Beckinsale - In June 2013, Beckinsale will film an appearance in "Eliza Graves" alongside Jim Sturgess, Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley


Sean Connery - In August 2013, in an interview with German newspaper Bild am sonntag, Michael Caine increased speculation that Connery may be suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, by stating that he is "no longer in control of his senses"


He is expected to appear in Christopher Nolan's 2014 science-fiction film, "Interstellar" add something


In July 2014, Caine was revealed to be a celebrity investor in a tax avoidance scheme called Liberty add something


Dean Devlin - On May 2, 2014, Warner Bros. announced it had cast Alison Brie, Michael Caine, Jack O'Connell, Tilda Swinton, August Diehl and David Gyasi in supporting roles


The Last Witch Hunter - In July 2014 it was announced that Rose Leslie would be joining the cast as Vin Diesel's co-star, and in August, Elijah Wood, Michael Caine, and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson were announced as attached to the film


In October 2015, Caine read Hans Christian Andersen's "Little Claus and Big Claus" for the children's fairytales app GivingTales in aid of UNICEF, together with Sir Roger Moore, Stephen Fry, Ewan McGregor, Dame Joan Collins and Joanna Lumley add something


Speaking in January 2016 on the subject of the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, Caine stated he is "sort of certain" that the UK should leave the EU. add something


In July 2016, Caine changed his name by deed poll to his long-time stage name in order to simplify security checks at airports add something


In March 2017, Caine lost ten kilograms on a health kick and fears dying of cancer, saying his days were numbered add something


In 2018, Caine starred as Brian Reader in "King of Thieves" based on the Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary of 2015 add something


Katie Holmes - In 2018, she appeared in the satirical comedy "Dear Dictator", opposite Michael Caine