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Michael Chabon

American author and [GUI]one of the most celebrated writers of his generation,[GUI] according to The Virginia Quarterly Review add

Category: Literature

Born in 1963.

Countries: United States (60%), Pennsylvania (16%), United Kingdom (7%)

Main connections: Spider-Man 2, Sherlock Holmes, Scott Rudin

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Michael Chabon was born in 1963 add something


Chabon attended Carnegie Mellon University for a year before transferring to the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied under Chuck Kinder and received a Bachelor of Arts in 1984 add something


In 1987, Chabon married the poet Lollie Groth add something


Cleveland Arning, a character in Chabon's 1988 debut novel, "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh", is described as having come from a wealthy family, one that might be expected to be able to endow a building add something


"The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" appeared in 1988 and became a bestseller, instantly catapulting Chabon to the status of literary celebrity add something


Since the late 1990s, Chabon has written in an increasingly diverse series of styles for varied outlets; he is a notable defender of the merits of genre fiction and plot-driven fiction, and, along with novels, he has published screenplays, children's books, comics, and newspaper serials add something


The most detailed exposition of Drinkwater's life appears in Chabon's 1990 short story "Smoke," which is set at Drinkwater's funeral, and refers to him as "a scholarly catcher, a redoubtable batsman, and a kind, affectionate person add something


He and Groth divorced in 1991, and he married the writer Ayelet Waldman in 1993 add something


In 1991, Chabon published "A Model World", a collection of short stories, many of which had been published previously in "The New Yorker" add something


In 1994, Chabon pitched a screenplay entitled "The Gentleman Host" to producer Scott Rudin, a romantic comedy "about old Jewish folks on a third-rate cruise ship out of Miami" add something


X-Men (film) - The film rights went to 20th Century Fox in 1994 and various scripts and film treatments were commissioned from Andrew Kevin Walker, John Logan, Joss Whedon and Michael Chabon


Drinkwater was again referred to in Chabon's 1995 novel "Wonder Boys", in which narrator Grady Tripp explains that his sportswriter friend Happy Blackmore was hired "to ghost the autobiography of a catcher, a rising star who played for Pittsburgh and hit the sort of home runs that linger in the memory for years add something


In Chabon's 1995 novel "Wonder Boys", narrator Grady Tripp writes that he grew up in the same hotel as Vetch, who worked as an English professor at the Coxley College and wrote hundreds of pulp stories that were "in the gothic mode, after the manner of Lovecraft  add something


The book, published in 1995, was a commercial and critical success add something


Rudin bought the project and developed it with Chabon, but it was never filmed, partly due to the release of the similarly themed film "Out to Sea" in 1997 add something


A horror-themed short story titled "In the Black Mill" was published in "Playboy" in June 1997 and reprinted in Chabon's 1999 story collection "Werewolves in Their Youth", and was attributed to Van Zorn add something


In 1999 he published his second collection of short stories, "Werewolves in their Youth", which included his first published foray into genre fiction, the grim horror story "In the Black Mill add something


"Telegraph Avenue", adapted from an idea for a TV series pilot that Chabon was asked to write in 1999, is a social novel set on the borders between Oakland and Berkley the summer of 2004 that sees a "large cast of characters grapple with infidelity, fatherhood, crooked politicians, racism, nostalgia and buried secrets" add something


Directed by Curtis Hanson and starring Michael Douglas, "Wonder Boys" was released in 2000 to critical acclaim and financial failure add something


In 2000, Chabon published "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay", a critically acclaimed novel that John Leonard, in a 2007 review of a later novel, called Chabon's magnum opus add something


In 2000, he published "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay", an epic historical novel that charts 16 years in the lives of Sammy Clay and Joe Kavalier, two Jewish cousins who create a wildly popular series of comic books in the early 1940s, the years leading up to the entry of the U.S. into World War II. The novel received "nearly unanimous praise" and became a "New York Times" Best Seller, eventually winning the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction add something


Creig Flessel - Flessel is mentioned in Michael Chabon's 2000 novel "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay"


Although Chabon spent 16 months in 2001 and 2002 working on the novel's film adaptation, the project has been mired in pre-production for years add something


Chabon's work, however, remains popular in Hollywood, with Rudin purchasing the film rights to "The Yiddish Policemen's Union", titled "Hatzeplatz", in 2002, five years before the book would be published add something


Gale Cengage, 2002. add something


In a 2002 essay, Chabon decried the state of modern short fiction , saying that, with rare exceptions, it consisted solely of "the contemporary, quotidian, plotless, moment-of-truth revelatory story add something


In a 2002 interview, Chabon added, "If "Mysteries of Pittsburgh" is about anything in terms of human sexuality and identity, it's that people can't be put into categories all that easily add something


Just before "Gentlemen of the Road" completed its run, the author published his latest novel, "The Yiddish Policemen's Union", which he had worked on since February 2002 add something


Spider-Man 2 - In September 2002, Michael Chabon was hired to rewrite


Chabon wrote a draft for 2004's "Spider-Man 2", about a third of which was used in the final film add something


Two years later, he published "The Final Solution", a novella about an investigation led by an unknown old man, whom the reader can guess to be Sherlock Holmes, during the final years of World War II. His Dark Horse Comics project "The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist", a quarterly anthology series that was published from 2004 to 2006, purported to cull stories from an involved, fictitious 60-year history of the Escapist character created by the protagonists of "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay" add something


Jay Ryan (artist) - He provided the cover art for Michael Chabon's 2004 novel "The Final Solution" and publicity art for Chicago's 57th Street Art Fair


Imperia (car) - In Michael Chabon's 2004 novel "The Final Solution", set in 1944, the Anglican vicar drives a Belgian Imperia


Sherlock Holmes - "The Final Solution" is a 2004 novel by Michael Chabon


Spider-Man 2 - "'Spider-Man 2"' is a 2004 American superhero film directed by Sam Raimi and written by Alvin Sargent from a story by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and Michael Chabon


In 2005, Chabon argued against the idea that genre fiction and entertaining fiction should not appeal to "the real writer," saying that the common perception is that "Entertainment  add something


It was awarded the 2005 Eisner award for Best Anthology and a pair of Harvey awards for Best Anthology and Best New Series add something


Chris Offutt - His is most widely known for his short stories and novels, but he has published two memoirs, nonfiction articles and, in 2005, had a story in a comic book collection by Michael Chabon and another in the anthology "Noir"


Although Chabon is uninvolved with the project, director Rawson Marshall Thurber shot a film adaptation of "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" in fall 2006 add something


In late 2006, Chabon completed work on "Gentlemen of the Road", a 15-part serialized novel that ran in "The New York Times Magazine" from January 28 to May 6, 2007 add something


In August 2006, Chabon said that he had been replaced on "Snow", sarcastically explaining that the producers wanted to go in "more of a fun direction add something


Jonathan Franzen - Franzen guest starred alongside Michael Chabon, Tom Wolfe, and Gore Vidal in the Simpsons episode "Moe'N'a Lisa", which first aired 19 November 2006.


During a 2007 interview with the "Washington Post", Chabon was quoted as saying, "I would like it to be set in the present day and feel right now the urge to do something more mainstream than my recent work has been add something


His novel "The Yiddish Policemen's Union", an alternate history mystery novel, was published in 2007 to enthusiastic reviews and won the Hugo, Sidewise, Nebula and Ignotus awards; his serialized novel "Gentlemen of the Road" appeared in book form in the fall of that same year add something


On the other hand, in "Slate" in 2007, Ruth Franklin said, "Michael Chabon has spent considerable energy trying to drag the decaying corpse of genre fiction out of the shallow grave where writers of serious literature abandoned it add something


In May 2007, Chabon said that he was working on a young-adult novel with "some fantastic content add something


The Yiddish Policemen's Union - "'The Yiddish Policemen's Union"' is a 2007 novel by American author Michael Chabon


Also in 2008, Chabon received the Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author award, presented annually by the Tulsa Library Trust add something


The novel won the 2008 Hugo award add something


In February 2008, Scott Rudin reported that a film adaptation of "The Yiddish Policemen's Union" was in pre-production, to be written and directed by the Coen brothers add something


The film, which stars Sienna Miller and Peter Sarsgaard, was released in April 2008 add something


McSweeney's published "Maps and Legends", a collection of Chabon's literary essays, on May 1, 2008 add something


Sienna Miller - In 2008, Miller appeared in the film version of writer Michael Chabon's novel, "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" and filmed "The Edge of Love," with friend Keira Knightley, a biopic of Dylan Thomas in which she plays his wife Caitlin


During a Q&A session in January 2009, Chabon added that he was writing a "naturalistic" novel about two families in Berkeley, California add something


In April 2009, Chabon confirmed he had been hired to do revisions to the script for Disney's "John Carter" add something


As Chabon remarked in 2010, "I just copied the writers whose voices I was responding to, and I think that's probably the best way to learn add something


The collection was nominated for a 2010 Northern California Book award in the Creative Nonfiction category add something


In June 2010 he wrote an editorial for the "New York Times" in which he noted the role of exceptionalism in Jewish identity, in relation to the "blockheadedness" of Israel's botched Gaza flotilla raid and the explanations that followed add something


In an interview with the "Wall Street Journal" published on December 7, 2010, Chabon said that he hoped to submit the novel in 2013 and that its provisional title was "Telegraph Avenue" add something


Chabon's second book under the contract, set for publication on September 11, 2012, will be a contemporary adult novel set in and around the San Francisco Bay Area add something


Clarke Peters - Peters narrated the audiobook version of "Telegraph Avenue", a novel by Michael Chabon released in September 2012 by HarperAudio


In 2014,, a leading book distributor, was in a dispute with Hatchette, a publisher add something


Chabon's next novel, "Moonglow", concerns friendship, faith, and creation, and is due for publication in June 2016 add something


In an interview with the American Booksellers Association promoting "Moonglow" in November 2016, Chabon stated that his next fiction project would be " add something


Hasbro Studios - On April 21, 2016, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Michael Chabon, Brian K. Vaughan, Nicole Perlman, Lindsey Beer, Cheo Coker, John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein, Joe Robert Cole, Jeff Pinkner, Nicole Riegel and Geneva Robertson has joined the writers room


Chabon is set to follow-up "Moonglow" in summer 2017 with "Kingdom of Olives and Ash: Writers Confront the Occupation", a non-fiction collection of essays by writers concerning the continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, featuring contributions from writers including Dave Eggers, Colum McCann, and Geraldine Brooks add something


During an interview with "The Guardian" prior to Trumps inauguration in January 2017, Chabon remarked of the incoming president, "I really have no idea what to expect add something


Chabon has tried his hand at songwriting, collaborating with Adam Schlesinger on the song "House of Broken Gingerbread" written for the Monkees October 2018 album Monkees Christmas Party add something


Chabon's next non-fiction book,"Bookends: Collected Intros and Outros", is due for publication in early 2019 add something


Chabon's next non-fiction book, "Bookends: Collected Intros and Outros", was published in January 2019 add something