Michael Chekhov

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Michael Chekhov

Russian-American actor, director, author, and theatre practitioner add

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Born in 1891.

Countries: United States (24%), United Kingdom (18%), Russia (12%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: England, Alexander Chekhov, Connecticut

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Michael Chekhov was born in 1891 add something


Chekhov's description of his acting technique, "On the Technique of Acting", was written in 1912 add something


Their daughter, baptized Olga, was born in 1916, she became a German actress under the name of Ada Tschechowa add something


In the late 1920s, Chekhov emigrated to Germany and set up his own studio, teaching a physical and imagination-based system of actor training add something


Between 1930-1935 he worked in Kaunas State Drama Theatre in Lithuania add something


Paul Rogers (actor) - Rogers was born in Plympton, Devon, England, and later trained at the Michael Chekhov Theatre Studio at Dartington Hall and made his film debut in 1932


Between 1936 and 1939 Chekhov established The Chekhov Theatre School at Dartington Hall, in Devon, England add something


Following developments in Germany that threatened the outbreak of war in 1938 his school moved to Connecticut in the United States, where it took up residence of an old boarding school, awarding its first diplomas in 1939 add something


In spite of his brilliance as an actor and his first-hand experience in the development of Stanislavski's groundbreaking work, Chekhov as a teacher was overshadowed by his American counterparts in the 1940s and 1950s and their interpretations of Stanislavski's 'system,' which became known as Method acting add something


Ingrid Bergman - Bergman was a student of the acting coach Michael Chekhov during the 1940s

Michael Chekhov died in 1955 add something


When reissued in 1991 it had additional material by Chekhov estate executor Mala_Powers; an abridged version appeared under the title, "To the Actor", which was published in 1953, with a preface by Yul Brynner, and reissued in 2002 with an additional foreword by Simon Callow and additional Russian material translated and commented on by Andrei Malaev-Babel add something


Jack Colvin - He taught at the central Experimental Film School of Rome, the University of Southern California, Cal State Northridge, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the 1994 Michael Chekhov International Workshop in Sussex, the Centre for Performance Research at the University of Birmingham in 1999, and The Michael Chekhov Association's NYU June Intensive in 2004


The documentary "From Russia to Hollywood: the 100 Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff", profiles Chekhov and his fellow Russian associate George Shdanoff; released in 1998, it is narrated by Gregory Peck, who starred in Alfred Hitchcock's film "Spellbound", for which Chekhov earned an Oscar Nomination add something


The English translation of his autobiography "The Path of the Actor" was edited by Andrei Kirillov and Bella Merlin, and was published by Routledge in 2005, marking the 50th anniversary of his death add something


Farber, Vreneli, "Stanislavsky in Practice: Actor Training in Post-Soviet Russia" New York: Peter Lang, 2008 add something