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Michael Cimino

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Michael Cimino

American film director and screenwriter whose most notable work includes the Oscar-winning The Deer Hunter and the box office flop Heaven's Gate. add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1939.

Countries: United States (63%), United Kingdom (13%), (10%)

Main connections: The Deer Hunter, United Artists, Mickey Rourke

Linked to: United Artists, Michigan State University, Transamerica Corporation, Yale University




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Michael Cimino was born in 1939 add something


Cimino has given various dates for his birth, usually shaving a couple of years off to seem younger, including February 3, 1943, November 16, 1943, and February 3, 1952 add something


Cimino graduated from Westbury High School on Long Island in 1956 add something


He was described in the 1959 "Red Cedar Log" yearbook as having tastes that included blonds, Thelonious Monk, Chico Hamilton, Mort Sahl, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, and "drinking, preferably vodka" add something


Cimino graduated from Yale University, receiving his BFA in 1961 and his MFA in 1963, both in painting add something


In 1962, while still at Yale, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve add something


For example, Cimino directed the 1963 United Airlines commercial "Take Me Along", a musical extravaganza in which a group of ladies sing "Take Me Along" to a group of men, presumably their husbands, to take them on a flight add something


Just as the film was about to open, Cimino gave an interview to "The New York Times" in which he claimed that he had been attached to a Green Beret medical unit" at the time of the Tet Offensive of 1968 add something


In the late 1970s, Cimino passed on an offer to direct Oliver Stone's adaptation of Midnight Express add something


Stanley Myers - He is best known for "Cavatina" , an evocative guitar piece that served as the signature theme for Michael Cimino's 1978 film "The Deer Hunter", and for which Myers won the Ivor Novello *award


In 1971, Cimino moved to Los Angeles to start a career as a screenwriter add something


Heaven's Gate (film) - In 1971, rising Hollywood film director Michael Cimino submitted an original script for "Heaven's Gate" to United Artists executives; the project was shelved when it failed to attract big-name talent


Thunderbolt and Lightfoot - "'Thunderbolt and Lightfoot"' is a 1974 American crime film written and directed by Michael Cimino and starring Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges, George Kennedy, and Geoffrey Lewis


He rejected several offers before pitching an ambitious Vietnam War film to EMI executives in November 1976 add something


He is best known for co-writing, producing and directing the 1978 Academy award-winning film "The Deer Hunter" and writing and directing the infamous 1980 film "Heaven's Gate" add something


In reference to Cimino's interview with Leticia Kent on December 10, 1978, Steven Bach said, "Cimino wasn't thirty-five but a few months shy of forty add something


United Artists - The new leadership of UA agreed to back "Heaven's Gate", the pet project of director Michael Cimino, who had won Academy *awards for Best Picture and Best Director for his 1978 film "The Deer Hunter"


Christopher Walken - Walken won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Michael Cimino's 1978 film The Deer Hunter.


Isabelle Huppert - She made her American film debut in Michael Cimino's 1980 film "Heaven's Gate", which was a notorious flop at the U.S. box office


Heaven's Gate (film) - "'Heaven's Gate"' is a 1980 American epic Western film written and directed by Michael Cimino


After the unsuccessful release of the re-edited and shortened "Heaven's Gate", Jerry Harvey, the channel's programmer, decided to play Cimino's original 219 minute cut on Christmas Eve 1982 add something


In 1984, after being unable to finalize a deal with director Herbert Ross, Paramount Pictures offered the job of directing "Footloose" to Cimino. According to screenwriter Dean Pitchford, Cimino was at the helm of "Footloose" for four months, making more and more extravagant demands in terms of set construction and overall production add something


Cimino directed a 1985 crime drama, "Year of the Dragon", which he and Oliver Stone adapted from Robert Daley's novel add something


Ariane Koizumi - In 1985, she starred in Michael Cimino's film "Year of the Dragon", in which she played the role of Chinese-American television reporter Tracy Tzu, who falls in love with the fanatical cop Stanley White, played by Mickey Rourke


Cimino directed "The Sicilian" from a Mario Puzo novel in 1987 add something


Shortly after the "Michael Collins" biopic was cancelled, Cimino quickly started pre-production work on "Santa Ana Wind", a contemporary romantic drama is set in L.A. The start date for shooting was to have been early December 1987 add something


Michael Wincott - Director Michael Cimino chose Michael Wincott to play a young policeman in "The Sicilian" in 1987


Gaspare Pisciotta - The book was made into a film in 1987, directed by Michael Cimino, starring Christopher Lambert as Giuliano, and John Turturro as Pisciotta


Christopher Lambert - "The Sicilian", directed by Michael Cimino and starring Lambert as Salvatore Giuliano, was released in 1987, and was less successful than his previous pictures, receiving a lukewarm reception by critics and being only marginally profitable


The film was inevitably directed by Stone himself in 1989, and the two would later collaborate on Year of the Dragon add something


Cimino directed a remake of the Humphrey Bogart film "The Desperate Hours" in 1990, starring Anthony Hopkins and Mickey Rourke add something


Cimino's last feature-length film was 1996's "Sunchaser" with Woody Harrelson and Jon Seda add something


Cimino was attached to direct "The Dreaming Place" in 1997 add something


Cimino has been scouting locations in China since 2001 add something


In 2001, Cimino published his first novel, "Big Jane" add something


Later that year, the French Minister of Culture decorated him Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres and the Prix Littéraire Deauville 2001, an award that previously went to Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal add something


Tarantino loved Cimino's "Year of the Dragon" and listed its climax as his favorite killer movie moment in 2004 add something


While Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Francis Ford Coppola, Gene Hackman, Sidney Lumet and Robert De Niro all gave interviews for the 2009 John Cazale documentary "I Knew It Was You," Cimino refused to do so add something


"En route avec Michael Cimino", large profile and interview published in Cahiers du Cinéma, October 2011 add something


In 2013, Thoret publish in France an acclaimed book, "Michael Cimino, les voix perdues de l'Amérique" add something


Steven Soderbergh - On April 21, 2014, Soderbergh released an alternate cut of Michael Cimino's controversial 1980 Western "Heaven's Gate" on his website


Cimino died July 2, 2016, at age 77 at his home in Beverly Hills, California add something