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Michael Des Barres

British actor and rock singer add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1948.

Countries: United States (52%), United Kingdom (17%), UK (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: England, Duran Duran, MacGyver

Linked to: Duran Duran, Sex Pistols, Corona Academy Stage School, Blondie




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Michael Des Barres was born in 1948 add something


His first film role was as a supporting cast member in the classic 1967 film "To Sir, with Love" playing an East End pupil who always wears dark sunglasses indoors and out, followed by a few other minor roles before he decided to pursue a career in music instead add something


Des Barres formed Silverhead in England in 1972 add something


Married in England, he divorced his first wife after meeting Pamela in 1974 add something


They recorded two albums and toured the US, Europe and Japan, before disbanding in 1974 add something


After moving to Los Angeles , he formed the band Detective in 1975 add something


He married Pamela on 29 October 1977; the couple were divorced in 1991, remaining friends add something


They recorded two albums that were released on Led Zeppelin's Swan Song Records label, before breaking up in 1978 add something


A solo album, "I'm Only Human," followed in 1980, with a solo tour of the US and UK. The album was recorded on Dreamland Records and produced by Mike Chapman add something


He was part of the band Chequered Past from 1982 to 1985, which included Steve Jones from Sex Pistols, Clem Burke and Nigel Harrison from Blondie and Tony Sales of Todd Rundgren and Tin Machine fame add something


In 1983 he wrote and recorded the song "Obsession" together with Holly Knight, which later became a No.6 Billboard Top 40 hit when covered by Animotion in 1985 add something


Des Barres met the members of Duran Duran when Chequered Past opened for a few shows during their 1984 tour add something


He is known for playing the recurring role of Murdoc on the television show "MacGyver" and for replacing the late Robert Palmer in the band Power Station, fronting the band at the 1985 "Live Aid" concert add something


He performed live with them for several months before they disbanded, including a set broadcast to millions at the 1985 Live Aid charity concert in Philadelphia add something


In 1985, when Robert Palmer withdrew from the Duran Duran side project Power Station just before their American summer tour, Des Barres was chosen to take his place as lead vocalist add something


John Taylor (bass guitarist) - In the episode, he, along with Tony Thompson, Andy Taylor, and Michael Des Barres played Power Station's 1985 hit "Bang a Gong


After 1986, he concentrated his energies on acting again and was quickly cast in "Nightflyers" as a charismatic empath add something


He released a second solo album called "Somebody Up There Likes Me" in 1986, which featured contributions by former bandmates Steve Jones and Andy Taylor add something


In 1989 he played along with Clint Eastwood in the film Pink Cadillac add something


On television, besides the role of Murdoc in "MacGyver", Des Barres was a lead cast member of "The New WKRP in Cincinnati" during the 1991-92 season as part of a husband-and-wife morning team add something


In 1996 - 1997 he played in Vince Lightning and the Spectaculars, which included Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom add something


From 1998 - 2000 he had a band called The Usual Susspects with Steve Jones and Mick Rossi add something


In 2001 Des Barres formed Down Boy together with Paul McCartney's guitarist Brian Ray add something


Des Barres has organised and hosted the annual Don't Knock the Rock Film Festival, which first took place in 2003 add something


He appeared in the 2004 film "Catch That Kid" add something


In 2006 - 2007 he fronted a 10-piece soul band called Michael Des Barres and Free Love Foundation add something


In 2011 he formed The Michael Des Barres Band which includes Jebin Bruni, David Goodstein, Paul ILL, and Eric Schermerhon and released a new album entitled "Carnaby Street" in June 2012 add something


On November 5, 2013, The Michael Des Barres Band released a live album "Hot n Sticky Live", which was recorded at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, in November 2012 add something


On April 7, 2015, Des Barres released a solo, full-length album "The Key to the Universe" add something


On December 21, 2018, Des Barres married his longtime partner, Britta Hayertz, in Los Angeles, California add something