Michael Gove

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Michael Gove

British Conservative politician, who currently serves as the Secretary of State for Education and as the Member of Parliament for the Surrey Heath constituency add

Category: Politics

Born in 1967.

Countries: United Kingdom (64%), United States (14%), (8%)

Main connections: Surrey Heath (UK Parliament constituency), House of Commons of the United Kingdom, Theresa May

Linked to: Secretary of State for Education, Surrey Heath, Conservative Party, Labour Party




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Michael Gove was born in 1967 add something


From 1985 to 1988 he studied English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, where he served as President of the Oxford Union add something


Gove was a member of the winning team in Grampian Television's quiz show "Top Club", and played the school chaplain in the 1995 family comedy "A Feast at Midnight" add something


He joined "The Times" in 1996 as a leader writer and has been its comment editor, news editor, Saturday editor and assistant editor add something


Gove was previously chairman of Policy Exchange, a conservative think tank launched in 2002 add something


Gove entered Parliament in the 2005 general election as Conservative member for the safe seat of Surrey Heath, after the incumbent MP Nick Hawkins was deselected by the local Conservative Association add something


He was first elected to parliament in the 2005 general election, as the MP for the safe Conservative seat of Surrey Heath in South East England add something


When Cameron was elected leader in December 2005, he appointed Gove the housing spokesman shadowing the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister add something


Surrey Heath (UK Parliament constituency) - "'Surrey Heath"' is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2005 by Michael Gove, a Conservative


He opposed the 2006 act to introduce identity cards and called Section 28, "a nonsense" add something


He was first promoted to the shadow cabinet in 2007 under David Cameron, as the Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families add something


On 2 July 2007, he was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families shadowing Ed Balls add something


During the 2008 Conservative Party Conference, Gove argued that Edmund Burke, an eighteenth-century philosopher who commented on organic society and the French Revolution, was the greatest conservative ever add something


In 2008, in an attempt to split the Labour Party, Gove suggested that senior Blairites who might become isolated should their party move to the left following a general election defeat, could be offered a role in a future Conservative government add something


In December 2008, he wrote that declarations of either victory or defeat in Iraq in 2003 were premature, and that the liberation of Iraq was a foreign policy success add something


Prior to the 2010 general election, most of his questions in House of Commons debates concerned children, schools and families, education, local government, Council Tax, Foreign Affairs, and the environment add something


Following his appointment in May 2010, he rebranded his department, announced plans to allow schools rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted to convert into academies, and cut the previous Government's school-building programme add something


In July 2010, Gove said that Labour had failed in its attempt to break the link between social class and school achievement despite spending billions of pounds add something


Tullow Oil - Both William Hague and Michael Gove were said to have connections to Tullow; Hague reportedly telephoned the president of Uganda to lobby for the firm's £175 million tax bill to be waived, while Tullow's CEO, Aidan Heavey, donated £10,000 to education secretary Gove before the 2010 general election


Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families - On May 12, 2010, the Department was again renamed and Michael Gove was appointed Secretary of State for Education


Secretary of State for Education - The position was re-established on 12 May 2010, held by Michael Gove


In February 2011 a judicial review deemed Gove's decision to axe Building Schools for the Future projects in six local authority areas was unlawful as he had failed to consult before imposing the cuts add something


In February 2011, he gave "not-quite-true information to Parliament" by saying that one individual made £1m in one year when the true figure was £700k for 5 advisers at different times over a 4-year period add something


In March 2011 Gove was criticised for not understanding the importance of school architecture and having previously misrepresented the cost add something


In June 2011 his "ignorance of science" was criticised after he called for students to have "a rooting in the basic scientific principles" and by way of example assigned Lord Kelvin's laws of thermodynamics to Sir Isaac Newton add something


He stated he is a Christian and proud at a talk to pupils at Westminster School in 2012 add something


Gove's proposal for a new Royal Yacht costing £60m were made public in January 2012 add something


In March 2012 the Information Commissioner ruled that because e-mails the "Financial Times" had requested contained public information they could be the subject of a Freedom of Information request and ordered the information requested by the paper to be disclosed add something


Giving evidence before the Leveson Inquiry in May 2012, Gove said he was "unashamedly on the side of those who say that we should think very carefully before legislation and regulation because the cry 'Something must be done' often leads to people doing something which isn't always wise add something


In May 2012 Gove, giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry warned Lord Justice Leveson "the cure might be worse than the disease", advising the judge against too much extra regulation on the press add something


In June 2012, Gove approved three schools run by creationists leading to concerns about whether Department of Education requirements not to teach creationism or intelligent design as a scientific fact would be met add something


In June 2012, the "Daily Mail", revealed leaked plans to scrap GCSE examinations, return to O level exams and allow less able students to take less difficult qualifications add something


Private sponsors paid for the Bibles, which were distributed in June 2012 add something


Grindon Hall Christian school in Sunderland due to open in September 2012 said their website which said it would teach creationism as science was out of date add something


In September 2012, following the furore surrounding the downgrading of GCSE English results, he refused to instruct Ofqual to intervene, and attacked his Welsh counterpart as "irresponsible and mistaken" for ordering disputed GCSEs to be regraded add something


His plans to replace GCSE examinations with an English Baccalaureate were rejected by Parliament in February 2013 add something


In February 2013 "The Guardian" launched investigations into connections between Gove's ministerial advisers and what they described as "allegations that members of his department have used the social networking site Twitter to launch highly personal attacks on journalists and political opponents and to conduct a Tory propaganda campaign paid for by the taxpayer add something


In April 2013, the NUT unanimously passed a vote of no confidence in Gove, the first time in its history that it performed such an action add something


Gove was criticised at the May 2013 National Association of Head Teachers conference, whose members condemned what they said was a climate of bullying, fear and intimidation that he had created during his time as Education Secretary add something


Gove was widely condemned at the May 2013 National Association of Head Teachers conference, whose members condemned the climate of bullying, fear and intimidation that he has created during his time as Education Secretary add something


In September 2013 news that the DfE did not maintain a register of Children's Homes in the UK came to light as a result of an article Gove wrote for "The Daily Telegraph" add something


The NUT and NASUWT staged rolling strikes on a regional basis in October 2013, though a national strike was averted after talks were agreed add something


Talking to BBC Daily Politics, 3 October 2013 add something


Tullow Oil - In March 2013, British government ministers were implicated in receiving business-related donations from oil and resources companies including Tullow Oil. A report by the World Development Movement alleged "that one third of ministers in the UK government are linked to the finance and energy companies driving climate change" and that "Government figures were embroiled in the nexus of money and power fuelling climate change include William Hague, George Osborne, Michael Gove, Oliver Letwin, Vince Cable and Prime Minister David Cameron himself


In March 2014, he described the concentration of Old Etonians at the top of the Tory coalition as "ridiculous add something


In June 2014, there was a highly public argument between the Home Office and Department for Education ministers about the responsibility for alleged extremism in Birmingham schools add something


Following Gove's appointment as Chief Whip in July 2014, his first day in office was marred by a defeat on an impromptu Opposition Ten Minute Rule bill division, at which time Gove was speaking to Labour backbencher Bill Esterson in the toilets of the Aye lobby, prompting shadow House of Commons Leader Angela Eagle to comment that "he not only lost his first vote but he managed to get stuck in the toilet in the wrong lobby and he nearly broke his own whip" add something


On 15 July 2014, Gove's four year stint in charge of the Department for Education came to an end when he was replaced as Secretary of State for Education by former Treasury minister Nicky Morgan in a wide-ranging cabinet reshuffle and moved to the post of chief whip of the Conservative Party add something


Rowan Atkinson - During the 2014 centennial of the start of World War I, Michael Gove and war historian Max Hastings have complained about the so-called "Blackadder version of history"


Following the 2015 general election, Gove was promoted to the offices of Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice add something


In July 2015, he removed the 12 book limit on prison books introduced by Chris Grayling arguing that books increased literacy and numeracy and were skills needed for making prisoners "potential asset to society add something


The move, effective from September 2015 was enthusiastically welcomed by Frances Cook of the Howard League for Penal Reform add something


He was praised in December 2015 for scrapping the courts fee introduced by his predecessor, Chris Grayling add something


Daniel Kawczynski - In October 2015 he was critical of Justice Secretary Michael Gove for withdrawing from a £5,9 million agreement with Saudi Arabia to provide assistance in operating prisons


In 2016, Gove played a major role in the UK's referendum on EU membership as the co-convenor of Vote Leave add something


In a move that surprised most political analysts, Gove withdrew his support for Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and announced his own candidacy instead on 30 June 2016 add something


In a move that surprised most political analysts, Gove withdrew his support for Johnson on 30 June 2016, hours before the deadline, without any previous notice to Johnson and announced his own candidacy in the Conservative Party leadership election, 2016 add something


By 5 July 2016, Gove was in third place in the Conservative Party leadership election, 2016 behind Theresa May and &Andrea_Leadsom; the latter had gained an endorsement from Boris Johnson add something


Following her appointment as Prime Minister, May did not appoint him to the Cabinet on 14 July 2016, and he was succeeded as Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice by Liz Truss add something


On 14 July 2016 Gove was removed from the position of Justice Secretary under the new Prime Minister Theresa May. add something


After David Cameron announced his intention to resign as Prime Minister, with his successor now likely to be in office by September 2016, Gove was not a candidate, having said in the past that he had no interest in becoming Prime Minister add something


In October 2016, Bloomberg noted that sterling had performed worse post Brexit than even the Argentinian peso leading a Guardian editorial to record that whatever else happened, Gove and his fellow campaigners had earned a place in the record books by making sterling even weaker than after Black Wednesday or the collapse of RBS and HBOS add something


In December 2016 Gove repeated the controversial VoteLeave claim that an additional £350m a week could be spent on the NHS when Britain left the EU but said it was up to the Government to decide how to spend it add something


Colin Pitchfork - In June 2016, Michael Gove, serving as Justice Secretary, agreed with the board's recommendation, The Parole Board may again consider his release in 2018


Baccalaureate - On 17 September he announced to the House of Commons an English Baccalaureate Certificate to replace GCSE, comprising English, Maths, Science, together with a Humanities subject and language, to be first examined in 2017 add something


In his capacity as a writer for "The Times", Gove gave the first British post-election interview to Donald Trump in January 2017, along with Kai Diekmann from "Bild", making him the second British politician to meet the President-elect of the United States after Nigel Farage add something


He became Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the cabinet reshuffle on 11 June 2017 add something


In October 2017, Gove issued an apology for a joke which compared going on the "Today" programme with sexual assault by Harvey_Weinstein (Harvey_Weinstein_sexual_abuse_allegations) He was criticised by MPs of all parties who felt allegations of sexual abuse were not a suitable subject for jokes add something


In 2018, after the resignation of the Former Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, Gove was a contender to take her place add something


Another ban will come in July 2018 which will stop shops from selling products that contain the beads add something


He is a candidate for Conservative Party leader in the 2019 leadership election add something


In April 2019, Gove refused to declare a climate emergency in the United Kingdom after having a meeting with Extinction Rebellion add something


On 26 May 2019, Gove announced he would stand for the Conservative leadership, becoming the eighth candidate to enter the contest add something


In June 2019, reports emerged that Gove had taken cocaine as a journalist in his twenties add something