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Michael Nyman

English composer of minimalist music, pianist, librettist and musicologist, known for the many film scores he wrote during his lengthy collaboration with the filmmaker Peter Greenaway, and his multi-platinum soundtrack album to Jane Campions The Piano add

Category: Politics

Born in 1944.

Countries: United Kingdom (35%), (23%), United States (19%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Minimalism, Peter Greenaway, David McAlmont

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Michael Nyman was born in 1944 add something


He won the Howard Carr Memorial Prize for composition in July 1964 add something


Minimalism - The term "minimal music" was derived around 1970 by Michael Nyman from the concept of minimalism, which was earlier applied to the visual arts


Minimalism - The term "minimal music" was derived around 1970 by Michael Nyman from the concept of minimalism, which was earlier applied to the visual arts


Nyman published an influential book in 1974 on experimental music called ://www add something


He wrote introductions for George Frideric Handel's Concerti Grossi, Op. 6 and conducted the most important interview with George Brecht in 1976 add something


Many of Nyman's works are written for his own ensemble, the Michael Nyman Band, a group formed for a 1976 production of Carlo Goldoni's "Il Campiello" add something


Henry Purcell - Michael Nyman, at the request of the director, built the score of Peter Greenaway's 1982 film, "The Draughtsman's Contract" on ostinati by Purcell from various sources, one misattributed


Will Gregory - He has played with the Apollo Saxophone Quartet, Spiritualized, Michael Nyman and as part of the saxophone section of the London Sinfonietta for the 1991 production of John Adams's opera "Nixon in China" in Paris


Deborah Conway - In 1991, Conway played Juno in Peter Greenaway's "Prospero's Books", singing a setting of William Shakespeare's masque from "The Tempest" to music by Michael Nyman


Nyman's popularity increased after he wrote the score to Jane Campion's award-winning 1993 film "The Piano" add something


Gattaca - The score for "Gattaca" was composed by Michael Nyman, and the original soundtrack was released on October 21, 1997


D (series) - In 1998 it was ported by & Sega to the PC. Due to its popularity in Japan, Sega sponsored the support of a few "Enemy Zero" items, such as the official "Enemy Zero" soundtrack by Michael Nyman and a strategy guide


Damon Albarn - Albarn composed the score with collaboration by Michael Nyman for the 1999 movie "Ravenous", and was nominated for a Saturn *award for Best Music for his work


In 2000, he produced a new opera on the subject of cloning on a libretto by Victoria Hardie titled "Facing Goya", an expansion of their one-act opera "Vital Statistics" add something


The Draughtsman's Contract - In 2003 the BFI restored the film digitally and this restoration was released on $ DVD. Umbrella Entertainment released the digitally restored film on DVD in Australia, with special features including an introduction and commentary by Peter Greenaway, an interview With Composer Michael Nyman, behind the scenes footage and on set interviews, deleted scenes, trailers and a featurette on the film's digital restoration


Nyman was awarded an honorary doctorate from The University of Warwick on 30 January 2007 add something


On 7 July 2007, Nyman performed at Live Earth in Japan add something


Nyman was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2008 Birthday Honours add something


On 2008 Nyman realised, in collaboration with the cultural association Volumina, Sublime, an artist's book that unified his music with his passion for photography add something


In October 2009, Nyman released The Glare, a collaborative collection of songs with David McAlmont, which cast his work in a new light add something


Svetlana K-Lie - In 2009 she collaborated with Michael Nyman on the occasion of the Anglo-Moskva Festival in Moscow and was commissioned a sculpture by the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art


David McAlmont - In 2009, McAlmont released "The Glare", a collaboration with leading classical composer Michael Nyman


In 2012, he made a soundtrack for film "Everyday" add something


Nyman had refused to release the song initially; the band was later granted permission and the song was released in 29 February 2012 as part of the single The Crow, the Owl and the Dove from their album Imaginaerum add something


In 2013, it was sampled in the Pet Shop Boys single "Love Is a Bourgeois Construct", produced by Stuart Price add something


The London Symphony Orchestra premiered both pieces at L'Opéra of the Palace of Versailles in Paris on 8September 2013 under the baton of the composer add something


In 2015 was awarded the Golden Duke for Lifetime Achievement, the special award of the 6th Odessa International Film Festival add something