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Michèle Morgan

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Michele Morgan

French film actress, who was a leading lady for three decades add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1920.

Countries: France (61%), United States (15%), United Kingdom (9%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Henri Vidal, Sonia Dresdel, Jean Delannoy

Linked to: Warner Bros.




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Michèle Morgan was born in 1920 add something


Her beauty was noticed by director Marc Allégret who offered her a major role in the film "Gribouille" in 1937, opposite Raimu add something


Then came the film "Le Quai des brumes" by Marcel Carné in 1938, opposite the great French actor Jean Gabin, and "Remorques" in 1941 add something


Morgan achieved her greatest popularity in French cinema during the 1940s and 1950s, although she is mostly unknown outside of France add something


Upon the invasion of France in 1940 by the Germans, Morgan left for the United States and Hollywood where she was contracted to RKO Pictures add something


Julien Duvivier - In 1940 "Untel père et fils", a family history starring Raimu, Michèle Morgan, and Jouvet, was not able to be shown - because of the political situation - until the end of the war, at least in France


Her career there proved rather disappointing, apart from "Joan of Paris" opposite Paul Henreid in 1942, "Higher and Higher" opposite Frank Sinatra in 1943 add something


Morgan did work for Warners in "Passage to Marseille" opposite Humphrey Bogart in 1944 add something


The Los Angeles house she commissioned in 1944 at 10050 Cielo Drive later became famous as the site of the Manson family murders in 1969 add something


Cannes Film Festival - The war over, Morgan returned to France and quickly picked up her career with the 1946 film, "La Symphonie Pastorale" by Jean Delannoy, which earned her the "Best Actress" award at the Cannes Film Festival add something


Sonia Dresdel - Her most noted role was that of "Mrs. Baines" in the 1948 film version of Graham Greene's "The Fallen Idol", which starred Ralph Richardson, Michèle Morgan and Bobby Henrey


She married in 1950 French actor Henri Vidal with whom she remained until his unexpected early death in 1959 add something


Henri Vidal - In 1950, he married the actress Michèle Morgan


Morgan continued working in films throughout the 1960s, notably in "Lost Command", a 1966 film version of "Les Centurions" add something


She paints and has done so since the 1960s add something


Paul Bisciglia - During the sixties, Bisciglia began to appear more frequently in television series and television films, although he was included in many films such as "The Wretches", with Michèle Morgan, "Les vieux de la vieille", with Pierre Fresnay, "Paris nous appartient", "Le signe du lion", and in 1966, he appeared in his first leading role in Alain Cuniot's "L'or et le plomb"


While others were on the barricades in May 1968, she was painting abstract objects add something


In 1969, the government of France awarded her the Legion of Honor add something


In the 1970s, she virtually retired from her acting career, made occasional appearances on film, television and theatre add something


She published her autobiography entitled "Avec ces yeux-là" in 1977 add something


For her long service to the French motion picture industry, in 1992 she was given an Honorary César award add something


Venice Film Festival - In 1996, she received the Career Golden Lion for lifetime achievement at the Venice Film Festival add something


She lived with film director and actor/writer Gérard Oury until his death in 2006 add something


She had a solo exhibition, "Artistes En Lumière à Paris", from 2 March to 30 April 2009, at the Espace Cardin in Paris add something


Morgan died on 20 December 2016, aged 96, in Meudon, France of natural causes add something


Her funeral was held at the Église Saint-Pierre in Neuilly-sur-Seine on 23 December 2016, and she was buried at the Montparnasse Cemetery add something