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Mike Oldfield

English multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, working a style that blends progressive rock, folk, ethnic or world music, classical music, electronic music, New Age, and more recently, dance add

Category: Music

Born in 1953.

Countries: United Kingdom (51%), (12%), United States (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Tubular Bells, Moonlight Shadow, BBC

Linked to: Mercury Records, Elvian School, Queen's College, London, St Joseph's College, Reading




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Mike Oldfield was born in 1953 add something


In 1967 Oldfield and his sister formed the folk duo The Sallyangie and were signed to Transatlantic Records after exposure in the local folk scene add something


An album, "Children of the Sun", was issued in 1968 add something


At this time, he already had two 15-minute instrumental pieces in which he would "go through all sorts of moods", precursors to his landmark 1970s compositions add something


In the late 1970s, Oldfield briefly married Diana D'Aubigny , but this lasted just a few weeks add something


This was done to "fix" many "imperfections" in the original due to the recording technologies of the early 1970s and limitations in time that he could spend in the recording studio add something


In September 1971 Oldfield went to The Manor Studio, owned by a young Richard Branson and run by engineers Tom Newman and Simon Heyworth, to record as bass guitarist in the Arthur Louis Band add something


The instrumental composition was recorded in 1972 and launched on 25 May 1973 as the inaugural album of Richard Branson's label Virgin Records add something


He is best known for his 1973 hit album "Tubular Bells", which launched Virgin Records, and for his 1983 hit single "Moonlight Shadow" add something


Tubular Bells - All songs written and composed by Mike Oldfield, except "The Sailor's Hornpipe" , copyright 1973 Virgin Music Publishers Ltd.


Claire Hamill - By 1973, she had toured the United States with Procol Harum and Jethro Tull, and came back to Britain to record her next album "October" at Richard Branson's Manor Studio in Oxfordshire, the same Manor studio which Mike Oldfield was using to compose what became "Tubular Bells"


Virgin Megastores - The first release on the label was the progressive rock album "Tubular Bells" by multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield in 1973


Tubular Bells - "'Tubular Bells"' is the debut record album of English musician Mike Oldfield, recorded when he was 19 and released in 1973


Mick Taylor - In June 1973, he joined Mike Oldfield onstage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in a performance of Oldfield's "Tubular Bells"


Steve Hillage - In November 1973, Hillage participated in a live-in-the-studio performance of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" for the BBC


Geoff Leigh - In November 1973, Leigh participated in a live-in-the-studio performance of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" for the BBC, with Mick Taylor, Steve Hillage and members of Henry Cow, Gong and Soft Machine


Mike Ratledge - In November 1973, Ratledge participated in a live-in-the-studio performance of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells for the BBC. It is available on Oldfield's Elements DVD.


In 1974, Oldfield played guitar on the critically acclaimed album "Rock Bottom" by Robert Wyatt add something


In the autumn of 1974, the follow-up LP, "Hergest Ridge", was No. 1 in the UK for three weeks before being dethroned by "Tubular Bells" add something


Kevin Ayers - On 1 June 1974, Ayers headlined a heavily publicised concert at the Rainbow Theatre, London, accompanied by John Cale, Nico, Brian Eno and Mike Oldfield


At around the same time Virgin released an SACD version containing both the original stereo album and the 1975 quadraphonic mix by Phil Newell add something


In 1975 Oldfield recorded a version of the Christmas piece "In Dulci Jubilo" which charted at No. 4 in the UK. Oldfield's 1976 rendition of "Portsmouth" remains his highest charting single on the UK Singles Chart, reaching No. 3 add something


It was followed in 1975 by the pioneering world music piece "Ommadawn", and 1978's "Incantations" which introduced more diverse choral performances from Sally Oldfield, Maddy Prior, and the Queen's College Girls Choir add something


Andy Summers - In 1975 he participated in an orchestral rendition of Mike Oldfield's seminal piece Tubular Bells


Tubular Bells - The album went gold in the USA and Mike Oldfield received a Grammy Award for the best Instrumental Composition in 1975


In 1976 Oldfield and his sister joined his friend and band member Pekka Pohjola to play on his album "Mathematician's Air Display", which was released in 1977 add something


In 1979, Oldfield's music was used as the musical score for "The Space Movie", a Virgin movie that celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission add something


In 1979, he recorded a version of the signature tune of the British children's television programme "Blue Peter", which was used by the show for 10 years add something


Phil Beer - He toured with Mike Oldfield in 1979 and recorded some tracks at Oldfield's Througham studio


During the 1980s, Oldfield's then-wife, Norwegian singer Anita Hegerland, contributed vocals to many songs including "Pictures in the Dark" add something


In the 1980s he composed the score for the film "The Killing Fields" on a Fairlight CMI add something


In the early 1980s, he had three children with Sally Cooper add something


In the late 1980s, he had two children with Norwegian singer Anita Hegerland add something


Since 1980 he has been a licensed pilot and has flown fixed wing aircraft, the first of which was a Beechcraft Sierra and helicopters including the Agusta Bell 47G which featured on the sleeve of his cover version of the ABBA song "Arrival" as a parody of their album artwork add something


The early 1980s saw Oldfield make a transition to mainstream pop music, beginning with the inclusion of shorter instrumental tracks and contemporary cover versions on "Platinum" and "QE2" add something


Moonlight Shadow - The vocals were performed by Scottish vocalist Maggie Reilly, who had been collaborating with Mike Oldfield since 1980


Jon Anderson - In 1982, he released "Animation" and in 1983 he appeared on Mike Oldfield's "In High Places" from the album "Crises" as well as another song called "Shine"


Released as the album's third single, it hit the Top 10 during the spring of 1983 and was a hugely popular MTV music video add something


The best known of these is "Moonlight Shadow", his 1983 hit with Maggie Reilly add something


Anita Hegerland - Performing on his non-album single "Pictures in the Dark" in 1985, she met British musician Mike Oldfield


Tubular Bells - With the aid of the software house CRL and distributor Nu Wave, Mike Oldfield released an interactive Commodore 64 version of the album in 1986, which used the computer's SID sound chip to play back a simplified re-arrangement of the album, accompanied by some simple 2D visual effects


Michael Cretu - Among his early successful works, it is worth mentioning Mike Oldfield's 1987 album titled "Islands"


Michael Cretu - Among his other work, Cretu was one of the producers of Mike Oldfield's 1987 album Islands and the producer of Peter Schilling's 1989 The Different Story album


Bonnie Tyler - In 1987, Tyler recorded vocals for the Mike Oldfield single "Islands", which was a European chart hit


In the U.S."Magic Touch" reached the top 10 on the Billboard album rock charts in 1988 add something


Kevin Ayers - In 1988 he recorded a vocal track for Mike Oldfield's single, "Flying Start"


"Earth Moving" was released in July 1989, and was a moderate success add something


He has lived outside the UK in the past, including living in Los Angeles and Ibiza in the 1990s, and Switzerland in the mid-1980s, for tax reasons add something


In the 1990s and 2000s he has been mainly using DAWs such as Apple Logic, Avid Pro Tools and Steinberg Nuendo as recording suites add something


Janet Brown - In 1990, she recorded a spoken word sequence in her Margaret Thatcher voice for Mike Oldfield's album "Amarok"


Volkswagen Amarok - Wiktionary It is the title of a 1990 record album by musician Mike Oldfield, a 2000 album of the German black metal solo project Nargaroth, and the name of an open-source music player


In 1992 Oldfield met Luar na Lubre, a Galician Celtic-folk band add something


Alan Rickman - In 1992, he was the "master of ceremonies" on Mike Oldfield's album "Tubular Bells II" where he read off a list of instruments on the album


John Gordon Sinclair - Sinclair performed the part of "Master of Ceremonies" in Mike Oldfield's premiere performance of "Tubular Bells II" at Edinburgh Castle in 1992


Chris Thompson (English musician) - Thompson has been featured on several albums by artists such as Alan Parsons, Jan Hammer, Steve Hackett, Bonnie Tyler, Mike Oldfield, and Sarah Brightman, as well as providing back up vocals for the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, and later for Brian May of Queen, during his first few solo concerts, in South America in 1992


Loreena McKennitt - In 1993, she toured Europe supporting Mike Oldfield


In 1994 he had an asteroid named after him, 5656 Oldfield add something


In 1995 Oldfield further continued to embrace new musical styles by producing a Celtic-themed album, "Voyager" add something


Rob Dickins - He brought Seal, Simply Red, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Enya, and Cher to the UK label and in 1997-98 Warner added Mark Morrison, Brit Award winner Shola Ama, indie group Catatonia, and teenage girl band Cleopatra to the UK.


In 1998 he produced the third "Tubular Bells" album , drawing from the dance music scene at his new home on the island of Ibiza add something


During 1999 Oldfield released two albums add something


Gallagher had bought an Ibiza villa for £2,5 million from Oldfield in 1999, but quickly discovered that part of the cliff-top property was falling into the sea add something


In the 2000s, he married Fanny Vandekerckhove , whom he met during his time in Ibiza; they have two sons together add something


His first work on this project is "Tr3s Lunas" launched in 2002, a virtual game where the player can interact with a world full of new music add something


In 2003 he released "Tubular Bells 2003", a re-recording of the original "Tubular Bells", on CD, and DVD-Audio add something


In the 2003 version, the original voice of the 'Master of Ceremonies' was replaced by the voice of John Cleese, Stanshall having died in the interim add something


On 12 April 2004 Oldfield launched his next virtual reality project, "Maestro", which contains music from the "Tubular Bells 2003" album and some new chillout melodies add something


Oldfield headlined the German Night of the Proms tour, consisting of 21 concerts around Europe in 2006 and 2007 add something


In November 2006, musician Noel Gallagher won a Spanish court case against Oldfield add something


Miriam Stockley - In December 2006, Stockley contributed as a solo vocalist and as a co-vocalist with Mike Oldfield at the German Night of the Proms tour, consisting of 18 concerts


In 2007 Oldfield caused a minor stir in the British press by criticizing Britain for being too controlling and protective, specifically concentrating on the smoking ban which England and Wales had introduced that year add something


His autobiography "Changeling" was published in May 2007 by Virgin Books add something


He noted in an interview in 2008 that he had two boats add something


In 2008 Oldfield contributed an exclusive song to a charity album called "Songs for Survival", in support of the Survival International add something


In 2008 when Oldfield's original 35-year deal with Virgin Records ended, the rights to "Tubular Bells" and his other Virgin releases were returned to him, and they were transferred to Mercury Records add something


In March 2008 Oldfield released his first classical album, "Music of the Spheres"; Karl Jenkins assisted with the orchestration add something


Lang Lang (pianist) - In 2008, he was the pianist on Mike Oldfield's 2008 album "Music of the Spheres"


The album was nominated for a Classical Brit award, the NS&I Best Album of 2009 add something


Mercury issued a press release on 15 April 2009, noting that Oldfield's Virgin albums would be re-released, starting 8 June 2009 add something


Tubular Bells - For a short period after the release, when the album was inserted into a computer, and the user visited the URL, additional material was available, such as an interview with Mike Oldfield which was filmed on a rainy day in the Bahamas in May 2009


In 2010 lyricist Don Black said in an interview with "Music Week" that he had been working with Oldfield add something


Jon Anderson - A sample of Anderson's vocals from Mike Oldfield's "In High Places" is prominently featured in Kanye West's 2010 album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" in the opening track "Dark Fantasy"


Nolwenn Leroy - The album was re-released in November 2011 as a "Deluxe Edition" which added 7 English language tracks, including "Amazing Grace", "Scarborough Fair" and two Mike Oldfield tracks, "Moonlight Shadow" and "To France"


In 2012 Oldfield was featured on Terry Oldfield's "Journey into Space" album and on a track called "Islanders" by German producer Torsten Stenzel's York project add something


Tubular Bells - On 27 July 2012 at the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony Mike Oldfield performed during a segment about the NHS


In 2013 Oldfield and York are to release a remix album titled "Tubular Beats" add something


Also announced in January 2013, Mike will be remastering and remixing the albums "Fives Miles Out" and "Crises", which will be released later in the year add something


In October 2013 the BBC broadcast "Tubular Bells: The Mike Oldfield Story", an hour-long appreciation of Oldfield's life and musical career, filmed on location at his home recording studio in Nassau add something


Oldfield is in the later stages of creating a new rock-themed album of songs, titled "Man on the Rocks", which is to be released in early 2014 by Virgin EMI add something


Oldfield is in the later stages of creating a new rock-themed album of songs, titled "Man on the Rocks", which is to be released on 3 March 2014 by Virgin EMI add something


Interviewed by Steve Wright in May 2015, for his BBC Radio 2 show, Oldfield said that he was currently working on a "prequel to "Tubular Bells", which was being recorded using analogue equipment as much as possible add something


On 8 May 2016 Oldfield announced via his Facebook group page that the new "Ommadawn" project is finished and he is awaiting a release date from the record company add something