Mindy Smith

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Mindy Smith

American singer-songwriter add

Category: Music

Born in 1972.

Countries: United Kingdom (60%), United States (20%), Tennessee (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Dolly Parton, BBC Radio

Linked to: Vanguard Records, Billboard, BBC Radio




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Mindy Smith was born in 1972 add something


After her mother's death from cancer in 1991, Smith moved to Cincinnati for two years and to Knoxville, Tennessee and, in 1998, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in music add something


Dolly Parton followed by adding backing vocals to a new mix of the song, which was featured on Smith's debut album "One Moment More", that was released in January 2004 add something


Cambridge Folk Festival - In 2004 Smith appeared at the long-established Cambridge Folk Festival in the United Kingdom, which was broadcast nationally on &BBC_radio (BBC_Radio) add something


In October 2006, Smith released "Out Loud", the first single from her second album "Long Island Shores" add something


On January 10, 2007, she performed "Please Stay" on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" add something


In October 2008, Smith released a Christmas album, "My Holiday" add something


In August 2009, Smith released her fourth studio album, "Stupid Love" add something


She appeared on "The Early Show" on August 15, 2009 to perform the first single, "Highs and Lows" add something


On September 29, 2009, while promoting the album on the syndicated radio show "World Cafe", Smith disclosed she had dealt with obsessive compulsive disorder add something


In June 2012, Smith released an independent studio album, "Mindy Smith", her fifth overall add something


In March 2013, Mindy Smith worked along side Anthropologie during an in-store performance to raise money and awareness for the Captain Planet Foundation, a non-profit organization add something