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Free software community best known for producing the Firefox web browseradd

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Founded in 1998.

Countries: (52%), United States (31%), United Kingdom (4%)

Main connections: Firefox, Google, Mozilla Foundation

Linked to: AOL, Netscape, Apple Inc., Mozilla Corporation




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Bugzilla is a web-based general-purpose bug tracking system, which was released as open source software by Netscape Communications in 1998 along with the rest of the Mozilla codebase, and is currently stewarded by Mozilla add something


It became part of the Mozilla product family when Mozilla inherited Netscape's code-base in 1998 add something


Netscape - In January 1998, Netscape Communications Corporation announced that all future versions of its software would be available free of charge and developed by an open source community, Mozilla


Netscape - January 1998 was the month that Netscape started the open source Mozilla project


Mozilla Foundation - On February 23, 1998, Netscape created the "'Mozilla Organization"' to co-ordinate the development of the Mozilla Application Suite


Gervase Markham (programmer) - He started contributing to the Mozilla project in 1999, and became the youngest paid employee of at age 23 after he graduated from Oxford University


Ajax (programming) - In 1999, Microsoft used its iframe technology to dynamically update the news stories and stock quotes on the default page for Internet Explorer, and created the XMLHTTP ActiveX control in Internet Explorer 5, which was later adopted by Mozilla, Safari, Opera and other browsers as the XMLHttpRequest JavaScript object


Mitchell Baker - In February 1999, Baker became the Chief Lizard Wrangler of, the division of Netscape that coordinated the Mozilla open source project


Netscape - On November 14, 2000, AOL released Netscape 6, based on the Mozilla 0,6 source code


Netscape - It was not until August 2001 that Netscape 6,1 appeared, based on Mozilla 0,9


Firefox - On April 3, 2003, the Mozilla Organization announced that they planned to change their focus from the Mozilla Suite to Firefox and Thunderbird


When AOL greatly reduced its involvement with Mozilla in July 2003, the Mozilla Foundation was designated the legal steward of the project add something


Mozilla Foundation - Founded in July 2003, the organization sets the policies that govern development, operates key infrastructure and controls Mozilla trademarks and copyrights


Mozilla Foundation - When AOL drastically scaled back its involvement with Mozilla Organization, the Mozilla Foundation was launched on July 15, 2003 to ensure Mozilla could survive without Netscape


Firefox - In October 2003, professional interface designer Steven Garrity wrote an article covering everything he considered to be wrong with Mozilla's visual identity


Firefox - The IRS opened an audit of the Mozilla Foundation's 2004-5 revenues in 2008, due to its search royalties, and in 2009, the investigation was expanded to the 2006 and 2007 tax years, though that part of the audit was closed


Firefox - The release of Firefox 0,8 in February 2004 saw the introduction of the new branding efforts, including new icon designs by silverorange, a group of web developers with a long-standing relationship with Mozilla, with final renderings by Jon Hicks, who had previously worked on Camino


The current name, Firefox, was chosen on February 9, 2004 add something


Mozilla Europe - It was founded on 17 February 2004 by contributors to Mozilla and other free software projects, and was an independent affiliate of the Mozilla_Foundation with headquarters in Paris, France


Asa Dotzler - Dotzler is co-founder of the Spread Firefox project with Blake Ross, launched in October 2004, where he spearheaded Mozilla's open source marketing program


Firefox - In 2005, Mozilla agreed to allow Microsoft to use its Web feed logo in the interest of common graphical representation of the Web feeds feature


Mitchell Baker - However, the division of her hours gradually became more and more weighted towards her Mozilla work at the expense of her OSAF duties, leading to her decision to return to Mozilla full time in January 2005


Google Maps - It originally only supported users of Internet Explorer and Mozilla web browsers, but support for Opera and Safari was added on February 25, 2005, but currently Opera is removed from the system requirements list


On March 10, 2005, the Mozilla Foundation announced that it would not release any official versions of Mozilla Application Suite beyond 1,7 add something


Firefox - A Microsoft SEC filing on June 30, 2005 acknowledged that "competitors such as Mozilla offer software that competes with the Internet Explorer Web browsing capabilities of our Windows operating system products


Brendan Eich - In August 2005, after serving as Lead Technologist and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Mozilla Foundation, Eich became CTO of the newly founded Mozilla Corporation, meant to be the Mozilla Foundation's for-profit arm


Mozilla Foundation - On 3 August 2005, the Mozilla Foundation announced the creation of Mozilla_Corporation, described as "a taxable subsidiary that serves the non-profit, public benefit goals of its parent, the Mozilla Foundation, and that will be responsible for product development, marketing and distribution of Mozilla products


Graphics Interchange Format - In 2006, an extension to the PNG format called APNG was proposed as alternative to the MNG format by Mozilla


Firefox - When the Debian project decided to stop using the official Firefox logo in 2006 , they were told by a representative of the Mozilla Foundation that this was not acceptable, and were asked either to comply with the published trademark guidelines or cease using the "Firefox" name in their distribution


Firefox - The "World Firefox Day" campaign started on July 15, 2006, the third anniversary of the founding of the Mozilla Foundation, and ran until September 15, 2006


Firefox - In August 2006, Microsoft offered to help Mozilla integrate Firefox with the then-forthcoming Windows Vista, an offer Mozilla accepted


Firefox - In October 2006, as congratulations for a successful ship of Firefox 2, the Internet Explorer 7 development team sent a cake to Mozilla


ECMAScript - In late 2007, a debate between Eich, later the Mozilla Foundation's CTO, and Chris Wilson, Microsoft's platform architect for Internet Explorer, became public on a number of blogs


Firefox - Mozilla Foundation Chairperson Mitchell Baker explained in an interview in 2007 that distributions could freely use the Firefox trademark if they did not modify source-code, and that the Mozilla Foundation's only concern was with users getting a consistent experience when they used "Firefox"


Mitchell Baker - On January 8, 2008, Mozilla announced that Baker, while retaining her role as Chairperson of the Mozilla_Foundation, would no longer serve as CEO of the Corporation, and that MoCo's Chief Operating Officer John Lilly would take over this role


Google Chrome - For example, its most prominent graphical user interface innovation, the merging of the address bar and search bar , was first announced by Mozilla in May 2008 as a planned feature for Firefox


Google Chrome - On September 3, 2008, Mozilla responded by stating that their own TraceMonkey JavaScript engine , was faster than Chrome's V8 engine in some tests


Firefox - In August 2009, Mozilla Security assisted & Google by pointing out a security flaw in Google's Chrome browser


Firefox - On October 16, 2009, Mozilla blocked all versions of Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant from being used with Firefox and from the Mozilla Add-ons service


Firefox - Following & Google CEO Eric Schmidt's comments in December 2009 regarding privacy during a CNBC show, Asa Dotzler, Mozilla's director of community development suggested that users use the Bing search engine instead of Google search


Mozilla Foundation - At the end of 2010, the Mozilla Foundation partnered with Knoxville Zoo in an effort to raise awareness about endangered red pandas


MetaLab, Ltd. - In March 2010, Andrew Wilkinson wrote a blog post claiming that Mozilla "literally copied images straight off of our site" for use in the design of their FlightDeck editor


In 2011, Eich transferred the nominal ownership of the SpiderMonkey code and project to Dave Mandelin add something


Firefox - Mozilla's original search deal with & Google expired in 2011, but a new deal was struck, where Google agreed to pay Mozilla just under a billion dollars over three years in exchange for the browser to leave Google as its default search engine


Firefox - In February 2011, Mozilla announced that it would be retiring Spread Firefox


Stop Online Piracy Act - In May 2011, Mozilla refused a request by the United States Department of Homeland Security to remove MAFIAAFire from its website, questioning whether the software had ever been declared illegal


Stop Online Piracy Act - In May 2011, Mozilla refused a request by the United States Department of Homeland Security to remove MAFIAAFire from its website, questioning whether the software had ever been declared illegal


Firefox - Three months later, in May 2011, Mozilla officially closed Spread Firefox


Mozilla Algeria - "'Mozilla Algeria"' is an Algerian non-profit organisation and a subsidiary of Mozilla established in June 2011 by two University of Science and Technology, Houari Boumediene students, Majda and Moncef


Firefox OS - On July 25, 2011, Dr. Andreas Gal, Director of Research at Mozilla Corporation, announced the "Boot to Gecko" Project on the mozilla


Stop Online Piracy Act - On November 16, 2011, Tumblr, Mozilla, Techdirt, the Center for Democracy and Technology were among many Internet companies that protested by participating in American Censorship Day


Stop Online Piracy Act - On November 16, 2011, Tumblr, Mozilla, Techdirt, the Center for Democracy and Technology were among many Internet companies that protested by participating in American Censorship Day


Google Chrome - In December 2011 a report by Accuvant, funded by Google, rated the sandbox security of Google Chrome 12 and 13 as better than either Internet Explorer 9 or Mozilla Firefox 5


In previous years the Mozilla Festival has focused on Learning, and Media, with the 2012 festival being based around making add something


Shumway is an open source replacement for the Adobe Flash Player, developed by Mozilla since 2012, using open web technologies as a replacement for Flash technologies add something


Firefox OS - At Mobile World Congress 2012, Mozilla and Telefónica announced that the Spanish telecommunications provider intended to deliver "open Web devices" in 2012 based on HTML5 and these APIs


Brendan Eich - Eich contributed to the creation of the Rust programming language at Mozilla in 2012


Vupen - Unlike 2012, during Pwn2Own 2014, Vupen decided to reveal to the affected vendors, including & Google, all its exploits and technical details regarding the discovered vulnerabilities, which led to the release of various security updates from Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, and Google to address the reported flaws


Stop Online Piracy Act - Wider protests were considered and in some cases committed to by major internet sites, with high-profile bodies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon, AOL, Reddit, Mozilla, &LinkedIn, &IAC (IAC_(company)), eBay, PayPal, WordPress and Wikimedia being widely named as "considering" or committed to an "unprecedented" internet blackout on January 18, 2012


Stop Online Piracy Act - Wider protests were considered and in some cases committed to by major internet sites, with high-profile bodies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon, AOL, Reddit, Mozilla, &LinkedIn, &IAC (IAC_(company)), eBay, PayPal, WordPress and Wikimedia being widely named as "considering" or committed to an "unprecedented" internet blackout on January 18, 2012


Smartphone - Firefox OS was demonstrated by Mozilla in February 2012


Mozilla Europe - It was disbanded on 17 February 2012 as Mozilla created on late 2011 an official structure in Paris now known as Mozilla Paris


Free Software Foundation, Tamil Nadu (FSFTN) - On February 19, 2012, a Mozilla localization seminar was organized by the Free Software Foundation, Tamil Nadu at IIT Madras


Internet Defense League - As of May 2012, several notable organizations have signed on to the protest network, including Mozilla, &Reddit, Wordpress and the Cheezburger Network


Blekko - In May 2012, Mozilla announced an "instant search" browser plugin for Firefox designed to cache repetitive search requests, in partnership with Blekko


Firefox OS - In July 2012, Boot to Gecko was rebranded as 'Firefox OS', after Mozilla's well-known desktop browser, Firefox, and screenshots began appearing in August 2012


Firefox - On October 4, 2012, Mozilla released a preview of the Metro interface version of Firefox, included in the Nightly 18 build, to be used in Windows 8


Firefox OS - In December 2012, Mozilla rolled out another update and released Firefox OS Simulator 1,0 which can be downloaded as an add-on for Firefox


Over 2,000 people representing 90 countries and 114 languages gathered in Santa Clara, Toronto and Brussels in 2013 add something


Firefox - On January 28, 2013, Mozilla was recognized as the most trusted internet company for privacy in 2012


Firefox OS - In February 2013 Mozilla announced plans for global commercial roll-out of Firefox OS.


In December 2013, Mozilla announced funding for the development of non-free games through its Game Creator Challenge add something


Protests of a greater magnitude emerged in 2014 following the announcement of Eich's appointment as CEO of Mozilla add something


Smartphone - As of 2014 more companies have partnered with Mozilla including Panasonic and Sony


In Australia, the Victorian AIDS Council issued a press release on March 28, 2014, in which CEO Simon Ruth stated: add something


Brendan Eich - On April 3, 2014, Eich stepped down as CEO and resigned from working at Mozilla


DuckDuckGo - On 10 November 2014, Mozilla added DuckDuckGo as a search option to Firefox 33,1


Opportunistic encryption - In 2015, Mozilla started to roll out opportunistic encryption in Firefox version 37


China Internet Network Information Center - Distrusting New CNNIC Certificates" Mozilla 1 April 2015


Firefox - On August 21, 2015, Mozilla announced its plans to break compatibility with the 21,000 existing Firefox extensions


Firefox OS - But with the passage of time as of December 2015, Mozilla launched its 12 smartphones across 24 countries, which is gradual increase over time


Smartphone - In December 2015, Mozilla announced that it would phase out development of Firefox OS for smartphones, and would reposition the project to focus on other forms of internet-connected devices


Firefox OS - On December 8, 2015, Mozilla announced that it will stop sales of Firefox OS smart phones through carriers


Firefox OS - In January 2016, Mozilla announced that Firefox OS would power Panasonic's UHD TVs


Firefox OS - Mozilla later announced that Firefox OS smartphones would be discontinued by May 2016 as the development of "Firefox OS for smartphones" would cease after the release of version 2,6


Firefox OS - In September 2016 Mozilla announced that work on Firefox OS has ceased, and all B2G-related code is going to be removed from mozilla-central


Mozilla Persona will be shutting down on November 30, 2016 add something


Ghostery - As of 2017, Ghostery is available for Mozilla $ & Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, iOS, Android, and Firefox for Android


In January 2017, the company rebranded away from its dinosaur logo in favor of logo that includes a "://" character sequence from a URL, with the revamped logo: "moz://a" add something


HTTPS - According to Mozilla since January 2017 more than half of the Web traffic is encrypted


Web traffic - According to Mozilla since January 2017 more than half of the Web traffic is encrypted with HTTPS


Ghostery - In February 2017, Ghostery was acquired by Cliqz GmbH, a German company owned by Hubert Burda Media and Mozilla that builds browser technologies which emphasize privacy


Transport Layer Security - Network Security Services , the cryptography library developed by Mozilla and used by its web browser Firefox, enabled TLS 1,3 by default in February 2017


In July 2017, Mozilla launched a the project Common Voice to help make voice recognition open to everyone add something


Mozilla Foundation - In November 2017, however, Mozilla announced that it was switching back to Google as the default search engine


Mountain View, California - As of 2018, major tech companies such as Google and Mozilla were headquartered in Mountain View


In September 2018, Mozilla announced that its VR version was ready for consumers to download add something


In January 2019, HTC announced its partnership with Mozilla add something