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American basic cable and satellite television channel owned by the MTV Networks Music and Logo Groupadd

Category: Movies & TV

Founded in 1960.

Countries: United States (65%), United Kingdom (10%), (8%)

Main connections: VH1, MTV Jams, Viacom

Linked to: VH1, Viacom, Aerosmith, NBC




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Several concepts for music video television programming had been around since the early 1960s add something


The creative use of music videos within their 1964 debut film "A Hard Day's Night", particularly the performance of "Can't Buy Me Love", led MTV decades later to honor the film's director, Richard Lester, with an award for "basically inventing" the music video add something


The concept itself had been in the works since 1966, when major record companies began supplying the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation with promotional music clips to play on the air at no charge add something


Pauly Shore - "'Paul Montgomery "Pauly" Shore"' is an American comedian and actor who starred in several comedy films in the 1990s and hosted a video show on MTV in the late 1980s and early 1990s


In 1970, Philadelphia-based disk jockey Bob Whitney created "The Now Explosion", a television series filmed in Atlanta and broadcast in syndication to other local television stations throughout the United States add something


Pittman had test-driven the music format by producing and hosting a 15-minute show, "Album Tracks", on New York City television station WNBC in the late 1970s add something


Pittman's boss, WASEC Executive Vice President John Lack, had shepherded "PopClips", a television series created by former Monkee-turned solo artist Michael Nesmith, whose attention had turned to the music video format by the late 1970s add something


The series, which featured promotional clips from various popular artists, was canceled by its distributor in 1971 add something


In 1974, Gary Van Haas, Vice President of Televak Corporation introduced a concept to distribute a music video channel to record stores across the United States, and promoted the channel, Music Video TV, to distributors and retailers in a May 1974 issue of "Billboard" add something


Time Warner - In 1975, Warner expanded under the guidance of CEO Steve Ross and formed a joint venture with American Express, named Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, which held cable channels including MTV , Nickelodeon and The Movie Channel


The inspiration for "PopClips" came from a similar program on New Zealand's TVNZ network, "Radio with Pictures", which premiered in 1976 add something


MTV's pre-history began in 1977, when Warner Cable , and an ancestor of Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment launched the first two-way interactive cable television system, QUBE, in Columbus, Ohio add something


By the end of the 1980s, the channel had debuted "Dial MTV", a daily top ten music video countdown show for which viewers could call the toll-free telephone number 1-800-DIAL-MTV to request a music video add something


For many years from the 1980s to the 2000s, the channel upheld a tradition of having a band perform a cover song at midnight immediately following the beginning of the new year add something


In the 1980s, parent-media watchdog groups such as the Parents Music Resource Center criticized MTV over certain music videos that were claimed to have explicit imagery of satanism add something


MTV aired several specials by "Weird Al" in the 1980s and 1990s under the title "Al TV" add something


MTV brought more than music into public view, it added to the ever-growing resurgence of dance in the early 1980s that has carried through to today add something


MTV played some classic rock acts from the 1980s and earlier decades, including David Bowie, Dire Straits , Journey, Rush, Aerosmith, The Moody Blues, John Mellencamp, Billy Joel, Genesis, Billy Squier, Robert Palmer, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, The Who and &ZZ_Top; newly solo acts such as Robert Plant, Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, David Lee Roth and Pete_Townshend; supergroup acts such as Asia, Power Station, The Firm and Traveling Wilburys, as well as forgotten acts such as Michael Stanley Band, Shoes, Blotto and Taxxi add something


Non-music video programming began in the late 1980s with the introduction of a music news show "The Week in Rock", which was the beginning of MTV's news division, MTV News add something


Subsequently, grunge and alternative rock had a rise in mainstream tastes, while 1980s-style hair bands and traditional rockers were phased out, with some exceptions such as Aerosmith and Tom Petty add something


The early music videos that made up the bulk of MTV's programming in the 1980s were promotional videos that record companies had commissioned for international use or concert clips from any available sources add something


The original five MTV VJs in 1980 were Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, J.J._Jackson (J.J._Jackson_(media_personality)) and Martha Quinn add something


To accompany the new sounds, a new form of music videos came about: more creative, funny, artistic, experimental, and technically accomplished than those in the 1980s add something


Vince Welnick - The Tubes in the 1980s were a major commercial rock act with substantial MTV success


Additionally, put together a "yearbook" consisting of the greatest videos of each year from 1981 to 2006 add something


Additionally, the historic Kabel typeface, which MTV displayed at the beginning and end of all music videos since 1981, was phased out in favor of larger text and less information about the video's record label and director add something


However, much like the ever-changing patterns that filled MTV's original 1981 logo, the new 2010 logo is designed to be filled in with an unlimited variety of pictures and images add something


Since its launch in 1981, the brand "MTV" has expanded to include many additional properties beyond the original MTV channel, including a variety of sister channels in the U.S., dozens of affiliated channels around the world, and an Internet presence through and related websites add something


The day of programming culminated in a three-hour celebratory live event called "MTV20: Live and Almost Legal", which was hosted by Carson Daly and featured numerous guests from MTV's history, including the original VJs from 1981 add something


The service was no longer active by the time MTV launched in 1981 add something


The statuettes that are handed out at the "Video Music awards" are of the MTV moonman, the channel's original image from its first broadcast in 1981 add something


We are really focused on our current viewers, and our feeling was that our anniversary wasn't something that would be meaningful to them, many of whom weren't even alive in 1981 add something


Launched on August 1, 1981, the original purpose of the channel was to play music videos guided by television personalities known as "video jockeys," or VJs add something


On Saturday, August 1, 1981, at 12:01 a add something


Shortly after TBS began "Night Tracks", NBC launched a music video program called "Friday Night Videos", which was considered network television's answer to MTV. Later renamed simply "Friday Night", the program ran from 1983 to 2002 add something


The 1983 film "Flashdance" was the first film in which its promoters excerpted musical segments from it and supplied them to MTV as music videos, which the channel aired in regular rotation add something


The hard rock band Kiss publicly appeared without their trademark makeup for the first time on MTV in 1983 add something


Mike Oldfield - Released as the album's third single, it hit the Top 10 during the spring of 1983 and was a hugely popular MTV music video


SuperStation WTBS launched "Night Tracks" on June 3, 1983, with up to 14 hours of music video airplay each late night weekend by 1985 add something


A few markets launched music-only channels including Las Vegas' KVMY , which debuted in the summer of 1984 as KRLR-TV and branded as "Vusic 21" add something


ABC's contribution to the music video program genre in 1984, "ABC Rocks", was far less successful, lasting only a year add something


In 1984, the channel produced its first "MTV Video Music awards" show, or VMAs add something


MTV's earliest format was modeled after AOR radio; MTV would transition to mimic a full top 40 station in 1984 add something


TBS founder Ted Turner started the Cable Music Channel in 1984, designed to play a broader mix of music videos than MTV's rock format allowed add something


The first award show, in 1984, was punctuated by a live performance by Madonna of "Like A Virgin" add something


The program aired at various times between 1984 and 1999 add something


Turner Broadcasting System - During 1984, Turner initiated Cable Music Channel, his competition for WASEC's MTV


Time Warner - Warner bought out American Express's half in 1984, and sold the venture a year later to Viacom, which renamed it MTV Networks


In 1985, Viacom bought Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, which owned MTV and Nickelodeon, renaming the company MTV Networks and beginning this expansion add something


In 1985, MTV saw the introduction of its first true sister channel, VH1, which was originally an acronym for "Video Hits One" and was designed to play adult contemporary music videos add something


Some within the music industry criticized what they saw as MTV's homogenization of rock 'n' roll, including the punk band the Dead Kennedys, whose song "M.T.V. - Get Off the Air" was released on the 1985 album "Frankenchrist" just as MTV's influence over the music industry was being solidified add something


For most of July 13, 1985, MTV showed the Live Aid concerts, held in London and Philadelphia and organized by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia add something


HBO had a 30-minute program of music videos, called "Video Jukebox", that first aired around the time of MTV's launch and would last until late 1986 add something


MTV began its annual "Spring Break" coverage in 1986, setting up temporary operations in Daytona Beach, Florida, for a week in March, broadcasting live eight hours per day add something


MTV introduced "120 Minutes" in 1986, a show that would feature low-rotation, alternative rock and other "underground" videos for the next 14 years on MTV and three additional years on sister channel MTV2 add something


Peter Gabriel - His 1986 album, "So", is his most commercially successful, and the album's biggest hit, "Sledgehammer", won a record nine MTV *awards at the 1987 MTV Video Music *awards, and the song is the most played music video in the history of the station


Another late night music video show was added in 1987, "Headbangers Ball" which featured heavy metal music and news add something


Before 1987, MTV featured almost exclusively music videos, but as time passed, they introduced a variety of other shows, including some that were originally intended for other channels add something


Kurt Loder - Loder joined MTV in 1987 as the host of their flagship music news program, "The Week in Rock"


Peter Gabriel - The video set a new standard for art in the music video industry, and won nine MTV Video Music *awards in 1987, a record which still stands as of 2011


Turner Broadcasting System - This is Time Warner's second experience with advertiser-supported cable broadcasting, after co-owning the Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment Company through Warner Communications before selling it to MTV Networks during 1987


Kyle Woodring - He recorded the video "Didn't Know it Was Love" from the album Too Hot to Sleep with the band in 1988, which was featured on MTV


In 1989, MTV began to premiere music-based specials such as "MTV Unplugged", an acoustic performance show, which has featured dozens of acts as its guests and has remained active in numerous iterations on various platforms for over 20 years add something


Tom Stern (director) - In 1989, Stern, Winter, and fellow writer Tim Burns were hired to develop "The Idiot Box", a sketch comedy show for MTV


Pauly Shore - Shore's big break came as an on-air MTV VJ, a position he held from 1989 to 1994


Although "Dial MTV" ended in the 1990s, the phone number remained in use for video requests until 2006 add something


By the early 1990s, MTV was playing a combination of pop-friendly hard rock acts, chart-topping metal and hard rock acts such as Metallica, Nirvana and Guns N' Roses, pop singers such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, 2 Unlimited and New Kids on the Block, and R&B quartets such as New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe, Tony Toni Tone, and Boyz II Men, while introducing hit rappers Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer add something


During the late 1990s and early 2000s, MTV updated its on-air appearance at the beginning of every year and again each summer, creating a consistent brand across all of its music-related shows add something


Examples from the 1990s and 2000s include "All Access Week", a week in the summer dedicated to live concerts and festivals; "Spankin' New Music Week", a week in the fall dedicated to brand new music videos; and week-long specials that culminated in a particular live event, such as "Wanna be a VJ" and the "Video Music awards" add something


Examples from the 1990s and 2000s include sketch-based comedies such as "Just Say Julie", "The Ben Stiller Show", "The State", "The Jenny McCarthy Show", "The Lyricist Lounge Show" and "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle", as well as soap operas such as "Undressed" and "Spyder Games" add something


In a continuing bid to become a more diverse network focusing on youth and culture as well as music, MTV added animated shows to its lineup in the early 1990s add something


In addition to airing original shows created specifically for MTV, the channel occasionally aired episodes of original cartoon series produced by sister channel Nickelodeon in the early 1990s add something


In the 1990s and early 2000s, MTV promoted annual campaigns known as "Fight For Your Rights", with the slogan "Speak Out/Stand Up Against Violence," to bring forth awareness on America's crime, drugs and violence issues add something


In the early 1990s, MTV debuted its first reality shows, "The Real World" and "Road Rules" add something


It served as a counterpart to the America Online portal for MTV content, which existed at AOL keyword MTV until approximately the end of the 1990s add something


The channel would later expand its beach-themed events to the summer, dedicating most of each summer season to broadcasting live from a beach house at various locations away from New York City, eventually leading to channel-wide branding throughout the summer in the 1990s and early 2000s such as "Motel California", "Summer Share", "Isle of MTV", "SoCal Summer", "Summer in the Keys", and "Shore Thing" add something


Karyn Bryant - Bryant's love of music led to her first television job in 1990, as an MTV VJ


Steve Marker - He famously spotted Angelfish singer Shirley Manson's music video on MTV, which led to her joining the group, as Marker felt that Manson differed from the high pitched and screechy female singers of the 1990s and "was more like the voices that we loved growing up, which was more Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde -- sort of that classic pop sound -- maybe Dusty Springfield


Wayne Toups - He has appeared on MTV and on the 1990 Super Bowl telecast


Juliette Hohnen - In the 1990s, she was the Los Angeles bureau chief for MTV News


Annie Griffin - In the early 1990s she worked creating animated idents for MTV


Ananda Lewis - She was an MTV veejay from the late 1990s until 2001, when she left the network to host her own talk show, "'The Ananda Lewis Show"'


By late 1991 going into 1992, MTV began frequently airing videos from their heavily promoted "Buzz Bin", such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, PM Dawn, Arrested Development, Björk, and Gin Blossoms add something


Nirvana led a sweeping transition into the rise of alternative rock music on MTV in 1991 with their video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" add something


MC Hammer - During a 1991 episode of Rockline on &MTV (with host Martha Quinn), in response to a caller's question, Hammer stated in 10 years he sees himself continuing to make "original material to establish longevity", "energetic.


Following the success of the "MTV Video Music awards", in an effort to branch out from music into movies and broader pop culture, MTV started the "MTV Movie awards" in 1992, which continues presently add something


Eddie Vedder - During Pearl Jam's 1992 appearance on "MTV Unplugged", Vedder stood atop his stool, took out a marker pen, and wrote "PRO-CHOICE" down his arm in large letters when the band performed the song "Porch"


Kurt Loder - Loder opposed President George H. W. Bush in the 1992 election and he believes that "MTV News" played a small role in Bush's loss


Anastacia - Lopes was partly responsible for Anastacia's success, since Lisa hosted MTV's "The Cut" where Anastacia got her second break after her first break on BET's "Comic View" in 1992


Eddie Vedder - Vedder was wearing a White Sox hat given to him by McDowell during Pearl Jam's 1992 "Saturday Night Live" and "MTV Unplugged" appearances


James Hyman - Whilst at MTV Europe, Hyman studied "Film & Media" at London Guildhall University, graduating in 1992 with 1st class Honors


The program ran until the end of May 1992 add something


After pressure from the Music Video Production Association, MTV began listing the names of the videos' directors at the bottom of the credits by December 1992 add something


As with the original version of the series that ran from 1993 to 1997, the modern-day "Beavis and Butt-head" features segments in which its main characters watch and criticize music videos add something


He registered the then-unclaimed domain name "" in 1993 with the idea of being MTV's unofficial new voice on the internet add something


In 1993, more hit alternative rock acts were on heavy rotation, such as Stone Temple Pilots, Soul Asylum, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Beck, Therapy-, Radiohead and The Smashing Pumpkins add something


Busta Rhymes - In 1993, he appeared in a cameo role in Yo/ MTV Raps hosts Doctor Dre and Ed Lover's film, Who's the Man?, and in the HBO film, Strapped, and co-starred alongside Ice Cube and Omar Epps in the John Singleton film, Higher Learning.


Larry Mullen, Jr. - Mullen and Clayton collaborated with Mike Mills and Michael Stipe from R.E.M. to form the one-performance group Automatic Baby, solely for the purpose of performing the song "One" for Bill Clinton's inauguration at MTV's 1993 inaugural ball


Eddie Vedder - Pearl Jam received four *awards at the 1993 MTV Video Music *awards for its music video for "Jeremy", including Video of the Year and Best Group Video


By the next few years, 1994 through 1997, MTV began promoting new power pop acts, most successfully Green Day and The Offspring, and ska-rock acts such as No Doubt, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Sublime add something


The "MTV Europe Music awards", or the EMAs, were created in 1994, ten years after the debut of the VMAs add something


Andy Dick - He starred alongside MTV comedian Pauly Shore in the 1994 War Comedy film "In the Army Now"


Cher - In 1994, she collaborated with MTV's cartoons Beavis and Butt-head for a rock version of Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe".


Before its abrupt cancellation in 1995, it featured several hosts including Riki Rachtman and Adam Curry add something


The program continued until August 1995 add something


Chris Booker - He has been seen on the TV Guide Channel, MTV, &VH1, Entertainment Tonight, and WPIX. In 1996 Booker landed the evening slot at K-ROCK until he left in 2003 for morning drive on WNEW. Booker found his way back to K-ROCK in 2005, where his show aired in afternoons until the format went to "FREE FM" talk


Lauryn Hill - In 1996, a caller on The Howard Stern Show mentioned that he heard Lauryn Hill state on MTV "I would rather have my family starve than have white people buy my albums".


Also by 1997, MTV was criticized heavily for not playing as many music videos as it had in the past add something


Beginning in late 1997, MTV progressively reduced its airing of rock music videos, leading to the slogan among skeptics, "Rock is dead add something


By 1997, MTV focused heavily on introducing electronica acts into the mainstream, adding them to its musical rotation including The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Moby, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, The Crystal Method, and Fatboy Slim add something


However, in late 1997, MTV began shifting more progressively towards pop music, inspired by the success of the Spice Girls and the rise of boy bands in Europe add something


Maxwell (musician) - It featured the hit singles "Lifetime" and a studio version of "This Woman's Work", the Kate Bush song Maxwell covered during his 1997 "MTV Unplugged" set


Alek Wek - She was named "Model of the Year" in 1997 by MTV


Maxwell (musician) - On June 15, 1997, Maxwell taped an episode of the MTV concert series "MTV Unplugged" in New York City , performing his own songs as well as covers of songs by Kate Bush and Nine Inch Nails


A year later, in 1998, MTV merged "Total Request" and "MTV Live" into a live daily top ten countdown show, "Total Request Live", which would become known as "TRL" and secure its place as the channel's unofficial flagship program add something


Between 1998 and 1999, MTV's musical content consisted heavily of videos of boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync as well as teen pop "princesses" such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson add something


By 1998 through 1999, the punk-rock band Blink-182 received regular airtime on MTV due in large part to their "All the Small Things" video that made fun of the boy bands that MTV was airing at the time add something


On that night, MTV aired a made-for-TV movie "Anatomy of a Hate Crime", based on a true story of the 1998 murder of 21-year old Matthew Shepard, a gay college student add something


"VJ for a Day" was an extension of an annual event, "Wanna be a VJ", which aired each spring from 1998 to 2000 to select a new VJ to host programs on MTV. add something


Anastacia - Eventually in 1998 before turning 30, Anastacia attracted the interest of record labels after making the finals of the short lived MTV talent show "The Cut"


Ananda Lewis - In 1998, Lewis made headlines while at MTV when she announced, that she intended to remain abstinent for at least six months


An all-encompassing special, "MTV Uncensored", premiered in 1999 and was later released as a book add something


Around 1999 through 2001, as MTV aired fewer music videos throughout the day, it regularly aired compilation specials from its 20-year history to look back on its roots add something


In the fall of 1999, MTV announced a special "Return of the Rock" weekend, in which new rock acts received airtime, after which a compilation album was released add something


In the fall of 1999, a live studio audience was added to the show add something


"TRL Wannabes" aired from 1999 to 2000 and featured a selection of music videos that just missed the "TRL" top ten add something


A year later, in 2000, "MTV's Fear" became one of the first scare-based reality shows and the first reality show in which contestants filmed themselves add something


By 2000, Sum 41, Linkin Park, Jimmy Eat World, Mudvayne, Cold, At the Drive-In, Alien Ant Farm, and other acts were added to the musical rotation add something


By spring 2000, the countdown reached its peak add something


In the 2000s, MTV launched MTV HD, a 1080i high definition simulcast feed of MTV. However, only the network's original series after 2010 are broadcast in high definition, while music videos, despite being filmed for high definition presentation, are still presented in 4:3 standard definition, forcing them into a windowboxing type of presentation add something


In the 2000s, as the channel reduced its airtime for music videos and eliminated much of its in-house programming, its annual summer-long events came to an end add something


MTV continued to experiment with late night talk shows in the early 2000s with relatively short-lived programs such as "Kathy's So Called Reality", starring Kathy Griffin, and "The New Tom Green Show" add something


The annual tradition would continue into the 2000s, when it would become de-emphasized and handed off to mtvU, the spin-off channel of MTV targeted at college campuses add something


The channel expanded its programming focus in late 2000s and early 2010s to include more scripted programs add something


While music videos were featured on MTV up to eight hours per day in 2000, the year 2008 saw an average of just three hours of music videos per day on MTV. The rise of the internet as a convenient outlet for the promotion and viewing of music videos signaled this reduction add something


Russell Brand - Brand's first presenting role came in 2000 as a video journalist on MTV


Chris Booker - He served as host of such shows as "TV Talk," "Sushi TV," and "What's ON DVD." From 2000 to 2003, Booker was a full time VJ for MTV and MTV2, hosting such shows as "The Return of the Rock," "First Listen with Britney Spears," and was the final host for the now defunct series "120 Minutes


George Duran - In 2000, George moved into the TV world, working in production on the popular MTV show "House of Style"


Kiele Sanchez - In 2000, Sanchez auditioned for MTV's Wanna Be a VJ contest in New York


A daily music video program on MTV that carried the name "Return of the Rock" ran through early 2001, replaced by a successor, "All Things Rock", from 2002 until 2004 add something


On the heels of parent company Viacom's purchase of & CBS, MTV was selected to produce the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXV in 2001, airing on CBS (NFL_on_CBS) and featuring Britney Spears, 'N Sync and Aerosmith add something


"VJ for a Day", hosted by Raymond Munns, continued this concept in early 2001 add something


Ananda Lewis - In 2001, Lewis decided to leave MTV in order to start her own talk show


Andy Dick - In 2001, he made a show on MTV called "The Andy Dick Show"


Ananda Lewis - MTV called upon Lewis to host other, topical programs, including two MTV forums on violence in schools, which aired after the Columbine High School massacre and several memorial tributes for the singer Aaliyah, who perished in a plane crash in 2001


Madison Nguyen - Nguyen began to become more involved in politics in 2001, while working as a sociology instructor at De Anza Community College; inspired by MTV's "Rock the Vote" campaign, she and a colleague organized a voter drive in which 5,500 Vietnamese Americans registered to vote for the first time


A pilot for a show called "Dude, This Sucks" was canceled after teens attending a taping at the Snow Summit Ski Resort in January 2001 were sprayed with liquid fecal matter by the group "The Shower Rangers" add something


On April 6, 2001, MTV voluntarily ceased regular programming for 24 hours as part of the year's hate crimes awareness campaign add something


MTV celebrated its 20th anniversary on August 1, 2001, beginning with a 12-hour retrospective called "MTV20: Buggles to Bizkit", which featured over 100 classic videos played chronologically, hosted by various VJs in reproductions of MTV's old studios add something


Russell Brand - However, Brand was fired after coming to work dressed as Osama bin Laden the day after the 11 September 2001 attacks and bringing his drug dealer to the MTV studios


The channels played a looped set of music videos without commercial interruption until an MTV News special edition of "TRL" aired on September 14, 2001 add something


In 2002, Carson Daly left MTV and "TRL" to pursue a late night talk show on NBC add something


MTV launched digital cable channel MTVX to play rock music videos exclusively, an experiment that lasted until 2002 add something


"The Osbournes", a reality show based on the everyday life of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon, and two of their children, Jack and Kelly, premiered on MTV in 2002 add something


Russell Brand - After leaving MTV, Brand starred in " in 2002


Christina Milian - In 2002, Milian was appointed the host of the live competitive music series Wannabe on MTV, where she met director Joseph Kahn.


Justin Timberlake - In August 2002, after months of recording Justified, his debut solo album, Timberlake performed at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.


A weekly block of music videos with the name "Headbangers Ball" aired from 2003 to 2011 on sister channel MTV2, before spending an additional two years as a web-only series on MTV2's website, until "Headbangers Ball" was discontinued once again in 2013 add something


In 2003, MTV added "Punk'd", a project by Ashton Kutcher to play pranks on various celebrities, and "Pimp My Ride", a show about adding aesthetic and functional modifications to cars and other vehicles add something


It began in 2003 and ran for four seasons, ending in early 2005; the couple later divorced add something


Kylie Bax - Bax's Lexington, Kentucky farm-house was featured in a 2003 episode of the MTV television show, "Cribs"


Russell Brand - Brand was ejected from the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh, and he infamously introduced his drug dealer to Kylie Minogue during his time at MTV. He has abstained from drug use since 2003 and is now a patron of the addiction charity Focus 12


Eminem - In 2003 he was listed as number thirteen on MTV's 22 Greatest Voices in Music and number 82 on Rolling Stone's "The Immortals".


Allmusic and "Megalomaniac" by Incubus in 2004 add something


Due to its success, MTV was invited back to produce another Super Bowl halftime show in 2004, which would spark a nationwide debate and lead to sweeping changes in Super Bowl halftime shows, MTV's own programming, and even music played on the radio add something


From this time until 2004, MTV made some periodic efforts to reintroduce pop rock music videos to the channel add something


In the fall of 2004, Ozzy Osbourne's reality show "Battle for Ozzfest" aired; the show hosted competitions between bands vying to play as part of Ozzfest, a yearly heavy metal music tour across the United States hosted by Osbourne add something


One special show covered the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, airing programs focused on the issues and opinions of young people, including a program where viewers could ask questions of Senator John Kerry add something


When CBS aired Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004, its sister network was again chosen to produce the halftime show, with performances by such artists as Nelly, Diddy, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake add something


Jesse Colburn - Colburn has appeared on several television shows and a movie, including "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", "The View", "Going the Distance" and the 2002 MTV Video *awards as himself


Andy Dick - In 2004, he starred in a satirical reality television show, on MTV, called "The Assistant"


Xzibit - The popular MTV show Pimp My Ride boosted his popularity even further, as it introduced him to a major audience in 2004.


The success of "Newlyweds" was followed in June 2004 by "The Ashlee Simpson Show", which documented the beginnings of the music career of Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson's younger sister add something


Mark McGrath - McGrath began his work as co-host of the "Extra" television show on September 13, 2004 after a producer had noticed his work hosting various VH1 and MTV programs and asked him to join


Production ended on "The Osbournes" in November 2004 add something


In 2005 and 2006, MTV launched a series of channels for Asian Americans add something


In 2005, the Parents Television Council released a study titled "MTV Smut Peddlers", which sought to expose what PTC believed was excessive sexual, profane, and violent content on the channel, based on MTV's "Spring Break" programming from 2004 add something experimented with entirely video-based layouts between 2005 and 2007 add something


Ozzy Osbourne - In 2005 Osbourne and his wife Sharon starred in an MTV competition reality show entitled "Battle for Ozzfest"


MC Hammer - In the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards, Hammer made a surprise appearance in the middle of the show with best friend Jermaine Jackson.


Angelina Jolie - She filmed a 2005 MTV special, The Diary of Angelina Jolie & Dr. Jeffrey Sachs in Africa, portraying her and noted economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs on a trip to a remote group of villages in Western Kenya.


The experiment began in April 2005 as "MTV Overdrive", a streaming video service that supplemented the regular website add something


The first channel was MTV Desi, launched in July 2005, dedicated toward South-Asian Americans add something


Along with VH1, MTV broadcast the Live 8 concerts, a series of concerts set in the G8 states and South Africa, on July 2, 2005 add something


Next was MTV Chi, in December 2005, which catered to Chinese Americans add something


From 2006 to 2007, MTV operated an online channel, MTV International, targeted to the broad international market add something


The FCC upheld its decision in 2006, but federal judges reversed the fine in 2008 add something


Justin Timberlake - Back", was performed by Timberlake at the opening of the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, where it remained for seven consecutive weeks.


Russell Brand - Brand next returned to MTV in the spring of 2006 as presenter of the chat show "1 Leicester Square", which initially aired at 8 pm on Sundays before being shifted to a post-watershed time of 10 pm on Mondays, allowing for a more adult-oriented theme


Lee Latchford-Evans - In 2006, he appeared in a new reality show on MTV, "Totally Boyband"


Ryan Stout - That same year he filmed pilot episodes for two separate television shows for MTV, "I.Q." and a remake of the hit show "Singled Out," co-hosted by, Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner


Justin Timberlake - Timberlake has hosted many music events, including the European MTV Music Awards in 2006.


The experiment ended in February 2006 as reverted to a traditional HTML-based website design with embedded video clips, in the style of YouTube and some other video-based websites add something


Ashlee Simpson - In March 2006, Simpson won an MTV celebrity surfing invitational competition, which featured celebrities such as Meagan Good, Jack Osbourne, Ashley Parker Angel and Tony Hawk.


Sarah Cawood - In May 2006, it was while she was presenting The National Lottery Jet Set, alongside Eamonn Holmes that Fathers 4 Justice invaded the studio, she however carried on and later claimed it was her training on MTV which allowed her to 'ad-lib'


The third was MTV K, launched in June 2006 and targeted toward Korean Americans add something


BoA - In June 2006, the music video of her Korean song "My Name" became the first music video ever shown on MTV K, an MTV music channel directed at Korean Americans


Five years later, on August 1, 2006, MTV celebrated its 25th anniversary add something


Jay-Z - The effort took place in partnership with the UN, as well as MTV, which produced a documentary entitled Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life, first airing in November 2006.


Despite the challenge from Timberlake, MTV continued to decrease its total rotation time for music videos in 2007, and the channel eliminated its long-running special tags for music videos such as "Buzzworthy" , "Breakthrough" , and "Spankin' New" add something


In 2007, MTV aired the reality show "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila", chronicling MySpace sensation Tila Tequila's journey to find a companion add something


Paris Hilton - Hilton was required to begin her jail term on June 5, 2007, and checked herself into the Century Regional Detention Facility, an all-female jail in Lynwood, California after attending the 2007 MTV Movie Awards on June 3, 2007.


Hilary Duff - It was broadcast on MTV on April 3 and April 9, 2007.


All three of these channels ceased broadcasting on April 30, 2007 add something


Perez Hilton - Hilton appeared as a contestant on MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar", which debuted August 30, 2007


Daniel Merriweather - He performed at the MTV Video Music *awards on 9 September 2007 alongside Ronson who acted as the official DJ for the proceedings


A newly created division of the company, MTV New Media, announced in 2008 that it would produce its own original web series, in an attempt to create a bridge between old and new media add something


Prior to its finale in 2008, MTV's main source of music videos was "Total Request Live", airing four times per week, featuring short clips of music videos along with VJs and guests add something


Since the premiere of the short-lived "FNMTV" in 2008, MTV has used a revised, chopped version of its traditional logo during most of its on-air programming add something


The "FNMTV Premieres" event ended before the "2008 Video Music awards" in September add something


The channel began showing presidential campaign commercials for the first time during the 2008 U.S. presidential election add something


Russell Brand - Brand was later announced as the host of the 2008 MTV Video Music *awards, which drew scepticism from the American media, as he was relatively unknown to the American public


Perez Hilton - He co-hosted the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards and after Rick Astley did not show up to collect his award for best act ever at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Perez Hilton collected the prize on Rick's behalf


Lupe Fiasco - In 2008, MTV named Fiasco the 7th Hottest MC in the Game and announced that he was remixing The Cool with French electro house act Justice.


Kelly Rowland - In 2008, Rowland officially became ambassador for MTV's Staying Alive Foundation, which aims to reduce discrimination against HIV and AIDS victims


In April 2008, PTC released "The Rap on Rap", a study covering hip-hop and R&B music videos rotated on programs "106 & Park" and "Rap City", both shown on BET, and "Sucker Free" on MTV. PTC urged advertisers to withdraw sponsorship of those programs, whose videos PTC stated targeted children and teenagers containing adult content add something


Timbaland - Timbaland spoke to MTV's Shaheem Reid back in July 2008 to confirm that he was working on the follow-up to his platinum selling Shock Value.


The channel was officially rebranded as Palladia on September 1, 2008 to coincide with the shift to more exclusive HD programming add something


MTV welcomed Paris Hilton to its lineup in October 2008 with the launch of her new reality series, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" add something


The channel responded to the rise of the Internet as the new central place to watch music videos in October 2008 by launching MTV Music, a website that features thousands of music videos from MTV and VH1's video libraries, dating back to the earliest videos from 1981 add something


The series came to an end with a special finale episode, "Total Finale Live", which aired November 16, 2008, and featured all the show's hosts from over the years, many special guests from the history of the show, and played its last music video, "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears add something


With the exception of a holiday themed episode in December 2008 and an unrelated "Spring Break" special in March 2009 with the same title, "FNMTV Premieres" never returned to the channel's regular program schedule, leaving MTV without any music video programs hosted by VJs for the first time in its history add something


Hilary Duff - She parted ways with Hollywood Records after six years of service and announced to MTV that she would begin work on her new album in December 2008.


In 2009, Disney Channel revived the "D-TV" concept with a new series of short-form segments called "Re-Micks" add something


In 2009, MTV aired Snoop Dogg's second program with the channel, "Dogg After Dark", and the show "College Life", based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison add something


In late 2009, MTV shifted its focus back to "Real World"-style reality programming with the premiere of "Jersey Shore", a program that brought high ratings to the channel and caused controversy due to some of its content add something


MTV again resurrected the long-running series "MTV Unplugged" in 2009 with performances from acts such as Adele and Paramore add something


MTV received a significant amount of criticism from Italian American organizations for the show "Jersey Shore", which premiered in 2009 add something


Moreover, the show saw its audience increase from its premiere in 2009, and continued to place as MTV's top-rated programs during "Jersey Shore's" five-season run, ending in 2012 add something


With backlash towards what some consider too much superficial content on the network, a 2009 "New York Times" article stated the intention of MTV to shift its focus towards more socially conscious media, which the article labels "MTV for the Obama era add something


Russell Brand - Brand hosted the 2009 MTV Video Music *awards on 2009, at Radio City Music Hall in New York City


Eminem - During the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen descended upon the audience wearing an angel's costume and landed on top of Eminem with his buttocks facing towards Eminem's face, resulting in Eminem storming out of the awards ceremony in disgust.


Lucas Grabeel - Early in 2009, Grabeel was voted "Most Likely to Do Big Things in 2009" by MTV and had an exclusive interview with them


Joey Ryan (wrestler) - He worked for the short-lived MTV promotion Wrestling Society X and in Ring of Honor in 2009-2010


Efren Ramirez - In 2009, Efren starred in the comedy "American Summer" with Matthew Lillard as well as appearing as a contestant on MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar"


Pixie Lott - Lott won two MTV EMA *awards MTV Europe Music *awards 2009, Best UK & Ireland Act and Best Push Artist


Arthur Bradford - The concept was expanded and developed into a series for MTV and broadcast throughout 2009


Justin Timberlake - Timberlake is the executive producer on the MTV reality series The Phone, which premiered on April 21, 2009.


Nadia Ali - Ali was featured on MTV Iggy in March 2009, where she recorded three live acoustic videos, performing "Rapture", "Crash and Burn" and "Love Story"


Chanel Iman - On March 21, 2009, she appeared as a correspondent in MTV's brief revival of "House of Style" with Bar Refaeli


MTV launched a live talk show, "It's On with Alexa Chung", on June 15, 2009 add something


Shortly after Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, the channel aired several hours of Jackson's music videos, accompanied by live news specials featuring reactions from MTV personalities and other celebrities add something


Current TV - In July 2009, Current TV made a series of changes due to financial reasons and the failed IPO. CEO Joel Hyatt resigned to a new vice president position and was replaced by Mark Rosenthal, the former COO and president of MTV Networks, with a plan to reform Current TV to more traditional programing


Pixie Lott - On 15 August 2009, Lott was featured alongside Hoobastank, The All-American Rejects, Kasabian, Boys Like Girls, Estranged and Raygun as one of the live acts at Asia's very first MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia concert


In September 2009, the channel aired "Popzilla", which showcased and imitated celebrities in an animated form add something


Janet Jackson - In September 2009, she performed "Scream" at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards as part of a tribute to Michael.


It was first adopted for MTV Films with the 2010 release "Jackass 3D" add something


Erin McNaught - In 2010 she was employed by MTV and fronted their "MTV Hits Weekly Hot30 Countdown" show


Ron Mustafaa - In 2010, Ron was cast as Abbud Siddiqui in the MTV adaptation of the British teen drama "Skins"


Beth Littleford - She starred in the Disney XD original show "I'm in the Band", the 2010 Disney channel movie "Starstruck", and played Suzanne Berger on MTV's "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" and Dana on ABC's "Desperate Housewives"


This new logo was finalized and formally became MTV's official brand mark on February 8, 2010, when it debuted on MTV's website add something


Kenna - The documentary on the climb aired on MTV on March 14, 2010


MTV launched "10 on Top" in May 2010, a weekly program airing on Saturdays and hosted by Lenay Dunn, that counts down the top 10 most trending and talked about topics of the week add something


The channel tried its hand again at live programming with the premiere of a half-hour program called "The Seven" in September 2010 add something


Erin McNaught - In December 2010, she began co-hosted the "MTV Hits Weekly Hot30 Countdown" with Matty Acton


Although MTV reached its 30th year of broadcasting in 2011, the channel itself passed over this milestone in favor of its current programming schedule add something


MTV again reintroduced animated programming to its lineup with the return of "Beavis and Butt-head" in 2011 after 14 years off the air, alongside brand new animated programs such as "Good Vibes" add something


Since its debut in 2011, "MTV First" has featured high-profile acts such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Usher and Justin Bieber add something


The Super Bowl itself would not feature another modern act for its halftime show until The Black Eyed Peas performed at Super Bowl XLV in 2011 add something


The short program, produced by MTV News, debuted in early 2011 and continues to air typically once every couple of weeks on any given weekday add something


Jay-Z - Jay-Z and West later gave a surprise performance of " Otis" at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.


On June 12, 2011, MTV aired a traditional television premiere of a new installment of "MTV Unplugged" instead of a web debut add something


"The Seven" was cancelled on June 13, 2011 add something


Eight years later, on July 31, 2011, "120 Minutes" was resurrected with Matt Pinfield taking over hosting duties once again and airing monthly on MTV2 add something


The animated series "Beavis and Butt-head" returned to MTV in October 2011 with new episodes add something


In 2012, MTV launched "MTV Act" and "Power of 12", its current social activism campaigns add something


In 2012, "Punk'd" returned with a revolving door of new hosts per episode add something


In the summer of 2012, MTV launched a music discovery web site called Artists add something


MTV announced plans to re-enter the late-night comedy space in 2012 with "Nikki & Sara Live", an unscripted series by stand-up comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer add something


Sometime in 2012, MTV debuted "Clubland", which previously existed as an hour of EDM videos during the "AMTV" video block add something


The show was supposed to return in Fall 2012, but was moved to MTV2 instead, where it was rebranded and merged with "Sucker Free Countdown" add something


"MTV Act" focuses on a wide array of social issues, while "Power of 12" was a replacement for MTV's "Choose or Lose" and focused on the 2012 U.S. presidential election add something


Mario Lopez - He has hosted "America's Best Dance Crew" for MTV, and as of 2012, he co-hosts the reality show of the U.S. version of the singing competition, "The X Factor"


MTV aired similar one-hour live specials with music videos and news updates following the death of Whitney Houston on February 11, 2012, and the death of Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys on May 4, 2012 add something


The channel followed up with a similar television premiere of "MTV Unplugged" with Florence and the Machine on April 8, 2012 add something


In June 2012, MTV confirmed that it would develop a series based on the "Scream" franchise add something


The show, which leads off the channel's music video programming during the early morning hours on Tuesdays through Thursdays and airs on MTV Hits, was hosted by DJ Hardwell on July 5, 2012, but "'Clubland" remains hostless and as a source the best new and old EDM tracks add something


The new show debuted as "The Week in Jams" on October 28, 2012 add something


It was renamed "Music Feed" in 2013 with a reduced schedule add something


Eminem - Even without a title or release the album was included in multiple "Most Anticipated Albums of 2013" lists; including MTV, "Complex Magazine" where it was listed in sixth position; and "XXL Magazine", where it was listed in fifth


Miley Cyrus - In August 2013, Cyrus was the subject of widespread media attention and public scrutiny following a controversial performance and duet with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Music *awards


In 2014, MTV launched "Look Different", its current social activism campaign focused on biases against the African-American, LGBT, Muslim, and Latino communities add something


The channel was officially rebranded as MTV Live on February 1, 2016 add something


On April 21, 2016, MTV announced that new Unplugged episodes will begin airing as well as a weekly performance series called "Wonderland" add something


On August 1, 2016, MTV launched the channel MTV Classic by airing all of MTV's famous and classic shows that aired in the 1990s and early 2000s like Daria, Beavis and Butt-Head, Laguna Beach, Unplugged, and HeadBangers Ball add something


On August 1, 2016, the 35th anniversary of the original MTV's launch, the network VH1 Classic was rebranded as MTV Classic; the channel's programming continues to focus on classic music videos and programming , but skews more towards the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s add something


In December 2016, MTV online published a video telling white males how they could improve themselves in 2017 add something


As of December 5, 2016, MTV no longer airs any music video blocks add something


At the start of 2017 it was re-programmed into an all-video network add something


As of April 2017, No music video programming currently airs on MTV. add something


After nine years off air, "TRL" will be returning in October 2017 add something


In July 2017, it was announced that "TRL" would be returning to the network on October 2, 2017 add something


MTV formerly broadcast MTVU on campuses at various universities until 2018, when the MTv Networks on Campus divison was sold, and the channel remained as a digital cable channel only add something


In November 2018, TRL ended as a TV show add something


On June 24, 2019, it was announced that "Scream" would be moving to VH1 ahead of the premiere of the third season add something