Muslim Council of Britain

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Muslim Council of Britain

Self-appointed umbrella body for national, regional, local and specialist Muslim organisations and institutions from different ethnic and sectarian backgrounds within British Islamic society add

Category: Religion

Founded in 1997.

Countries: United Kingdom (37%), Europe (16%), Israel (11%)

Main connections: Islam, Jyllands-Posten, Muhammad

Linked to: Jyllands-Posten, Trades Union Congress, Jews, BBC




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It was established in 1997 to help South-Asian Muslims and has increased its representation since to other Muslim groups in the UK. It works to increase education about Islam, and to relieve social and economic suffering add something


The Secretary General from 1997 to 2006, Iqbal Sacranie, received a knighthood in the 2005 Queen's Birthday Honours for his longstanding service to the community and interfaith dialogue add something


Following the 7 July 2005 London bombings, the MCB issued statements expressing its disgust at the events: "All of us must unite in helping the police to capture these murderers add something


Festival of Muslim Cultures - In August 2005, The Observer reported that the Muslim Council of Britain used its influence in Whitehall to gain a place on the festival's board of trustees


When editorial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad were printed in the Danish daily newspaper "Jyllands-Posten" on 30 September 2005, the MCB saw them as reflecting "the emergence of an increasingly xenophobic tone being adopted towards Muslims in parts of the Western media" and argued, "We should not allow our valued freedoms in Europe to be abused by those deliberately seeking to provoke hatred and division between communities" add something


In 2006 the MCB won a grant of £300,000 from the UK Department for International Development add something


In 2006, MCB along with other major Muslim organisations launched "Mosques & Imams National Advisory Board" , an independent self-regulatory body to supervise mosques, train imams, set out core standards and constitutions, and promote best practices in the British mosques add something


In February 2006, the MCB urged MPs to vote for the Lords' amendment to the Terrorism Act 2006, which removed the 'glorification of terrorism' clause from the bill add something


Delwar Hossain Sayeedi - Sayeedi has a large following within the British Bangladeshi community, he was invited to speak at the East London Mosque on 14 July 2006, the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, Muhammad Abdul Bari supported his invite


A 2007 document produced by the MCB "intended to be used, as a source of reference by schools when reviewing their policies and practices in relation to meeting the needs of their South-Asian Muslim pupils" add something


Since 2007, the MCB has called for the day to be replaced by a "Genocide Memorial Day" add something


This programme, started in summer 2007, targets 100 medium sized Mosques and South-Asian Muslim organisations from across the country, aiming to "empower and capacity build within a year" by providing training and access to resources add something


Unite Against Fascism - At UAF's 2007 national conference, speakers ranged from cabinet minister Peter Hain to Edie Friedman of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality and Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari of the Muslim Council of Britain , as well as figures from the major UK trade unions


On 3 December 2007, the MCB voted to end the boycott add something


On 3 March 2008, the MCB criticised the Foreign Secretary David Miliband's response to Israel's killing of over 100 Palestinians in Gaza as "blatantly one-sided add something


This was in reaction to Israeli military action in Gaza of December 2008 and January 2009 add something


In March 2009, "The Observer" reported that individuals including Daud Abdullah, the Deputy Secretary General of the MCB, had signed what has become known as the Istanbul Declaration in January of that year add something


Philip Davies - In July 2010 Davies argued it would not be beneficial to allow the United Kingdom Youth Parliament to stage a debate in the House of Commons Chamber because it would create a precedent which would mean organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain would be able to use the House of Commons


In his report, released in July 2014, he identified the MCB and the Association of Muslim Schools as two organisations in "an international movement to increase the role of Islam in education" add something


Nonetheless, in April 2016, following the "religiously prejudiced" murder of a British Ahmadi Muslim, Asad Shah, by a Sunni Muslim, the council felt pressured to issue a statement concerning its position on Ahmadiyya, the branch of Islam to which Shah belonged to add something


Following the fatal bombing of the Manchester Arena in 2017, MCB Secretary General Harun Khan condemned the attack, saying "This is horrific, this is criminal add something


In June 2018, the organisation said there are now "more than weekly incidents" involving Conservative candidates and representatives add something


Conservative Party (UK) - In July 2018, the Muslim Council of Britain repeated its call for an independent inquiry into Islamophobia and accused the Conservatives of turning blind eye to Islamophobia claims