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Napoleon Hill

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Born in 1883.

Countries: United States (50%), (33%), Virginia (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Andrew Carnegie, Charles F. Haanel, Positive mental attitude

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At the age of 13, Hill began writing as a "mountain reporter" for small-town newspapers in the area of Wise County, Virginia. add something


Hill considered the turning point in his life to have occurred in the year 1908 with his assignment, as part of a series of articles about famous and successful men, to interview the industrialist Andrew Carnegie. add something


Andrew Carnegie - In 1908, he commissioned Napoleon Hill, a journalist, to interview more than 500 wealthy achievers to find out the common threads of their success


Charles F. Haanel - In 1919, Napoleon Hill wrote Haanel a letter thanking him for "The Master Key System


As a result of Hill's studies via Carnegie's introductions, the Philosophy of Achievement was offered as a formula for rags-to-riches success by Hill and Carnegie, published initially in 1925 as a multi-volume study course called The Law of Success, later re-released in 1928 in an abridged version under the same title. add something


Personal branding - Personal branding, self-positioning and all individual branding by whatever name, was first introduced in 1937 in the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill


Positive mental attitude - "'Positive mental attitude"' is a concept first introduced in 1937 by Napoleon Hill in the book "Think and Grow Rich"

Major work

1937 - Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


The Achievement formula was detailed further and published in home-study courses, including the seventeen-volume "Mental Dynamite" series until 1941. add something


From 1952-1962, Hill taught his Philosophy of Personal Achievement - Lectures on "Science of Success" in association with W. Clement Stone. add something


In 1960, Hill and Stone co-authored the book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. add something


Napoleon Hill died in 1970 add something


Napoleon Hill died aged 87 on November 8, 1970 add something


Ken Norton - March 12, 1976 discussed that Norton credited Napoleon Hill's philosophy for his success