National Bank of Belgium

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National Bank of Belgium

Member of the European System of Central Banks add

Category: Business (2)

Founded in 1850.

Countries: Belgium (88%), (13%)

Main connections: Societe Generale de Belgique, Andre-Eugene Pirson, Walthere Frere-Orban

Linked to: European Central Bank, S.A.




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The "'National Bank of Belgium"' has been the central bank of Belgium since 1850 add something


Peter Praet - He was executive director of the National Bank of Belgium from 2000 to 2011


Mischael Modrikamen - In 2003, he was representing shareholders of the National Bank after expropriation of the gold reserves by the Belgian State


Luc Coene - He was Governor of the National Bank of Belgium from April 2011 until March 2015