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American commercial broadcasting television network and former radio network headquartered in the GE Building in New York City add

Category: Movies & TV

Founded in 1926.

Countries: United States (71%), (10%), United Kingdom (7%)

Main connections: CBS, NBC Sports, NBC News

Linked to: Los Angeles Times, RCA, Comcast, General Electric




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Formed in 1926 by the Radio Corporation of America , NBC was the first major broadcast network in the United States add something


NBC launched officially on November 15, 1926 add something


On April 5, 1927, NBC reached the West Coast with the launch of the NBC "Orange Network", known as "The Pacific Coast Network" add something


In 1930, General Electric was compelled by antitrust charges to divest itself of RCA, which it had founded add something


NBC developed a network for shortwave radio stations in the 1930s called the "NBC White Network" add something


NBC started to use the three notes in 1931, and it was the first audio trademark to be accepted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office add something


This was followed by the debut on October 18, 1931, of the NBC "Gold Network", known as "The Pacific Gold Network" add something


The NBC chimes were mechanized in 1932 by Richard H. Ranger of the Rangertone company; their purpose was to send a low level signal of constant amplitude that would be heard by the various switching stations manned by NBC and AT&T engineers, and thus used as a system cue for switching different stations between the Red and Blue network feeds add something


NBC outgrew 711 Fifth Avenue in 1933 add something


RCA moved its corporate headquarters into the new Rockefeller Center in 1933, signing the leases in 1931 add something


The Federal Communications Commission had, since its creation in 1934, investigated the monopolistic effects of network broadcasting add something


In 1936 the "Orange Network" name was dropped and network affiliate stations became part of the Red Network add something


Nat King Cole - Their first broadcast was with NBC's Blue Network in 1938


In 1939 the FCC ordered RCA to divest itself of one of the two networks add something


Later in 1939, NBC took its cameras to professional football and baseball games in the New York City area, establishing many "firsts" in the history of television add something


President Franklin D. Roosevelt appeared at the fair, before the NBC cameras, becoming the first U.S. president to appear on television on April 30, 1939 add something


Columbia University - On May 17, 1939, fledgling NBC broadcast a doubleheader between the Columbia Lions and the Princeton Tigers at Columbia's Baker Field, making it the first televised regular athletic event in history


In the late 1940s, rival Columbia Broadcasting System gained ground by allowing radio stars to use their own production companies, which was profitable for them add something


More stations along the East Coast and in the Midwest were connected by coaxial cable through the late 1940s, and in September 1951 the first transcontinental telecasts took place add something


RCA fought the divestiture order, but in 1940 divided NBC into two companies in case an appeal was lost add something


The most ambitious NBC television "network" program of this pre-war era was the telecasting of the Republican National Convention in 1940 from Philadelphia, which was fed live to New York and Schenectady, New York add something


Television's experimental period ended, and the FCC allowed full commercial telecasting to begin on July 1, 1941 add something


The Blue Network became "NBC Blue Network, Inc." and NBC Red became "NBC Red Network, Inc." Both networks formally divorced operations on January 8, 1942, and the Blue Network was referred to on the air as either "Blue" or "Blue Network", with official corporate name "Blue Network Company, Inc." NBC Red, on the air, became known simply as "NBC" add something


Noble wanted a better name for the network and in 1944 acquired the rights to the name "American Broadcasting Company" from George Storer add something


United States Naval Institute - Contributors have included historians David McCullough and James M. McPherson; former sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen such as Ernest Borgnine, Gene Hackman, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.; newsman Walter Cronkite, who covered the Invasion of Normandy in 1944 for United Press; and NBC television anchor Tom Brokaw


On V-E Day, May 8, 1945, WNBT broadcast hours of news coverage, and remotes from around New York City add something


The Blue Network became ABC officially on June 15, 1945, after the sale was completed add something


In 1947, NBC's first major children's series was "Howdy Doody", one of the era's first breakthrough television shows add something


Conductor Arturo Toscanini conducted ten television concerts on NBC between 1948 and 1952 add something


Regardless of the exact target demographic, the general idea was appealing to any viewers who were not close to retirement age and that TV programming was overall stuck in a 1950s mentality and had to be updated to resemble contemporary American society more add something


The early 1950s brought success for NBC in the new medium add something


Aiming to keep classic radio alive as television matured, and to challenge CBS's Sunday night radio lineup, much of which had jumped from NBC with Jack Benny, NBC launched "The Big Show" in November 1950 add something


In 1951, NBC commissioned Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti to compose the first opera ever written for television; Menotti came up with "Amahl and the Night Visitors", a forty-five minute work for which he wrote both music and libretto, about a disabled shepherd boy who meets the Three Wise Men and is miraculously cured when he offers his crutch to the newborn Christ Child add something


It was such a stunning success that it was repeated every year on NBC from 1951 to 1966, when a quarrel between Menotti and NBC ended the broadcasts add something


Conrad Janis - In 1953, he played eldest son Edward in the NBC sitcom ://www


Alben W. Barkley - Low ratings prompted NBC's decision not to renew the series in September 1953


While rivals CBS and DuMont offered color broadcasting plans, RCA convinced the FCC to approve its color system in December 1953 add something


NBC began with some shows in 1954, and that summer broadcast its first program to air all episodes in color, "The Marriage" add something


Weaver, who launched the genre of periodic 90-minute network "spectaculars", network-produced motion pictures, and the live 90-minute Sunday afternoon series "Wide Wide World", left the network in 1955 in a dispute with its chairman David Sarnoff, who subsequently named his son Robert Sarnoff as president add something


NBC's last major radio programming push, beginning June 12, 1955, was "Monitor", a creation of NBC President Sylvester "Pat" Weaver, who created the innovative NBC television programs "Today Show, The Tonight Show, and Home add something


Carmen Miranda - On 4 August 1955, Miranda was taping a segment for the NBC variety series "The Jimmy Durante Show"


In 1956, NBC abandoned the children's programming lineup on weekday afternoons, relegating the lineup to Saturdays only with "Howdy Doody" as their marquee franchise for the series' remaining four years add something


Carl Perkins - After playing a show in Norfolk, Virginia on March 21, 1956, the Perkins Brothers Band headed to New York City for a March 24 appearance on NBC-TV's "Perry Como Show"


Nat King Cole - On November 5, 1956, "The Nat King Cole Show" debuted on NBC


The late 1960s brought big changes in the programming practices of the major TV networks add something


Bobby Darin - In 1960, he appeared twice as himself in NBC's short-lived crime drama "Dan Raven", starring Skip Homeier and set on the Sunset Strip of West Hollywood


Winfield Scott - The actor Stuart Randall played Scott in the 1960 episode "The Quota" of NBC's "Riverboat" western television series


Benjamin Wade - On May 15, 1961, the actor Robert Middleton played Senator Wade in the series finale of the NBC 17-episode "The Americans", a story of how the Civil War divided families


By 1963, much of NBC's prime time schedule was in color, although some popular programs like "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", which premiered in late 1964, had their entire first season in black-and-white add something


Bobby Darin - In October 1964, he appeared as a wounded ex-convict who is befriended by an orphan girl in "The John Gillman Story" episode of NBC's "Wagon Train" western television series


NBC is currently the home of only one daytime soap opera, "Days of our Lives", which has been broadcast on the network since 1965 add something


In 1967, NBC acquired MGM's classic 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz" after CBS, which had televised the film beginning in 1956, refused to meet MGM's increased price for more television showings add something


"Oz" had been, up to then, one of the few programs that CBS had telecast in color, but by 1967, color was the norm on TV, and the film became another in the list of color specials telecast by NBC. The network showed the film annually for eight years, beginning in 1968, after which CBS, realizing that they may have committed a colossal blunder by letting this then-huge ratings success go to another network, now agreed to pay MGM more money so that the rights to show the film could revert to them add something


Golden Globe Award - From 1968 to 1974, the Globes were booted off NBC after the Federal Communications Commission claimed the show misled the public as to how the winners were determined


Golden Globe Award - However, in 1968, the Federal Communications Commission claimed the show misled the public as to how the winners were determined and admonished NBC for participating in the scandal


Golden Globe Award - Subsequently, NBC refused to broadcast the ceremony from 1968 until after 1974


California Institute of Technology - Caltech undergraduates have historically been so apathetic to politics that there has been only one organized student protest in January 1968 outside the Burbank studios of & NBC, in response to rumors that NBC was to cancel Star Trek


Most were wooed away by ABC, which was the number-one network during the late 1970s and early 1980s, while WBAL-TV and WRGB-TV went to CBS. In the case of WSB-TV and WSOC-TV, both were under common ownership with Cox Enterprises, with its other NBC affiliate at the time, WIIC-TV in Pittsburgh , only remaining with the network because WIIC-TV itself was in a distant third to then-CBS affiliate and Group W powerhouse KDKA-TV & pre-existing ABC affiliate WTAE-TV add something


The 1970s started strongly for the network thanks to hits like "Adam-12", "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In", "Ironside", "The Dean Martin Show", and "The Flip Wilson Show", but this did not last add something


The Seven Network in Australia has close ties with NBC and has used a majority of the network's imaging and slogans since the 1970s add something


Bobby Darin - In 1972, he starred in his own television variety show on NBC, "The Bobby Darin Amusement Company", which ran until his death in 1973


Redd Foxx - The series premiered on the NBC television network on January 14, 1972 and was broadcast for six seasons


In 1974 under new president Herb Schlosser, the network tried to go after younger viewers with a series of costly movies, miniseries and specials add something


None of the new prime-time shows NBC introduced in the fall of 1975 earned a second season, all failing in the face of established competition add something


After "Monitor" went off the air January 26, 1975, little remained of NBC network radio beyond hourly newscasts and news features, and "The Eternal Light" on Sunday mornings add something


Beginning on June 18, 1975, NBC launched the NBC News and Information Service , which provided up to 55 minutes of news per hour around the clock to local stations that wanted to adopt an all-news format add something


NIS attracted several dozen subscribing stations, but by the fall of 1976 NBC determined that it could not project that the service would ever become profitable and gave the subscribers six months' notice that it would be discontinued add something


Beth Taylor - The first was at what was WRBT-TV the Baton Rouge ABC affiliate in 1976, where she went to work after graduation as a reporter, producer, and fill-in news anchor when the station became the NBC affiliate


However, by 1978, Menotti and NBC had patched things up, and an all-new production of the work, filmed partly on location in the Middle East, was telecast that year add something


Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. - A 3-hour made-for-television film, "Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women", starring Paul Shenar as Ziegfeld, Samantha Eggar as Billie Burke and Barbara Parkins as Anna Held, was produced by Columbia Pictures and shown on NBC in 1978


In 1979, NBC started The Source, a modestly successful secondary network providing news and short features to FM rock stations add something


Bruce Cockburn - " "Wondering Where the Lions Are," the first single from that album, reached No. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US in June 1980, and earned Cockburn an appearance on NBC's hit TV show "Saturday Night Live


Though Letterman had an unsuccessful weekday morning series which debuted June 23, 1980, "Late Night with David Letterman" proved much more successful add something


In the summer of 1981, Fred Silverman resigned add something


Pierce Brosnan - In 1982, Brosnan moved to Southern California and rose to popularity in the United States playing the title role in the NBC romantic detective series "Remington Steele"


In February 1982, NBC canceled Tom Snyder's "The Tomorrow Show" and gave the time slot to 34-year-old comedian David Letterman add something


Glenn Scarpelli - He was a co-host in Summer 1983 of the NBC game show/human interest show "Fantasy"


From 1984 to 1989, One to Grow On PSAs were shown after the end credits of every show or every other children's show add something


In 1984, the huge success of "The Cosby Show" led to a renewed interest in sitcoms, while "Family Ties" and "Cheers", both of which premiered in 1982 to mediocre ratings, saw their viewership increase from having "Cosby" as a lead-in add something


After the 1986 acquisition, the chief executive of NBC was Bob Wright, until he retired, giving his job to Jeff Zucker add something


Contrary to popular legend, the three musical notes, G-E'-C', did not originally stand for NBC's previous parent corporation, the General Electric Company; although GE's radio station in Schenectady, New York, New York, WGY, was an early NBC affiliate, and GE was an early shareholder in NBC's founding parent RCA. General Electric did not own NBC outright until 1986 add something


GE acquired RCA in 1986, and with it NBC, signaling the beginning of the end of NBC Radio add something


Andrea Elson - Beginning her professional career as a child actress and model, Elson is perhaps best known for her television roles; as Alice Tyler on the CBS science-fiction adventure series, "Whiz Kids" and as Lynn Tanner on the NBC comedy series, "ALF", which garnered the teenage actress two Youth in Film Award nominations in 1986 and 1989


Pierce Brosnan - In 1986, NBC cancelled "Remington Steele", so Brosnan was offered the role, but the publicity revived "Remington Steele" and Brosnan had to decline the role, owing to his contract


Andrea Elson - In 1986, Elson landed a co-starring role on the NBC science-fiction situation comedy "ALF"


In the summer of 1987, GE sold NBC Radio's network operations to Westwood One, and sold off the NBC-owned stations to different buyers add something


NBC aired the first of seven consecutive Summer Olympic Games broadcasts when it covered the 1988 Games in Seoul, South Korea add something


In 1989, NBC premiered "Saved by the Bell", which originated at the Disney Channel as "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" add something


Michael Richards - In 1989, he was cast as Cosmo Kramer in the NBC television series "Seinfeld", which was created by fellow "Fridays" cast member Larry David and comedian Jerry Seinfeld


By 1990, the NBC Radio Network as an independent programming service was pretty much gone, becoming a brand name for content produced by Westwood One, and ultimately by, ironically, CBS Radio add something


By the late 1990s, Westwood One was producing "NBC Radio"-branded newscasts, on weekday mornings only add something


NBCUniversal - In the early 1990s, NBC began its expansion throughout Europe by creating CNBC Europe and its long-time successful NBC Europe Superstation by broadcasting NBC Giga throughout Germany and the rest of the European Union


In 1991, Tartikoff left NBC to take a position at Paramount Pictures add something


Medgar Evers - Evers' story inspired a 1991 episode of the NBC TV series "In the Heat of the Night", entitled "Sweet, Sweet Blues", written by author William James Royce


Gulf War - In the United States, the "big three" network anchors led the war's network news coverage: ABC's Peter Jennings, CBS's Dan Rather, and NBC's Tom Brokaw were anchoring their evening newscasts when air strikes began on 16 January 1991


Pierce Brosnan - In 1992, he shot a pilot for NBC called "Running Wilde," playing a reporter for "Auto World" magazine


Some blamed him for losing David Letterman to CBS after giving "The Tonight Show" to Jay Leno following Johnny Carson's May 1992 retirement add something


NBC abandoned the animated series in August 1992 in favor of a Saturday edition of "Today" and more live-action series under the name TNBC add something


In 1993, NBC began production of Canal de Noticias NBC add something


In 1993, the Pan-European cable network $Super_Channel (NBC_Europe) was taken over by General Electric, the parent of NBC, and became NBC $Super_Channel (NBC_Europe) add something


In 1994, NBC launched a channel in Asia called "'NBC Asia"' available in Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Republic of China, Thailand and Republic of the Philippines like of NBC Europe, NBC Asia featured most of NBC's news programs as well as The Tonight Show and Late Night add something


David Schwimmer - Schwimmer received his first acting role in 1994 when he was cast as Ross Geller in NBC's situation comedy "Friends", a series that revolved around a group of friends who live together in Manhattan, New York City


The final game show to air on NBC's daytime schedule was the short-lived "Caesars Challenge", which ended in January 1994 add something


NBCUniversal - In 1995, NBC began operating NBC Desktop Video, a financial news service that delivered live video to personal computers


In 1996, the channel was renamed NBC Europe, but was, from on, almost always referred to as simply "NBC" on the air add something


Over 50 journalists were brought to produce, write, anchor and technically produce a 24 hour news service based on the popular "wheel" conceived at CNN. The service folded in 1997 as sales departments were not able to generate any revenue add something


CNBC - In 1997, C & NBC adopted its current logo featuring NBC's peacock logo paired with a Univers Extended Bold font for the channel name


CNBC - In 1997, C & NBC formed a strategic alliance with Dow Jones, including content sharing with Dow Jones Newswires and "The Wall Street Journal" and the rebranding of the channel as "a service of NBC and Dow Jones"


Metallica - To promote "ReLoad", Metallica performed on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" in December 1997, performing "Fuel" and "The Memory Remains" with Marianne Faithfull


CNBC - On December 9, 1997, Dow Jones & Company and NBC announced the merger of their international business news channels


In 1998, Littlefield left NBC. Scott Sassa replaced him as president of NBC Entertainment add something


NBC Sports would suffer a major blow in 1998, however, when it lost the NFL to CBS, which itself had lost rights to FOX four years earlier add something


NBCUniversal - In 1998, NBC partnered with Dow Jones & Co. The two companies combined their financial news channels outside the US. The new networks included NBC Europe, CNBC Europe, NBC Asia, CNBC Asia, NBC Africa, and CNBC Africa


In July 1998, NBC Asia was replaced by the National Geographic Channel add something


The Temptations - The miniseries was broadcast in two parts on NBC on November 1 and November 2, 1998, with the first part covering the group's history from 1958 to 1968, and the second part the years from 1968 to 1995


In 1999, NBC Europe stopped broadcasting to most of Europe add something


In 1999, these were discontinued, and the few remaining NBC Radio Network affiliates began to receive "CNN Radio"-branded newscasts around the clock add something


Sassa named Garth Ancier as his replacement in 1999 add something


At the start of the 2000s, NBC's fortunes took a rapid turn for the worse add something


Jeff Zucker replaced Ancier as president of NBC Entertainment in 2000 add something


Michael Richards - In 2000, after the end of "Seinfeld", Richards began work on a new series for NBC, his first major project since "Seinfeld"'s finale


In 2002, NBC began a deal with Discovery Communications' Discovery Kids channel to air their original FCC-mandated educational programming under the banner Discovery Kids on NBC add something


In 2002, the network would add the Winter Olympics, giving NBC the rights to every Olympics through the 2012 London Games add something


NBCUniversal - In 2002, NBC acquired the US Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo, which included the bilingual Mun2 Television


Bobby Darin - In a 2003 episode of the NBC television series, "American Dreams", Duncan Sheik portrays Darin and performs "Beyond the Sea" on "American Bandstand"


NBC's "Must See TV" declined after "Friends" and "Frasier" ended their runs in 2004 add something


With the loss of "Friends" and "Frasier" in 2004, NBC was left with several moderately rated shows and few true hits add something


NBCUniversal - Universal Studios became a part of NBC Universal as a result of the 2004 merger


NBCUniversal - On May 12, 2004, the television divisions of NBC and Universal Television were combined to form NBC Universal Television


NBCUniversal - NBC Universal was formed in August 2004 by the merger of General Electric's NBC with & Vivendi's Vivendi Universal Entertainment


KKHJ-LP is the NBC affiliate for Pago_Pago; it signed onto the network in 2005 add something


The main show on the new NBC Europe was called NBC GIGA. In 2005, the channel was relaunched once again, this time as a free-to-air movie channel under the name "Das Vierte" add something


NBCUniversal - In 2005, NBC Universal joined HANA, the High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance to help establish standards in consumer electronics interoperability


Telemundo Communications Group - McNamara retired from his position as CEO and was replaced by Don Browne, who had been head of Miami's NBC owned-and-operated station WTVJ, in 2005


In December 2005, NBC began its first week-long primetime game show event, "Deal or No Deal", garnering high ratings, and returning multi-weekly in March 2006 add something


On sustained success, "Deal or No Deal" returned in the fall of 2006 add something


"America's Got Talent", a reality talent show hosted by Regis Philbin, with its world premiere in 2006, gained a 4,6 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which was higher than the original premiere of FOX's "American Idol" in 2002 add something


NBCUniversal - In January 2006, NBC Universal launched a new cable channel, Sleuth


CNBC - On January 1, 2006, the "A Service of NBC Universal and Dow Jones" tagline was removed from the international CNBC channels, in line with this


In May 2006, in order to replace the Discovery Kids Saturday Morning block, NBC announced plans to launch a new children's block on Saturday mornings starting in September 2006 as part of the "qubo" endeavor teaming parent company NBC Universal with Ion Media Networks, Scholastic Press, Classic Media and Corus Entertainment's Nelvana add something


Ion Television - The launch of the network was announced on May 8, 2006, when Ion Media Networks, NBC_Universal, Corus Entertainment's Nelvana unit, Scholastic Books, Classic Media and its Big Idea Productions unit announced plans to create Qubo as a multi-platform children's entertainment endeavor, that would extend to a weekly programming block on the network, NBC and Telemundo, and a video-on-demand service for digital cable providers


The "Discovery Kids on NBC" block aired for the final time on September 2, 2006 add something


Emerson Electric - On October 2, 2006, Emerson, the company that makes the popular InSinkErator garbage disposals, filed suit in federal court against NBC regarding a scene that appeared in the pilot episode of the network's TV series "Heroes"


In mid 2007, began to mirror add something


The Championships, Wimbledon - Live coverage starts early in the morning and continues well into the afternoon, interspersed with commentary and interviews from Bud Collins, whose tennis acumen and famous patterned trousers are well-known to tennis fans in the USA. Collins was sacked by NBC in 2007, but was promptly hired by ESPN, the cable home for The Championships in the States


CNBC - Cost-cutting at & NBC Universal's news divisions has seen some of these offices merged with those of NBC owned-and-operated stations: the Silicon Valley facility was moved from Palo Alto to the newsroom of NBC owned-and-operated station KNTV in San Jose in January 2007 , while the Chicago bureau now shares a home with fellow NBC O&O WMAQ-TV


Emerson Electric - On February 23, 2007, the case against NBC was dropped


In March 2007, NBC announced that it would offer full-length prime-time television shows like "The Office" and "Heroes" on-demand to play on mobile phones add something


Telemundo Communications Group - In March 2007, NBC Universal announced that it had restructured Telemundo's entertainment division in an effort to narrow Univision's ratings dominance


NBCUniversal - One year later after Sleuth's debut, NBC Universal announced that the company would launch a horror-themed cable channel, Chiller, on March 1, 2007


NBCUniversal - On June 14, 2007, NBC &Universal_Television Studio was renamed "'Universal Media Studios"'


NBCUniversal - In August 2007, NBC Universal purchased Sparrowhawk Media Group and renamed it NBC Universal Global Networks


David Schwimmer - On November 8, 2007, Schwimmer made a guest appearance in the second season of the television series "30 Rock", where he played Greenzo, an NBC environmental mascot


Telemundo Communications Group - On December 21, 2007, NBCUniversal announced that WKAQ-TV was no longer for sale, indicating that Telemundo Puerto Rico would stay within the NBC family


NBCUniversal - In the summer of 2008, NBC Universal, Blackstone Group and Bain Capital announced their intentions to buy The Weather Channel from Landmark Communications


NBCUniversal - The cable division used to operate NBC Weather Plus until 2008


NBCUniversal - The summer of 2008, marked NBC Universal's first venture into the United Kingdom by acquiring British television production company Carnival Films


Barry McCaffrey - In April 2008, the "New York Times" published a front page report by David Barstow confirming that military analysts hired by ABC, CBS and NBC to present observations about the conduct of the war in Iraq had undisclosed ties to the Pentagon and/or military contractors


CNBC - For its main channel ident used until a relaunch on September 30, 2008, the anthem was remixed, adding the NBC chimes to the music


In 2009, Jeff Gaspin replaced Ben Silverman as president of NBC Entertainment add something


In 2009, NBC and Seven Network used Guy Sebastian's No.1 Aria selling song "Like it Like That" for their summer station promo add something


NBCUniversal - On March 16, 2009, NBC Universal-owned cable channel Sci Fi announced that it would be changing its name to Syfy, replacing a generic term with a proprietary brand name that can be trademarked


The increases NBC noticed in the 2010 season compared to 2009 were almost entirely attributable to increased ratings for "NBC Sunday Night Football" add something


In January 2010, however, NBC would end up announcing that Leno's 10 pm show would be canceled, citing complaints from many affiliates, whose local newscasts significantly dropped in the ratings as a result of the change add something


Leno would end up returning as host of "The Tonight Show" effective March 1, 2010, while O'Brien accepted a buyout from NBC. O'Brien went on to host a new show, "Conan", on cable network TBS starting in November 2010 add something


Jeff Zucker announced on September 24, 2010 that he would step down as CEO of NBC Universal once Comcast's purchase of NBC was completed at the end of the year add something


Liza Minnelli - She made a starring appearance in December 2010 in NBC's "The Apprentice"


Neil Diamond - On December 20, 2010, Diamond made an appearance on NBC's 'The Sing-Off', performing "Ain't No Sunshine" along with Committed and Street Corner Symphony, two A Cappella groups featured on the show


In 2011, NBC was finally able to find a breakout hit in mid-season reality singing competition series "The Voice" add something


The network is currently part of the media company NBCUniversal, which is a joint venture of Comcast and General Electric since 2011 add something


Ted Harbert - Harbert was appointed to his current position in 2011, following Comcast's acquisition of NBC Universal


Condoleezza Rice - She appeared as herself in 2011 on the NBC sitcom "30 Rock" in the fifth-season episode "Everything Sunny All the Time Always," in which she engages in a classical-music duel with Jack Donaghy - The company continued its partnership with NBC for the second season of the "Who Do You Think You Are-" television series in 2011


The network completed its full conversion to an all-HD schedule on September 20, 2011, with the premiere of the eleventh season of "Last Call with Carson Daly" in the format add something


Roseanne Barr - In October 2011, NBC picked up the show


Uma Thurman - In December 2011, James Hibberd of "Entertainment Weekly" reported Thurman had joined the cast of NBC's "Smash" as Rebecca Duvall


In 2012, buoyed by Super Bowl XLVI, the then-most-watched U.S. television broadcast in history, and the success of their Monday-night mid-season lineup of "The Voice" and musical-drama "Smash", the network managed to lift themselves up from 4th place into 3rd in the 18-49 demographic, breaking their losing streak of being in 4th place for the previous 8 seasons add something


In the fall of 2012, under the tagline "We ", and the continued success of "Sunday Night Football" add something


Juliette Lewis - In 2012 she starred in the short-lived series "The Firm", on NBC as Tammy, assistant to lead character Mitch McDeere


Cherry Jones - In 2012, Jones starred in the NBC drama series "Awake" as psychiatrist Dr. Judith Evans


David Eigenberg - In the fall of 2012, he joined the cast of NBC's "Chicago Fire" as firefighter Christopher Herrmann


Alicia Witt - In March 2012, Witt retweeted a link on her official Twitter page in hopes of getting "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" back for an 11th season on NBC


Bernadette Peters - Peters first appeared in the NBC series "Smash" in the March 2012 episode "The Workshop", as Leigh Conroy, Ivy's mother, a retired Broadway star, who feels competitive because of her daughter's blossoming career


On March 1, 2012, Dial Global announced that CNN Radio would be discontinued and replaced by an expansion of NBC News Radio on April 1, 2012 add something


On March 28, 2012, it was announced that NBC, with assistance from PBS Kids Sprout , will launch a new Saturday morning pre-school block, called NBC Kids, which will replace the "Qubo on NBC" block add something


CNBC - In April 2012, the network began to carry limited & NBC Sports coverage of first round games and some limited second round in the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup playoffs in concert with NBC_Sports Network, addressing complaints of some series not being nationally televised in previous years and allowing the full playoff round national coverage


Tempestt Bledsoe - As of September 2012, she is one of the stars of the new NBC TV sitcom "Guys with Kids", portraying Marny, for the 2012/2013 television season


On September 4, 2012, Dial Global launched NBC Sports Radio, a sports-talk radio service add something


Accessed October 17, 2012 The inspiration for the block's conception was the loosening of the Prime Time Access Rule, which had required that the 7:30 PM time slot be given back to the local stations; and the relaxation of fin-syn rules, which had prevented the networks from setting up wings with programming from their own syndication units to fill the void add something


Scotty McCreery - McCreery performed a track from the album, "Holly Jolly Christmas" and "Jingle Bells" in the Christmas in Rockefeller Center special broadcast on NBC on November 28, 2012


As of 2013, NBC provides a schedule of 87 regular weekly hours of network programming add something


Raul Esparza - In 2013, he appeared in yet another NBC production, playing the role of Dr. Frederick Chilton in the thriller series " Hannibal"


Meagan Good - In 2013, she began starring in the lead role of the NBC drama series "Deception


Jesse L. Martin - It was announced on May 10th, 2013, that NBC would not be picking up the pilot


David Holt (musician) - Zeb at age 36 in 2013 worked for NBC in New York City


Betty White - In January 2013 NBC once again celebrated Betty White's birthday with a TV special featuring celebrity friends, including former president Bill_Clinton; the special aired on February 5


Andrew McMahon - In January 2013, McMahon was listed as one of the new songwriters for the second season of the NBC series Smash, signifying his first time writing for musical theatre


Steven Pasquale - He was the lead actor for the NBC series "Do No Harm", which premiered on January 31, 2013 to the lowest debut rating in the history of prime-time television, and thus was cancelled after only two episodes


Ricardo Antonio Chavira - In March 2013, it was announced that Chavira will star in a new NBC sitcom for the 2013-14 season called "Welcome to the Family"


Ari Emanuel - In March 2013, it was revealed that Emanuel was unhappy with an interview of him and his two brothers conducted by NBC anchor Brian Williams


Jay Leno - On April 3, 2013, NBC announced that Jimmy Fallon will replace Leno as host of "The Tonight Show" at the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Olympics


Jimmy Fallon - On April 3, 2013, NBC announced that Fallon would replace Jay Leno as host of "The Tonight Show" at the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Olympics


Jay Leno - On April 3, 2013, NBC announced that Leno would leave "The Tonight Show" in Spring 2014, with Jimmy Fallon his designated successor


Jimmy Fallon - On April 3, 2013, following a period of speculation, NBC officially announced that Fallon would succeed Jay Leno as the host of "The Tonight Show" following the 2014 Winter Olympics


Seth Meyers - On May 12, 2013, NBC announced that Meyers will be the new host of "Late Night" in 2014 succeeding Jimmy Fallon as Fallon will take over as the new host of "The Tonight Show"


Allison Iraheta - On May 30, 2013 footage from their Hotel Cafe performance, along with an interview with Iraheta and Hager was featured on the NBC Latino website


Eric Young (wrestler) - Fritz was a guest on the June 12, 2013, episode of NBC's The Today Show promoting the new season of "Off the Hook: Extreme Catches"


Megan Hilty - On June 13, 2013 it was announced that Hilty would be starring alongside Sean Hayes as Liz on the upcoming NBC sitcom Sean Saves the World


Fox Soccer - As Fox lost the U.S. television rights to broadcast Premier League soccer events to NBC, Fox Soccer will be replaced on September 2, 2013 by FXX, an entertainment sister network to FX


Fox Soccer - Due to Fox consolidating its cable sports rights on the recently launched general-interest channels Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2, and following the loss of U.S. television rights to broadcast Premier League soccer events to NBC, Fox Soccer will be replaced on September 2, 2013 by FXX, an entertainment sister network to FX


Along with new hits including "The Blacklist" and "Chicago PD" and significantly boosted by the 2014 Winter Olympics, NBC, at the end of the season became the number one network in the coveted 18-49 demo for the first time since the 2003-2004 season when 'Friends' ended add something


In 2014, NBC has announced two new holiday specials set to air in December 2014 add something


On February 18, 2015, NBC began providing live programming streams of local NBC stations in select markets, which are only available to authenticated subscribers of participating pay television providers add something


NBCUniversal relinquished the rights to Miss Universe and Miss USA on June 29, 2015, as part of its decision to cut business ties with Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Organization in response to controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants made by Trump during the launch of his 2016 campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination add something


On the comedy side, NBC surprisingly found success in the new workplace sitcom "Superstore" which premiered as a "preview" after "The Voice" in November 2015, and officially launched in January 2016 which brought decent ratings for a new comedy without "The Voice" as a lead-in and which was subsequently renewed for a second season in February 2016 add something


Thursday nights continues to be a struggle for NBC, with continued success with the third season of "The Blacklist" brought the failed launch of "Heroes Reborn" which was cancelled in January 2016, and thriller "The Player", however NBC found success with police procedural "Shades of Blue" which improved the 10pm timeslot and was renewed for a second season in February 2016 add something


NBC continued with the success with the "Chicago" franchise with launching its second spin-off "Chicago Med", which received an early second season pick up in February 2016 add something


On September 25, 2016, NBC Kids was phased add something


The network launched new fantasy sitcom "The Good Place" following "The Voice" and brought in modest ratings and was renewed for a second season in January 2017 add something


A WBTS translator, WYCN-CD, is licensed to Nashua, New Hampshire and was purchased by NBC in early 2018 after the FCC spectrum auction, but transmits a full-power signal under a channel share with the WGBH Educational Foundation and its secondary Boston station WGBX-TV from Needham, Massachusetts add something


A re-boot is planned and is the works as of July 2018, The peacock network is working with actor Vin Diesel to reboot the popular 1980s show, according to The Hollywood Reporter add something