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Neil Dudgeon

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Neil Dudgeon

British actor best known for his many television appearances, most often in crime drama add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 961.

Countries: United Kingdom (87%), Germany (13%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Samantha Bond, Adjoa Andoh, Nathaniel Parker

Linked to: University of Bristol, Manchester United F.C., BBC Radio




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Neil Dudgeon was born in 0961 add something


He made his first screen appearance in 1987 add something


As well as occasional appearances in long-running series such as "Casualty", "London's Burning" and "Lovejoy", he appeared in 1994 as Detective Constable Costello, a one-episode sidekick to Detective Inspector William Edward "Jack" Frost , in the TV series "A Touch of Frost", in 1998-99 as George the Chauffeur in "The Mrs Bradley Mysteries" , in Inspector Morse , "Between The Lines", "Common As Muck" , "Out of the Blue", "Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking", "The Street" and all four seri add something


Samantha Bond - She has starred in the popular English drama "Midsomer Murders" in the episodes "Destroying Angel" and "Shot at Dawn" , and again in Neil Dudgeon's 2011 debut as lead character, in the episode "Death in the Slow Lane"


In 2007, Dudgeon appeared in the eponymous role of self-made millionaire Roman Pretty in the BBC2 sitcom "Roman's Empire" add something


In 2009 he played a main character in BBC's "Life of Riley" add something


Dudgeon, cast as a senior detective, took over as the lead character in "Midsomer Murders" after the last episodes featuring John Nettles were screened in 2011 add something


This series was recommissioned and aired in April 2011, the same month that Dudgeon played the role of one time Football League secretary Alan Hardaker in the TV drama "United", which was centred on the events of the 1958 Munich air disaster involving Manchester United add something


In 2012, Dudgeon starred as "Norman Birkett, KC" on BBC Radio 4's "Afternoon Play" series in four plays written by Caroline and David Stafford based on Birkett's cases add something


Norman Birkett, 1st Baron Birkett - Four of Birkett's cases were dramatized for radio by Caroline and David Stafford and broadcast on BBC Radio 4's "Afternoon Play" series in January 2012 starring Neil Dudgeon as Birkett


Louise Brealey - In March 2012 Brealey produced, co-wrote and co-starred in "The Charles Dickens Show", a children's comedy drama for BBC 2 starring Jeff Rawle, Rupert Graves, Neil Dudgeon, Nathaniel_Parker, Lynda Baron, Honeysuckle Weeks, Rupert Young, Adjoa Andoh, Sam Kelly, Geoffrey Streatfeild, Fiona Button and Mariah Gale