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New Jersey

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The first to do so was Michiel Pauw who established a patronship called Pavonia in 1630 along the North River which eventually became the Bergen add something


It was from the Royal Square in Saint Helier that Charles II of England was proclaimed King in 1649, following the execution of his father, Charles I add something


The entire region became a territory of England on June 24, 1664, after an English fleet under the command of Colonel Richard Nicolls sailed into what is today New York Harbor and took control of Fort Amsterdam, annexing the entire province add something


On March 18, 1673, Berkeley sold his half of the colony to Quakers in England, who settled the Delaware Valley region as a Quaker colony add something


New Jersey was completely divided into counties by 1692; the present counties were created by dividing the existing ones; most recently Union County in 1857 add something


In 1702, the two provinces were reunited under a royal governor, rather than a proprietary one add something


Judge Lewis Morris led the case for a separate governor, and was appointed governor by King George II in 1738 add something


William Paterson (judge) - "'William Paterson"' was a New Jersey statesman, a signer of the U.S. Constitution, and Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, who served as the 2nd governor of New Jersey, from 1790 to 1793


Francis Hopkinson - He moved to Bordentown, New Jersey in 1774, became an assemblyman for the state's Royal Provincial Council, and was admitted to the New Jersey bar on May 8, 1775


The colony's fertile lands and tolerant religious policy drew more settlers, and New Jersey's population had increased to 120,000 by 1775 add something


Jonathan Dayton - During the Revolutionary War Dayton, Ohio, 15 at the outbreak in 1775, served under his father in the 3rd New Jersey Regiment as an ensign


The 1776 New Jersey State Constitution gave the vote to "all inhabitants" who had a certain level of wealth add something


While the Governorship was stronger than under the 1776 constitution, the constitution of 1844 created many offices that were not responsible to him, or to the people, and it gave him a three-year term, but he could not succeed himself add something


William Paterson (judge) - He was selected as Somerset County, New Jersey, New Jersey delegate for the first three provincial congresses of New Jersey, where, as secretary, he recorded the 1776 New Jersey State Constitution


Anthony Walton White - On February 9, 1776, White was commissioned by the Continental Congress as the lieutenant colonel of the 3rd New Jersey Regiment


By evading Cornwallis's army, Washington made a surprise attack on Princeton and successfully defeated the British forces there on January 3, 1777 add something


Henry Clinton - American forces under Washington met the forces under General Henry Clinton at the Battle of Monmouth in an indecisive engagement in June 1778 add something


In the summer of 1783, the Continental Congress met in Nassau Hall at Princeton University, making Princeton the nation's capital for four months add something


William Paterson (judge) - He was sent to the 1787 Philadelphia Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he proposed the New Jersey Plan for a unicameral legislative body with equal representation from each state


On December 18, 1787, New Jersey became the third state to ratify the United States Constitution, which was overwhelmingly popular in New Jersey, as it prevented New York and Pennsylvania from charging tariffs on goods imported from Europe add something


On November 20, 1789, the state became the first in the newly formed Union to ratify the Bill of Rights add something


On February 15, 1804, New Jersey became the last northern state to abolish new slavery and enacted legislation that slowly phased out existing slavery add something


In 1807, the legislature passed a bill interpreting the constitution to mean universal "white male" suffrage, excluding paupers; the constitution was itself an act of the legislature and not enshrined as the modern constitution add something


Industrialization accelerated in the northern part of the state following completion of the Morris Canal in 1831 add something


In 1844, the second state constitution was ratified and brought into effect add something


Washington Roebling - On April 16, 1861, during the American Civil War, Roebling enlisted as a private in the New Jersey Militia


Alfred Thomas Archimedes Torbert - By September 16, he was appointed colonel of the 1st New Jersey Infantry and, by August 29, 1862, he was a brigade commander in the VI Corps of the Army of the Potomac


George M. Robeson - After the war in 1867, Robeson was appointed New Jersey Attorney General by Gov. Marcus L. Ward


George M. Robeson - During the Civil War, he was appointed a brigadier general in the New Jersey Militia by the Governor of New Jersey, and served as the Attorney General of New Jersey from 1867-1869


George M. Robeson - Supported by New Jersey Senator A.G. Cattell, Robeson was appointed Secretary of Navy by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1869 after Sec. Adolph E. Borie had resigned office


Frank Hague - "'Frank Hague"' was an American Democratic Party politician who served as the mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey from 1917 to 1947, Democratic National Committeeman from New Jersey from 1922 until 1949, and Vice-Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1924 until 1949


Dorothea Dix - In 1881, Dix moved into the New Jersey State Hospital, Morris Plains, where the state legislature designated a suite for her private use as long as she lived


Tracy Voorhees - Tracy Voorhees was born on June 30, 1890 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, New_Jersey; graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. degree in 1911 and an M.A. degree in 1914; received an LL.B. degree from Columbia Law School in 1915; was admitted to the New Jersey bar in 1915, and the New York bar in 1918


Robert Stockton Green - He served as a judge on the New Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals, the state's highest court, in 1894 and 1895


Frank Hague - As a reward for his efforts in turning out votes in the 1905 election, Bob Davis named Hague as the party leader for the Second Ward and arranged for Hague to be appointed as Sergeant at Arms for the New Jersey State Assembly


America's first motion picture industry started in 1907 in Fort Lee and the first studio was constructed there in 1909 add something


This began with the Walsh Act, enacted in 1911 by the New Jersey Legislature, which provided for a three- or five-member commission elected on a non-partisan basis add something


William T. Cahill - "'William Thomas Cahill"' was an American Republican Party politician who served as the 46th Governor of New Jersey, from 1970 to 1974, and who represented New Jersey's 1st congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1959 to 1967 and the state's 6th district from 1967 to 1970


Harold G. Hoffman - He worked with a local newspaper until enlisting on July 25, 1917 as a private in the Third Regiment of the New Jersey Infantry, where he was subsequently promoted to the rank of captain


Founded in 1918, the NJSIAA currently represents 22,000 schools, 330,000 coaches, and almost 4,5 million athletes add something


The first Miss America Pageant was held in 1921 in Atlantic City, the Holland Tunnel connecting Jersey City to Manhattan opened in 1927, and the first drive-in movie was shown in 1933 in Camden add something


During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the state offered begging licenses to unemployed residents, the zeppelin airship Hindenburg crashed in flames over Lakehurst, and the SS "Morro Castle" beached itself near Asbury Park after going up in flames while at sea add something


The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone classification ranges from 6 in the northwest of the state, to 7B near Cape May. All-time temperature extremes recorded in New Jersey include on July 10, 1936 in Runyon, Middlesex County and on January 5, 1904 in River Vale, Bergen County add something


Shirley Turner - "'Shirley Kersey Turner"' is an American Democratic Party politician, who has been serving in the New Jersey State Senate since 1998, where she represents the 15th Legislative District


Dick Zimmer (New Jersey politician) - Dick Zimmer was born in 1944


Nicholas Sacco - "'Nicholas J. Sacco"' is an American Democratic Party politician, who has been serving in the New Jersey State Senate since 1994, where he represents the 32nd Legislative District


The current version of the New Jersey State Constitution was adopted in 1947 add something


For many years in the past, however, it was a Republican stronghold, having given comfortable margins of victory to the Republican candidate in the close elections of 1948, 1968, and 1976 add something


Robert B. Meyner - Before being elected Governor, Meyner represented Warren County in the New Jersey Senate from 1948 to 1951


William J. Brennan, Jr. - In 1949, Brennan was appointed to the Superior Court by Governor of New Jersey Alfred E. Driscoll


The Faulkner Act, originally enacted in 1950 and substantially amended in 1981, offers four basic plans: Mayor-Council, Council-Manager, Small Municipality, and Mayor-Council-Administrator add something


The aircraft carrier U.S."Enterprise" was briefly docked at the Military Ocean Terminal in Bayonne in the 1950s before she was sent to Kearney to be scrapped add something


Robert M. Gordon - "'Robert M. Gordon"' is an American Democratic Party politician who has served in the New Jersey Senate since January 8, 2008, where he represents the 38th Legislative District


In 1951, the New Jersey Turnpike opened, permitting fast travel by car and truck between North Jersey and South Jersey add something


Barbara Buono - "'Barbara Buono"' is an American Democratic Party politician, who has been serving in the New Jersey State Senate since 2002, where she represents the 18th Legislative District


In the 1960s, he collaborated on several albums with fellow New Jersey native Frank Sinatra add something


In the 1960s, race riots erupted in many of the industrial cities of North Jersey add something


New Jersey was a crucial swing state in the elections of 1960, 1968, and 1992 add something


Joseph M. Kyrillos - "'Joseph M. "Joe" Kyrillos, Jr."' is an American Republican Party politician, who has served in the New Jersey State Senate since 1992, where he represents the 13th Legislative District


In 1962, the world's first nuclear-powered cargo ship, the NS Savannah, was launched at Camden add something


The first race riots in New Jersey occurred in Jersey City on August 2, 1964 add something


New Jersey is the first state to pass such legislation since Iowa and West Virginia eliminated executions in 1965 add something


Several others ensued in 1967, in Newark and Plainfield add something


Paul Sarlo - "'Paul A. Sarlo"' is an American Democratic Party politician, who has served in the New Jersey State Senate since 2003, where he represents the 36th Legislative District


Thomas Kean, Jr. - "'Thomas Howard "Tom" Kean Jr."' is an American Republican politician, serving in the New Jersey State Senate since 2003


New Jersey has three nuclear power plants, including the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, which came online in 1969 and is the oldest operating nuclear plant in the country add something


Bob Menendez - He would stay close to Musto throughout the 1970s, however, and supported Musto in his re-election to the New Jersey Senate in 1978


Mike Ferguson (New Jersey politician) - Mike Ferguson was born in 1970


A riot occurred in Camden in 1971 add something


Thomas Kean - In 1973, he briefly served as acting New Jersey Governor


Assata Shakur - On the charges related to the New Jersey Turnpike shootout, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Leon Gerofsky ordered a change of venue in 1973 from Middlesex to Morris County, New Jersey, saying "it was almost impossible to obtain a jury here people willing to accept the responsibility of impartiality so that defendants will be protected from transitory passion and prejudice"


Assata Shakur - In May 1973 Shakur was involved in a shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike, during which New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster and BLA member Zayd Malik Shakur were killed and Shakur and Trooper James Harper were wounded


Dick Zimmer (New Jersey politician) - From 1974 to 1977, he served as chairman of New Jersey Common Cause, a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy group and think tank with the mission to make political institutions more open and accountable


As a result of an order from the New Jersey Supreme Court to fund schools equitably, the New Jersey legislature passed an income tax bill in 1976 add something


In 1976, a referendum of New Jersey voters approved casino gambling in Atlantic City, where the first legalized casino opened in 1978 add something


Bernard King - In 1977-78, his rookie season, he set a New Jersey Nets franchise record for most points scored in a season with 1,909, at 24,2 points per game


Assata Shakur - On March 25, 1977, back in Middlesex County, New Jersey, Shakur was convicted as an accomplice in the murders of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster and Zayd Shakur and possession of weapons, as well as of assault and attempted murder of Harper


Since 1978, the state has maintained a Motion Picture and Television Commission to encourage filming in-state add something


A state-run corporation, it began with the consolidation of several private bus companies in North Jersey in 1979 add something


The last elected Republican to hold a Senate seat from New Jersey was Clifford P. Case in 1979 add something


In the early 1980s, it acquired Conrail's commuter train operations that connected suburban towns to New York City add something


Tico Torres - Before joining Bon Jovi in 1983 he had already played live with Joe Cerisano aka Silver Condor in the New Jersey Rock circuit, and in the studio with Franke and the Knockouts, Pat Benatar, Chuck Berry, Cher, Alice Cooper and Stevie Nicks, recording a total of 26 albums with these artists


Bernard King - The next season, on Christmas Day, 1984, King lit up the New Jersey Nets for 60 points, becoming just the tenth player in NBA history to score 60 or more points in a single game


Bob Menendez - He was in the General Assembly from 1987 until 1991 and in the New Jersey Senate from 1991 to 1993, following the death of Christopher Jackman


Dick Zimmer (New Jersey politician) - In 1987, following the death of State Senator Walter E. Foran, Zimmer won a special election to replace him in the New Jersey Senate


Morton Downey, Jr. - Starting as a local program on New York-New Jersey superstation WWOR-TV in the fall of 1987, it expanded into national syndication in early 1988


Elevation adjusted to North American Vertical Datum of 1988 add something


Joseph M. Kyrillos - Before entering the Senate, Kyrillos served in the General Assembly, the lower house of the New Jersey Legislature, from 1988 to 1992


John Gotti - Gotti was nevertheless able to take control of the New Jersey DeCavalcante crime family in 1988


Richie Sambora - The next album from Bon Jovi was "New Jersey" released in 1988


David Bryan - The next album from Bon Jovi was "New Jersey" released in 1988


Tico Torres - The next album from Bon Jovi was "New Jersey" released in 1988


Seton Hall was the national runner-up in the 1989 NCAA Tournament when they lost to the Michigan Wolverines in overtime add something


Richie Sambora - Between 1990 and 1992, members of Bon Jovi went their separate ways after the very rigorous two year New Jersey Tour, which exceeded 200 shows on 5 continents


David Bryan - Between 1990 and 1992, members of Bon Jovi went their separate ways after the very rigorous two year New Jersey Tour, which exceeded 200 shows on 5 continents


Tico Torres - Between 1990 and 1992, members of Bon Jovi went their separate ways after the very rigorous two year New Jersey Tour, which exceeded 200 shows on 5 continents


Robert M. Gordon - He served as an aide in the New Jersey Office of the Governor from 1990 to 1991


Thomas Kean - Limited to two consecutive terms as governor by the New Jersey State Constitution, Kean left office in January, 1990 as one of the most popular political figures in New Jersey political history


Jim McGreevey - McGreevey was a member of the New Jersey General Assembly, representing the 19th Legislative District from 1990 to 1992, when he became Mayor of Woodbridge Township, New Jersey


The Hall have 3 Big East Tournament Championships with wins in 1991, 1993 and most recently in 2016 add something


John Adler - Adler was elected in 1991 to the New Jersey State Senate, where he served from 1992 until his inauguration into the U.S. House of Representatives in 2009


Bernard King - However, King would have a very successful comeback with the Washington Bullets, improving his scoring average each year with the squad and returning to the All-Star Game one last time in 1991, his final full season in the NBA. After a year-and-a-half hiatus and a brief 32-game stint with the New Jersey Nets at the end of the '93 season, knee problems forced Bernard King into retirement


David Bryan - He recovered and, in 1992, he and the band did "Keep The Faith" showing that the band is still together since "New Jersey"


Joseph M. Kyrillos - In 1992, Kyrillos was one of the sponsors of the Constitutional Amendment in the New Jersey Constitution that would remove the legal responsibility that transfers money from more affluent school districts to poorer ones


Jim McGreevey - He was elected to the New Jersey Senate in 1993, simultaneously serving as mayor during the four-year Senate term


Barbara Buono - Before entering the Senate, Buono served in the lower house of the New Jersey Legislature, the General Assembly, from 1994 to 2001, where she served as the Minority Parliamentarian


Althea Gibson - She was a 1994 inductee of the Sports Hall of Fame of New Jersey and 2009 inductee of the New Jersey Hall of Fame


John Adler - He served on the New Jersey Israel Commission since 1995, and on the New Jersey Intergovernmental Relations Commission from 1994 to 2002


Joseph M. Kyrillos - Kyrillos was the primary Senate sponsor of the Environmental Infrastructure Trust, legislation promoting ecotourism in New Jersey, and the Green Acres Bond Act of 1995, and New Jersey's College Savings Plan


"I'm From New Jersey" is incorrectly listed on many websites as being the New Jersey state song, but it was not even a contender when in 1996 the New Jersey Arts Council submitted their suggestions to the New Jersey Legislature add something


Mark Hanna - New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley published a volume of memoirs, "Time Present, Time Past" in 1996


Assata Shakur - In 1997, Carl Williams, the superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, wrote a letter to Pope John Paul II asking him to raise the issue of Shakur's extradition during his talks with President Fidel Castro


Her 1998 debut solo album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill", sold 10 million copies internationally add something


Rick Barry - In 1998 and 1999, he served as head coach of the New Jersey ShoreCats of the United States Basketball League


Hurricanes and tropical storms , tornadoes, and earthquakes are rare, although New Jersey was severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012 with the storm making landfall in the state at 90 mph add something


It has the second largest Jewish population by percentage ; the second largest Muslim population by percentage ; the largest population of Peruvian Americans in the United_States; the largest population of Cubans outside of Florida; the third highest Asian population by percentage; and the third highest Italian population by percentage, according to the 2000 Census add something


Michael Chertoff - In 2000, Chertoff worked as special counsel to the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee, investigating racial profiling in New Jersey


Richard Bagger - In 2001, he was elected to the New Jersey Senate for the 21st Legislative District


Thomas Kean, Jr. - Kean was appointed to the General Assembly, the lower house of the New Jersey Legislature, in April 2001, to fill out the unexpired term of Alan Augustine, who had resigned on March 21, 2001, due to health reasons


In 2002 and 2007, President of the State Senate Richard Codey held the position of acting governor for a short time, and from 2004 to 2006 Codey became a long-term acting governor due to Jim McGreevey's resignation add something


Jon Bramnick - He was appointed to the Assembly in 2003 to fill the unexpired term of the vacancy created upon the selection of Thomas Kean, Jr. to fill an unexpired New Jersey Senate term


Thomas Kean, Jr. - In March 2003, he was appointed to the New Jersey Senate to fill out the unexpired term of Rich Bagger


John Adler - Shortly afterwards on December 19, 2003, Governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey and most of the New Jersey Democratic Party came out in support of Former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean for President


A 2005 amendment to the state Constitution prevents the Senate President from becoming acting governor in the event of a permanent gubernatorial vacancy without giving up her or his seat in the state Senate add something


Stephen M. Sweeney - A 2005 law Sweeney sponsored enabled the Delaware River and Bay Authority to establish an ethanol plant in Southern New Jersey, the first of its kind in any of the Mid-Atlantic states, a project intended to create jobs for South Jersey and supply a new market for farmers in the region


Thomas Kean, Jr. - In 2005, the New Jersey Conference of Mayors named Kean as a Legislative Leader


The position was created as the result of a Constitutional amendment to the New Jersey State Constitution passed by the voters on November 8, 2005 and effective as of January 17, 2006 add something


John Adler - Adler was co-sponsor of the New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act, enacted in 2006, which banned smoking in almost all public places


It hosted the Breeders' Cup in 2007, and its turf course was renovated in preparation add something


Since 2007, they have played their home games at the Prudential Center in Newark add something


Stephen M. Sweeney - He simultaneously held a seat in the New Jersey Senate and as Freeholder, a practice known as "double dipping" that was allowed under a grandfather clause in the state law enacted by the New Jersey Legislature and signed into law by Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine in September 2007 that prevents dual-office-holding but allows those who had held both positions as of February 1, 2008, to retain both posts


Nicholas Sacco - This dual position, often called double dipping, is allowed under a grandfather clause in the state law enacted by the New Jersey Legislature and signed into law by Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine in September 2007 that prevents dual-office-holding but allows those who had held both positions as of February 1, 2008, to retain both posts


On December 17, 2007, Governor Jon Corzine signed into law a bill that would eliminate the death penalty in New Jersey add something


In 2008, Governor Jon Corzine proposed cutting state aid to all towns under 10,000 people, to encourage mergers to reduce administrative costs add something


In the 2008 election, President Barack Obama won New Jersey with approximately fifty-seven percent of the vote, compared to McCain's forty-one percent add something


Newark was the fourth poorest of U.S. cities with over 250,000 residents in 2008, but New Jersey as a whole had the second-highest median household income as of 2014 add something


Meryl Streep - In 2008, Streep was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame


Joseph M. Kyrillos - Kyrillos was the New Jersey Chairman of Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential campaign


Dick Zimmer (New Jersey politician) - Zimmer entered the race for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from New Jersey on April 11, 2008, after being drafted by New Jersey Republican leaders


Stephen M. Sweeney - Senator Sweeney is active in a variety of local organizations and has received numerous accolades from business leaders, volunteer organizations, labor advocates, environmentalists and other important organizations from around New Jersey, including the 2009 Partners in Advocacy Award from the Arc of New Jersey and the 2009 Legislative Excellence Award from the New Jersey Council of County Colleges


Walt Whitman - Whitman is a 2009 inductee of the New Jersey Hall of Fame


In May 2009, the Local Unit Alignment Reorganization and Consolidation Commission began a study of about 40 small communities in South Jersey to decide which ones might be good candidates for consolidation add something


She was elected on the Republican ticket with Governor-Elect Chris Christie in the November 2009 NJ gubernatorial election add something


Stephen M. Sweeney - On the afternoon of November 23, 2009, the New Jersey Senate Democrats chose Sweeney as State Senate President over the incumbent, former governor Richard Codey


As of the 2010 census, there were 8,791,894 people residing in the state add something


Atlantic City experienced a dramatic contraction in its stature as a gambling destination after 2010, including the closure of multiple casinos since 2014, spurred by competition from the advent of legalized gambling in other northeastern U.S. states add something


Before 2010, New Jersey was one of the few states without a lieutenant governor add something


Governor Chris Christie suspended the credits in 2010, but the New Jersey State Legislature in 2011 approved the restoration and expansion of the tax credit program add something


In 2010, Newark experienced its first population increase since the 1950s add something


In 2010, the state government paid all of the teachers' premiums for health insurance, but currently all NJ public teachers pay a portion of their own health insurance premiums add something


In 2010, there were 605 school districts in the state add something


New Jersey has the fourth largest Filipino population, and fourth largest Chinese population, per the 2010 U.S. Census add something


There were an estimated 550,000 illegal immigrants in the state in 2010 add something


Until 2010, the governor was the only statewide elected executive official in the state and appointed numerous government officials add something


"Jersey City has gained nearly 15,000 residents since 2010, making it the fastest growing municipality in the state and a symbol of the Garden State's reinvigorated urban core add something


Barbara Buono - At the beginning of the 2010 session, Senator Buono became the first woman to be elected Majority Leader of the New Jersey State Senate


William J. Brennan, Jr. - In 2010, Brennan was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame


Stephen M. Sweeney - In January 2010, Senate President-elect Sweeney abstained when the New Jersey Senate voted on the question of allowing same-sex couples to marry


Bret Schundler - On January 13, 2010, Governor-Elect Chris Christie announced that Schundler was his nominee to serve as New Jersey Commissioner of Education


Republican Kim Guadagno was elected the first Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey and took office on January 19, 2010 add something


Dick Zimmer (New Jersey politician) - In March 2010, he was appointed by Governor Chris Christie to head the New Jersey Privatization Task Force


Dick Zimmer (New Jersey politician) - On March 11, 2010, Zimmer was appointed by Governor Chris Christie to be the chairman of the New Jersey Privatization Task Force, charged with developing plans to privatize certain state government operations as a cost-cutting measure


Stephen M. Sweeney - In April 2010, Senator Sweeney was honored by the New Jersey Travel Industry Association with their Friend of Tourism Award


Bret Schundler - He served in the Cabinet of Governor Chris Christie as New Jersey Commissioner of Education until he was dismissed on August 27, 2010


Jon Corzine - On November 23, 2010, Corzine married Elghanayan in a ceremony presided over by Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court Stuart Rabner, according to an announcement in "The New York Times"


Mike Ferguson (New Jersey politician) - Christie later nominated Ferguson to be a board member of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority; Ferguson's nomination was approved March 10, 2011 by the Democrat-controlled New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee and March 21, 2011 by the full Senate


Stephen M. Sweeney - On April 28, 2011, Senator Sweeney was presented with the Legislator of the Year Award by the New Jersey Conference of Mayors


Stephen M. Sweeney - In December 2011, Senator Sweeney was honored with the Paul L. Troast Public Service Award by the NJ Business and Industry Association for his efforts to help spur economic growth and job creation in New Jersey, and on March 30, 2012, he was awarded the Humanitarian Award by the Boys and Girls Clubs of New Jersey


Richard Bagger - Bagger currently serves on the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Board of Commissioners having been confirmed by the New Jersey State Senate on June 28, 2012


Rush D. Holt, Jr. - On November 12, 2012, the New Jersey Sierra Club awarded Holt the Outstanding Achievement Award for his environmental conservation efforts


In 2013, Rutgers University, headquartered in New Brunswick, Middlesex County as the flagship institution of higher education in New Jersey, gained medical and dental schools, augmenting its profile as a national research university as well add something


Grover Cleveland - In 2013, Cleveland was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame


Jon Bramnick - Recently, he was named 2013 Legislator of the Year by the New Jersey Conference of Mayors and was honored at Rider University for his outstanding dedication to New Jersey Politics and Public Service


New Jersey currently has 565 municipalities; the number was 566 before Princeton Township and Princeton Borough merged to form the municipality of Princeton on January 1, 2013 add something


On February 26, 2013, Governor Chris Christie signed online gambling into law add something


Frank Lautenberg - On June 6, 2013, Christie appointed Republican New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa to fill the Senate seat until the elected winner can be sworn in


Newark Mayor Cory Booker was elected in October 2013 to join Robert Menendez to make New Jersey the first state with concurrent serving black and Latino U.S. senators add something


Frank Lautenberg - On October 17, 2013, Democrat Cory Booker was announced the winner of the special election and the next New Jersey Senator


On October 21, 2013, same-sex marriages commenced in New Jersey add something


In 2014, New Jersey's school systems were ranked at the top of all fifty U.S. states by financial website add something


Rutgers joined the Big Ten Conference in 2014 add something


The Pirates made a huge comeback as a program in 2014 with a top-5 recruiting class nationally add something


The world's largest Hindu temple was inaugurated in Robbinsville, Mercer County, in central New Jersey during 2014, a BAPS temple add something


This paradox is most pronounced in Bergen County, New Jersey's most populous county, whose more than 930,000 residents in 2014 inhabited 70 municipalities, the most populous being Hackensack, with 44,519 residents estimated in 2014 add something


On February 2, 2014, MetLife Stadium hosted Super Bowl XLVIII, the first Super Bowl played outside in a cold-weather city add something


In 2015, WalletHub ranked New Jersey the state least dependent upon federal government aid overall and having the fourth lowest return on taxpayer investment from the federal government, at 48 cents per dollar add something


It became the last remaining U.S. state where all gas stations are required to sell full-service gasoline to customers at all times in 2016, after Oregon's introduction of restricted self-service gasoline availability took effect add something


New Jersey lies completely within the combined statistical areas of New York City and Philadelphia and is the third-wealthiest state by median household income as of 2016 add something


Nine New Jersey high schools were ranked among the top 25 in the U.S. on the "Newsweek" "America's Top High Schools 2016" list, more than from any other state add something


A 2017 UCLA Civil Rights project found that New Jersey has the sixth-most segregated classrooms in the United States add something


New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state by area but the 11th-most populous, with 9 million residents as of 2017, and the most densely populated of the 50 U.S. states; its biggest city is Newark add something


Thus, the last year when New Jersey elected a Governor was 2017; the next gubernatorial election will occur in 2021 add something


In 2018, New Jersey's overall educational system was ranked second among all states to Massachusetts by "U.S. News & World Report" add something


Rates for State Sales Tax in Urban Enterprise Zones will change on Jan. 1, 2018 add something


Stephen M. Sweeney - In December 2018, Sweeney led efforts to change the New Jersey constitution so that it entrenched a gerrymandering of New Jersey districts in a way that would grant Democrats a supermajority and keep Republicans in a permanent minority


Princeton University in Princeton, Mercer County, one of the world's most prominent research universities, is often featured at or near the top of various national and global university rankings, topping the 2019 list of "U.S. News & World Report" add something


In January 2019, Sadaf Jaffer became the first female Muslim American mayor, first female South Asian mayor, and first female Pakistani-American mayor in the United States, of Montgomery in Somerset County add something