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Dutch explorer Abel Tasman sighted New Zealand in 1642 and named it "Staten Land" "in honour of the States General" add something


In 1642, Dutch explorer Abel Tasman became the first European to sight New Zealand add something


The first Europeans known to have reached New Zealand were Dutch explorer Abel Tasman and his crew in 1642 add something


In 1645, Dutch cartographers renamed the land "Nova Zeelandia" after the Dutch province of Zeeland add something


The supremacy of parliament, over the Crown and other government institutions, was established in England by the Bill of Rights 1689 and has been ratified as law in New Zealand add something


Europeans did not revisit New Zealand until 1769 when British explorer James Cook mapped almost the entire coastline add something


In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip assumed the position of Governor of the new British colony of New South Wales which according to his commission included New Zealand add something


Jules Dumont d'Urville - On the return to France in March 1825, Lesson and Dumont brought back to France an imposing collection of animals and plants collected to the Falkland Islands, on the coasts of Chile and Peru, in the archipelagos of the Pacific and New Zealand, New Guinea and Australia


In 1830, maps began to use North and South to distinguish the two largest islands and by 1907 this was the accepted norm add something


In 1835, following an announcement of impending French settlement by Charles de Thierry, the nebulous United Tribes of New Zealand sent a Declaration of Independence to King William IV of the United Kingdom asking for protection add something


The Treaty of Waitangi was first signed in the Bay of Islands on 6 February 1840 add something


In 1841, New Zealand became a colony within the British Empire and in 1907 it became a dominion; it gained full independence in 1947, but the British monarch remained the head of state add something


New Zealand, still part of the colony of New South Wales, became a separate Colony of New Zealand on 1 July 1841 add something


The colony gained a representative government in 1852 and the first Parliament met in 1854 add something


Robert Wynyard - Wynyard opened the 1st New Zealand Parliament on 24 May 1854


In 1856 the colony effectively became self-governing, gaining responsibility over all domestic matters other than native policy add something


Robert Wynyard - On 28 January 1858, Wynyard was appointed to the New Zealand Legislative Council


Early settlers brought over their ethnic music, with brass bands and choral music being popular, and musicians began touring New Zealand in the 1860s add something


In 1862 only 101 survived, and the last known full-blooded Moriori died in 1933 add something


Wellington was chosen for its central location, with Parliament officially sitting there for the first time in 1865 add something


C. Y. O'Connor - At the age of 21 he migrated to New Zealand, and on 6 September 1866 was appointed assistant engineer for Canterbury Province under Edward Dobson


C. Y. O'Connor - In 1873 he married Scottish born Susan Laetitia Ness and they had seven children, four girls and three boys whilst in New Zealand


Since 1876, various councils have administered local areas under legislation determined by the central government add something


Thomas Bracken - Encouraged by this literary and commercial success, Bracken contributed some of his own satire, humour and verse, including "God Defend New Zealand" published in 1876 which was widely admired and became the national anthem He wrote "Not Understood" in 1879


The first shipment of refrigerated meat on the "Dunedin" in 1882 led to the establishment of meat and dairy exports to Britain, a trade which provided the basis for strong economic growth in New Zealand add something


C. Y. O'Connor - In 1883 he was appointed Under-Secretary of Public Works in New Zealand and in 1890 he was appointed Marine Engineer for the colony


In 1891 the Liberal Party, led by John Ballance, came to power as the first organised political party add something


In 1893 New Zealand was the first nation in the world to grant all women the right to vote and in 1894 pioneered the adoption of compulsory arbitration between employers and unions add something


Alfred Shout - In 1900, Shout joined a New Zealand Army contingent for service in the Second Boer War


In 1907, at the request of the New Zealand Parliament, King Edward VII proclaimed New Zealand a Dominion within the British Empire, reflecting its self-governing status add something


New Zealand participated at the Summer Olympics in 1908 and 1912 as a joint team with Australia, before first participating on its own in 1920 add something


Nauru - The Nauru Island Agreement forged in 1919 between the governments of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand provided for the administration of the island and for extraction of the phosphate deposits by an intergovernmental British $ Phosphate Commission


Public radio was introduced in New Zealand in 1922 add something


The 1923 and 1926 Imperial Conferences decided that New Zealand should be allowed to negotiate its own political treaties and the first commercial treaty was ratified in 1928 with Japan add something


Nauru - In 1923, the League of Nations gave Australia a trustee mandate over Nauru, with the United Kingdom and New Zealand as co-trustees


Although still largely influenced by global trends and events , writers in the 1930s began to develop stories increasingly focused on their experiences in New Zealand add something


Elections since the 1930s have been dominated by two political parties, National and Labour add something


On 3 September 1939 New Zealand allied itself with Britain and declared war on Germany with Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage proclaiming, "Where she goes, we go; where she stands, we stand add something


Edward Parry (Royal Navy officer) - Battle of the River Plate - During World War II, he served as Commander-in-Chief of the New Zealand Division commanding HMS "Achilles" at the Battle of the River Plate in December 1939


The New Zealand recording industry began to develop from 1940 onwards and many New Zealand musicians have obtained success in Britain and the United States add something


Norman Kirk - His health, however, deteriorated, and when the New Zealand Army called him up for military service in 1941 it found him medically unfit


In 1947 the country adopted the Statute of Westminster, confirming that the British Parliament could no longer legislate for New Zealand without the consent of New Zealand add something


Nauru - In 1947, a trusteeship was established by the United Nations, with Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom as trustees


Douglas Lilburn - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra has recorded most of Lilburn's major works, including the three symphonies composed from 1949 to 1961 and many of the other symphonic works


Europeans brought English fashion etiquette to New Zealand, and until the 1950s most people dressed up for social occasions add something


High demand for agricultural products from the United Kingdom and the United States helped New Zealanders achieve higher living standards than both Australia and Western Europe in the 1950s and 1960s add something


Most early English literature was obtained from Britain and it was not until the 1950s when local publishing outlets increased that New Zealand literature started to become widely known add something


Lloyd Geering - He was a minister in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and turned to theological teaching in 1956


Margaret Mahy - In 1956 she trained at the New Zealand Library School, Wellington as a librarian


Bruce McLaren - His performance in the New Zealand Grand Prix in 1958 was noted by Australian driver Jack Brabham


Horseracing was a popular spectator sport and became part of the "Rugby, Racing and Beer" culture during the 1960s add something


Kevin Smith (New Zealand actor) - Kevin Smith was born in 1963


The New Zealand Music awards are held annually by &Recorded_Music_NZ; the awards were first held in 1965 by Reckitt & Colman as the Loxene Golden Disc awards add something


Wilson Whineray - Whineray was named New Zealand Sportsperson of the Year in 1965


Douglas Lilburn - Lilburn was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Otago in 1969 and in 1978 was presented with the Citation for Services to New Zealand Music by the Composers' Association of New Zealand


Net migration increased after the Second World War; in the 1970s and 1980s policies were relaxed and immigration from Asia was promoted add something


Permanent migration is regulated under the 1970 Samoan Quota Scheme and the 2002 Pacific Access Category, which allow up to 1,100 Samoan nationals and up to 750 other Pacific Islanders respectively to become permanent New Zealand residents each year add something


The number of New Zealand films significantly increased during the 1970s add something


Greg McGee - In New Zealand a rugby player is an everyman, and the game and play present a model of society in the end of the 1970s, and on the eve of the 1981 Springbok Tour


George Baker (actor) - In the late 1970s, he starred as Inspector Roderick Alleyn in four adaptations of the mystery novels of Ngaio Marsh with New Zealand settings, in a production for New Zealand television


Robin Cooke, Baron Cooke of Thorndon - In 1972 he was appointed as a Judge of the New Zealand Supreme Court


Norman Kirk - The Kirk government began the tradition of New Zealand Day in 1973, and introduced legislation in 1974 to declare Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of New Zealand


In 1975, a Waitangi Tribunal was set up to investigate alleged breaches of the Treaty, and it was enabled to investigate historic grievances in 1985 add something


The 249 municipalities that existed in 1975 have now been consolidated into 67 territorial authorities and 11 regional councils add something


Robin Cooke, Baron Cooke of Thorndon - He held this position until 1976 when he was elevated to the New Zealand Court of Appeal


In 1978 the New Zealand Film Commission started assisting local film-makers and many films attained a world audience, some receiving international acknowledgement add something


Bill Manhire - His work has won the New Zealand Book Awards poetry prize five times, in 1978, 1985, 1992,1996 and his most recent work "Lifted" received the 2006 Montana New Zealand Book Awards Poetry Prize


Frank Nobilo - In 1978, Nobilo won the New Zealand Amateur Championship at 18, the second-youngest winner of this title


Albert Wendt - Wendt's epic "Leaves of the Banyan Tree" won the 1980 New Zealand Book Awards


Deregulation in the 1980s saw a sudden increase in the numbers of radio and television stations add something


New Zealand underwent major economic changes during the 1980s, which transformed it from a protectionist to a liberalised free-trade economy add something


The Polynesian sport of waka ama racing has experienced a resurgence of interest in New Zealand since the 1980s add something


Denis Glover - Later that year he awarded an honorary doctorate of literature from Victoria University of Wellington and elected president of honour of the New Zealand Centre of PEN. On 7 August 1980 Glover fell down some steps at Breaker Bay and injured himself


Living standards in New Zealand fell behind those of Australia and Western Europe, and by 1982 New Zealand had the lowest per-capita income of all the developed nations surveyed by the World Bank add something


Don McGlashan - McGlashan won the 'Best Song' *award in the 1982 New Zealand Music *awards, for the Blam Blam Blam song "Don't Fight It Marsha, It's Bigger Than Both Of Us"


Since 1984, successive governments engaged in major macroeconomic restructuring , rapidly transforming New Zealand from a protected and highly regulated economy to a liberalised free-trade economy add something


Thomas Brunner - On 5 April 1984, St Michael's was registered with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust as a Category I structure with registration number 248


Brian Brake - In 1985 he helped establish the New Zealand Centre for Photography


The New Zealand Post Office had a monopoly over telecommunications until 1987 when Telecom New Zealand was formed, initially as a state-owned enterprise and privatised in 1990 add something


Robin Cooke, Baron Cooke of Thorndon - In 1987, he delivered the judgment of the Court of Appeal in the case of "New Zealand Maori Council" v "Attorney-General", which sought to clarify what Parliament meant by section 9 of the State Owned Enterprises Act 1986


Lloyd Geering - He was honoured in 1988 as a Commander of the Order of the British Empire and in 2001 as Principal Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit


David Tua - Tua won the 1988 New Zealand Amateur Heavyweight championship, in a series of fights became internationally respected for his devastating left hook


In 1989, the government reorganised local government into the current two-tier structure of regional councils and territorial authorities add something


The number of fee-paying international students increased sharply in the late 1990s, with more than 20,000 studying in public tertiary institutions in 2002 add something


Vaughan Jones - Also in 1990 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society He was *awarded Distinguished Companionship of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2002


Dylan Horrocks - Upon returning to New Zealand in the mid 1990s, Horrocks had a half-page strip called 'Milo's Week' in the current affairs magazine "New Zealand Listener" from 1995 to 1997


Margaret Mahy - The Margaret Mahy Medal *award was established by the New Zealand Children's Book Foundation in 1991 to provide recognition of excellence in children's literature, publishing and literacy in New Zealand


The railways were privatised in 1993, but were re-nationalised by the government in stages between 2004 and 2008 add something


Since 1994, Freedom House has consistently ranked New Zealand's press freedom in the top twenty, with the 19th freest media add something


Kevin Smith (New Zealand actor) - For this role, he won the 1995 New Zealand Film and Television *award for Best Supporting Actor


Renee O'Connor - From 1995 to 2001, during the filming of "Xena", O'Connor lived in New Zealand, where she still owns a home


Dylan Horrocks - His works are published by the University of Auckland student magazine "Craccum", Australia's Fox Comics, the American Fantagraphics Books, the current affairs magazine "New Zealand Listener" from 1995 to 1997, Black Eye Comics, Vertigo, and in Drawn and Quarterly


Harry Kerr - Harry Kerr was inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame in 1996


Wilson Whineray - He was the honorary Colonel Commandant of the New Zealand Special Air Service from 1997 to 2001


Tana Umaga - New Zealand won both home matches as well, claiming the Tri Nations title and the Bledisloe Cup. This was the first time the All Blacks had won the Bledisloe since 1997


Keven Mealamu - He played as a flanker for New Zealand Under-16s and New Zealand Schools before switching to hooker in 1998


Frank Nobilo - Nobilo was awarded the Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 1998


However, the local fashion industry has grown significantly since 2000, doubling exports and increasing from a handful to about 50 established labels, with some labels gaining international recognition add something


Renee O'Connor - O'Connor married New Zealand native and restaurant manager Steve Muir on October 14, 2000


New Zealand art and craft has gradually achieved an international audience, with exhibitions in the Venice Biennale in 2001 and the "Paradise Now" exhibition in New York in 2004 add something


Richie McCaw - Although New Zealand won every match on tour, an earlier loss to France and three defeats by the South Africans were the most suffered by the All Blacks in a season since McCaw joined the team in 2001


Bill Manhire - He helped start the Best New Zealand Poems series, which began selecting poems in 2001


Karl Urban - In 2001 he appeared in the offbeat rural romance "The Price of Milk", for which he received his first nomination at the New Zealand Qantas Film and Television *awards


Jonah Lomu - Lomu led the New Zealand Sevens team to victory at the 2001 Sevens World Cup, filling in for Rush, who suffered a broken leg during the competition


Richie McCaw - McCaw was selected for the 2001 New Zealand National Rugby Team's end-of-year tour, despite having played only a total of eight minutes of Super 14 rugby


Gordon Copeland - He was a list MP for the United Future New Zealand party from 2002 until he resigned from the party in 2007


Craig Perks - He was the 2002 New Zealand Sportsman of the Year


Kevin Smith (New Zealand actor) - Kevin Smith died in 2002


John Key - Key entered the New Zealand Parliament representing the Auckland electorate of Helensville as one of the few new National members of parliament in the election of 2002 following National's significant defeat of that year


Arthur Lydiard - He became a life member of Athletics New Zealand in 2003


Karmichael Hunt - However, after Darren Lockyer's shift to the five-eighth position and Hunt playing both trial games on the wing and scoring a try in the first game against the Melbourne Storm, he was selected to make his National Rugby League debut for the Broncos in the first round of the 2004 season against the New Zealand Warriors, making him the youngest ever Bronco at seventeen


Lucy Lawless - Lawless became a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the 2004 Queen's Birthday Honours List, which entitled her to use the postnominal letters MNZM.


Jarrod Smith - Smith played on New Zealand's Under-20 and under-23 teams, and was part of the New Zealand U-23 side narrowly beaten to Oceania's spot at 2004 Athens Olympics by Australia


Dominic Bowden - Then in 2004, it was announced Bowden would return to New Zealand as the sole host of "New Zealand Idol" for TVNZ


Hayley Westenra - Westenra was the 2004 Vodafone New Zealand Music *awards winner of "Highest Selling New Zealand Album" and "International Achievement *award"


Hayley Westenra - On 20 February 2004, Prime Minister Helen Clark *awarded her for being the first New Zealand artist to receive the tenfold platinum status in the New Zealand market, where she held the number one artist position for 18 weeks


Tana Umaga - New Zealand was undefeated during the Lions tour and won the Tri-Nations, which included the retention of the Bledisloe Cup. The IRB shortlisted Umaga for their 2005 International Player of the Year award


Prince William, Duke of Cambridge - By July 2005, he was on his first solo overseas tour, travelling to New Zealand, on behalf of his grandmother in her role as Queen of New Zealand, to participate in World War II commemorations


People born on or before 31 December 2005 acquired citizenship at birth add something


It was declared one of New Zealand's official languages in 2006 add something


The New Zealand Sign Language Act 2006 permits the use of NZSL in legal proceedings, facilitates competency standards for its interpretation and guides government departments in its promotion and use add something


Three species of bats were the only sign of native land mammals in New Zealand until the 2006 discovery of bones from a unique, mouse-sized land mammal at least 16 million years old add something


Muttiah Muralitharan - During the 2006 tour of New Zealand another Muralitharan critic, former New Zealand captain and cricket commentator Martin Crowe, called for Muralitharan's doosra to be monitored more closely, asserting that his action seemed to deteriorate during a match


Tana Umaga - In the 2006 Queen's Birthday Honours Umaga was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit in recognition of his dedicated service to rugby


Bruce Ferguson - Previous to this he was the acting director of the New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management, after he retired earlier in 2006 from a distinguished military career which culminated in four years as the New Zealand Chief of Defence Force


Nancy Wake - In April 2006, she was awarded the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association's highest honour, Wake's medals are on display in the Second World War gallery at the Australian War Memorial Museum in Canberra


Hayley Westenra - On 13 November 2006 she participated in the dedication of the New Zealand War Memorial in London


A seasonal workers scheme for temporary migration was introduced in 2007 and in 2009 about 8,000 Pacific Islanders were employed under it add something


Julian Dean - His main achievements include winning the 2007 and 2008 New Zealand National Road Race Championships, and finishing 9th in the 2005 World Road Championships in Madrid


Hayley Westenra - In 2007, Westenra told "The New Zealand Herald", "I'm completely bursting the bubble now, aren't I- That's that ruined


Jonah Lomu - It became apparent in early 2007 that Lomu was not going to make the Rugby World Cup after not signing with a New Zealand Super 14 franchise, therefore ruling him out for the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France


Brian Lochore - On Waitangi Day 2007, Lochore was inducted into the Order of New Zealand as an additional member; the Order of New Zealand is the country's highest honour


Julian Dean - The 2007 cycling season started well with Dean winning the New Zealand Road Racing Champion title


Tana Umaga - Umaga played four games in 2007 for the Wellington Lions in the Air New Zealand Cup, in order to play 100 matches for the province, before taking up the position of coach at Toulon


Gordon Copeland - In June 2007, Copeland announced in his monthly "Copeland's Chronicle" newsletter that Future New Zealand had attracted the necessary 500 members required for registration under the Electoral Act 1993


Jonah Lomu - Lomu was appointed as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen's Birthday Honours list on 4 June 2007


John Key - Key came under fire in the New Zealand Parliament in August 2007, when the Government claimed that had Key been Prime Minister at the time, he would have sent troops to Iraq


Gordon Copeland - The immediate reaction to that from the rank and file members of Future New Zealand was hostile, so Copeland announced on 20 September 2007 that he "could not work" with Lewis, and would remain co-leader of Future New Zealand with Baldock


Gordon Copeland - In October 2007 Copeland distanced himself from The Family Party, led by Lewis, which formed out of Destiny New Zealand, and said he would contest the 2008 election under the Future New Zealand banner


Hayley Westenra - In 2008, Westenra was selected by the New Zealand Society to receive the Global Kiwis Young Achiever *award for remarkable achievement in her field of endeavour on a global scale


Robin Janvrin, Baron Janvrin - In the 2008 New Year's Honours List of New Zealand, Lord Janvrin was made a Companion of the Queen's Service Order for "services to New Zealand as Private Secretary to The Queen"


Hayley Westenra - On 4 Sep 2008, Hayley Westenra became a patron of Royal New Zealand Air Force


Gordon Copeland - On 28 January 2008, Future New Zealand changed its name to The Kiwi Party and Copeland relinquished joint leadership to Larry Baldock, announcing that he would henceforth concentrate on parliamentary matters


Rudi Wulf - On June 1, 2008, Rudi became a New Zealand All Black for the first time


The New Zealand Geographic Board discovered in 2009 that the names of the North Island and South Island had never been formalised, and names and alternative names were formalised in 2013 add something


Anand Satyanand - However, due to a change in the New Zealand Royal Honours system, he was knighted two years later, in 2009


Lloyd Geering - In 2009, his status as a Principal Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit was re-designated to that of Knight Grand Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit


Dylan Horrocks - In support of the 2009 New Zealand Internet Blackout Horrocks released a cartoon satirizing the position of corporations in the entertainment industry


Dan Carter - He ended up recovering earlier than expected and played for his home union, Canterbury, in the opening game of the 2009 Air New Zealand Cup. He won selection to play for the All Blacks against Australia on 22 August 2009 after only recovering for a few months


Peter Jackson - In 2010 he was advanced to Knight Companion of New Zealand.


Alma Evans-Freke - In an interview with New Zealand Listener magazine in 2010, marking 50 years of television in New Zealand, Alma recalled those days in typically understated fashion:


Tana Umaga - On Friday, March 12, 2010, Counties Manaukau announced that Umaga had signed for the province as a player coach for the Air New Zealand Cup


Chorus, which was split from Telecom in 2011, still owns the majority of the telecommunications infrastructure, but competition from other providers has increased add something


Hayley Westenra - On 3 March 2011, Westenra led one of the national anthems "God Defend New Zealand" in a London Westminster Cathedral vigil service together with about 5,000 Kiwis fundraising charity for her hometown Christchurch, after being devastated by a 6,3-magnitude earthquake on 22 February 2011


Life expectancy for New Zealanders in 2012 was 84 years for females, and 80,2 years for males add something


Dan Carter - Carter was named IRB Player of the Year in 2012, but eyebrows were raised when he missed out being named in the shortlist for New Zealand Player of the Year


Douglas Lilburn - His "A Song of Islands" was given its American premiere on November 17, 2012, by the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by James Judd, the former music director of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra


Julian Dean - In December 2012 Dean confirmed his retirement from racing, his final race will be the New Zealand National Road Race Championships on 13 January


Margaret Mahy - In 2013, the top prize at the New Zealand Post Children's Book *awards was renamed the Margaret Mahy Book of the Year *award


For instance, in 2016 Auckland was ranked the world's third most liveable city and Wellington the twelfth by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey add something


John Key - On 18 July 2017, Key was appointed an honorary Companion of the Order of Australia, for "for eminent service to Australia-New Zealand relations", by the Governor-General of Australia on the personal recommendation of the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull


John Key - Key was appointed chairman of ANZ Bank New Zealand, taking up the position on 18 October 2017


The current Prime Minister is Jacinda Ardern, who has been in office since 26 October 2017 add something


In 2018 the average total fertility rate across New Zealand was 1,71 children born per woman, below the replacement rate of 2,1 add something


In 2018 the median age of the New Zealand population was 38,1 years add something