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Weekday BBC Television current affairs programme which specialises in analysis and often robust cross-examination of senior politicians add

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Launched in 2000.

Countries: United Kingdom (63%), United States (11%), (10%)

Main connections: Jeremy Paxman, BBC, Michael Crick

Linked to: Association of Broadcasting Staff, Conservative Party, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Labour Party




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From 2000 until December 2009, on Friday evenings "Newsnight" gave way at 11:00pm to "Newsnight Review", a 35-minute consumer survey of the week's artistic and cultural highlights add something


He continued to chair the panel of guest reviewers when it reincarnated as "Newsnight Review" in 2000, up until December 2005 add something


Nick Griffin - Since assuming control of the party, Griffin has sought to move it away from its historic identity, although on the BBC's "Newsnight" on 26 June 2001 he stated that Hindus and whites had both been targeted in the "Muslim" riots of 2001, and in the August 2001 issue of "Identity" he claimed that radical Muslim clerics wanted "


Mark Lawson - In 2002, "Viz" ran a spoof of his "Newsnight Review" programme, featuring Lawson engaged in a desperate search for hard-core pornography, entitled "The Artful Podger"


Michael Crick - In 2003, under heavy pressure from the preparation of the Hutton Inquiry, the BBC refused to show Crick's report for "Newsnight" into 'Betsygate', the alleged misuse of public funds by the private office of former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith and supposed payments to his wife Betsy for work she did not do


Nick Griffin - On "The Politics Show" on 9 March 2003, he appeared to accept ethnic minorities who were already legally living in the country, and, on 6 March 2008, he was again interviewed on "Newsnight"; when told of a poll that demonstrated that most working-class Britons were more concerned about drugs and alcohol than immigration, he linked the UK's drug problem with Islam, specifically Pakistani immigrants


In 2004 Paxman raised the subject again with Howard, by leader of the Conservative Party add something


News International phone hacking scandal - The BBC's "Newsnight" programme reported other sources at the "Sunday Mirror" confirming use of phone hacking, with one source saying "At one point in 2004, it seemed like it was the only way people were getting scoops


Michael Howard - In November 2004, "Newsnight" again concentrated on Howard with coverage of a campaign trip to Cornwall and an interview with Jeremy Paxman


In 2005, "Newsnight's" editor, Peter Barron, replaced it with a 30-second weather report, arguing that the market data was available on the internet and that a weather report would be more useful add something


Nuclear weapons and Israel - Britain was challenged about the heavy water deal at the International Atomic Energy Agency after it was exposed on Newsnight in 2005


Frank Luntz - In 2005 Luntz conducted a focus group broadcast on the Conservative leadership race on the BBC current affairs show "Newsnight"


Salam Pax - In February 2005 a series of filmed reports by Salam Pax, produced by Guardian Films and transmitted by the BBC's "Newsnight" television programme, won the Royal Television Society Award for Innovation


Salam Pax - In his "Newsnight" report broadcast in October 2005, he interviewed Iraqi Member of Parliament Adnan al-Janabi, a Sunni moderate who served as vice-chair of the constitutional committee, about the proposed Iraqi constitution and revealed that al-Janabi was his father


John Githongo - In an interview with Fergal Keane for the BBC's Newsnight programme on 8 February 2006, Githongo revealed what he claims is taped evidence proving that Kiraitu Murungi attempted to impede his inquiries


Jeremy Paxman - In April 2006 "The Sun" claimed that Paxman earned £800,000 for his "Newsnight" job and £240,000 for presenting "University Challenge", bringing his TV earnings to a yearly total of £1,040,000


Other stunts include: for a week at the end of January 2006, "Newsnight" played over its closing credits the so-called Radio 4 UK Theme which was facing the axe; the 24 April 2006 edition played out to the signature tune of the soon-to-be-axed BBC sports programme, "Grandstand" add something


Between January and June 2006 the programme included "Gordaq", a spoof Stock Exchange index measuring the political performance of Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown add something


The index started at 100 and moved up or down depending on Brown's political situation, finishing at 101 on 30 June 2006 add something


Bella Freud - In an appearance on the BBC current affairs program "Newsnight" on 2 August 2006, she voiced an impassioned denunciation of Israel's "disproportionately violent aggression" in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon Conflict


Ellie Crisell - On 12 September 2006, Crisell appeared on Newsnight, her first non-sports based appearance on BBC News adult-orientated output


Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah (organisation) - In November 2006 the BBC programmes File on 4 and Newsnight, in an investigation into the radicalisation of young British Muslims reported that Omar Bakri is regularly broadcasting hate messages against the UK government and non-Muslim people via the internet, using a range of pseudonyms


Domino's Pizza Group - In 2007 the current affairs programme "Newsnight" reported on the alleged poor treatment of Domino's Pizza employees


Lawrence Wilkerson - Wilkerson said in an interview on BBC "Newsnight", January 17, 2007, that an Iranian offer to help stabilise Iraq after the American invasion, was positively received at the State Department, yet turned down by Dick Cheney


Martha Kearney - Kearney presented her final "Woman's Hour" on 19 March 2007 and her final "Newsnight" on 23 March 2007


James Whale (radio) - Whale participated in a live "Newsnight" programme on 26 April 2007 on BBC 2, broadcast simultaneously on talkSPORT, in which he referred to two-week refuse pickup throughout the UK and the 'scandal' of global warming


Tom Hunter - In July 2007 in interview with Jeremy Paxman on BBC Two's "Newsnight" programme, it was reported that Hunter had pledged to donate a further £1 billion to charity


Chris Huhne - On 6 November 2007, Huhne made remarks about the Speaker of the House of Commons on the BBC television programme "Newsnight" in which he claimed that the Speaker, Michael Martin, had fallen asleep during a speech by the Prime Minister Gordon Brown


Denis MacEoin - On 12 December 2007, two months after the publication of "The Hijacking of British Islam", BBC's "Newsnight" presented material which the programme suggested showed that some of the receipts purporting to prove the sale of extremist material had been forged, and that some of the literature had come from bookshops purportedly unconnected to the mosques named in the report


Dizzee Rascal - During the 2008 US presidential elections, Dizzee gave a live interview to Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman, in which he described Barack Obama as "an immediate symbol of unity"


EMV - Cambridge University researchers Steven Murdoch and Saar Drimer demonstrated in a February 2008 BBC Newsnight programme one example attack, to illustrate that Chip and PIN is not secure enough to justify passing the liability to prove fraud from the banks onto customers


Glen Jenvey - He was interviewed by the BBC's "Newsnight" programme on 17 April 2008, in his Whiteparish, Wiltshire home about his internet monitoring activities


Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko - On 7 July 2008, a British security source told the BBC's Newsnight programme: "We very strongly believe the Litvinenko case to have had some state involvement


Derek Draper - He was described on the BBC television current affairs programme Newsnight, on 12 September 2008, as a Labour Campaign Advisor


The special edition of "Newsnight", which featured a roundup of the best stories from the UK programme and was fronted by Paxman, was dropped in November 2008 add something


The BBC's commercial US channel, which is available in more than 63 million American homes via digital, cable and satellite, in the spring of 2009, dropped its daily simulcast from the BBC World News channel, which aired between 6am and 9am, because of disappointing ratings add something


Stewart Jackson - On 12 May 2009, both BBC Newsnight, and a second article published by The Daily Telegraph reported that Jackson had claimed £55,000 on housing costs for the constituency house, bringing the total sum to over £66,000


Gil Scott-Heron - In November 2009, the BBC's "Newsnight" interviewed Gil Scott-Heron for a feature titled "The Legendary Godfather of Rap Returns"


Trafigura - On December 12, 2009 the BBC removed its online video of Meirion Jones and Liz MacKean's report on Newsnight on 13 May, and deleted the associated BBC News online article


Trafigura - On December 17, 2009, the BBC withdrew one of the allegations it made during the May 2009 Newsnight broadcast, acknowledging that the allegation could not be proven


As part of the BBC's commitment to moving programmes out of London, "Newsnight Review" finished on 18 December 2009 with a special hour-long edition add something


The programme has been replaced by "The Review Show", produced from Glasgow, which started on 22 January 2010 add something


Shaun Bailey - In addition, Bailey was interviewed on the BBC's Newsnight programme in March 2011, where he was introduced as 'Ambassador for the Big Society'


James Purnell - In July 2011, Purnell went on "Newsnight" with proposed welfare reforms, as part of his involvement in Blue Labour


Martin Seligman - On July 6, 2011, he appeared on Newsnight and was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman about his ideas and his interest in the concept of well-being


Occasionally it may have an extended edition if there is an especially significant event in the news - as happened on 7 July 2011, when closure of the "News of the World" led to an extended programme which continued until 11:35 pm add something


Greg Dyke - Dyke appeared on BBC2's Newsnight programme on 8 July 2011 alongside comedian Steve Coogan, where he confronted former News of the World deputy features editor Paul McMullen over his attitude to the events of the phone hacking scandal


Steve Coogan - Interviewed on "Newsnight" on 8 July 2011, Coogan said he was "delighted" by the closure of the News of the World and said it was a "fantastic day for journalism"


Michael Crick - He made his last appearance on "Newsnight" on 29 July 2011


David Starkey - Starkey's comments in August 2011 on the BBC's "Newsnight" programme, made during a discussion about the 2011 England riots, precipitated support and condemnation from several notable commentators


Peter Oborne - Oborne was lambasted for his frank public comments in the 28 September 2011 edition of the BBC programme "Newsnight"


Noel Gallagher - In October 2011 Gallagher told Newsnight he believes the Labour leader Ed Miliband is "utterly uninspiring and dull", and says he has no idea what he stands for


It concluded that the decision to drop the original "Newsnight" report on the allegations against Savile in December 2011 was "flawed", but that it had not been done to protect the Savile tribute programmes add something


Jimmy Savile - In early 2012, several newspapers reported that BBC's "Newsnight" had investigated allegations of sexual abuse immediately after Savile's death, but the report had been shelved before it was broadcast


Lionel Shriver - Newsnight on BBC Two the night of December 17 2012, being interviewed about whether the United States should change laws surrounding guns after the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut


Piers Morgan - On 23 May 2012, the "Newsnight" presenter Jeremy Paxman was a witness at the Leveson Inquiry


Jeremy Paxman - Paxman has been widely condemned as disrespectful when commented in an absurd way the possible exit of Greece from the Eurozone on 31 May 2012 edition of Newsnight


Help for Heroes - In August 2012 a group of wounded ex-servicemen quoted in a report for the BBC's "Newsnight" criticised Help for Heroes for its relationship to the Ministry of Defence


In the weeks after the ITV documentary "Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile" was broadcast on 3 October 2012, allegations were made that a "Newsnight" investigation into Savile by reporter Liz MacKean and producer Meirion Jones in December 2011 had been dropped shortly before transmission because it conflicted with tribute programmes prepared after Savile's death add something


"Newsnight" moved to new facilities at Broadcasting House on 15 October 2012 add something


Jimmy Savile - On 22 October 2012, the BBC programme "Panorama" broadcast an investigation into "Newsnight" and found evidence suggesting "senior manager" pressure; on the same day "Newsnight" editor Peter Rippon "stepped down" with immediate effect


Jeremy Paxman - In November 2012, Paxman publicly defended George Entwistle after his resignation as Director-General of the BBC in connection with a "Newsnight" report which falsely implicated Lord McAlpine in the North Wales child abuse scandal


"Newsnight" broadcast on 2 November 2012 a report falsely accusing a prominent Conservative, Lord McAlpine of child abuse add something


Bureau of Investigative Journalism - On 10 November 2012 the BBC suspended all Bureau co-productions following a secondment of its lead reporter Angus Stickler to Newsnight


Bureau of Investigative Journalism - On Friday 10 November 2012 the BBC suspended all co-productions with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism following a TBIJ - "Newsnight" co-production, lead by the Bureau's chief reporter Angus Stickler, falsely implicating Lord McAlpine of child abuse


Lionel Shriver - She was interviewed on "Newsnight" on BBC Two the night of December 17, 2012, questioned about the issue of whether the United States should change laws surrounding guns after the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut


The Pollard report was published on 19 December 2012 add something


Robert Webb (actor) - Webb has stated that he is a supporter of the Labour Party, and rejoined in 2013 in protest at Russell Brand's interview on Newsnight


Jeremy Paxman - In August 2013 Paxman appeared on "Newsnight" with a beard, causing a Twitter trend when the broadcaster accused the BBC of pogonophobia


Kirsty Wark - In October 2013 on the BBC's Newsnight, Wark interviewed "Guardian" journalist Glenn Greenwald about his reporting of the NSA and GCHQ cyber-spying programs leaked by Edward Snowden


Russell Brand - On 23 October 2013, Brand sat for an interview with Jeremy Paxman on the BBC's "Newsnight" programme during which he was repeatedly challenged about his call for "revolution" and whether someone who had never voted in his life could edit a political magazine


Pakistan and weapons of mass destruction - In November 2013, a variety of sources told BBC Newsnight that Saudi Arabia had invested in the Pakistani nuclear weapons projects and believes it could obtain nuclear bombs from Pakistan at will


Nuclear program of Saudi Arabia - In November 2013, a variety of sources told BBC Newsnight that Saudi Arabia had invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects and believes it could obtain nuclear bombs at will


Emily Maitlis - In January 2014 she became acting political editor of Newsnight until maternity leave of Allegra Stratton ends


Jeremy Paxman was its main presenter for 25 years, until announcing in April 2014 that he was stepping down add something


Jeremy Paxman - Newsnight - At the end of April 2014, Paxman announced that he is to leave "Newsnight" in June after 25 years of presenting the programme


On 30 April 2014, main presenter Jeremy Paxman announced that he will be leaving his role on "Newsnight" later in the year add something


From May 2014, "Newsnight" is again shown in full in Scotland, but delayed by half an hour to accommodate "Newsnight Scotland"'s replacement, "Scotland 2014" add something


Michael Howard - Howard returned briefly to Newsnight on Jeremy Paxman's final episode on the 18th of June 2014 for a "cameo"


During Paxman's final show on June 18, 2014, Howard briefly appeared in the studio once more, with Paxman simply asking "Did you-", to which Howard replied "No Jeremy, I didn't, but feel free to ask another 11 times add something


Jeremy Paxman - Newsnight - Paxman presented his last "Newsnight" on 18 June 2014 in an edition which included an interview with Peter Mandelson and one with London May or Boris Johnson, while they both rode a tandem bicycle, as well as a brief reappearance of Michael Howard who, following on from his 1997 interview, was simply asked: "Did you-"


Michael Howard - Howard returned briefly to Newsnight on Jeremy Paxman's final episode on 18 June 2014 for a "cameo"


In July 2014 Evan Davis was announced as Paxman's replacement add something


Evan Davis - Newsnight - He stood down after the 26 September 2014 edition of "Today" to become a main presenter on "Newsnight", replacing Jeremy Paxman


Laura Kuenssberg departed the programme to become the BBC's new political editor in July 2015 add something


Channel 4 News' Katie Razzall replaced Kuenssberg starting 19 November 2015 add something


Adam Parsons - He moved to the BBC's Newsnight programme in 2016


In an Early day motion of 3 November 2016, as a celebration of the Brexit vote and Britain withdrawing from the European Union a right-wing Conservative MP argued for a return to the broadcasting of God Save the Queen at the end of BBC 1 transmissions each day add something


Kamal Ahmed, Emma Barnett, Nick Ferrari, Naga Munchetty, James O'Brien, and Mark Urban have all stood-in during 2017 add something


Timothy Bell, Baron Bell - During a live Newsnight interview on 4 September 2017, Timothy Bell mentioned that he was the most senior director at the several hour long initial meeting with the Guptas


Cornelia Parker - Parker created two films and a series of 14 photographic works as a result of this commission, which were previewed on BBC Newsnight on 2 February 2018 and made available online via the UK Parliament website


Emily Maitlis - Newsnight - She presents BBC Two's news and current affairs programme "Newsnight" and as of 2019 is the only presenter not to have attended a private school


Since March 2019, Emily Maitlis has served as the "lead presenter," with Kirsty Wark "undertaking an enhanced role," and Emma Barnett joining the presenting team add something