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Nicolas Cage

American actor, producer and directoradd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1964.

Countries: United States (61%), United Kingdom (6%), New York (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Lord of War, The Wrestler (2008 film), Werner Herzog

Linked to: Beverly Hills High School, California State University, Chicago Tribune, Forbes




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Nicolas Cage was born in 1964 add something


Jennifer Jason Leigh - In 1982, she played a teenager who gets pregnant in the Cameron Crowe- scripted high school comedy "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", which served as a launching pad for several of its young stars, including Sean Penn, Judge Reinhold, Forest Whitaker, Eric Stoltz, Anthony Edwards, Phoebe Cates and Nicolas Cage


Jeff Wincott - In 1984, Wincott was cast in the film "The Boy in Blue" with Nicolas Cage


Racing with the Moon - "'Racing with the Moon"' is a 1984 American drama film starring Sean Penn, Elizabeth McGovern, and Nicolas Cage


Francis Ford Coppola - In 1986 Coppola released the comedy Peggy Sue Got Married starring Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage and Jim Carrey.


Fabian (entertainer) - In the 1986 US film "Peggy Sue Got Married", Nicolas Cage's character keeps a picture of Fabian on his car's sun visor


David Schwimmer - Schwimmer based Ross on Nicolas Cage's role of Charlie from the 1986 film Peggy Sue Got Married


Lucinda Jenney - Several roles followed throughout the eighties, appearing in the 1986 comedy "The Whoopee Boys", the *award-winning "Peggy Sue Got Married", with Kathleen Turner and Nicolas Cage


Other Cage roles included appearances in the acclaimed 1987 romantic-comedy Moonstruck, starring Cher; The Coen Brothers cult-classic comedy Raising Arizona; David Lynch's 1990 offbeat film Wild at Heart; a lead role in Martin Scorsese's 1999 New York City paramedic drama Bringing Out the Dead; and Ridley Scott's 2003 quirky drama Matchstick Men, in which he played an agoraphobic, mysophobic, obsessive-compulsive con artist with a tic disorder. add something


Frances McDormand - In 1987, she appeared as the wacky friend Dot in the hit film Raising Arizona, starring Holly Hunter and Nicolas Cage.


Raising Arizona - "'Raising Arizona"' is a 1987 American comedy film directed, written, and produced by the Coen brothers, and starring Nicolas Cage, Holly_Hunter, William Forsythe, John Goodman, Frances McDormand, and Randall "Tex" Cobb


In 1988, Cage began dating actress Christina Fulton, who later bore their son, Weston Cage. add something


Ennio Flaiano - A movie adaptation with the same title, directed by Giuliano Montaldo and starred by Nicolas Cage, was released in 1989


Vampire's Kiss - "'Vampire's Kiss"' is a 1989 American black comedy horror film, directed by Robert Bierman, written by Joseph Minion, and stars Nicolas Cage, María Conchita Alonso, Jennifer Beals, and Elizabeth Ashley


Erika Anderson - She starred in the 1991 erotic suspense thriller movie "Zandalee" with Nicolas Cage, Judge_Reinhold, and Joe Pantoliano


Terminator 2: Judgment Day - "Terminator 2" had its worldwide premiere at the Cineplex Odeon Century Plaza Cinemas in Century City, Los Angeles, on July 1, 1991, attended by VIPs including Nicolas Cage, Christian_Slater, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver


Honeymoon in Vegas - "'Honeymoon in Vegas"' is a 1992 comedy film directed by Andrew Bergman and starring Nicolas Cage, James Caan and Sarah Jessica Parker


Trapped in Paradise - "'Trapped in Paradise"' is a 1994 Christmas-themed crime comedy film written and directed by George Gallo, and starring Nicolas Cage, Jon Lovitz, and Dana Carvey


In the 1995 edition of the Academy Awards, Cage was awarded Best Actor for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas. add something


Elisabeth Shue - Although often cast as a girl next door-type, Shue starred as a prostitute in the 1995 film "Leaving Las Vegas" with Nicolas Cage


Patricia Arquette - In April 1995, Arquette married Nicolas Cage


Carla Gugino - After playing Michael J. Fox's love interest, Ashley Schaeffer, during the first season of the sitcom "Spin City" in 1996, Gugino starred with Nicolas Cage in Brian De Palma's "Snake Eyes", and in "Judas Kiss", which she co-produced


The Thin Red Line (1998 film) - Before the casting was finalized, Nicolas Cage had lunch with Malick in Hollywood in February 1996


Chris Bauer - Bauer played schoolteacher Lloyd Gettys in the 1997 film "The Devil's Advocate", and appeared as the masked character "Machine" in the 1999 film "8mm" starring Nicolas Cage


Lamborghini Miura - In 1997 this car was sold via a Brooks auction to Nicolas Cage, at , becoming the model's highest ever price sold in an auction


Simon West - In 1997, he directed the international blockbuster "Con Air" for Jerry Bruckheimer starring Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich and followed that up in 1999 with "The General's Daughter" starring John Travolta


Iron Man (2008 film) - In January 1997, Nicolas Cage expressed interest in portraying the lead role in a potential film, while in September 1998, Tom Cruise had expressed interest in producing as well as starring in the film debut of Iron Man. Jeff Vintar and Iron Man co-creator Stan Lee co-wrote a story for Fox, which Vintar adapted into a screenplay, and included a new science-fiction origin for the character, and featured MODOK as the villain


LaKiesha Berri - In 1998 she appeared on the "Snake Eyes" soundtrack which starred Nicolas Cage


Kenna James - Leaving acting to pursue a career in poker in 1998, James still makes occasional forays into onscreen acting, most notably in crime thriller "The Trust" ; he has an extended cameo as Captain Harris opposite Nicolas Cage as police officer Jim Stone


In 1999, one-time friend Sean Penn expressed that sentiment to the New York Times, declaring Cage "no longer an actor. add something


Angelina Jolie - In 2000, Jolie appeared in her first summer blockbuster, Gone In 60 Seconds, in which she played Sarah "Sway" Wayland, the ex-girlfriend of car thief Nicolas Cage.


Dominic Sena - In 2000, Sena reappeared with the film "Gone in 60 Seconds" featuring Nicolas Cage, Angelina_Jolie, and Robert Duvall


The Family Man - "'The Family Man"' is a 2000 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Brett Ratner and starring Nicolas Cage and Téa Leoni


Lisa Marie Presley - They became engaged in February 2000, but Presley broke off the engagement in April 2001 after meeting Nicolas Cage at Johnny Ramone's 52nd birthday party


In May 2001, Cage was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts by California State University, Fullerton. add something


Ghost Rider (2007 film) - In June 2001, actor and Ghost Rider fan Nicolas Cage entered talks to be cast into the lead role, after having found out about Depp being a possibility for the role and contacted the director to express his own interest


In addition, the Internal Revenue Service has another lien for more than $350,000 in unpaid taxes dating from 2002 to 2004. add something


James Franco - He next starred in "Sonny", a 2002 release in which he was directed by fellow actor Nicolas Cage, whose involvement had attracted Franco to the film


Frankie Rayder - In 2002 Rayder was falsely linked to Nicolas Cage after his relationship with Lisa Marie Presley ended and when she was dating his cousin Roman Coppola


Ridley Scott - In 2003 Scott directed Matchstick Men, adapted from the novel by Eric Garcia and starring Nicolas Cage, Sam_Rockwell and Alison Lohman.


In 2004 he bought a property on Paradise Island, Bahamas. add something


They were married at a private ranch in Northern California on July 30, 2004. add something


Charles Carroll of Carrollton - Charles Carroll was portrayed by actor Terrence Currier in the 2004 film "National Treasure" starring Nicolas Cage


Diane Kruger - In 2004, Kruger starred with Nicolas Cage and Sean Bean in the film "National Treasure", going on to appear in movies "Joyeux Noël" and "Copying Beethoven"


Jon Voight - In 2004, Voight joined Nicolas Cage, in National Treasure as Patrick Gates, the father of Cage's character.


Jim Butcher - On April 5, 2004, Sci Fi announced production of a two-hour backdoor pilot film of "The Dresden Files" based on the events of "Storm Front" in conjunction with Lions Gate Television and Saturn Films, with Nicolas Cage and Norm Golightly set to executive produce


Cage had a Malibu, California home where he and Kim lived, but sold the property in 2005 for $10 million. add something


In 2005, two offbeat films he headlined, Lord of War and The Weather Man, failed to find a significant audience despite nationwide releases and good reviews for his acting in those roles. add something


Bridget Moynahan - Lord of War - Her next movie was in 2005's "Lord of War", a political crime thriller, as Ava Fontaine Orlov, the wife of Nicolas Cage's character


Eamonn Walker - Lord of War - Two more films followed in 2005, the crime thriller "Lord of War" with Nicolas Cage and the drama adventure film "Duma"


Michael Bollner - Early on in the production of the 2005 film, Nicolas Cage was under discussions for portraying Willy Wonka, but lost interest


Lord of War - "'Lord of War"' is a 2005 crime war film written, produced and directed by Andrew Niccol and co-produced by and starring Nicolas Cage


Graw. add something


In early December 2006, Cage announced at the Bahamas International Film Festival that he planned to curtail his future acting endeavors to pursue other interests. add something


Kate Beahan - Her best known American film role was playing Sister Willow Woodward in the 2006 horror remake "The Wicker Man" opposite Nicolas Cage


Johnny Ramone - In 2006, the remake of the horror film "The Wicker Man" was dedicated to Johnny Ramone's memory, as he was a close friend of the film's producer and star, Nicolas Cage


The Wicker Man (1973 film) - An American remake of the same name, starring Nicolas Cage and Ellen Burstyn, and directed by Neil LaBute, was released on 1 September 2006


Also in 2007, he made his directorial debut in Sonny and he starred in Next, which shares the concept of a glimpse into an alternate timeline with The Family Man. add something


In 2007 he created a comic book with his son Weston, called Voodoo Child, which was published by Virgin Comics. add something


In his filing Levin says that in 2007 Cage's "shopping spree entailed the purchase of three additional residences at a total cost of more than $33 million; the purchase of 22 automobiles; 12 purchases of expensive jewelry; and 47 purchases of artwork and exotic items. add something


Laurie Mansion in New Orleans was purchased anonymously by Cage in 2007 and sold in 2009. add something


Schloss Neidstein in Bavaria was owned by Cage between 2007 and 2009. add something


In August 2007, Cage purchased "Grey Craig", a 24,000-square-foot brick-and-stone country manor in Middletown, Rhode Island, Rhode Island. add something


In November 2007, Cage was spotted backstage at a Ring of Honor wrestling show in New York City researching his role for The Wrestler. add something


Sam Elliott - Elliot joined Nicolas Cage in 2007 in the popular "Ghost Rider", and stood out in another film the same year, in The Golden Compass as a key character, Lee Scoresby


Peter Falk - In 2007, Falk appeared with Nicolas Cage in the thriller "Next"


Jon Trosky - In 2007, he and Smooth Tommy Suede trained Nicolas Cage, and later Mickey Rourke, for the lead role in Darren Aronofsky's film "The Wrestler"


Jon Trosky - In the fall of 2007, Trosky was chosen by Afa The Wild Samoan to train Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke for the lead role in the Darren Aronofsky film "The Wrestler"


The Wrestler (2008 film) - Actor Nicolas Cage entered negotiations in October 2007 to star as Randy


Darren Aronofsky - The actor Nicolas Cage entered negotiations in October 2007 to star as Randy, the film's protagonist


In 2008, Cage appeared as Joe, a contract killer who undergoes a change of heart while on a work outing in Bangkok, in the film Bangkok Dangerous. add something


Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film) - "'Bangkok Dangerous"' is a 2008 crime thriller film written and directed by the Pang Brothers, and starring Nicolas Cage


The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - The film was first announced in May 2008 with Werner Herzog to direct and Nicolas Cage to star


The Ghost Writer (film) - In June 2008, Nicolas Cage, Pierce_Brosnan, Tilda Swinton, and Kim Cattrall were announced as the stars


Also in 2009, Cage starred in the film Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, directed by acclaimed German director Werner Herzog. add something


In 2009, Cage starred in science fiction thriller Knowing, directed by Alex Proyas. add something


Nicolas Cage is one of Hollywood's highest paid actors, earning $40 million in 2009 according to Forbes Magazine. add something


Nicolas Cage: Artist or hack? The choice is his March 21, 2009. add something


Rose Byrne - In 2009, Byrne co-starred with Nicolas Cage in the science fiction thriller "Knowing"


Tom Atkins (actor) - In 2009, he had a supporting role as a retired sheriff in the remake "My Bloody Valentine 3D" and co-starred with Nicolas Cage in Todd Farmer's "Drive Angry", in 2011


The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - "'The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans"' is a 2009 American crime drama film directed by Werner Herzog and starring Nicolas Cage, Eva_Mendes, Tom Bower, Jennifer Coolidge, Xzibit, Val Kilmer and Brad Dourif


In 2010, Cage starred in the period piece Season of the Witch, playing a 14th-century knight transporting a girl accused of causing the Black Plague to a monastery, and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, in which he played the sorcerer. add something


His Bel Air home, which had six loans totaling $18 million on it, failed to sell at an April 2010 foreclosure auction despite an opening offer of $10.4 million, substantially less than the $35 million that Cage had originally tried to sell it for. add something


Teresa Palmer - She appeared in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" in 2010, with Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel, and her films in 2011 include a turn as an alien in the sci-fi film "I Am Number Four", and playing Topher Grace's love interest in "Take Me Home Tonight"


Clark Duke - He co-starred in "Kick-Ass" with Nicolas Cage, directed by Matthew Vaughn, and played Jacob, the nephew of John Cusack's character Adam, in "Hot Tub Time Machine", which was released in March 2010


He was later ordered to appear in court on May 31, 2011. add something


He will star in National Treasure 3, which has a possible release date as early as 2011. add something


In February 2011, Cage claimed to have created a new method of acting he calls "Nouveau Shamanic". add something


In November 2011, Cage sold his Action Comics 1 in an online auction for a record-breaking $2.16 million dollars, to assist paying his tax liens and other debts. add something


Drive Angry - "'Drive Angry"' is a 2011 American supernatural action film starring Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard, and directed by Patrick Lussier


Season of the Witch (2011 film) - "'Season of the Witch"' is a 2011 American fantasy adventure film starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman and directed by Dominic Sena with extensive uncredited reshoots by Brett Ratner


The Expendables 2 - In September 2011 Stallone confirmed that he was in talks with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, and scheduling would be the only obstacle to their involvement


Simon West - West directed Nicolas Cage in the film "Stolen" in 2012


Malin Akerman - Åkerman starred in the 2012 bank heist action film "Stolen" opposite Nicolas Cage


The Expendables 3 - In August 2012, producer Avi Lerner confirmed that Nicolas Cage had been signed for the then-potential sequel


In 2013, he voiced the character of Crug in the animated film "The Croods" add something


Larry Brown (author) - In 2013 a film adaptation of Larry Brown's "Joe" was released featuring Nicolas Cage


Ashley Tisdale - In January, 2013, Tisdale was cast to star opposite Nicolas Cage in the movie "Left Behind" as Chloe Steele, a young woman that wanders America looking to find any remaining members of her family


Dying of the Light (film) - On July 30, 2013, Nicolas Cage joined the film in the lead role, replacing Ford


The Croods - On September 9, 2013, it was announced that Nicolas Cage, Emma_Stone, and Ryan Reynolds will reprise their roles in the sequel


The pair are parents of a son, Lucian August us Coppola Cage, born July 1, 2014 add something


Jack Falahee - In 2014, he appeared in action-thriller "Rage" opposite Nicolas Cage and Aubrey Peeples


As of July 2015, the debt remains unsettled, and Cage is reportedly renting a home in a "private, gated community" near the TPC golf course in Las_Vegas (Las_Vegas,_Nevada) with his third wife, Alice, and son, Kal-El add something


Tong Dawei - In 2015, he appears in the Taiwanese martial arts action film, "Free Wired", co-starring Nicolas Cage and Sandra Bullock


Sarah Wayne Callies - In 2015, she co-starred Nicolas Cage, in Uli Edel's thriller film "Pay the Ghost"


Talia Shire - Talia is the sister of director and producer Francis Ford Coppola and academic August 2015 Coppola, the aunt of actor Nicolas Cage and director Sofia Coppola, and the niece of composer and conductor Anton Coppola


Joseph Gordon-Levitt - The film is scheduled to be released in December 2015 and will co-star Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson and Nicolas Cage


The couple separated in January 2016 after photos were captured, showing Kim kissing another man add something


Joseph Gordon-Levitt - The film is scheduled to be released in North America on September 16, 2016 and will co-star Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson and Nicolas Cage


Faye Dunaway - Also in 2017, Dunaway starred in two other films that are yet-to-be released, "Inconceivable", a thriller in which she plays Nicolas Cage's mother, and "The Case for Christ", a Christian drama based on the 1998 book of the same name by Lee Strobel


Scarecrow (DC Comics) - Actors Nicolas Cage, Steve_Buscemi and Jeff Goldblum were courted for the role,; Coolio's uncredited role in "Batman & Robin" was revealed to have been a portrayal of Jonathan Crane in February 2017,, with Coolio set to reprise the role in "Batman Unchained"


Gina Gershon - Gina Gershon co stars along side Nicolas Cage, and this film is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2017, by Lionsgate Premiere


The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on January 19, 2018 add something


Dwayne Cameron - In 2018 Cameron got his Hollywood break starring as the lead role opposite Nicolas Cage in Millennium Films' bank heist action movie "211" playing Cage's son-in-law and police partner


On January 28, 2019, Viktor and Irina Yelchin premiered a documentary about their son Anton Yelchin, "Love, Antosha", at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival add something


In March 2019, Cage married Erika Koike in Las Vegas, only to file for annulment four days later add something