Nicolas Winding Refn

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Nicolas Winding Refn

Danish film director, screenwriter and producer add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1970.

Countries: United States (44%), Denmark (10%), (10%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Mads Mikkelsen, Actor, Only God Forgives

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Nicolas Winding Refn was born in 1970 add something


He moved to the United States in 1978, and is known for directing the "Pusher" films , "Drive" and "Only God Forgives" add something


Zlatko Buric - He has appeared in several successful Danish films from the 1990s and 2000s, frequently appearing in films directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, including "Bleeder" and "The Pusher Trilogy": "Pusher", "Pusher II" & "Pusher III"


The original film garnered a Best Supporting Actor award at the 1997 Bodil awards add something


In 1999, Refn directed the crime-drama-thriller "Bleeder" , which featured much of the same cast from the "Pusher" Trilogy, including actors such as Kim Bodnia and Mads Mikkelsen add something


Refn won the FIPRESCI prize for the film at the 2000 Sarajevo Film Festival, and the film won Best Lighting at the Robert Festival, and was nominated for Best Film and Best Supporting Actress at the 2000 Bodil awards, as well as for the Grand Prix Asturias for Best Feature at the 1999 Gijon International Film Festival add something


In 2003, Refn directed and wrote his first U.S.-based Hollywood film, "Fear X", which starred John Turturro add something


Although being a commercial failure that bankrupted the film company at the time, the film won an International Fantasy Film award for Best Screenplay at the 2004 Fantasporto Film Festival, and was nominated for best actor awards at the Bodil awards and the Fangoria awards, and best film awards at festivals including Sitges Film Festival and the Sochi International Film Festival add something


For "Pusher II", lead actor Mads Mikkelsen won a Best Actor at the 2005 Bodil awards, Best Actor at the 2005 Robert Festival and Best Actor at the 2005 Zulu awards add something


In 2008, Refn returned to the European art house film circuit after his unsuccessful Hollywood venture "Fear X" , and directed and wrote "Bronson" , which starred Tom Hardy as the title character, the infamous real-life U.K. prisoner Charles Bronson add something


Aguirre, the Wrath of God - In addition, Nicolas Winding Refn's 2008 film "Valhalla Rising" is an homage to "Aguirre"


Scott Walker (singer) - The song "The Electrician", which featured on The Walker Brothers' "Nite Flights" album, was the opening track for the 2008 film "Bronson" directed by Nicolas Winding Refn


Hardy won a Best Actor award at the 2009 British Independent Film awards for his portrayal of Charles Bronson add something


In 2009, Refn teamed up again with frequent collaborator Mads Mikkelsen to write and direct "Valhalla Rising", a surrealistic period piece about the brutal Viking era add something


In 2009, Winding Refn was attached to direct a modern retelling of "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" with Keanu Reeves playing the titular roles add something


The film won Best Film at the 2009 Sydney Film Festival, and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival add something


Valhalla Rising (film) - "'Valhalla Rising"' is a 2009 Danish adventure drama film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, starring Mads Mikkelsen


In 2010, Winding Refn was attached to direct Paul Schrader's script "The Dying of the Light" with Harrison Ford as the lead add something


The film won an International Fantasy Film Special Jury award and Special Mention at the 2010 Fantasporto Festival, and won the Titra Film award for Refn at the 2010 Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival add something


However in February 2010, Winding Refn dropped out of the project in order to work on "Drive" add something


However, in February 2010, Winding Refn exited the project add something


In June 2010, Winding Refn stated his interest in directing a Wonder Woman movie with Christina Hendricks to play the titular character add something


Dying of the Light (film) - In January 2010, Nicolas Winding Refn was attached to direct Paul Schrader's script, with Harrison Ford to star as lead


After Lars von Trier's controversial remarks on the 2011 Cannes Film festival, Winding Refn apologised for Trier's behaviour on the behalf of Denmark add something


In 2011, Winding Refn directed the American neo-noir crime drama "Drive" add something


The film won a Best Make-Up award at the 2011 Robert Festival add something


In September 2011 during promotion for "Drive", he claimed that Ford did not want his character to die, causing the film production to fall apart add something


In September 2011, Winding Refn stated his next film after "Only God Forgives" will be "I Walk With the Dead", with "Drive" cohort Carey Mulligan slated to play the lead add something


Winding Refn spoke more about shooting in chronological order in September 2011, in reference to "Drive": add something


"Film Journal International", accessed September 30, 2011 add something


"The Daily Telegraph", accessed September 30, 2011 add something


Drive (2011 film) - "'Drive"' is a 2011 American neo-noir arthouse action crime thriller film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Oscar Isaac, and Albert Brooks


In 2012, Refn was attached to direct a remake of the 1980s crime show "The Equalizer" with Denzel Washington in the lead role, but the deal did not materialize with Sony for unknown reasons add something


The film was nominated for an Academy award in 2012 for "Best Sound Editing", for an Excellence in Production Design award from the Art Directors Guild, won Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor at the Austin Film Critics awards, won Boston Society of Film Critics awards for Best Supporting Actor and Best Use of Music in a Film , the Critics Choice award at the Broadcast Film Critics Association awards for Best Action Movie, Best Director, Best Picture and Breakthrough Film Artist at the Central Ohio Film Critics Association, Best Original Score and Best add something


The film was remade into a British version in 2012, "Pusher", directed by Luis Prieto and executive produced by Refn himself add something


In June 2012, Winding Refn was in talks to direct an adaptation of "Button Man" add something


In 2013 Nicolas Winding Refn confirmed "I Walk With the Dead" as his next project add something


In October 2013 playwright Polly Stenham was confirmed to write the screenplay with Refn add something


Only God Forgives - If he had created something like "Only God Forgives", substituting his own quirky casting for the rather staid choices made by actual director Nicolas Winding Refn, he would have walked away from Cannes 2013 with yet another Palme d'Or, another notch in his already sizeable artistic belt, and the kind of critical appreciation that only comes when a proven auteur once again establishes his creative credentials


Only God Forgives - "'Only God Forgives"' is a 2013 Danish-French thriller film written and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, starring Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Vithaya Pansringarm


On June 6, 2014, Refn announced on his Twitter blog that "I Walk With the Dead" would be his next film, to be shot in Los Angeles add something


On November 3, 2014, his production company "Space Rocket Nation" alongside its co-producers Gaumont and Wild Bunch announced that Refn's next film would be titled "The Neon Demon", to be filmed in Los Angeles in early 2015 add something


Abbey Lee Kershaw - In January 2015 was confirmed Lee, will portray Sarah in the Nicolas Winding Refn directed thriller film The Neon Demon and co-stars Elle Fanning


Jena Malone - In February 2015 was casted along Keanu Reeves for Nicolas Winding Refn's thriller film The Neon Demon


Keanu Reeves - In February 2015, Reeves officially signed on to "The Neon Demon", a female-driven horror film from director Nicolas Winding Refn


And later in June 2016, he expressed interest in directing a Batgirl film add something


In July 2016, Refn revealed that he turned down the offer to direct the James Bond movie "Spectre" add something


Bella Heathcote - She was later cast in Nicolas Winding Refn's thriller film "The Neon Demon", which will be released in 2016


The Neon Demon - "'The Neon Demon"' is a 2016 internationally co-produced horror thriller film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and co-written by Mary Laws and Refn and starring Elle Fanning