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No Direction Home

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No Direction Home

Documentary film by Martin Scorsese that traces the life of Bob Dylan, and his impact on 20th-century American popular music and culture add

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Launched in 1204.

Countries: United States (45%), New York (20%), (15%)

Main connections: Bob Dylan, Martin Scorsese, Greenwich Village




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The documentary, describing the 1960 New York folk scene, served as an inspiration to Justin Timberlake for his part in the Coen brothers' related drama "Inside Llewyn Davis" add something


The film focuses on the period between Dylan's arrival in New York in January 1961 and his "retirement" from touring following his motorcycle accident in July 1966 add something


Blowin' in the Wind - Dylan performed the song during his first national US television appearance, filmed in March 1963, a performance made available in 2005 on the DVD release of Martin Scorsese's PBS television documentary on Dylan, "No Direction Home"


The title is taken from a lyric of Dylan's 1965 hit single, "Like a Rolling Stone" add something


CP Lee - His other works include books about Bob Dylan, one of which, "Like The Night ", focuses on the shout of 'Judas' aimed at Dylan at his Manchester Free Trade Hall performance in 1966, which was the climax of Martin Scorsese's documentary of Dylan, "No Direction Home"


The cover photo on the DVD package, by Barry Feinstein, shows Dylan standing in front of the Aust Ferry terminal in Gloucestershire, England, in May 1966, shortly before the opening of the Severn Bridge which replaced the ferry add something


The project began to take shape in 1995 when Dylan's manager, Jeff Rosen, began scheduling interviews with Dylan's friends and associates add something


Dylan himself sat for ten hours in a relaxed and open conversation with Rosen in 2000 add something


Scorsese eventually agreed and came aboard in 2001 add something


Shot by D.A. Pennebaker, the onstage color footage was found in 2004 in a pile of water-damaged film recovered from Dylan's vault add something


"'No Direction Home: Bob Dylan"' is a 2005 documentary film by Martin Scorsese that traces the life of Bob Dylan, and his impact on 20th-century American popular music and culture add something


Maria Muldaur - During this time, she was part of the Greenwich Village scene that included Bob Dylan, and some of her recollections of the period, particularly with respect to Dylan, appear in Martin Scorsese's 2005 documentary film, "No Direction Home"


Webb Pierce - Footage of Pierce singing "There Stands the Glass" was featured in the 2005 documentary "No Direction Home" by Martin Scorsese about early influences on Bob Dylan


Olivia Harrison - Harrison was first convinced to try collaborating with Scorsese after, in 2005, she saw his "No Direction Home" documentary about Bob Dylan


Gid Tanner - It can be heard in Martin Scorsese's 2005 documentary on Dylan, "No Direction Home"


American Masters - The "American Masters" production company occasionally plays a more limited role and co-produces some of its episodes, such as the 2005 documentary on Bob Dylan, "No Direction Home", and in 2010 The Doors, "When You're Strange"