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Noel Gallagher

English musician and singer-songwriter, formerly the lead guitarist, occasional lead singer and principal songwriter of the rock band Oasis add

Category: Music

Born in 1967.

Countries: United Kingdom (77%), (8%), UK (5%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Gem Archer, Paul Weller, Oasis (band)

Linked to: Blur, Oasis, The Verve, Conservative Party




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Noel Gallagher was born in 1967 add something


Soon after the birth of younger brother Liam in 1972, the Gallaghers moved to Ashburn Avenue in the Manchester suburb of Burnage add something


Peggy Gallagher acquired a legal notice of separation from her husband in 1976 add something


Much of the late 1980s found Noel unemployed and living in a bedsit, occupying his time with recreational drug use, songwriting and guitar playing add something


Steve Marriott - Other guest appearances included two original members of the Small Faces, Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher and Bobby Tench from Marriott's 1980's Humble Pie line up and John's Children


He appeared for Manchester footballing outfit Oisins at Croke Park, Dublin, in 1983 add something


Noel was particularly inspired by the debut of The Smiths on "Top of the Pops" in 1983, performing their single "This Charming Man" add something


After a series of odd jobs in construction, he worked for local Manchester band Inspiral Carpets as a roadie and technician in 1988 add something


In 1988, he moved out of his family home to live with Louise Jones, whom he described as his "soulmate" and for whom he wrote "Slide Away" add something


In May 1988, Noel met guitarist Graham Lambert of Inspiral Carpets during a Stone Roses show add something


In 1991, Noel returned from an American tour with the Inspiral Carpets to find that his brother Liam had become a singer with a local band called The Rain add something


Between 1993 and 1998, he claims, "I can hardly remember a thing add something


In May 1993, the band heard that a record executive from Creation Records would be scouting for talent at King Tut's in Glasgow add something


Despite their rapidly growing popularity, Noel briefly left Oasis in 1994 during their first American tour add something


He had met her in 1994 through her roommate, MTV presenter Rebecca de Ruvo, whom he was dating at the time and whom he left for Mathews add something


In an L.A. show during their first American tour in 1994, Liam took to changing the words of the songs so that they were offensive to both Americans and Noel add something


They had an on-again, off-again relationship before finally separating in June 1994, with Gallagher stating, "I don't think I'll ever get over it add something


The single was later followed by Oasis' debut album "Definitely Maybe", which was released in August 1994 and was a critical and commercial success add something


The Chemical Brothers - Early in 1994, The Dust Brothers were approached in the club one Sunday by Noel Gallagher, from Oasis, who at the time were becoming one of the most prominent guitar bands in Britain


Gallagher followed up the debut in 1995 with Oasis' first UK No.1 single in "Some Might Say" add something


The most infamous of Gallagher's controversial statements was in a 1995 interview with "The Observer", where he expressed a wish for Damon Albarn and Alex James of rivals Blur to "catch AIDS and die", a comment which he quickly apologised publicly for, and stated that "AIDS is no laughing matter add something


The Chemical Brothers - During the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, Rowlands and Simons had another conversation with Noel Gallagher


Come Together - Paul McCartney was part of a different version of the song with Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller on an updated version of the classic for the 1995 "HELP" charity record, under the name the Smokin' Mojo Filters


Mellotron - The Mellotron resurfaced in 1995 on Oasis' album " Morning Glory-" The instrument was played by both Noel Gallagher and Paul Arthurs on several tracks, but a particularly prominent use was the cello sound on the hit single "Wonderwall", played by Arthurs


Mellotron - The Mellotron resurfaced in 1995 on Oasis' album " Morning Glory-" The instrument was played by both Noel Gallagher and Paul Arthurs on several tracks, but a particularly prominent use was the cello sound on the hit single "Wonderwall", played by Arthurs


Both factions played along, with the Gallaghers taunting Blur at the 1996 BRIT awards by singing a rendition of "Parklife" when they collected their "Best British Band" award add something


In 1996, Noel provided lead vocals at a performance for "MTV Unplugged" when Liam backed out minutes before the set was due to start add something


In a 1996 "Guitar World" interview, he described himself as "a fan who writes songs" and stated, "I'm not saying, 'I'm the greatest songwriter in the world add something


In March 1996, Noel and Liam Gallagher met their father again when the "News of the World" paid him to go to their hotel during a tour add something


Gallagher became so influential that a June 1996 "NME" article argued that "If Noel Gallagher, the most successful songwriter of his generation, champions a group, said group are guaranteed more mainstream kudos and, quite possibly, more sales add something


In August 1996, Oasis sold out two nights at Knebworth, playing to over 250,000 fans add something


Herb Alpert - Royal Festival Hall - In 1996 at London's Royal Festival Hall, Noel Gallagher performed the song with Burt Bacharach


Don't Look Back in Anger - "'Don't Look Back in Anger"'" is a song by the English rock band Oasis, released in 1996 as the fifth single from their second studio album " Morning Glory-" The song was written by the band's guitarist and main songwriter, Noel Gallagher


Jarvis Cocker - "Melody Maker"'s 2 March 1996 edition, for example, suggested Cocker should be knighted, and Noel Gallagher of Oasis said that "Jarvis Cocker is a star" and should be *awarded an MBE


In 1997, Noel was criticised for attending a high-profile and well-publicised media party at 10 Downing Street, hosted by the newly-appointed Prime Minister, Tony Blair, along with other celebrities and industry figures who had supported New Labour in the run-up to the general election add something


In an interview in 1997 when he was asked about why he visited Blair he replied, "I've taken a lot of flack for going to No. 10 Downing Street but the thing about that is, I never considered myself a rebel anyway add something


In June 1997, Gallagher married Meg Mathews in Las Vegas, Nevada add something


Gallagher claimed to have quit using illicit drugs on 5 June 1998 add something


In 1999, rhythm guitarist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs quit the band, with bassist Paul McGuigan following soon afterwards add something


While on tour in Barcelona in 2000, Oasis were forced to cancel a gig when Alan White's arm seized up, and the band spent the night drinking instead add something


Mathews gave birth to a daughter, Anaïs Gallagher, on 27 January 2000 add something


Since his separation from Mathews, Gallagher has been in a relationship with MacDonald, whom he met at club Space on Ibiza in June 2000 add something


Following this, Noel declared he was quitting overseas touring, but returned for an Oasis gig in Dublin on 8 July 2000 add something


He stated in 2001, "I liked drugs, I was good at them add something


In 2001 he was reported to have an estimated personal fortune of £25 million add something


Gallagher and Mathews divorced in January 2001 on grounds of his adultery with Scottish publicist Sara MacDonald add something


Zak Starkey - On 14 April 2001 he featured in both of the backing bands for the "Steve Marriott Tribute Concert", appearing with others including Humble Pie, Rick Wills, Rabbit Bundrick, Bobby Tench, Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller


Don't Believe the Truth - The recording finally began after Alan White's departure in January 2004 at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall, though the group wasn't satisfied with the results, as Noel said "Unfortunately, after the recording process we decided we didn't like anything we had played/recorded during those three weeks, and because of commitments with Death in Vegas, Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes couldn't find any more time to give to the project


Noel has said he sometimes does not understand his own lyrics, commenting in 2005 that "when I'm halfway through 'Don't Look Back in Anger' I say to myself add something


Yet the second single from "Don't Believe the Truth", "The Importance of Being Idle" became the second Noel-sung Oasis track to top the UK charts and was named 2005's finest track by "Q" magazine, as well as being nominated for the "NME"'s "Best Song of 2005" award add something


"NME", issue of 10 December 2005 add something


Zak Starkey - In April 2005 Noel Gallagher confirmed that Starkey was invited to be Oasis' official drummer, but that couldn't materialize before his current working engagements with The Who were completed in mid 2007


Zak Starkey - In May 2005, Noel Gallagher revealed to the BBC that Starkey had participated in the recording sessions for "Don't Believe the Truth"


Gallagher stated in a 2006 radio interview with Russell Brand that he does not believe in God or "an all-guiding force add something


In late 2006, Gallagher toured the UK, Europe, Japan, America and Australia in a series of acclaimed intimate semi-acoustic gigs accompanied by Gem Archer and Terry Kirkbride on percussion add something


Don't Look Back in Anger - In a 2006 radio interview, Liam Gallagher said that it was he who came up with the line "so Sally can wait" as Noel was struggling with that particular line at the time


Mick Head - They signed to Noel Gallagher's "Sour Mash" label and released "The Corner Of Miles And Gil" in 2006


Mike Oldfield - In November 2006, musician Noel Gallagher won a Spanish court case against Oldfield


In an interview in 2007 when asked about politics he said, "I'd been unemployed all my life add something


In early 2007, Gallagher joined the rest of Oasis to collect the "Outstanding Contribution to Music" award at the Brit awards 2007 add something


It was almost the same set he played at the Royal Albert Hall in 2007 add something


Noel, along with the band recorded their seventh studio album between 2007 and the next year in Abbey Road Studios and Los Angeles, and started at the end of the summer of 2008 a tour that will last at least 12 months add something


The show proved successful and a further series of sets took place in 2007 add something


Kele Okereke - Okereke responded critically to comments made by Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis in early 2007


Dig Out Your Soul - A January 2007 interview for "NME", Noel Gallagher gave new details on his vision for the album: "All the tunes I've written recently have been on the kind of acoustic side, you know- But for the next record I really fancy doing a record where we just completely throw the kitchen sink at it," he explained


In 2008 it was announced that Gallagher would sell his home in Ibiza located near fellow musician James Blunt's, saying while in Los Angeles on the Russell Brand BBC Radio 2 show that he "Can't stand living there in the knowledge that Blunt is nearby making terrible music add something


Jay-Z opened his set at Glastonbury 2008 with a cover of Oasis' song "Wonderwall" add something


Don't Look Back in Anger - From 2008 through Oasis' breakup, the song was performed by Gallagher on his Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar backed up by Gem Archer on electric guitar, and Chris Sharrock playing tambourine


Eden Project - Oasis were set to play in the summer of 2008, but the concert was postponed because Noel Gallagher was unable to perform after breaking three ribs in a stage invasion incident several weeks before


Oasis (band) - The first single from the record was "The Shock of the Lightning" written by Noel Gallagher, and was pre-released on 29 September 2008


As a result Oasis have been deemed "unsuitable" by the Chinese government, forcing a planned tour of the country in 2009 to be cancelled add something


In 2009 "The Sunday Times" Rich List estimated Noel and Liam's combined personal fortune at £52 million add something


In March 2009, "The Times" in conjunction with iTunes released a selection of live recordings by Noel Gallagher taken from his semi-acoustic performance at the Royal Albert Hall on 27 March 2007 in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust add something


On 28 August 2009 Noel quit Oasis after a fight with his brother, Liam Gallagher add something


On 28 August 2009, following an altercation with Liam prior to a gig in Paris, Gallagher announced his departure from Oasis and on 23 October 2009, he confirmed he would embark on a solo career add something


Don't Look Back in Anger - On 11 and 12 July 2009, during performances of the song at London's Wembley Stadium, Gallagher didn't sing a word; instead, he stood back, played guitar, and allowed the crowd to sing the entire song


Oasis (band) - Speculation had been rife that Noel Gallagher intended to go solo; however, on 12 July 2009, it was announced through the Oasis publicist that this was not true


Oasis (band) - During the tour the brothers' increasingly deteriorating relationship ultimately led to Noel Gallagher announcing in August 2009 that he would be leaving the band after a backstage altercation with Liam before a festival appearance


Gem Archer - Oasis broke up in August 2009, but in November 2009, Liam Gallagher announced he was writing new material with Gem as well as other ex-Oasis members minus his brother Noel, under the name Beady Eye


Noel's first concerts without Oasis were announced on 1 February 2010 to be at London's Royal Albert Hall on 25 and 26 March 2010 for Teenage Cancer Trust add something


Noel joined friend Paul Weller onstage in London on 21 April 2010, and played the Oasis song "Mucky Fingers" and a song he co wrote with Weller, "Echoes Round the Sun" add something


Noel confirmed that he would be returning to the studio in August 2010 to record drums for an unnamed artist, later confirmed to be Paul Weller add something


On 24 November 2010, Miles Kane revealed that Noel sings on a track from his debut solo album entitled "My Fantasy" add something


Mike Pickering - Pickering is a supporter of Manchester City Football Club, and appeared in the documentary film about the club, Blue Moon Rising, in 2010 alongside Noel Gallagher


Sergio Pizzorno - Serge was at Wembley in December 2010 to make the draw for the FA Cup Third Round Proper, along with former Oasis guitarist and good friend Noel Gallagher


On 10 February 2011, Noel stated he has "not even started" his first solo record, despite Liam rumouring that he 'swiped' material from the "Dig Out Your Soul" sessions add something


Gallagher and MacDonald were married on 18 June 2011 in a private ceremony at the Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest National Park add something


On 20 July 2011, Gallagher released a 47 second trailer of his first single "The Death of You and Me" add something


Speaking out about the August 2011 riots that took place in England, Gallagher stated, "Last August I was on tour in Europe and people were asking me about the riots add something


Gallagher along with Matt Morgan sat in for Dermot O'Leary's Saturday show on BBC Radio 2 on 10 September 2011 add something


In October 2011 Gallagher told Newsnight he believes the Labour leader Ed Miliband is "utterly uninspiring and dull", and says he has no idea what he stands for add something


Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds released a self-titled album on 17 October 2011; a collaboration album with Amorphous Androgynous will be released in 2012 add something


In an interview during The Jonathan Ross Show on 22 October 2011, Gallagher explained how he coincidently met Albarn in a night club and how they reconciled their feuds and reminisced about the music scene in the 1990s add something


He will be on tour, debuting in Dublin on 23 October 2011 add something


Matt Morgan (comedian) - In September 2011, Morgan joined Noel Gallagher in co-hosting a show filling in for Dermot O'Leary


On 21 May 2012, after almost three years of no communication, it was revealed that Liam and Noel had been in "friendly text contact" after Manchester City won the Barclays Premier League add something


On 17 November 2012, Gallagher announced he was going on hiatus from music add something


On 23 March 2013, Gallagher, Damon, Graham and Paul Weller performed the Blur hit 'Tender' at the Teenage Cancer Trust add something


Paul Weller - On March 23, 2013, Paul Weller played drums on stage with Damon Albarn, Noel Gallagher and Graham Coxon, playing the Blur track "Tender"


Oasis (band) - In December 2013 it was reported that a suggested reunion tour to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of "Definitely May be" had been scotched by Noel Gallagher, who refused to rejoin the group despite the incentive of a £20m share of the revenues


Oasis (band) - On the 26th February 2014, Noel Gallagher via the band's official website announced that their first three studio albums would be re-mastered and re-released throughout the remainder of 2014 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of "Definitely May be"


In a February 2015 interview with The Quietus Noel Gallagher elaborated on his disillusion with current politicians and how they'll do anything to say they're just regular people: add something


In March 2015, Gallagher revealed that he was considering retirement from live shows within the following 10 years add something


Following the self-titled debut, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds released their second album 'Chasing Yesterday' March 2, 2015 add something


Gem Archer - Archer appeared with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at a gig in Lincoln on 6th December 2015, followed by an appearance for BBC Radio 2 the following night


Gem Archer - Archer appeared with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at a gig in Lincoln on 6 December 2015, followed by an appearance for BBC Radio 2 the following night


In 2016, Gallagher stated that while he remained left-wing, he opposed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, deeming him to be a communist add something


In February 2016, Gallagher reunited with Morgan to host a one-off radio show for Absolute Radio add something


Chris Cester - In 2016, Cester performed with the Mystic Knights of Amnesia, a band that was named by friend and former Oasis guitarist and songwriter, Noel Gallagher


Gem Archer - In October 2016, Gem joined Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds for their performance of Half the World Away dedicated to Caroline Aherne for Channel 4's Stand Up to Cancer telethon; leading to speculation he had become a permanent member of the band


In March 2017, Damon Albarn's animated band Gorillaz released the track We Got The Power which featured Noel on backing vocals add something


On 16 August 2017, it was confirmed that on 9 September, Gallagher would headline We Are Manchester, a benefit concert at Manchester Arena to raise money for the families of the victims of the terrorist attack on the venue in May that year add something


On 9th September 2017, Gallagher along with his band, served as the headline act of "We Are Manchester", a benefit concert to mark the reopening of Manchester Arena add something


On 9 September 2017, Gallagher along with his band, served as the headline act of "We Are Manchester", a benefit concert to mark the reopening of Manchester Arena add something


In December 2017 during an interview for an Australian newspaper, Liam revealed that he and Noel had called a "truce" add something


Gem Archer - In 2017, Archer joined Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds as lead guitarist, thus reuniting with former Oasis member Noel Gallagher


Don't Look Back in Anger - On 29 May 2017, Absolute Radio 90s broadcast a programme counting down the top 50 songs written by Noel Gallagher to mark his 50th birthday with "Don't Look Back In Anger" being voted as number one


Gem Archer - In July 2017, it was confirmed that Gem had become a permanent member of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds


Manchester Arena - On 16 August 2017, it was announced that the arena would reopen on 9 September, with a benefit concert featuring Noel Gallagher and other acts associated with the North West


However in February 2018, Liam revealed that the truce did not actually happen and that it was "in his head" after "a couple of drinks" add something


Two further EPs will be released later in 2019 add something


On 2 May 2019, the band released "Black Star Dancing", the title track of their EP, which will be released on 14 June 2019 add something


In August 2019, Gallagher will tour America with The Smashing Pumpkins add something