Norman Jewison

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Norman Jewison

Canadian film director, producer, actor and founder of the Canadian Film Centreadd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1926.

Countries: United States (59%), Canada (26%), United Kingdom (10%)

Main connections: In the Heat of the Night (film), Fiddler on the Roof (film), Gregory Peck

Linked to: Rollerball, BBC, Victoria University, Toronto, Jews




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Norman Jewison was born in 1926 add something


As a student he was involved in writing, directing, and acting in various theatrical productions, including the All-Varsity Revue in 1949. add something


Out of work in Britain in late 1951, he came back to Canada to become a production trainee at CBLT in Toronto, which was preparing for the launch of CBC Television. add something


When CBC Television went on the air in the fall of 1952, Jewison was an assistant director. add something


In 1953 he married Margaret Ann "Dixie" Dixon, a former model. add something


Norman Jewison and Margaret Ann Dixon married on July 11, 1953. add something


Jack Duffy - In 1957, he was hired by Norman Jewison to appear as a comedian on the CBC series "Showtime"


In 1958 Jewison was recruited to work for CBS in New York, where his first assignment was Your Hit Parade, followed by The Andy Williams Show. add something


The television production that proved pivotal to Jewison's career was the Judy Garland "comeback" special that aired in 1961, which included Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and led to a weekly show that Jewison was later called in to direct. add something


Tuesday Weld - In 1965, she appeared in the successful Norman Jewison film "The Cincinnati Kid", opposite Steve McQueen


Ring Lardner, Jr. - The blacklist was lifted when producer Martin Ransohoff and director Norman Jewison gave him screen credit for writing 1965's "The Cincinnati Kid"


Arthur Malet - He played undertaker Ted Ulam in Norman Jewison's 1967 film "In the Heat of the Night", and Joe Fenwick in a 1972 episode of "Columbo", "Dagger of the Mind"


In the Heat of the Night (film) - "'In the Heat of the Night"' is a 1967 dramatic mystery film directed by Norman Jewison, based on the 1965 John Ball novel of the same name which tells the story of Virgil Tibbs, a black police detective from Philadelphia, who becomes involved in a murder investigation in a racist small town in Mississippi


Ben Hecht - The 1969 movie, "Gaily, Gaily", directed by Norman Jewison and starring Beau Bridges as "Ben Harvey", was based on his life during his early years working as a reporter in Chicago


At Pinewood Studios northwest of London, and on location in Yugoslavia, he worked on what would become one of the top grossing films of all time, the musical Fiddler on the Roof, which won three Oscars and was nominated for five others, including Best Picture and Director. add something


During the filming of Fiddler, Jewison was the subject of the 1971 National Film Board of Canada documentary, "Norman Jewison, Filmmaker" directed by Douglas Jackson. add something


Fiddler on the Roof (film) - "'Fiddler on the Roof"' is the 1971 musical drama film produced and directed by Norman Jewison


Baayork Lee - In 1973, she travelled to Israel to film Norman Jewison's version of "Jesus Christ Superstar


The Norman Jewison Collection at the Victoria University Library at the University of Toronto contains photographs and publicity materials, papers and correspondence, shooting scripts and schedules for films directed or produced by Jewison between 1975 and 2003. add something


In 1978 Jewison returned to Canada, settling in the Caledon area in Ontario and establishing a farm that produced prize-winning cattle. add something


Howard Rollins - In 1984, Rollins starred in director Norman Jewison's film, "A Soldier's Story" which led to his role as Virgil Tibbs on the "In the Heat of the Night" television series based on Jewison's acclaimed film "In the Heat of the Night"


During this period he became the force behind a project that had long been of interest: the Canadian Centre for Advanced Film Studies was incorporated in 1986. add something


Moonstruck - "'Moonstruck"' is a 1987 American romantic comedy film directed by Norman Jewison


Renamed the Canadian Film Centre, it began operations in 1988. add something


Emily Lloyd - In 1988, she appeared in "Cookie" by Susan Seidelman and "In Country" by Norman Jewison, but both films were box office flops


Heidi Swedberg - Following graduation she moved to Kentucky where she spent a year at the Actor's Theatre of Louisville, following which she acted in her first film role, Norman Jewison's 1989 "In Country"


Gregory Peck - His last prominent film role came in 1991, in Other People's Money, directed by Norman Jewison and based on the stage play of that name.


The Thalberg award was one of many honours Jewison has been awarded, including Honorary Degrees from Trent, Western Ontario and the University of Toronto, and he was made a Companion of the Order of Canada in 1992. add something


Andrew Currie - In 1997, Currie moved to Toronto, Ontario to study at Norman Jewison's Canadian Film Centre


In 1999 Jewison's work was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when he was given the prestigious Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award for lifetime achievement. add something


Rex Harrington - Harrington has appeared in Norman Jewison's "The January Man", as well as the film adaptation of "The Four Seasons", for which Rex won a Gemini Award in 2000


A park in downtown Toronto was named after him in 2001. add something


In recognition of his contributions to the arts, as well as his sustained support, he was installed as Chancellor of Victoria University in the University of Toronto in 2004. add something


The program began in September 2011 welcoming less than thirty select students into Norman Jewison Stream for Imagination and the Arts. add something


Jewison presented the inaugural award to CFC alumna Semi Chellas in 2014, to Graeme Manson and John Fawcett in 2015, and to Don McKellar in 2016 add something