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Tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in approximately 1603, and based on the Italian short story ''Un Capitano Moro'' by Cinthio, a disciple of Boccaccio, first published in 1565 add

Category: Literature

Launched in 1603.

Countries: United Kingdom (51%), United States (26%), (3%)

Main connections: Paul Robeson, Hamlet, Laurence Olivier

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Margaret Hughes - The occasion of her first performance was on 8 December 1660, in a production of Shakespeare's play "Othello," when she played the role of Desdemona in a production by Thomas Killigrew's new King's Company at their Vere Street theatre


Charles Hart (17th-century actor) - He was Cassio in early stagings of Shakespear's "Othello"; after 1669 he played the title role


Margaret Hughes - Hughes certainly played Desdemona in the performance of "Othello" seen by Samuel Pepys on 6 February 1669


John Philip Kemble - In the following year they played Montgomerie and Matilda in Richard Cumberland's "The Carmelite", and in 1785 Adorni and Camiola in Kemble's adaptation of Philip Massinger's "A Maid of Honor", and Othello and Desdemona


Magdeleine-Marie Desgarcins - She was one of the actresses who left the Comédie-Francaise in 1791 for the house in the rue Richelieu, soon to become the Théatre de la République, and there her triumphs were no less in "King Lear", "Othello", La Harpes Melanie et Virginie, etc


George Frederick Cooke - In 1794 in Dublin, as Othello, he first attained high rank in a national capital; by 1800, London critics had dubbed him the "Dublin Roscius"


William Macready - In 1829 he appeared as Othello in Warwick


Edmund Kean - His last appearance on the stage was at Covent Garden on 25 March 1833, when he played Othello to the Iago of his son, Charles Kean, who was an accomplished actor


Ludwig Dessoir - He succeeded Karl Devrient at Karlsruhe, and went in 1847 to Berlin , where he acted Othello and Hamlet with great success, he received a permanent engagement at that theatre


Gustavus Vaughan Brooke - On 3 January 1848 Brooke was a success as Othello at the Olympic Theatre, London


Ellen Terry - In 1862, she joined her sister Kate in J. H. Chute's stock company at the Theatre Royal, Bristol, where she played a wide variety of parts, including burlesque roles requiring singing and dancing, as well as roles in "Much Ado about Nothing", "Othello" and "The Merchant of Venice"


Madge Kendal - In 1865, Kendal was playing adult roles in London, beginning with Ophelia in "Hamlet", Blanche in "King John" and Desdemona in "Othello" at the Haymarket Theatre in London


Edward Askew Sothern - In October 1877 at the Academy of Music in New York, he played the title role in "Othello"


George Sutton Titheradge - He made his first appearance in London on 6 October 1877, and on 8 April 1878 played Iago to the Othello of Henry Forrester


William Terriss - In 1880 he joined Henry Irving's company at the Lyceum Theatre, playing such parts as Cassio in "Othello" and Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet", and in 1895 he acted there with Mary Anderson, for example, as Romeo to her Juliet


Constantin Stanislavski - So too did Tommaso Salvini's 1882 performance of Othello


Ivane Machabeli - Although, he never visited England, he produced, from 1886 to 1898, the brilliant translations of "Hamlet", "Othello", "Macbeth", "Richard III", "Julius Caesar", "Antony and Cleopatra", and "Coriolanus", which to this day serve as the standard versions for the repertoire of the Rustaveli Theatre


Lillah McCarthy - She joined Wilson Barrett at the Lyric, London , in 1896-97, and after touring in Australia she became leading lady with him in 1900, playing in "Quo Vadis-", "The Sign of the Cross", Knowles's "Virginius", "Hamlet", and "Othello"


Alexandre Beljame - He was a good Shakespearian scholar, and his editions of "Macbeth", "Othello" and "Julius Caesar" received an academic prize in 1902


Mario Caserini - His 1906 film Otello is believed to be the earliest film adaptation of the William Shakespeare play "Othello"


Werner Krauss - He played the title role of William Shakespeare's Othello in a 1920 adaption, and played Iago in a 1922 adaptation


Peggy Ashcroft - A prolific stage actress from a young age, she first gained notoriety playing Naemi in "Jew Suss" in 1929, and Desdemona opposite Paul Robeson's Othello two years later, during which time the two had a brief affair


Robeson had first played the role in London in 1931 opposite a cast that included Peggy Ashcroft as Desdemona and Ralph Richardson as Roderigo, and would return to it in 1959 at Stratford on Avon with co-stars Mary Ure, Sam Wanamaker and Vanessa Redgrave add something


Michael Hordern - In 1937, he made his professional stage debut at the People's Palace, East London, playing a minor role in "Othello" and, later in the year, joined the repertory company of the Little Theatre in Bristol


Ferdinand Marian - In 1938 he joined the ensemble of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin , where he was acclaimed for his performance as Iago in Shakespeare's "Othello"


Lloyd Bridges - Bridges made his Broadway debut in 1939 in a production of Shakespeare's "Othello"


Laurence Olivier - His tension towards Gielgud came to a head in 1940, when Olivier approached London impresario Binkie Beaumont about financing him in a repertory of the four great Shakespearean tragedies of Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth and King Lear.


The most notable American production may be Margaret Webster's 1943 staging starring Paul Robeson as Othello and Jose Ferrer as Iago add something


Paul Robeson - Robeson reprised his role of Othello at the Shubert Theatre in 1943 under the direction of Margaret Webster


Paul Robeson - Robeson's 1943 "Othello" is still, to this day, the longest-running production of a Shakespeare play ever to be staged on Broadway


Paul Robeson - Subsequently, he toured North America with Othello until 1945, received a Donaldson *award and was *awarded the Spingarn medal by the NAACP


Mexican choreographer José Limón created a 20-minute, four character ballet called "The Moor's Pavane" to the music of Henry Purcell in 1949 add something


Orson Welles - From 1949 to 1951, Welles worked on Othello, filming on location in Europe and Morocco.


Patrick Wymark - He attended University College, London, before training at the Old Vic Theatre School and making his first stage appearance in a walk-on part in "Othello" in 1951


Peter Finch - In 1951 Finch played Iago on stage opposite Orson Welles in Othello.


The film won the Palme D'Or at the 1952 Cannes Film Festival add something


Richard Burton - Burton was still juggling theatre with film, playing Hamlet and Coriolanus at the Old Vic theatre in 1953 and alternating the roles of Iago and Othello with the Old Vic's other rising matinee idol John Neville


Lorne Greene - In 1953, he was seen in the title role of a one-hour adaptation of Shakespeare's "Othello", and in 1955, he was rather incongruously cast as Ludwig van Beethoven in an episode of the televised version of "You Are There"


Christopher Plummer - Christopher Plummer made his television debut in the February 1953 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation production of "Othello", starring Lorne Greene as the Moor


Earle Hyman - He was a member of the American Shakespeare Theatre beginning with its first season in 1955, and played the role of Othello in the 1957 season


Sergei Bondarchuk - In 1955, he starred with future wife Irina Skobtseva in "Othello" and after four years, they married


John Woodvine - In 1956 his roles for the company included Roderigo in "Othello" ; Calchas in "Troilus and Cressida" ; Murderer in "Macbeth" ; Tybalt in "Romeo and Juliet" ; and Lord Scroop of Berkeley in "Richard II"


The critics had mixed reactions to the "flashy" 1959 production which included mid western accents and rock-and roll drumbeats but gave Robeson primarily good reviews add something


Paul Robeson - During his run at the Royal Shakespeare Company playing Othello in Tony Richardson's 1959 production at Stratford-upon-Avon, he befriended actor Andrew Faulds whose family hosted him in the nearby village of Shottery


Douglas Campbell (actor) - He appeared many times at Stratford in the fifty years that followed, drawing great acclaim in the role of Othello in 1959, and in many appearances as Falstaff


Sam Wanamaker - In 1959, he joined the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre company at Stratford-upon-Avon, playing Iago to Paul Robeson's Othello in Tony Richardson's production that year


Zoe Caldwell - She played Bianca in the 1959 production of "Othello", starring Paul Robeson


Maggie Smith - She became a fixture at the Royal National Theatre in the 1960s, most notably for playing Desdemona in "Othello" opposite Laurence Olivier and earning her first Oscar nomination for her performance in the 1965 film version


Michael Gambon - Gambon made his professional stage début in the Gate Theatre Dublin's 1962 production of "Othello", playing "Second Gentleman", followed by a European tour


Alexander Wilson (writer and spy) - Wilson died of a heart attack on 4 April 1963 in Ealing and is buried in Milton cemetery, Portsmouth with a tombstone describing him as an author and patriot and the quotation from Shakespeare's Othello 'He loved not wisely but too well


His Othello was captured on record in 1964 with Jay Robinson as Iago and on video in 1981 with Ron Moody as Iago add something


This performance was recorded complete on LP, and filmed by popular demand in 1965 add something


Cy Grant - Grant's general frustration with the lack of good roles for black actors was briefly tempered in 1965 when he played the lead in "Othello" at the Phoenix Theatre in Leicester, a role for which white actors at the time routinely "blacked up"


Michael Gambon - He made his film debut in the Laurence Olivier "Othello" in 1965


Robert Duvall - His most notable Off-Broadway performance, for which he won an Obie Award in 1965 and which he considers his "Othello", was as Eddie Carbone in Miller's $A_View_From_the_Bridge (A_View_from_the_Bridge) at the Sheridan Square Playhouse from January 28, 1965 to December 11, 1966.


Billie Whitelaw - In 1965, she took the part of Desdemona opposite Laurence Olivier's Othello from Maggie Smith


Other ballets include "Prologue" choreographed by Jacques d'Amboise for the New York City Ballet in 1967 as a prequel to Shakespeare's play, "Othello" choreographed by John Butler to the music of Dvo?ák for Carla Fracci and the La Scala Theatre Ballet in 1976, and a version choreographed by Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux for the Louisville Ballet in the 1980s add something


Michael Gambon - In 1967, he left the NT for the Birmingham Repertory Company, which was to give him his first crack at the title roles in "Othello" , "Macbeth" and "Coriolanus"


Marshall played Othello in a jazz musical version, "Catch My Soul", with Jerry Lee Lewis as Iago, in Los Angeles in 1968 add something


Zoe Caldwell - Caldwell's directed the Broadway production of "Othello" in the late 1970s with James Earl Jones, Christopher Plummer and Dianne Wiest


Frances Conroy - During the 1970s, she performed regularly with regional and touring theatrical companies , and appeared as Desdemona at the Delacorte Theatre in a production of "Othello" with Richard Dreyfuss and Raul Julia


Moses Gunn - His much acclaimed performance as Othello at the Stratford, Connecticut, Shakespeare Festival was moved to Broadway in 1970


Paul Robeson - In the early 1970s, "The New York Times" and "The New York Daily News" both ran extensive pieces on black actors who played Othello with no mention of Robeson


Moses Gunn - He was nominated for a 1976 Tony *award as Best Actor for "The Poison Tree" and played Othello on Broadway in 1970


Orson Welles - Filming The Trial: After the success of his 1978 film Filming Othello made for West German television, and mostly consisting of a monologue to the camera, Welles began shooting scenes for this follow-up film, but never completed it.


John Heard (actor) - Heard won Obie *awards for his performances in "Othello" and "Split" in 1979-80


Orson Welles - In 1979 Welles completed his documentary Filming Othello, which featured Michael MacLiammoir and Hilton Edwards.


Michael Gambon took the role in 1980 and 1991; their performances were critically acclaimed add something


Olivier was among the last white actors to be greatly acclaimed as Othello, although the role continued to be played by such performers as Paul Scofield at the Royal National Theatre in 1980, Anthony Hopkins in the BBC Shakespeare television production on videotape add something


Christopher Plummer - In the 1980s, he appeared on Broadway in two Shakespearean tragedies, "Othello", playing Iago to James Earl Jones' Moor, and the title role in "Macbeth" with Glenda Jackson playing his lady


Karen Dotrice - Her career began on stage, expanded into film and television roles, and concluded with a short run as Desdemona in the 1981 pre-Broadway production of "Othello"


Rosemary Leach - In 1981 she played Emilia opposite Bob Hoskins's Iago in the BBC Shakespeare's production of "Othello"


Karen Dotrice - In 1981, Dotrice took the role of Desdemona in the Warner Theatre production of "Othello" opposite James Earl Jones and Christopher Plummer


The 1982 Broadway staging starred James Earl Jones as Othello and Christopher Plummer as Iago, who became the only actor to receive a Tony award nomination for a performance in the play add something


"Othello", a series of 60 paintings executed in 1985 by Nabil Kanso add something


The ballet "Othello" was choreographed by John Neumeier to music by Arvo Pärt, Alfred Schnittke, Naná Vasconcelos et al. and was premiered by the Hamburg Ballet in Hamburg on 27 January 1985, with Gamal Gouda as Othello, Gigi Hyatt as Desdemona, and Max Midinet as Iago add something


Franco Zeffirelli's 1986 film version of Verdi's opera starring Plácido Domingo as Othello was nominated for the BAFTA for foreign language film add something


Canadian playwright Ann-Marie MacDonald's 1988 award-winning play Goodnight Desdemona is a revision of "Othello" and "Romeo and Juliet" in which an academic deciphers a cryptic manuscript she believes to be the original source for the tragedies, and is transported into the plays themselves add something


Trevor Nunn's 1989 version filmed at Stratford, cast black opera singer Willard White in the leading role, opposite Ian McKellen's Iago add something


Orson Welles - Welles's daughter, Beatrice Welles-Smith, restored "Othello" in 1992 for a wide re-release


However, the first major screen production casting a black actor as Othello would not come until 1995 with Laurence Fishburne opposite Kenneth Branagh's Iago add something


The first major screen production casting a black actor as Othello would not come until 1995 with Laurence Fishburne opposite Kenneth Branagh's Iago add something


Laurence Fishburne - He became the first African American to portray Othello in a motion picture by a major studio when he appeared in Oliver Parker's 1995 film adaptation of the Shakespeare play


Ivan Kamaras - He won widespread admiration for his first role playing Othello at the age of 23 in 1995


Chiwetel Ejiofor - He played the title role in "Othello" at the Bloomsbury Theatre in September 1995, and again at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow in 1996 when he starred opposite Rachael Stirling, who played Desdemona


It was published in 1996 by NEV Editions add something


Henry Ainley - John Gielgud, writing in the "Sunday Times" in 1996, described Ainley's Prospero as "disastrous", although he generally held Ainley in high regard and fulfilled a longstanding ambition to perform with him when Gielgud played Iago opposite Ainley's Othello in a 1932 BBC Radio broadcast


In 1997, Patrick Stewart took the role of Othello with the Shakespeare Theatre Company in a race-bending performance, in a "photo negative" production of a white "Othello" with an otherwise all-black cast add something


Patrick Stewart played the role in the Royal Shakespeare Company's 1997 staging of the play and Thomas Thieme, white, played Othello in a 2007 Munich Kammerspiele staging at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford add something


Ron Canada - Also known for his stage work in 1997, he played the role of Iago in Shakespeare's $ Othello at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C. opposite Patrick Stewart as Othello


Indira Varma - In 1997, Varma played Bianca in Shakespeare's "Othello" at the National Theatre , London


Suresh Gopi - In 1997, with Jayaraj's "Kaliyattam" , an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Othello", Suresh Gopi won the National Film *award for Best Actor for playing Kannan Perumalayan


"Othello" was first performed in New York City at the Metropolitan Opera House, 23 May 1997, by American Ballet Theatre add something


In 1998, Suresh Gopi received the National Film award for Best Actor, and Jayaraj the award for Best Director for their work on the film add something


Adrian Pasdar - Adrian Pasdar wrote and directed the short film "Beyond Belief" and directed his first feature film, the art-house neo-noir "Cement", a contemporary re-telling of "Othello", in 1999


Sherilyn Fenn - In 1999 she re-teamed with Chris Penn and Adrian Pasdar for Pasdar's art-house directorial debut, the neo-noir "Cement", a contemporary re-telling of "Othello", in which she played a tempting but imprudent femme fatale, the wife of jealous corrupt cop Chris Penn


On 25 February 1999, "Bandanna", an English language opera in a prologue and two acts with a libretto by Irish poet Paul Muldoon and music by Daron Hagen was performed by the opera theatre at The University of Texas in Austin add something


Eamonn Walker - In 2001 he returned to British television starring as John Othello in a modern adaptation of the William Shakespeare play "Othello" on ITV, opposite Christopher Eccleston


Eamonn Walker - In the United States, he is known for playing Kareem Said in the HBO television series "Oz", for which he won a CableACE *award, and elsewhere as Winston, the gay, black thorn in Alf Garnett's side in "In Sickness and in Health" and John Othello in the 2001 ITV1 production of "Othello"


In 2002, modern dance choreographer Lar Lubovitch created a full-length ballet in three acts based on the Shakespeare play and Cinthio's tale with a score by Elliot Goldenthal add something


It was reprinted in 2005 by Can of Worms Press and includes the complete text of the play add something


Lilia Abadjieva - Amongst other awards, she received an award from the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria for developing and disseminating Bulgarian culture, and in 2005 she won the Union of Bulgarian Artist's award for the best play of the season for her production of Othello for the Bulgarian National Theatre


Chiwetel Ejiofor - He has received numerous acting *awards and nominations, including the 2006 BAFTA *awards Rising Star, three Golden Globe *awards' nominations, and the 2008 Laurence Olivier *award for Best Actor for his performance in "Othello"


Chiwetel Ejiofor - In 2007, he reprised his role as Othello at the Donmar Warehouse, alongside Kelly Reilly as Desdemona, and Ewan McGregor as Iago


Tim McInnerny - In summer 2007, he played Iago in "Othello" at Shakespeare's Globe on Bankside in London and in 2010 Tiberius in a radio adaptation of "I, Claudius"


Eamonn Walker - In May 2007, he became the first black actor to play the role of Othello at either the original Globe Theatre or at the modern reconstruction, Shakespeare's Globe in London


Ewan McGregor - From December 2007 to February 2008, McGregor starred as Iago in "Othello" at the Donmar Warehouse alongside Chiwetel Ejiofor as Othello and Kelly Reilly as Desdemona


"Othello" opened at the Donmar Warehouse in London on 4 December 2007, directed by Michael Grandage, with Chiwetel Ejiofor as Othello, Ewan McGregor as Iago, Tom Hiddleston as Cassio, and Kelly Reilly as Desdemona add something


The work remains in the repertoire of the Hamburg Ballet, seeing its 100th performance in 2008 add something


He did so on a tour at the start of 2009 produced by Northern Broadsides in collaboration with West Yorkshire Playhouse add something


Peter Sellars - His "Othello", starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as Iago, showed in the Fall 2009 season at New York City's Public Theater


Barrie Rutter - In 2009 Rutter directed Lenny Henry in a production of "Othello"


Kelly Reilly - She was nominated once again for an Olivier *award for her performance as Desdemona in the acclaimed production of Othello at The Donmar Warehouse in 2009


In January 2009, a manga adaptation was published in the United Kingdom, with art by Ryuta Osada add something


Lenny Henry - In February 2009, Henry appeared in the Northern Broadsides production of "Othello", in the title role, at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds


Kathryn Hunter - In January to March 2009, she directed a touring RSC production of "Othello" at the Warwick Arts Centre, Hackney Empire, Northern Stage, Oxford Playhouse and Liverpool Playhouse


Paul Robeson - His Othello was characterised by Michael A. Morrison in 2011 as a high point in Shakespearean theatre in the 20th century


Belinda Owusu - Othello - From March 2011, she has been working at the Nuffield Theatre, and is currently working as Desdemona in their version of William Shakespeare's "Othello"


Roy Padrick - In March 2011, Padrick was *awarded the role of Iago in Shakespeare's Othello


Clarke Peters - In September 2011, Peters appeared on stage in a Sheffield Crucible Theatre production of Shakespeare's "Othello", playing the title role opposite his "Wire" co-star Dominic West, who played the evil Iago


Adrian Lester - Adrian Lester played the part of Othello in the Shakespeare play of the same name in 2013 alongside Rory Kinnear as Iago at the National Theatre


Christopher Moore combines "Othello" and "The Merchant of Venice" in his 2014 comic novel "The Serpent of Venice", in which he makes Portia and Desdemona sisters add something


In March 2016, Onyeka, historian and writer of Blackamoores: "Africans in Tudor England their Presence, Status and Origins", produced a play entitled "Young Othello" add something


In June 2016, baritone and actor David Serero plays the title role in a Moroccan adaptation featuring Judeo-Arabic songs and Verdi's opera version in New York add something