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Paul Sorvino

American actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1939.

Countries: United States (68%), Italy (9%), United Kingdom (9%)

Main connections: Danny Aiello, Gold Coast International Film Festival, Peter Max

Linked to: Lafayette High School, CBS, Rutgers University




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Paul Sorvino was born in 1939 add something


Peter Max - Peter and his parents first settled in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn in 1953 where he attended Lafayette High School , where he was classmates with future actor Paul Sorvino


He made his Broadway debut in the 1964 musical "Bajour", and six years later he appeared in his first film, "Where's Poppa-" add something


He received an avalanche of critical praise for his performance as Phil Romano in Jason Miller's 1972 Broadway play "That Championship Season", a role he repeated in the 1982 "TCS" film version add something


In a 1974 ABC Movie of the Week, he played Harry Walters, a stout, real estate salesman, who is randomly picked up by a beautiful woman and raped at gunpoint as a prank, and left to explain to his friend and wife how "It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy", a movie considered risqué, even for the '70s add something


He directed "Wheelbarrow Closers", a 1976 Broadway play by Louis La Russo II, which starred Danny Aiello add something


Danny Aiello - He was in the 1976 Broadway play "Wheelbarrow Closers", which was directed by Paul Sorvino


In 1981, Sorvino played the role of Italian-American communist Louis C. Fraina in Warren Beatty's epic film "Reds add something


" He appeared in Larry Cohen's 1985 science fiction horror film "The Stuff" as a reclusive militia leader, alongside his future "Law & Order" co-star Michael Moriarty add something


He helped found the American Stage Company, a group that launched several successful Off-Broadway shows, while living in Tenafly, New Jersey, New Jersey in 1986 add something


In 1991, he took on the role of Sergeant Phil Cerreta on the popular series "Law & Order" add something


In 1998 he narrated the series "The Big House" for The History Channel add something


In 1999 he directed and again starred in a lower-budget TV version of "That Championship Season", which was written by his friend Jason Miller add something


From 2000 to 2002, he had a starring role as Frank DeLucca in the CBS television drama "That's Life" add something


Jason Miller (playwright) - In 2004, actor Paul Sorvino, a longtime friend of Miller and a cast member of all three versions of "That Championship Season", was commissioned by Scranton, Pennsylvania to create a bronze bust of the late playwright and actor


In 2005, Sorvino partnered with Lackawanna County to film "The Trouble with Cali" in Scranton, Pennsylvania add something


In 2007, Sorvino launched "Paul Sorvino Foods", to market a range of pasta sauces add something


On January 17, 2007, news reports detailed that he displayed a gun in front of his daughter Amanda's ex-boyfriend, Daniel Snee, after the man pounded on her hotel door and made threats add something


In December 2008 his sculpture of his friend the late Jason Miller was unveiled in Scranton, Pennsylvania Pa. In addition, he guest stars on the most recent album of Neapolitan singer Eddy Napoli, "Napulitanata", performing a duet of the song "Luna Rossa add something


Terrance Zdunich - The short film was screened for agents and producers at Endeavor Agency in Beverly Hills, CA. Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures eventually brought Repo to the big screen in 2008, which starred Anthony Head, Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, and Sarah Brightman


Based on his mother's recipe, product began appearing in supermarkets in the northeastern United States in late 2009 add something


Giulio Base - In 2009 he directed in New Mexico, a western: "Doc West", starring Terence Hill, Paul Sorvino and Clare Carey


"The Trouble with Cali" debuted February 21, 2012, at the Sedona Film Festival, with former Lackawanna County commissioner Robert Cordaro listed as a producer only four weeks after his 11-year sentencing on public corruption charges add something


Brian Herzlinger - Also, in 2012, Herzlinger recently wrapped production on back-to-back feature films including the comedy musical "How Sweet It Is" starring Paul Sorvino, Erika_Christensen, Eddie Griffin, and Joe Piscopo


Riz Story - As of August 2012, Story is completing his first commercial feature film entitled "A Winter Rose", featuring Theresa Russell, Billy Zane, Paul Sorvino, Kimberly Whalen, Andy Dick, Edward Furlong, Taryn Manning etc


Gold Coast International Film Festival - Comedian Susie Essman received GCIFF's 2013 Artist of Distinction *award, and actor Paul Sorvino received a lifetime achievement *award


In December 2014, Sorvino married political pundit Denessa Purvis "Dee Dee" Benkie add something


By March of 2015, Sorvino had yet to strike a deal with a distributor for the film add something


By March 2015, Sorvino had yet to strike a deal with a distributor for the film add something


In January 2018 Sorvino learned that Harvey Weinstein was alleged to have sexually harassed his daughter add something