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Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company that develops mainly computing, communications and consumer electronics to branded vendors, but also engages in the development, design and manufacturing of computer peripherals and components add

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Founded in 2007.

Countries: Philippines (50%), United States (25%), China (25%)

Main connections: Taiwan, China Labor Watch

Linked to: Asus, ASRock, BBC, Apple Inc.




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Pegatron was incorporated on June 27, 2007 as a subsidiary of its parent company, Asustek add something


Since 2008, the Unihan Corporation has been a subsidiary of Pegatron Corporation that designs and manufactures computers, computer peripherals and audio-video products add something


In June 2008, with its PUreCSR corporate responsibility system, Pegatron became a member of the EICC , a group of companies in the electronics industry that supports a credible implementation of the Code of Conduct throughout the electronics and information and communications technology supply chain, ensuring safe working conditions, respect and dignity to employees, and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes add something


As of March, 2010, Pegatron had approximately 5,646 employees stationed in Taiwan, 81,521 in China, 2,400 in the Czech Republic, 200 in the United States, 200 in Mexico and 200 in Japan add something


In January 2010, Pegatron's parent company Asustek announced a plan to spin off and to transfer its long term equity investment in Pegatron to its wholly owned subsidiary, Pegatron International Investment Co., Ltd. On June 10, 2010, Pegatron merged with Pegatron International, and Pegatron has since been the surviving spin off independent company add something


In December 2014 a BBC investigation exposed poor working conditions and employee mistreatment at Pegatron factories making Apple products near Shanghai add something


In August 2016, China Labor Watch published a report which stated that working conditions have not improved since 2014 add something