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Penelope Cruz

Spanish actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1974.

Countries: United States (38%), Spain (16%), United Kingdom (14%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Javier Bardem, Fina Torres, Pedro Almodovar

Linked to: Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Mango, Musee Grevin, Chicago Sun-Times




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Penélope Cruz was born in 1974 add something

Penélope Cruz died in 1982 add something


In 1989, 15 year-old Cruz made her acting debut in a music video for the Spanish pop group Mecano's song "La Fuerza del Destino" add something


In 1989, at the age of 15, Cruz won an audition at a talent agency over more than 300 other girls add something


Between 1990 and 1997, she hosted the Spanish TV channel Telecinco's talk show "La Quinta Marcha", a program that was hosted by teenagers, aimed at a teenage audience add something


Her subsequent roles in the 1990s and 2000s included "Open Your Eyes" , "The Hi-Lo Country" , "The Girl of Your Dreams" and "Woman on Top" add something


She played in the "Elle et lui" episode of an erotic French TV series called "Série rose" in 1991, where she appeared totally naked add something


In 1992, Cruz made her feature film debut at 18 as the lead female role in the comedy drama art house film, "Jamón, jamón" add something


From 1993 to 1996, Cruz appeared in ten Spanish and Italian films add something


Also in 1997, she appeared in the opening scene of Pedro Almodóvar's "Live Flesh" as a prostitute who gives birth on a bus and in "Et hjørne af paradis" as Doña Helena add something


In 1997, Cruz appeared in the Spanish comedy film "Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health" add something


Wagner Moura - In 1997 he participated in the film "Woman on Top" starring Penélope Cruz


Vanilla Sky - It is an English-language remake of Alejandro Amenábar's 1997 Spanish film "Open Your Eyes", which was written by Amenábar and Mateo Gil, with Penélope Cruz reprising her role from the original movie


Also in 1998 Cruz appeared in "Don Juan" and "The Girl of Your Dreams" add something


The Hi-Lo Country - "'The Hi-Lo Country"' is a 1998 classic American Western-drama film directed by Stephen Frears, starring Billy Crudup, Penélope Cruz, Woody_Harrelson, Cole Hauser, Sam Elliott, Patricia Arquette, Enrique Castillo, and Katy Jurado


In an interview with the "Los Angeles Daily News" in 1999, Cruz commented that "it was a great part, but add something


Also in 2000, she played Alejandra Villarreal, who is Matt Damon's love interest in Billy Bob Thornton's film adaptation of the western bestselling novel, "All the Pretty Horses" add something


In 2000, she appeared in "Woman on Top" in the lead female role as Isabelle, a world-class chef who has suffered from motion sickness since birth, her first American lead role add something


In the early 2000s, she spent time in Nepal photographing Tibetan children for an exhibition attended by the Dalai Lama add something


Fina Torres - In 2000, Torres directed "Woman on Top", her first film to feature a major star, Penélope Cruz


Malagueta pepper - Malaguest chilis were featured in "Woman on Top", a 2000 American fantasy and romantic comedy film directed by Fina Torres and starring Penélope Cruz, in which Cruz's character, Isabella, creates enchanting Afro-Brazilian dishes for a television cooking show, and the show's producer, played by Mark Feuerstein, keys in on the pepper's spicy allure and Isabella's sensuality


Malagueta pepper - Malaguest chilis were featured in "Woman on Top", a 2000 American fantasy and romantic comedy film directed by Fina Torres and starring Penélope Cruz, in which Cruz's character, Isabella, creates enchanting Afro-Brazilian dishes for a television cooking show, and the show's producer, played by Mark Feuerstein, keys in on the pepper's spicy allure and Isabella's sensuality


Cruz achieved recognition for her lead roles in the 2001 films "Vanilla Sky" and "Blow" add something


Cruz has appeared in print ads for Mango and had a contract with Ralph Lauren in 2001 add something


Cruz's last film in 2001 was "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", film adaption of the novel of the same name add something


In 2001, she appeared in "Don't Tempt Me", playing Carmen Ramos add something


Open Your Eyes (1997 film) - An American remake entitled "Vanilla Sky", directed by Cameron Crowe, was released in 2001, with Penélope Cruz reprising her role


Yolanda Barcina - In 2001, Barcina had a debate with actress Penélope Cruz about the San Fermín running of the bulls


In 2002, she had a minor role in "Waking Up in Reno" add something


Kevin N. Laforest of the Montreal Film Journal commented in his September 2002 review that Cruz "has been getting some really bad reviews for her recent American work, but I personally think that she's a more than decent actress, especially here, where she's charming, moving and always believable add something


Cruz's performance in "Fanfan la Tulipe", in 2003, was not well received, Peter Bradshaw of "The Guardian" commenting that Cruz "deserves a special Cannes Razzie for a performance of purest teak add something


In April 2003, she filed a lawsuit against the Australian magazine "New Idea" for defamation over an article about her relationship with Cruise add something


Aishwarya Rai - In 2003 she became a global brand ambassador of L'Oréal, alongside Andie MacDowell, Eva Longoria, and Penélope Cruz


Arthur Kopit - "Nine" returned to Broadway in 2003 with Antonio Banderas as Guido and won two Tony *awards, including best revival; in 2009 Rob Marshall directed the film "Nine" based on Kopit's script, the principal cast consisting of Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, Sophia_Loren, Kate Hudson, and Fergie


She was awarded the European Film award for Best Actress for the film in 2004 add something


Also in 2005, Cruz appeared in "Chromophobia", screened at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and released the following year add something


Her final 2005 film was "Don't Move" playing Italia add something


In 2005, Cruz appeared as Dr. Eva Rojas in the action adventure "Sahara" add something


Cruz dated actor Matthew McConaughey from February 2005 to June 2006 add something


Michelle Gomez - In 2005 Gomez appeared in the movie "Chromophobia" alongside Penélope Cruz


Anthony Higgins (actor) - In 2005, Higgins acted in the film "Chromophobia" with Ralph Fiennes and Penélope Cruz


Also in 2006, Cruz received favourable reviews for her performance as Raimunda in Pedro Almodóvar's "Volver" add something


Cruz appeared alongside her good friend Salma Hayek in the 2006 Western comedy film, "Bandidas" add something


In 2006, Cruz became spokesmodel for the French beauty company, L'Oréal, to promote products such as the L'Oréal Paris hair dye Natural Match and L'Oreal mascara products add something


Anita Delgado - A movie on Anita's life titled "La princesa de Kapurthala" starring the Spanish actress Penélope Cruz was slated to begin shooting in 2006


Joachim Ronning - In 2006 their feature film debut, "Bandidas", starring Penélope Cruz and Salma Hayek, was released worldwide through EuropaCorp and Twentieth Century Fox


After being shelved since 2007, Cruz's film "Manolete" released on demand via cable, satellite, telco and online in June 7, 2011 under the title "A Matador's Mistress" add something


Cruz and her sister designed their second collection for Mango in 2007 add something


Cruz began dating co-star Javier Bardem in 2007 add something


Cruz ranked as No. 58 in "Maxim" "Hot 100" of 2007 list, and was chosen by "Empire" magazine as being one of the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars in the world add something


In 2007, Cruz appeared in the lead female role in "Manolete", a biopic of bullfighter Manuel Laureano Rodríguez Sánchez, playing Antoñita "Lupe" Sino. She appeared in "The Good Night", playing two characters, Anna and Melody add something


Moviefone dubbed the film "one of the most famous flops in history" and in 2007, listed it at 24 on its list of "Biggest Box-Office Turkeys of All Time" add something


In April 2007, Cruz told the Spanish edition of "Marie Claire" that she would like to adopt children add something


Javier Bardem - In 2007, Bardem began dating Penélope Cruz, his co-star in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"


Sophia Loren - Loren posed scantily-clad at 72 for the 2007 Pirelli Calendar along with such actresses as Penélope Cruz and Hilary Swank


In 2008, Cruz appeared in Isabel Coixet's film "Elegy", which was based on the Philip Roth story "The Dying Animal", as the lead female role, Consuela Castillo add something


She won the Academy award for Best Supporting Actress in 2008 for "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" add something


Also in 2009, she appeared in the film "Broken Embraces" as Lena add something


Cruz's final 2009 film was the film version of the musical "Nine", playing the character Carla Albanese, the lead character's mistress add something


Marion Cotillard - Cotillard appeared on the cover of the November 2009 issue of "Vogue" with "Nine" co-stars Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Penélope Cruz, Kate_Hudson and Fergie, and on the July 2010 cover by herself


In 2010, Cruz appeared in the film "Sex and the City 2", the sequel to the 2008 film, in a cameo role add something


In 2010, Cruz was a guest editor for the French "Vogue" magazine, focusing on larger-size models in a provocative photo shoot add something


The campaign was shot by Mario Testino at Paris's Hotel de Crillon and debuted in the fall 2010 add something


"Vanity Fair" asked them to pose for a Hollywood issue in 2010 add something


In April 2010, she replaced Kate Winslet as the new face and ambassador of Lancôme's Trésor fragrance add something


On the cover of Spanish Vogue's December 2010 issue, she agreed to be photographed by fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh only if her pregnancy was not shown add something


In 2011, "The Telegraph" reported the most sought after body parts of the rich and famous revealed by two Hollywood plastic surgeons who carried out a survey among their patients to build up the picture of the perfect woman add something


Cruz gave birth to her first child, a son named Leonardo Encinas, in January 2011 at the Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles add something


She spoke Italian again as a flashy prostitute in Woody Allen's 2012 film "To Rome with Love" and she is set to reunite with Italian director Sergio Castellitto in his war tale "Venuto al Mondo" as Gemma add something


Pedro Almodovar - In February 2012, El Deseo announced that Almodóvar would start filming his next project, a "witty" comedy entitled "I'm So Excited" ", in summer 2012, starring Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz


In February 2013, it was announced that Cruz is pregnant with the couple's second child add something


In July 2013, Cruz gave birth to their second child, a daughter, in Madrid add something


Esquire magazine named her the "Sexiest Woman Alive" in 2014 add something


Her father Eduardo died at his home in Spain in 2015 at the age 62, of a heart attack add something


Cruz's first film of 2016 was the American comedy "Zoolander 2", co-starring and directed by Ben Stiller add something


She has signed on to appear in Fernando León de Aranoa's Pablo Escobar biopic "Escobar", starring husband Javier Bardem, and will start work with Iranian director Asghar Farhadi's on his first foreign film in fall 2016 add something


As of March 2016, Cruz has various film projects in different states of production add something


Zoolander 2 - Ben Stiller and Penélope Cruz appeared in character in the February 2016 issue of Vogue


In 2017, Cruz signed on to play the role of Donatella Versace in the third season of the $FX (FX_(TV_channel)) anthology series "American Crime Story" add something


On September 6, 2017, she presented the movie "Loving Pablo", directed by Fernando León de Aranoa and starred by her, in the role of Virginia Vallejo, and her husband, Javier Bardem, in the role of Pablo Escobar add something


On November 10, 2017 she appears as Pilar Estravados in the coral cast of Kenneth Branagh's "Murder on the Orient Express" add something


As of December 2017, Cruz has various film projects in different states of production add something


Donatella Versace - In March 2017, Penélope Cruz was cast as Donatella


John Galliano - He told French "Elle" in 2018 that he would stop using fur in his collections, citing as inspiration from a meeting with Penelope Cruz and PETA's Dan Matthews


Antonio Banderas - In 2018 he was cast with Penélope Cruz in the Spanish film "Dolor y gloria", directed by Pedro Almodóvar


Javier Bardem - In 2018, Bardem appeared on screen together with his spouse Penelope Cruz in Asghar Farhadi new feature film Everybody Knows