Personal digital assistant

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Personal digital assistant

Personal digital assistantadd

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Launched in 1984.

Countries: United States (78%), (22%)

Main connections: Consumer Electronics Show, John Sculley, Nevada

Linked to: Palm, Inc., Handspring, Infrared Data Association, Novell GroupWise




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The first PDA was released in 1984 by Psion, the Organizer add something


Samsung Galaxy Note - Personal Digital Assistant devices in the 1990s used the stylus as a primary input method


Followed by Psion's Series 3, in 1991, which began to resemble the more familiar PDA style add something


The term "PDA" was first used on January 7, 1992 by Apple Computer CEO John Sculley at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, referring to the Apple Newton add something


Another early entrant in this market was Palm, with a line of PDA products which began in March 1996 add something


Older PDAs from the 90s to 2006 typically had an IrDA port allowing short-range, line-of-sight wireless communication add something


PDAs were largely discontinued in the early 2010s after the widespread adoption of highly capable, in particular iOS and Android-based, smartphones add something