Peter Hain

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Peter Hain

British Labour Party politician, who has been the Member of Parliament for Neath since 1991, and served in the Cabinets of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown add

Category: Politics

Born in 1950.

Countries: United Kingdom (66%), Wales (11%), Australia (4%)

Main connections: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, House of Commons of the United Kingdom, Harriet Harman

Linked to: Labour Party, Liberal Party, University of Sussex, Australian Broadcasting Corporation




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Peter Hain was born in 1950 add something


"'Peter Gerald Hain"' is a British Labour Party politician, who has been the Member of Parliament for Neath since 1991, and served in the Cabinets of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown add something


As a result of security police harassment, Hain's father was unable to continue his work as an architect, and the family decided to leave for the United Kingdom in 1966 add something


Hain became chairman of the Stop The Seventy Tour campaign which disrupted tours by the South African rugby union and cricket teams in 1969 and 1970 add something


He came to the UK from South Africa as a teenager, and was a noted anti-apartheid campaigner in the 1970s add something


In 1971 director John Goldschmidt produced a film for Granada's "World in Action" programme featuring Peter Hain debating "Apartheid in South Africa" at the Oxford Union add something


In 1972 Hain was convicted of criminal conspiracy in a trial at the Old Bailey and fined £200 add something


In 1972 he was sent a letter bomb that failed to explode because of faulty wiring add something


Geoffrey Robertson - In 1972, he advised Peter Hain when Hain defended himself on several charges including conspiracy to trespass arising from his involvement in anti-apartheid protests, as a protest against the apartheid regime


Hain was educated at Pretoria Boys High School and at Emanuel School, the latter of which eventually becoming a private fee-paying institution, Queen Mary College , graduating with a first class Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science in 1973 ://www add something


Liberator (magazine) - Previous editors include Peter Hain in 1973-75, now a Labour MP. Since 1982, the magazine has been edited by an editorial collective, whose former members include Liz Barker, now a Liberal Democrat peer


He married his first wife Patricia Western in 1975, and they have two sons add something


In 1976 Hain was tried for, and acquitted of, a 1974 bank robbery, allegedly having been framed by the South African Bureau of State Security add something


He joined the Liberal Party and was elected chairperson and president of the Young Liberals, but in 1977 switched to Labour add something


He contested Putney in the 1983 and 1987 general elections but was defeated on both occasions by Conservative David Mellor add something


He was elected to the House of Commons at the by-election in April 1991 for the Neath constituency that followed the death of the sitting member, Donald Coleman add something


Cuprinol - Due to a slight facial similarity, being well built, with often a deep tan, Peter Hain, the Labour MP for Neath since 1991, has been labelled by newspaper columnists as the "Cuprinol Kid"


In 1995 he became a Labour whip and in 1996 became a shadow employment minister add something


Craig Williamson - In the British House of Commons in June 1995, Peter Hain MP asked through the Home Secretary, Michael Howard, that the British police should interview and consider extraditing Williamson to stand trial for the London bombing


In November 1999, as Africa minister he entertained Robert Mugabe in London who told him I know you are not one of them, Peter; you are one of us, But the following day, following an attempt by Gay Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell to carry out a 'citizen's arrest' on Mugabe, Mugabe accused Hain of being Tatchell's "wife" add something


Caroline Flint - In 1999, she became Parliamentary Private Secretary to Peter Hain while he was Minister of State at the Department of Trade and Industry and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before in 2002 becoming Parliamentary Private Secretary to Dr John Reid, in his capacity as Leader of the House of Commons and Minister without portfolio


In October 2000 he set up a war avoidance team to carry messages back and forth between himself and the then-Minister of Foreign Affairs in Iraq, Tariq Aziz add something


In 2001 Hain moved briefly to the Department of Trade and Industry before returning to the Foreign Office as minister for Europe add something


Hinduja Group - On 11 June 2001 Vaz was dismissed from his post as Europe Minister, to be replaced by Peter Hain


In October 2002, he joined the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Wales, but continued to represent the UK at the Convention on the Future of Europe add something


He was the Leader of the House of Commons from 2003 to 2005 and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland from 2005 to 2007 under Blair, and as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Secretary of State for Wales from 2007 to 2008 under Brown add something


In June 2003 he was made Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal in a cabinet reshuffle, but retained the Wales portfolio add something


In June 2003, he married his second wife, executive recruitment consultant Elizabeth Haywood, in Neath Registry Office add something


In November 2004 Hain caused controversy among his political rivals when he claimed that "If we are tough on crime and on terrorism, as Labour is, I think Britain will be safer under Labour" add something


On 6 May 2005, following the 2005 general election, Hain was appointed as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, retaining his Welsh position add something


On 12 September 2006, he announced his candidacy for the position of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party add something


Shaun Woodward - In the May 2006 reshuffle, Tony Blair named Woodward Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport with responsibilities for the digital switchover for TV. On 28 June 2007, in his first cabinet, newly appointed Prime Minister Gordon Brown appointed Woodward as the Northern Ireland Secretary, replacing Peter Hain


Adam Boulton - The couple married at St James's Church, Piccadilly on the 22 July 2006, in a wedding attended by Blair and a number of current and former ministers, including David Blunkett, Tessa Jowell and Peter Hain, as well as Mick Hucknall and BP boss Lord Browne


In 2007, he ran for the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party, coming fifth out of six candidates, although his failure to declare donations during this contest led to his resignation in 2008 add something


In January 2007, Hain gave an interview to the "New Statesman" in which he made his pitch for the Deputy Leadership and referred to the Bush administration as "the most right-wing American administration, if not ever, in living memory" and argued that "the neo-con agenda for America has been rejected by the people and I hope that will be the case for the future" add something


On 28 June 2007, he was appointed as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in addition to retaining responsibility for Wales add something


Unite Against Fascism - At UAF's 2007 national conference, speakers ranged from cabinet minister Peter Hain to Edie Friedman of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality and Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari of the Muslim Council of Britain , as well as figures from the major UK trade unions


Remploy - In 2007 Remploy management announced proposals to close 42 Remploy factories, later reduced to 28 after heated debates at TUC and Labour conferences, with Work and Pensions minister, Peter Hain, requiring proposed factory closures to have ministerial approval


Hilary Benn - The contest was formally launched on 14 May 2007 after the resignation of incumbent Deputy leader John Prescott, Benn had some initial difficulties securing the necessary 45 nominations required to get on the ballot paper but he acquired the support needed to join five other candidates - Hazel Blears, Harriet Harman, Alan Johnson, Peter Hain and backbencher Jon Cruddas


Mike O'Brien (UK politician) - On 29 June 2007 he moved to be the Minister of State for Pension Reform in the Department for Work and Pensions under Secretary of State Peter Hain


In January 2008, "The Guardian" reported that Hain had failed to declare some 20 donations worth a total of over £100,000 during his deputy leadership campaign and would be investigated by the Electoral Commission add something


On 24 January 2008, he resigned from several posts including his position as Work and Pensions secretary, after the Electoral Commission referred the failure to report donations to Metropolitan Police add something


On 3 July 2008, the Metropolitan Police announced that they had referred Peter Hain's case to the Crown Prosecution Service add something


On 5 December 2008 the CPS announced that Hain would not be charged because Hain did not control the members' association "Hain4Labour" that funded his campaign add something


Paul Staines - Staines has been credited with being the first blogger to "take the scalp" of a serving British minister, following the resignation for a period of well over a year of Peter Hain from the offices of Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Secretary of State for Wales in January 2008


Gillian Merron - Following Peter Hain's resignation on 24 January 2008, Merron was reshuffled again, becoming a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Department for International Development, leaving both of her previous roles


Stephen Timms - Following the government reshuffle on 24 January 2008, a result of the resignation of Peter Hain, Timms moved to the Department for Work and Pensions and became Minister for Employment and Welfare Reform


James Purnell - He was promoted to Work and Pensions Secretary after the resignation of Peter Hain on 24 January 2008


Yvette Cooper - In the reshuffle following Peter Hain's resignation as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions on 24 January 2008, Cooper became the first woman to be promoted to Chief Secretary to the Treasury


He later returned to the Cabinet from 2009 to 2010 as Welsh Secretary, before becoming Shadow Welsh Secretary in Ed Miliband's Shadow Cabinet from 2010 until 2012, when he announced his retirement from front-line politics add something


He returned to the post of Secretary of State for Wales in June 2009 add something


He was an enthusiastic supporter of the ill-fated Alternative Vote system campaign in May 2011, together with his close friend and fellow former Young Liberal Richard Burden add something


The renewed campaign for construction of the Severn Barrage was led by Hain in 2012 add something


On 27 March 2012, the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, John Larkin QC obtained leave from Lord Justice Higgins to bring proceedings against Hain and "Biteback Publishing" for contempt of court add something


At a preliminary hearing before a Divisional Court of the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice on 24 April 2012, Hain's counsel suggested that the action had no basis in common law and was contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights add something


The trial was intended to take place on 19 June 2012 but the case was dropped on 17 May 2012 after Hain agreed to clarify comments to show he didn't question Girvan's motives or his handling of the judicial review add something


Hay Festival - The 2012 festival included writers Martin Amis, Jung Chang, Louis de Bernières, Mark Haddon, Mario Vargas Llosa, Hilary Mantel, Ian McEwan, Michael Morpurgo, Ben Okri, Ian Rankin, Salman Rushdie, Owen Sheers, Jeanette Winterson, comedians Bill Bailey, Rob Brydon, Julian Clary, Jack Dee, Tim Minchin, politicians Peter Hain and Boris Johnson, scientists John D. Barrow, Martin Rees, Simon Singh, and general speakers Harry Belafonte, William Dalrymple, Stephen Fry, A.C. Grayling, Germaine Greer, Michael Ignatieff, and David Starkey


In 2014 he announced he would stand down as the MP for Neath at the 2015 general election add something


He was nominated for a life peerage in August 2015 add something


Hain was created a life peer taking the title "'Baron Hain"', of Neath in the County of West Glamorgan on 22 October 2015 add something


On 28 October 2015, Hain was appointed to the Board of AIM listed vertically integrated fertiliser company, African Potash, as Non-Executive Director add something


Metropolitan Police Service - In 2015, former Metropolitan Police &Special_Branch officer Peter Francis revealed that the service has spied on several former and serving Labour MPs including Harriet Harman, Peter Hain, Jack Straw, Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Grant, Ken Livingstone, Tony Benn, Joan Ruddock and Dennis Skinner


In 2016-17 he chaired the OR Tambo Centenary Organising Committee add something


In September 2016 he was appointed Visiting Professor at Witwatersrand University Business School and in September 2017 was appointed Visiting Fellow at Henley Business School add something


On 25 October 2018 Hain used parliamentary privilege in the House of Lords to name Sir Philip Green as the businessman accused of sexual and racial harassment by The Daily Telegraph add something