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Philipp Scheidemann

German politician of the Social Democratic Party of Germany add

Category: Politics

Born in 1865.

Countries: Germany (62%), Denmark (15%), United States (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: August Bebel, Hugo Haase, Otto Landsberg

Linked to: Social Democratic Party of Germany, Centre Party, German Democratic Party, Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany




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Philipp Scheidemann was born in 1865 add something


He joined the SPD in 1883, in protest against Chancellor Otto von Bismarck's Anti-Socialist Laws add something


In 1895 he took to editing Social Democratic newspapers, first at Giessen and afterwards successively at Nuremberg, Offenbach, and again in Kassel add something


Upon the 1903 federal election, Scheidemann became a member of the Reichstag parliament, delegated from the Solingen district for the Social Democrats, and soon rose to be one of the principal leaders of the party add something


In 1911 he was elected a member of the executive committee and two years later succeeded August Bebel as chairman of the SPD parliamentary group together with Hugo Haase add something


Hugo Haase - In 1911 he became along with August Bebel an SPD chairman, in 1912 next to Philipp Scheidemann an SPD chairman in the Reichstag


A speech held in Paris in 1912, on the eve of World War I, earned him the libel of a traitor of his country add something


After the outbreak of the war in 1914 however, Scheidemann, along with Ebert was leader of the majority faction of the party, which continued to vote for war bonds, limiting his opposition to the war to urging the negotiation of a compromise peace without annexations add something


On the other hand, Scheidemann's utterances forwarded the break-up with the left-wing Social Democrats led by Karl Liebknecht, leading to the establishment of the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany in 1917 add something


Friedrich Ebert - The party's stance, under the leadership of Ebert and other "moderates" like Philipp Scheidemann, in favour of the war with the aim of a compromise peace, eventually led to a split, with those radically opposed to the war leaving the S.P.D. in early 1917 to form the U.S.P.D


In June 1918, Scheidemann was elected vice-president of the Reichstag add something


After the resignation of Georg von Hertling's government, the Social Democrats were for the first time included in the German cabinet of the new Chancellor Prince Max of Baden in October 1918 add something


Villmar - First World War - Among them were the Social Democrat Philipp Scheidemann, who after the First World War had proclaimed the First German Republic in Berlin in 1918; the longtime SPD chairman Erich Ollenhauer; and the former May or of the state capital Wiesbaden, Georg Buch


Scheidemann continued to serve as a leader in the Provisional Government which followed for the next several months, and following the meeting of the National Assembly in Weimar in February 1919, Ebert was appointed Reich President, and Scheidemann became Chancellor, in the Weimar Coalition with the German Democratic Party and the Catholic Center Party add something


Otto Landsberg - In 1919, he was a member of the Cabinet Scheidemann as Minister of Justice


Otto Landsberg - After the dissolution of the Cabinet Scheidemann, Landsberg was ambassador of Germany in Belgium from 1920 to 1923


Scheidemann went into exile following the Nazi "Machtergreifung" in 1933, and died in Denmark shortly after the outbreak of the World War II add something

Philipp Scheidemann died in 1939 add something


The Copenhagen Municipality left his ashes to Kassel in 1953 add something


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