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Independent Italian car design firm and coachbuilder in Cambiano, Italy add

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Founded in 1930.

Countries: Italy (41%), (15%), United States (12%)

Main connections: Cadillac, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo

Linked to: Fiat, Lancia, Mitsubishi Electric, Museum of Modern Art




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During the 1930's they built bodies for Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Isotta-Fraschini, Hispano Suiza, Fiat, Cadillac and Rolls-Royce Limited add something


It was founded by Battista "Pinin" Farina in 1930 add something


This development happened in the mid 1930s when others saw the frameless construction as the end of the independent coachbilder add something


On May 22, 1930 papers where filed to become a corporation, "Società anonima Carrozzeria Pinin Farina" headquartered in Turin, Italy, at 107 Corso Trapani add something


By 1939 when World War II ended automobile production they had 400 employees and where building 150 bodies a month add something


At the end of 1945 the Cisitalia 202 Coupé was designed add something


After the war Italy, a beaten and defeated country, was banned from the 1946 Paris Motor Show add something


It started in 1951 with a meeting at a restaurant in Tortona, a small town halfway between Turin and Modena add something


The Pininfarina design was honored in the Museum of Modern Art's landmark presentation "Eight Automobiles" in 1951 add something


LaFerrari - This decision is a rare exception to the collaboration between Ferrari and Pininfarina that began in 1951


In 1952, Pininfarina visited the U.S. for the unveiling of his design for the Nash Ambassador and Statesman lines, which, although they did carry some details of Pininfarina's design, were largely designed by Nash's then-new in-house styling staff when the original Farina-designed model proved unsuited to American tastes add something


The Nash-Healey sports car body was, however, completely designed and assembled in limited numbers from 1952 to 1954 at Pininfarina's Turin facilities add something


In 1954 to 1955 Pininfarina purchased land in Grugliasco, outside of Turin for a new factory add something


Alfa Romeo Giulietta - This was followed by a sedan in spring 1955 and in mid 1955, the open two-seat Giulietta Spider, featuring convertible bodywork by Pininfarina


Opened in 1958 with nearly 1,000 employees, by 1960 output exceeded 11,000 car bodies add something


Ferruccio Lamborghini - In 1958, Lamborghini traveled to Maranello to buy a Ferrari 250GT, a two-seat coupé with a body designed by coachbuilder Pininfarina


Lancia - Lancia have shown several concept cars to the public including the 1958 - Lancia Flaminia Loratmo,1970 Lancia Stratos Zero, the Megagamma by Italdesign Giugiaro and Sibilo by Bertone in 1978,Lancia Hit by Pininfarina in 1988, the Kayak in 1995 and the Dialogos in 1998


Pininfarina built the bodies for the limited-series Cadillac Eldorado Brougham for General Motors in 1959 and 1960, assembled them and sent them back to the U.S. There were 99 Broughams built in 1959 and 101 in 1960 add something


Ferrari 250 - Almost 1,000 GT/Es were constructed by Pininfarina with prototypes starting in 1959 and continuing through three series until 1963


Cadillac Fleetwood - Ironically, when production of the Eldorado Brougham was shifted in 1959 from the Cadillac Fleetwood plant in Detroit to Pininfarina in Turin, Italy, only did it acquire Fleetwood wheel discs presumably because the design work and final touches were still being done by Fleetwood


Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham - Ironically, when production of the Eldorado Brougham was shifted in 1959 from the Cadillac Fleetwood plant in Detroit to Pininfarina in Turin, Italy, only did it acquire Fleetwood wheel discs presumably because the design work and final touches were still being done by Fleetwood


Maserati MC12 - It draws inspiration from the Maserati Tipo Birdcages of the 1960s and was made as a celebration of Pininfarina's 75th anniversary


Ferrari Pinin - Leonardo Fioravanti led the design team, who had been responsible for most Pininfarina Ferrari designs since the 1960s, while detailed work was completed Diego Ottina


Automotive design - Still during the 1960s, British manufacturers sought professional help from the Italians, such as Giovanni Michelotti, Ercole Spada, and Pininfarina


Peugeot 204 - The Peugeot 204's frontal styling owes much to the 1961 Cadillac Jacqueline by & Pininfarina, whilst its rear and that of the prototype Pininfarina styled Mini-based MG ADO 34 of 1964 are strikingly similar


Ferrari 250 - The mid-engined "'250 Le Mans"' looked every bit the prototype racer but was intended to be produced as a road-going GT. Descended from the 250 P, the Le Mans appeared in 1963 and sported Pininfarina bodywork


Leonardo Fioravanti (engineer) - He worked twenty-four years with Pininfarina, joining as a stylist in 1964, aged 26, and eventually becoming Managing Director and General Manager of Pininfarina's research arm, Pininfarina Studi & Ricerche


Economy car - In 1964 Fiat under the engineering leadership of Dante Giacosa designed the first car with a transverse engine and an end on gearbox and a hatchback - the Autobianchi Primula, It had Pininfarina styling that bore a resemblance to the Austin 1100


Dino (automobile) - Eventually he relented, and allowed designer Sergio Pininfarina to build a mid-engined concept for the 1965 Paris Motor Show, but demanded that it wear the Dino badge alone


In 1966 Pininfarina opened Studi e Ricerche, or the Studies and Research Centre in Grugliasco add something


The project was started in 1966, and when it opened it not only was the first wind tunnel with the ability to test full sized cars in Italy but one of the first in the world with this ability add something


The Calculation and Design Centre was set up in 1967, the first step in a process of technological evolution which, during the Seventies, would take Pininfarina into the lead in automated bodywork design add something


Lancia Montecarlo - Initial design drawing were done by 1969 and final design completed by 1971 by Paolo Martin at Pininfarina


Fiat 130 - A total of 1,803 units were made in Pininfarina plant between 1971 and 1977


Fiat 130 - The Coupé, based on the same platform, was introduced in March 1971 having been designed by Paolo Martin of Pininfarina, who manufactured the car


Then in 1972 construction of a full size the wind tunnel was completed add something


Since that meeting the only road going production Ferraris not designed by Pininfarina are the 1973 Dino 308 GT4 and 2013's LaFerrari add something


LaFerrari - La & Ferrari received no input from & Pininfarina, making it the first Ferrari since the Bertone-styled 1973 Dino 308 GT4 not to have Pininfarina bodywork or other styling


Ferrari 288 GTO - Some of the 288 GTO's styling features were first displayed on a 308 GTB design exercise by Pininfarina shown at the 1977 Geneva Salon


Jaguar XJS - Responding to criticisms that the XJ-S was not a worthy E-type successor, Pininfarina revealed a sporty show car in 1978 based on XJ-S mechanicals and called Jaguar XJSpider


Nissan Gloria - June 1979 saw a completely redesigned Nissan Gloria with assistance with Pininfarina, with a more simple and straightforward appearance over the previous generation, and exchanging the single unit halogen headlights with 4 sealed beam headlight units, achieving a more American appearance, similar to the Buick Century during the same time period


A similar arrangement was repeated in the late 1980s when Pininfarina designed the Cadillac Allanté add something


Since the 1980's Pininfarina has has designed high-speed trains, busses, trams, rolling stocks, automated light rail cars, people movers, yachts, airplanes, and private jets add something


The 1980's started a period of great expansion for Pininfarina add something


To put this foresight in perspective, GM's full sized wind tunnel didn't open until 1980 add something


Automotive design - Peugeot, which was dependent on Pininfarina since early post-war period, later established its own brand identity from the 1980s onwards


Ferrari Pinin - The car was unveiled by Sergio Pininfarina at the 1980 Turin Auto Show


In 1982 They opened Pininfarina Studi e Ricerche" in Cambiano separate from the factory and wind tunnel in Grugliasco, to keep design and research activities independent from manufacturing add something


In 1983 Pininfarina reached an agreement with General Motors to design and build the Cadillac Allanté add something


Honda City (AA) - Designed by Pininfarina and introduced in August 1984, a drop-top Cabriolet utilized the wider track, fenders, and bigger bumpers of the Turbo II "Bulldog", but was only normally available with the naturally aspirated engine


The Allanté progect led the building the San Giorgio factory in 1985 add something


Opened in 1986 the same year Pininfarina was first listed on the Stock Exchange in Milan add something


Pininfarina Extra, founded in 1986, is the Pininfarina Group design company which does not work in the transport sector add something


With the 1986 creation of Pininfarina Extra they have consulted on industrial design, interior design, architecture and graphic design add something


Lancia Thema - In addition to the sedans, 21,074 Thema station wagons were built by Pininfarina between 1986 and 1994 in their Borgo San Paolo plant


Peugeot 605 - Its appearance resembles that of the Alfa Romeo 164, launched the 7 February 1987 before, and styled by Pininfarina


Volvo Cars - Finally in 1989 the Uddevalla plant in Sweden was opened, which is now jointly operated by Volvo Car Corporation and Pininfarina of Italy


Lotus Carlton - In 1991, the design house Pininfarina produced a styling concept named the "Chronos" that was designed to accept the drivetrain from the Lotus Carlton


Compact car - The Pininfarina styled 1993 Peugeot 306 was built in England at Ryton near Coventry


After entering into an agreement in 1996 Pininfarina purchased an industrial site at Bairo Canavese near Turin, Italy. in April 1997, Bairo Canavese was dedicated to the production of the new Mitsubishi PAJERO PININ. add something


In 1996 Mitsubishi entered talks to have Pininfarina build their new compact SUV, the Pajero, in Italy add something


Pininfarina opened its third manufacturing plant in 1997 add something


Peugeot 309 - Other Peugeot cars were designed by the famed Italian design house Pininfarina, up until the introduction of the 206 in 1998


Ferrari 550 - The 550-based Ferrari Rossa was introduced at the 2000 Turin Motor Show to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Pininfarina


Pininfarina was run by Battista's grandson Andrea Pininfarina from 2001 until his death in 2008 add something


Pininfarina was run by Battista's son Sergio Pininfarina until 2001, his grandson Andrea Pininfarina until his death in 2008 add something


Peugeot 406 - The 2-door coupé was both designed and manufactured by Italian design studio Pininfarina, with choices of a 2,0 L 4-cylinder engine or a 3,0 L $V6 (V6_engine), and from 2001, a 2,2 L HDi diesel engine


Ferrari 575M Maranello - Launched in 2002, it is essentially an updated 550 Maranello featuring minor styling changes from Pininfarina


On October 14, 2002, Pininfarina inaugurated a new Engineering Center add something


A. and Volvo Car Corporation started in 2003 add something


Pininfarina Sverige AB in Uddevalla, Sweden, was established in 2003 as a joint venture between Volvo Cars and Pininfarina to produce a new Volvo convertible that will be sold in Europe and the United States add something


It is the company's first profit since 2004 add something


Pininfarina in the black for first time since 2004 add something


Coda (electric car) - The car was designed by Pininfarina and unveiled at the 2004 Beijing Auto Show


Ferrari P - In 2005, James Glickenhaus commissioned Pininfarina to rebody an Enzo as a special one-off custom car


Volvo C70 - Production of C70 began in Volvo's joint-venture plant with Pininfarina Sverige in Uddevalla, Sweden began in 2005, and was reported to cease in 2013, following the termination of the joint venture


Its design began in September 2005 with sketches by Jason Castriota moving through computer aided sculpture and stringent wind tunnel testing add something


At its height in 2006 the Pininfarina Group employed 2,768 people with subsidiary company offices throughout Europe, as well as in Morocco and the United States add something


Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano - Styled by Pininfarina under the direction of Ferrari's Frank Stephenson, the 599 GTB debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in February 2006


Ferrari FF - Designed under the direction of Lowie Vermeersch, former Design Director at Pininfarina, work on the shooting brake concept initially started following the creation of the Sintesi show car of 2007


Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe - In 2007 Pininfarina was commissioned to build a version called the Hyperion for collector Roland Hall, based on the Drophead Coupé


The Pininfarina B0 solar-electric concept, designed with Bolloré was shown at the 2008 Paris Motor Show featuring a range between charges of more than with an electronically limited top speed, and an estimated acceleration to in 6,3 seconds add something


The deal will close a chapter that began in 2008 when the banks swapped 180 million euros in debt in exchange for a promise of proceeds from a future sale of part of the Pininfarina's family stake add something


Gorenje - In 2008, Gorenje continued its cooperation with & Pininfarina and launches the Gorenje Pininfarina Black collection


Vincent Bollore - In January 2008, he manifested interest in becoming a shareholder of famed, but troubled, Italian car manufacturer Pininfarina


On December 31, 2008 Pininfarina announced a debt restructuring that would require the family to sell it's stake in the company add something


Developed in partnership with the Bolore Group, the vehicle is slated for limited production in 2009 add something


In 2009 Pininfarina sold the factory to Finpiemonte, the public finance of the Piedmont Region, at the price of 14,4 million euro add something


Lancia Stratos - Commissioned by Michael Stoschek and his son, Maximilian, the New Stratos was announced in 2010 based on the overall design and concept of the original seventies Stratos and was designed and developed by Pininfarina


The company revealed a new Alfa Romeo Spider Concept at the Geneva Motor Show on 2 March 2010 add something


Ferrari P - In May 2010 Glickenhaus announced that P 4/5 Competizione a new car based on P 4/5s designs but built to FIA GT2 Standards would be built and Raced at the 2011 24 Hours of Nurburgring by Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus in an Experimental Class under the Direction of Paolo Garella Former Head of Special Projects at Pininfarina


Automotive production ended at San Giorgio with the conclusion of the Ford production in July 2010, and Alfa Romeo production in November 2010 add something


In truth production ended in November 2010 with the conclusion of the contract to produce the Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider at the San Giorgio plant add something


A 16,9 million euros loss in the first nine months of 2011 occurred after closing its manufacturing operations to re-invent itself as a smaller niche design player add something


As of 2011 Pininfarina employs 101 people in their styling department, that is down from 185 in 2005 add something


This agreement to produce 4,000 electric Bolloré Bluecars runs April 1, 2011 to December 31, 2013 add something


On December 10, 2011 Pininfarina announced it would end all automotive production add something


As of December 31, 2011 the termination this agreement would result in a 30 million euros fee paid to Pininfarina add something


As of 2012 with the end of series automotive production, employment has shrunk to 821 add something


Automotive News reports Pininfarina projects it will turn a profit for 2012, thanks in part to debt restructuring add something


Italian design house Pininfarina predicted last May that it would face an operating loss for 2012 but still come out with a net profit add something


Pininfarina will display a turbine-powered plug-in hybrid called the Cambiano at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show add something


On June 25th, 2013 the last Volvo C70 was produced and the Uddevalla assembly plant was closed add something


Pininfarina Sergio - "'Ferrari Sergio"' is a sports car inspired by this prototype designed by Pininfarina in 2013


On September 13, 2013 a new lease agreement was announced, this new agreement will run from January 1, 2014 until the end of 2016 add something


The move effectively stretched the studio's repayment deadline from 2015 to 2018 add something


Car - At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show Pininfarina revealed the H2 Speed, an electric sports car concept add something


Emerson Fittipaldi - In 2016, Fittipaldi established Fittipaldi Motors, and along with Pininfarina and HWA AG, created his first sports car project, the Fittipaldi EF7


In a statement released on 15 February, the Cambiano-based company, which owes over million to a number of Italian banks, said its debt repayment date has been extended to 2018, from 2015 add something


Automobili Pininfarina plans to reveal the car at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show add something


Rimac Automobili - The new Pininfarina Battista introduced in 2019 Geneva Motor Show has Rimac powertrain