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pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies add

Category: Business

Founded in 2013.

Countries: (86%), United States (14%)

Main connections: Instapaper, Social networking service, Fashion Revolution

Linked to: FirstMark Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Hitwise, YouTube




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In February 2013, Reuters and ComScore stated that Pinterest had 48,7 million users add something


In March 2013, Pinterest acquired Livestar add something


The Pinterest app for iPhone was last updated in March 2013, and the iPad app was launched August 2011 add something


A study released in July 2013 by French social media agency Semiocast revealed the website had 70 million users worldwide add something


In October 2013, Pinterest acquired Hackermeter add something


In 2014, Pinterest generated its first revenue, when it begins charging advertisers to promote their wares to the site's millions of hobbyists, vacation planners, and do-it-yourselfers add something


How to be a Redhead - Understanding the difficulties in reaching a niche market, they turned to social media, and by September 2014, had 12,000 followers on Facebook, 9,000 followers on Twitter, 88,000 followers on Instagram, and 6,000 followers on Pinterest, with a YouTube channel in development


Susan Kare - In 2015, Kare was hired by Pinterest as a product design lead


In April 2015, Pinterest acquired team from Hike Labs, which had been developing a mobile publishing application called Drafty add something


In June 2015, Pinterest unveiled "buyable pins" add something


Fashion Revolution - In July 2015, a collection of social media postings showing 'How teachers and students joined the Fashion Revolution in 2014-5' was published on Pinterest


In December 2015, Pinterest launched a new way for users to monitor price drops on buyable pins add something


In August 2016, Pinterest launched a video player that lets users and brands upload and store clips of any length straight to the site add something


Instapaper - On August 23, 2016, Instapaper was acquired by social networking service Pinterest


On March 8, 2017, Pinterest said it had acquired Jelly Industries, a small search-engine company founded by Biz Stone add something


In May 2017, Pinterest president Tim Kendall made the announcement for Instant Ideas, the new feature allows advertisers reach consumers through their smartphone's camera add something


Pinterest has reached 200 million monthly active users as of September 2017 add something


Instapaper - In July 2018, ownership of Instapaper was transferred from Pinterest to the newly formed company Instant Paper, Inc. The transition was completed on August 6, 2018


Pinterest has reached 250 million monthly active users as of October 2018 add something


Pinterest has reached 291 million monthly active users as of May 2019 add something


On June 11, 2019, Anti-abortion group Live Action was permanently banned from Pinterest for allegedly spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories add something


Pinterest has reached 300 million monthly active users as of August 2019 add something