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Porsche 908

Racing car from Porsche, introduced in 1968 to continue the Porsche 906Porsche 910Porsche 907 series of models designed under Ferdinand Piech add

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Launched in 1968.

Countries: Germany (44%), United States (22%), Italy (11%)

Main connections: Porsche, Porsche 917, Ford P68

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The "' & Porsche 908"' was a racing car from Porsche, introduced in 1968 to continue the Porsche 906/Porsche 910/Porsche 907 series of models designed under Ferdinand Piech add something


Despite the more powerful 917 improving towards the end of 1969, the career of the 908 would continue add something


For 1969, the Group 6 prototype rules were changed, and & Porsche lowered the weight of the Porsche 908/02 Spyder by , removing the roof and the long tails add something


On the other hand, the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans was again won by a Ford GT40 in 1969, as the 917s had gearbox troubles after leading for many hours add something


The 1969 24 Hours of Daytona were a disaster for Porsche, as all three 908/02 failed, and a Lola T70 won add something


The 908 originally was a closed coupe to provide low drag at fast tracks, but from 1969 on was mainly raced as the 908/2, a lighter open spyder add something


With the combination of the powerful 917 and the lightweight 908, Porsche dominated the International Championship for Makes each year from 1969 through to 1971 add something


A more compact 908/3 was introduced in 1970 to complement the heavy Porsche 917 on twisty tracks that favored nimble cars, like Targa Florio and Nürburgring add something


Steve McQueen - S. The same Porsche 908 was entered by his production company Solar Productions as a camera car for Le Mans in the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans later that year.


In 1971, vertical fins were added to the rear of the 908s which were outpaced at the Targa by two Alfa Romeo Tipo 33s add something


Sold off to privateers for 1972, various 908s were entered until the early 1980s, often retro-fitted with Porsche 934-based 2,1-litre turbocharged flat 6 engines add something


In 1975, some 908s were fitted with turbocharged engines, similar to those used in the Porsche 934 GT car add something


Porsche 936 - The "' & Porsche 936"' was a racing car introduced in 1976 by Porsche as a delayed successor to the Porsche 908, a three litre sportscar prototype which was retired by the factory after 1971