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American singer, songwriter, musician, and actoradd

Category: Music

Born in 1958.

Countries: United States (28%), United Kingdom (17%), (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Prince Rashed Al-Khuzai, Billboard 200, Victor Emmanuel III of Italy

Linked to: Columbia Records, Chaka Khan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Europe 1




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Prince was born in 1958 add something


Prince's sister Tika Evene was born in 1960. add something


In 1975, Pepe Willie, the husband of Prince's cousin, Shauntel, formed the band 94 East with Marcy Ingvoldstad and Kristie Lazenberry. add something


In 1976, Prince created a demo tape with producer Chris Moon in Moon's Minneapolis studio. add something


Subsequently, the album was mixed in Los Angeles and released in on April 7, 1978. add something


In 1979 Prince created a band which included Andre Cymone on bass, Dez Dickerson on guitar, Gayle Chapman and Doctor Fink on keyboards, and Bobby Z. on drums. add something


Their first show was at the Capri Theater on January 5, 1979. add something


In October 1979, Prince released a self-titled album, Prince, which was No.4 on the Billboard Top R&B/Black Albums charts, and No.22 on the Billboard 200, going platinum. add something


Dez Dickerson - A veteran of numerous Minneapolis rock bands, Dickerson answered Prince's call for a touring musician in the "Twin Cities Reader", a local entertainment paper, in 1979


In 1980 Prince released the album, Dirty Mind, which he recorded in his own studio. add something


In 1981, Prince formed a side project band called The Time. add something


In February 1981, Prince made his first appearance on Saturday Night Live, performing "Partyup". add something


In October 1981, Prince released the album, Controversy. add something


In late 1982, Prince released a double album, 1999, which sold over three million copies. add something


Kate Bush - In 1982, Bush participated in the first benefit concert in aid of The Prince's Trust alongside artists such as Madness, Midge Ure, Phil Collins, Mick Karn and Pete Townshend


Prince Rashed Al-Khuzai - The majority of Palestinian fighters from the guerrilla during the war in Lebanon in 1982 had pictures of Prince Rashid Al Khuzai in their pockets and ammunition and even between the blood drops, side by side with images of Che Guevara and images of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat confirming the images directly from the images of Arab solidarity


At one point in 1984, Prince simultaneously had the number one album, single, and film in the U.S.; it was the first time a singer had achieved this feat. add something


Prince's 1984 album Purple Rain sold more than thirteen million copies in the U.S. and spent twenty-four consecutive weeks at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart. add something


In 1985 Prince announced that he would discontinue live performances and music videos after the release of his next album. add something


Prince was engaged to Susannah Melvoin in 1985. add something


Berry Gordy - In 1985, he produced the cult martial arts film "The Last Dragon", which starred martial artist Taimak and one of Prince's proteges, Vanity


In 1986, Prince began a series of sporadic live performances called the Hit n Run – Parade Tour. add something


The film Sign o' the Times was released on November 20, 1987. add something


In 1989, Prince appeared on Madonna's studio album Like a Prayer, co-writing and singing the duet "Love Song" and playing electric guitar on the songs "Like a Prayer", "Keep It Together", and "Act of Contrition". add something


In 1990, Prince went back on tour with a revamped band for his stripped down, back-to-basics Nude Tour. add something


In 1991, PRN Music Corporation assigned the trademarks Prince, The Time, Paisley Park, New Power Generation, and Prince and the Revolution to Paisley Park Enterprises. add something


In a 1991 interview with A Current Affair, Prince's father said, "I named my son Prince because I wanted him to do everything I wanted to do. add something


With significant input from his band members, Diamonds and Pearls was released on October 1, 1991. add something


In 1993, during negotiations regarding the release of Prince's album The Gold Experience, a legal battle ensued between Warner Bros. add something


In 1994, Prince's attitude towards his artistic output underwent a notable shift. add something


Certified Platinum by the RIAA, Emancipation is the first record featuring covers by Prince of songs of other artists: Joan Osborne's top ten hit song of 1995 "One of Us"; "Betcha by Golly Wow/"; "I Can't Make You Love Me"; and "La-La". add something


In 1995, Willie released the album 94 East featuring Prince, Symbolic Beginning which included original recordings by Prince and Cymone. add something


When eventually released in September 1995, The Gold Experience failed to sell well, although it reached the top 10 of the Billboard 200 initially, and many reviewed it as Prince's best effort since Sign o' the Times. add something


Chaos and Disorder, released in 1996, was Prince's final album of new material for Warner Bros. add something


He married his backup singer and dancer, Mayte Garcia, on Valentine's Day, 1996. add something


The songs on Controversy were published by Controversy Music – ASCAP, a practice he continued until the Emancipation album in 1996. add something


Prince released Crystal Ball, a 5-CD collection of unreleased material, in 1998. add something


Prince Tour • Dirty Mind Tour • Controversy Tour • 1999 Tour • Purple Rain Tour • Parade Tour • Sign o' the Times Tour • Lovesexy Tour • Nude Tour • Diamonds and Pearls Tour • Act I and II • The Ultimate Live Experience • Love 4 One Another Charities Tour • Jam of the Year Tour • New Power Soul Tour • Hit n Run Tour • One Nite Alone. add something


The band's name was printed, in reverse, on the cover of 1999 inside the letter "I" of the word "Prince". add something


Ali Mirza Qajar - In 1999 under the presidency of Prince Soltan Ali Mirza this reconstituted association was brought to life by Prof


Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa - Salman was sworn in as "Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain" on 9 March 1999 and held the post of commander-in-chief of the Bahrain Defence Force from 22 March 1999 to 6 January 2008


His collaboration on Chaka Khan's Come 2 My House, and Larry Graham's GCS2000, both released on the NPG Records label around the same time as Newpower Soul met with the same fate, despite heavy promotion and live appearances on Vibe with Sinbad, and the NBC Today show's Summer Concert Series. add something


The pay-per-view concert, Rave Un2 the Year 2000, was broadcast on December 31, 1999 and consisted of footage from the December 17 and December 18 concerts of his 1999 tour. add something


A remix album, Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic (as opposed to "Un2") was released exclusively through Prince's NPG Music Club in April 2000. add something


In 2001, Prince married Manuela Testolini in a private ceremony. add something


Prince became a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses in 2001 following a two-year-long debate with friend and fellow Jehovah's Witness, musician Larry Graham. add something


In 2002, Prince released his first live album, One Nite Alone. add something


In the 2003 book Possessed: The Rise and Fall of Prince, author Alex Hahn says that Dickerson was reluctant to sign a three year contract and wanted to pursue other musical ventures. add something


Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa - The presentation was made by T. J. Rosandich, vice-president and chief operating officer of the USSA on 28 September 2003 in a ceremony held at the Court of the Crown Prince in Bahrain


It was initially filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2005 in the categories of printed materials, clothing, electronic commerce, and entertainment services based on first commercial in 1978. add something


In April 2005, Prince played guitar on Stevie Wonder's single "So What the Fuss", Wonder's first since 1999. add something


In late 2005 Prince signed with Universal Records to release his album, 3121, on March 21, 2006 (3/21). add something


In 2006 he was voted the "world's sexiest vegetarian" in PETA's annual online poll. add something


Prince appeared at multiple award ceremonies in 2006. add something


To promote the new album, Prince was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on February 4, 2006, seventeen years after his last SNL appearance on the 15th anniversary special and nearly 25 years since his first appearance on a regular episode in 1981, making Prince the only SNL musical guest to have that long of a gap between appearances. add something


He has been in a relationship with protegee Bria Valente since 2007. add something


Prince performed at the Super Bowl XLI halftime show in Miami, Florida on February 4, 2007. add something


Prince played 21 concerts in London during the summer of 2007. add something


In January 2007, "The Song of the Heart" won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. add something


He performed weekly on Friday and Saturday nights until April 2007, when his contract with the Rio ended. add something


Prince made an appearance at the 2007 ALMA Awards, performing with Sheila E. in June 2007. add something


Days after, he headlined the Coachella Festival 2008. add something


Tube and other sites to remove footage that fans had taken of the performance, despite Radiohead's demand for it to remain on the website. add something


Kylie Minogue - Then in July 2008, she received the OBE officially from The Prince of Wales in July 2008


In October 2009 promoters MCD Productions went to court to sue Prince for €1.6 million, after paying him $1.5 million, half his agreed fee of $3 million for the concert. add something


Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa - He was raised to the personal title of Prince, with the personal style of His Royal Highness on 21 October 2009


Prince started the Welcome 2 Tour on December 15, 2010. add something


Prince was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame on December 7, 2010. add something


Also in June, Prince appeared on the cover of the July 2010 issue of Ebony, and he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 BET Awards. add something


Despite having previously rejected the internet for music distribution, on 24 November 2011 Prince re-released a reworked version of the song "Extraloveable". add something


Rita Ora - In April 2014, Ora revealed that her album features production from Diplo and DJ Mustard, as well as collaborations with Prince and Macklemore


Saudi Arabian National Guard - On 4 November 2017, Prince Mutaib was replaced by Prince Khalid bin Abdulaziz bin Muhammad bin Eyaf al-Muqrin Al-Saud


Ahmed bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud - On September 4th 2018, Prince Ahmed was confronted by protesters shouting slogans against him and the Saud Dynasty outside his residence in London


Ahmed bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud - Following the repurcussions from the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi, News reports suggested that he had returned to Saudi Arabia in October 2018 to help the Royal Family control the situation and possibly help usurp some of the Crown Prince's powers


Ava DuVernay - On October 29, 2018 it was announced that DuVernay would be working with the estate of Prince to direct a biopic covering his entire life, for Netflix